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Sentences and Prosecutions by the Field Command and Troop Courts 1944, cases 1-132, includes index

Reference D/Z/H6/7
Date December 23rd 1943 - December 13th 1944
Names Law Officer's Department
Brideaux, Denis William
O'Donoghue, Patrick
Rebours, Francis John
Ballantine, Harry
Bertram, Alfred Robert
Green, Stanley George
Berezay, Désiré
Paisnel, Emile
Van Ooststroom, Cornelius
Allenet, Reginald Francis
Dawson, David Thomas Alfred
Marsh, William
Bird, Gerald
Le Boutillier, Brian Edmund
Parkman, Raymond
Marschall, Harry
Le Marquand, Bulstrode Gordon
Le Gallais, George Louis
de la Haye, George Huelin
Dauny, Walter Allen Stanley
Perchard, Stephen John
Coutanche, Frank
Vautier, John
Marsh, Douglas John
Tipping, John Mackay
Le Pennec, Théobule Paul
Butel, Edmund Ernest
Browning, Harold Noel
Burley, Charles Gordon
Coombs, Stanley
Lock, Frederick John
Torpy, Leonard John
Delanoe, Peter Joseph
Goupy, Francis Peter
Kent, Basil Reginald
Reid, James
Tanguy, Louis Charles Henry
Noel, Harry
Curtin, Edward John
Rodda, Raymond
Jezequel, Andre Marcel
Tressard, Edith
Luciennes, Francine, née Kermoal
Marthaler, Eunice Amy, née Buesnel
Pritchard, George
Tite, Frederick Charles
Moody, Albert George
de Guelle, Basil Edward
Riddle, Alexander Ross
Thibault, James Matthew
Lees-Baker, Edward Percival
Butterworth, Ninetta
Hamel, Paul John Robert
Healy, Patrick
Healy, William
Bray, Philip
Butler, Michael
Cartwright, Sidney
Clery, Denis
Curtis, Martin
Foster, Monteith Alaister Charles
Le Villio, Frank
Houillebecq, James
Goode, Leonard Bruce
Osborne, Edward George
Le Gallou, Peter Emile
Poingdestre, Philip Henry
Turner, Belza
Koester, Siebe
Lamy, Paul
Shenton, Benjamin
Groady, John
de Gruchy, Arthur
Bonas, Dermot
Bonas, Niall
Purtill, Arthur
Banford, Sidney John
Muels, Edward Peter
Beckford, Alfred
St George, William
Quinn, Edith May, née Channing
Courroux, Guilleaume Louis
Caro, Yvonne
Le Quesne, Edward
Lamy, Paul
Withey, Edgar
Banks, George Percy
Etiemble, Peter Philip
Keating, William
Masson, Jean Henri
Pinwell, Johnnie
Aune, André Gaston
Machon, William Frederick
Le Feuvre, Ernest Charles
Campbell, Robert
Hurry, Bertram James
Mallet, Douglas
Renouf, Rose
Villette, Louis Charles
Urvoy, Emile Jacques
Alexander, Hedley Percy
Cordrey, William Stanley
Green, Sidney Alfred
Nicholls, George Charles
de Ste Croix, Kathleen
Delauney, Geoffrey Ernest
Delauney, Geoffrey Ernest
Hill, James
Nelson, Thomas Patrick
Tancred, Nicholas Brendon
Hughes, Edward William
Caro, Lucien Jean
Clements, Harold
Clements, Mary Agnes, née Saunders
Pinwill, John
Hosking, John David
Perchard, John
Turpin, Bernard James
Duynstee, Anatolius
de Gruchy, Clifford
Murphy, Patrick
Roche, Timothy Joseph
Bull, Gwendoline, née Brookland
Bennett, William Stone
Marett, George
Pallot, Philip
Walling, Jack
Warren, Charles
Williams, Beatrice Ethel, née Baillie
Guimart, Aurelien
Clark, Rosalind Ursula
Lamy, Pauline Emilie
Lamy, Emilie Louise, née Le Cuirot
Lamy, Jeffrey Paul
Lamy, Paul Frederick
Harris, Harold
Farley, John
Brent, Cecil John Stuart
Gready, John Dean
Le Saux, John Charles
Bree, Doris May
Bree, Amélie, née Carboulec
Hacquoil, Dora
Gavey, Alice
Gould, Louisa, née Le Druillenec
Forster, Ivy, née Le Druillenec
Le Druillenec, Harold Osmond
Pitolet, Berthe Leonie
Bull, Charles
Le Maistre, Oswald
Marie, Albert
Gready, John
Daly, Thomas
Donoghue, Timothy
Le Put, Edward
Tubby, Charles
Wozencroft, Stanley
Keywords german courts | courts | prosecutions | Second World War | Occupation | Law
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Dimensions 735 papers
Language English
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed for preservation - please consult digital copy
Closed until 2100


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