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St Clement's Parochial School Log Book. This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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Reference D/J/N34/A/1
Date November 30th 1916 - July 23rd 1953
Names St Clement's Parochial School
de Gruchy and Company, A
Ahier, Beryl
Ahier, Blanche
Ahier, C
Ahier, Clarice
Ahier, Cyril
Ahier, Daphne
Ahier, Francis
Ahier, K M
Ahier, Kathleen
Ahier, M
Ahier, Mabel
Ahier, Malcolm
Ahier, Marguerite
Ahier, P
Ahier, Phyllis
Ahier, S
Ahier, S P
Ahier, S V
Ahier, Sybil
Ahier, Enid
Allen, A E
Allen, Doreen
Allen, G
Allen, Graeme
Allen, Mary
Allport, Winifred
Amy, Deputy
Andre, Isabel
Andrews, Rosemary
Ansell, Richard Joseph Thomas
Arnold, Frank
Arthur, J B
Atkins, Nellie
Aubin, C
Avery, G
Avery, G E
Avery, Mr
Avery, Mrs
Ayre, Miss
Baal, JH
Baldwin, M
Balleine, C W, Reverend
Balleine, F E
Barnes, Dorothy
Barnett, Anthony
Barry, Michael
Bartholomew, Ivy
Beghin’s Boot Stores
Belson, JN
Bentlif, Graeme, Dr
Berteau, Mr
Bienvenu, Angele
Bienvenu, Annie
Bienvenu, John
Bienvenu, Lucie
Bienvenu, Renee
Bigwood, Mr
Bingham, Mrs
Bird, C
Bisson, Evelyn
Bisson, Iris
Blampied, E G
Blampied, Mr
Blampied, Mrs
Blomfield, Mr
Blomfield, B
Blomfield, David
Blomfield, Sybil
Boielle, Richard
Boleat, Cecile
Boleat, Emile
Boleat, Helene
Boleat, Marguerite
Boleat, Maurice
Boleat, Mr
Boléat, Paul
Boleat, Yvonne
Boot, R
Bouchard, Kenneth
Bouchet, Leonard
Boulanger, Cissie
Boulanger, Marion
Bowden, G F
Bracher, Gordon
Bracher, Yvonne
Bree, Jurat
Bree, Jurat
Brewster, C M
Brown, C H
Brown, Doreen
Buesnel, Cyril
Buesnel, Douglas
Buesnel, L
Buesnel, Lucille
Buesnel, Margaret
Buesnel, Morris Clement
Bundy, Dennis
Burman, Doris
Burman, E
Burman, Eline Gertrude
Burman, Eline
Burman, John Bowra
Burman, Miss
Burnham, Miss
Burt, William
Butler, H M I
Butler, R
Cabot, F
Cabot, Florence
Cabot, Florence E
Cabot, Philip
Candlin, G
Candlin, G
Carpenter, Eileen
Carre, Dr
Carrel, Geoffrey
Carrington, P
Carter, E
Carter, Edward H M
Carter, Margaret
Catelinet, Mrs
Ceppi, M
Ceppi, Marc M
Ceppi, Mrs
Cetti, Miss
Cetti, Yolanda Maria
Challinor, Betty
Channel and Hodgson
Chappuis, Dr
Cheril, Mr
Cheril, Mr
Cherrill, A H
Chuter-Ede, J
Clark, Jean
Clements, Jose
Collas, J J, Jurat
Comber, L C
Cooke, David
Cooke, Morley
Cooke, Mrs
Cooke, Ralph
Corbel, C G
Corbel, Mr
Cornic, C
Cornic, Emile
Cornick, David
Cornick, Olive
Costard, David
Coutanche, A M, Bailiff
Coutanche, Alexander, Sir
Crapp, Edward
Crapp, Mr
Crapp, Nellie
Cressey, Dorothy
Crill, Deputy
Crill, G P, Jurat
Crill, Mr
Crill, Mrs
Crill, P, Advocate
Crill, S G
Cunard, Miss
Cutland, J F
Darbey, Thelma
Darby, Brian
Darling, Dr
Darling, Lorna Kathleen
Davis, Frederick
Davis, R
Davis, Raymond
de Bourcier, B
de Gruchy, Doreen
de la Perrelle, Frederick
de la Perrelle, Marion
de Ste Croix, Beryl
de Ste Croix, Harold
de Ste Croix, Jean
de Ste Croix, Miss
Delanoe, Peter
Delanoe, Peter J
Delanoe, Peter M
Dobin, Violet
Dodsley, Gerald
Dodsley, Mary
Dodsley, Vera
Dolby, Pauline
Dorey, Jurat
Doublard, Dorothy
Dove, Mrs
Downer, A R
Downer, Arthur
Downer, Leonard
Downer, Roy
Doyle, Evelyn
Drube, Ivy
Drube, May
Duchess of Kent, HRH
Duffield, G
Duke of Gloucester, HRH
Ecoublet, Aline
Ecoublet, Louise
Ecoublet, Marceline
Edwards, Dr
England, J E
Etienne, Andre
Etienne, Blanche
Etienne, Dennis
Etienne, Francis
Etienne, J F, Major
Etienne, John
Etienne, Mr
Etienne, R
Evans, Catherine
Farley, Mr
Faucon, George
Feber, Mr
Ferret, Albert
Findlay, Miss
Foote, R
Forbes, J
Fox, Carlyle
Fraser, Miss
Fromager, Peter
Fromager, Alfred
Fromager, Aline
Fromager, Georgette
Fromager, Lucienne
Fromager, P
Fromager, Violet
Fry, Agnes
Fry, Mary
Gabeldu, Mr
Gale, David
Gale, L
Gale, Leslie
Gale, Margaret
Gale, Mr
Gale, Mrs
Gallichan, Ernest
Gallichan, P N, Jurat
Gallichan, Yvonne
Gasnier, Michael
Gautier, Miss
Germain, Ivy
Gibaut, Elizabeth
Gill, John
Godfray, E
Gordon, Claire
Gosling, Mr
Gottrell, Miss
Gouedard, Louise
Gracey, Miss
Graham, Dr
Grasett, Arthur, Sir
Greenwood, Clare Anita
Greenwood, Miss
Greier, Johanna
Guillard, Ellen
Guinard, Baptiste
Guise, Jacqueline
Hairon, Mrs
Hamnett, A
Hamnett, George
Hamon, Alfred
Hamon, Clifford
Hamon, Hedley
Hamon, Irene
Hamon, K
Hamon, Kathleen
Hamon, M
Hamon, Mrs
Hamon, Olive
Hamon, Ronald
Hamon, Rose
Hamon, Violet
Hampton, Lord
Hansford, Elwyn
Harper, C
Harper, HMIS
Harvey, Grace
Hassall, Maurice
Haynes, Miss
Helleur, Mrs
Herauville, Eva
Herbert, Luce
Hind, Clarence
Hind, Mr
Hodge, D
Hodge, Donald
Hodge, John
Hodge, Margaret
Hodge, Yvonne
Holmes, Mr
Horgan, Christopher
Hornby, Mrs
Hornby, R, Reverend
Horton, Eva
Huet, Michael
Hunt, Alan
Hunt, Frank
Ingran, Mr
Jagot, Yvonne
Jones, John
Journeaux, Beryl
Journeaux, Edith
Journeaux, H A J
Journeaux, Mrs
Journeaux, Myra
Kempster, A
Kempster, H
Kenny, Lilian
Kent, Allan
Kent, Theresa
King Edward VIII, HRH
King George, HRH
King, J
Krichefski, Mr
L’Hermite, Joseph
Labey, Reverend
Labey, T H, Reverend
Laffoley, Dennis
Laffoley, Keith
Laffoley, Laurie
Lagadu, R
Lane, Betty
Langdon, Veronica
Langford, Malcolm
Langford, Mr
Langham, Margaret Hindmarch
Laurens, E
Le Blanc, Rosella
Le Boutillier, Yvonne
Le Breton, J L
Le Breton, John
Le Breton, John Langlois
Le Brocq, C A, Dr
Le Brocq, Mr
Le Brun, Margaret
Le Brun, K
Le Chevalier, Victor
Le Clercq, Florence
Le Cocq Trophy
Le Cocq, Alice
Le Cocq, Elsie
Le Cocq, Elsie May
Le Cocq, Gwendoline
Le Cocq, Joyce
Le Cocq, Lilian
Le Cocq, Marion
Le Cornu, Dilys
Le Cozannet, Armand
Le Druillenec, H O
Le Feaux, Valpre
Le Feuvre, E B A, Reverend
Le Feuvre, E
Le Feuvre, Enid
Le Gallais, Carlyle
Le Gresley, E
Le Gros, Ernest P
Le Gros, J
Le Huquet, Mr
Le Lievre Peter
Le Lievre, G
Le Long, Aline
Le Long, Anthony
Le Long, Francis
Le Maistre, D
Le Maistre, Norman
Le Maistre, Reginald
Le Marchand, David
Le Marinel, M, Reverend
Le Marquand, Bernard
Le Marquand, Adolphus
Le Marquand, Dudley
Le Marquand, G
Le Marquand, J, Deputy
Le Masurier, Arthur
Le Masurier, Gerald
Le Mercier, Michael
Le Monnier, Barbara
Le Monnier, John
Le Monnier, R
Le Monnier, Yvonne
Le Neveu, Mr
Le Quelenec, John
Le Quesne, J P
Le Quesne, P, Deputy
Le Quesne, Mrs
Le Rendu, R
Le Rendu, Ronald
Le Rougetel, Mary
Le Saint, F
Le Saint, Louis
Le Sauteur, Mary
Le Sueur, JSPCA
Le Verdier, Blanche
Le Monnier, Helen
Leadbetter, D H
Lean, R G, HMI
Lempriere, Violet
Lewis, Brigadier
Lewis, E
Lloyd, Edward
Lock, David
Long, Mary
Lord Trent Cricket Shield
Luce, Dorothy
Luce, Herbert
Luce, Joan
Machon, E M P
Machon, M
Machon, Margaret
Mackintosh, N T
Mainwaring, Clive
Harrison Major General
Malet de Carteret, R R, Jurat
Mallett, Brian
Mallett, Mabel
Manley, Major
Marett, Cynthia,
McGarry, P
McKinstry, Dr
Meacock, Lieutenant
Mee, Arthur
Meline, F R, Reverend
Merek, Derek
Beghin, Mr
Meyrick, David
Meyrick, Derek
Moian, Aline
Moignard, Lionel
Mollet, Kenneth
Mollet, R
Montgomery, Field Marshall
Moon, Betty
Morel, Peter
Morin, Violet
Morison, J R
Morison, Mr
Morison, J P
Morison, J P M
Morison, Major
Morley, Ralph
Morrow, Hugh
Morton, Anthony
Motte, Vernon
Motto, Raymond
Motto, Hilda
Motto, Joseph
Mourant, Deputy
Mourant, George
Moyse, Ena
Moyse, Reggie
Moyse, Rob
Murdoch, M E
Murphy, Bridget Ann
Naisbitt, Edward
Newington, David
Newington, William
Nicolle, Ernest Reginald
Northcott, Brian
Obbard, Mrs
Paddock, Doreen
Paddock, Jeannette
Paddock, Margaret
Paddock, Simonne
Page, A F
Painter, Joan Mary
Paisnel, Alfred
Pallot, John
Pallot, Marguerite
Pallot, Mrs
Pallot, Oswald
Pallot, Robert
Parbury, Dr
Parmee, C C
Pastourel, Albert
Pasturel, J
Pasturel, Joseph
Pasturel, Laura
Peacock, David
Perchard, Mrs
Perchard, William
Perry, A
Petier, Joyce
Philpott, Joyce
Pint, Wyndham
Pirouet, Commander
Pirouet, Francis
Pirouet, Ruby
Pleven, Albert
Pleven, Blanche
Pleven, Douglas
Pleven, Florence
Poingdestre , F H
Poirier, Lucinda
Poirier, Miss
Price, J S
Price, Mary
Price, Mr
Prigg, Mr
Proper, Margot
Proper, Martin
Queree, Elise
Querée, Emile
Queree, Mr
Queree, Philip
Rabet, A
Rabet, Aline
Rabet, Elsie
Rabet, Joan
Rabet, John
Rampton, Brain
Rayson, H
Rayson, Harold
Rayson, Nora
Rayson, Reggie
Rebindaine, Audrey
Remon, Margaret Rose
Renouf, John
Renouf, Jurat
Reynolds, Joan
Richard, Miss
Rive, Rosina Mabel
Roberts, Blanche
Roberts, David
Roberts, Francis
Roberts, Lucille
Roberts, Mary
Robinson, Nurse
Robinson, Ritha
Robinson, Sydney
Roscouet, Barbara
Roussel, Judge
Rowe, David
Russell, Brian
Russell, Sonia
Russell, Valerie
Ryan, Deputy
Rybot, Major
Sandall, Peter
Scriven, Sylvia
Sexton, Dr
Shaw, William
Shone, Dr
Simon, Phyllis
Smart, H
St George, June
Sutton, Esme
Swain, J
Swain, A A
Swindon, Nurse
Sylvester, Catherine
Syvret, Mr
Tardival, Walter
Tardivel, Douglas
Therin, Margaret
Therin, Peter
Thompson, F W
Thurgood, Graham
Tibbo, Bernard
Tite, Jacqueline
Tite, T
Tocque, Mr
Touzel, Doreen
Touzel, Elsie
Tricot, Francis
Tristram, H B
Turpin, F J A
Vibert, Reginald
Vivian, Joan
Vivian, Marguerite
Vivian, P H
Vivian, Stanley
Voisin, Messrs
Wallis, B C
Wallis, Ruby
Watton, David
Watton, Doreen
Watton, Francis
Watton, Joan
Webber, Percy
Webster, Mrs
Westaway Trust Fund
Whalley, C
Wherry, Peggy
Wilden, Mrs
Williams, Wynne
Wood, Ben
Wood, Harry
Wood, Joyce
Wood, Thomas George
Young, Miss
Keywords log books | Education | Schools
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File

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