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Livre de Remarques [Indexed]. Includes burial number, name of person buried, relatives, age, date of death, address, date and place of burial. This document has been scanned and indexed by Archive volunteers. To find the name you are interested in please look at the index and then open the pdf with the relevant page number. Please note that in this volume, the numbers 1850 - 1894 have been used twice - this is a mistake in the original volume. The entries with repeated numbers are marked in the index with the page numbers P394 - p405.

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L/A/41/B1/12This item»
Reference L/A/41/B1/12
Date June 7th 1938 - April 6th 1946
Names Croad and Sons (Funeral directors)
Abraham, Janet
Acourt, John Francis
Adam, Josephine, née Douarec
Adam, Paul
Adams, John James
Adey, Arthur
Agnes, Emmeline Eliza, née Blampied
Blampied, Emmeline Eliza
Ahier, Alfred John
Ahier, Alice
Ahier, Charles
Ahier, Charles Frederick
Ahier, Louisa, née de La Haye
Ahier, Louisa Elizabeth
Ahier, Lydia Ann, née Mourant
Ahier, Matilda Ann
Ahier, Philippe Charles
Ahier, Walter
Aitchison, David Robert
Alexandre, George
Allégret, Elizabeth, née Gautier
Allen, Bridget,
Allen, George
Allen, James Thomas
Allen, Matilda Ann, née Glasspool
Alleton, Henry
Allix, Ada Julia Grace, née Arrowsmith
Allix, not recorded, née Noel
Allix, Sophie Jane, née Le Sueur
Amy, Adolphus Deslandes
Amy, Adolphus Stanley
Amy, Annie Maria
Amy, Edna Davidson, née Ross
Amy, Eliza, née Lucas
Amy, Eliza Jane, née de La Mare
Amy, Eliza Jane, née Amy
Amy, Florence Lizzie, née Hyne
Amy, Francis Arthur
Amy, Jane Bossy
Amy, John
Amy, John Crill
Amy, John Thomas
Amy, John Vaudin
Amy, Lydia Ann
Amy, Susan Jane, née Labey
Amy, Thomas Richardson
Amy, Wesley Charles
Andersen, Aage Ejinar Peter
André, Marie Anne, née André
Andrews, Alice Charlotte, née Sinel
Andrews, Margaret, née Gallichan
Angé, Médérie
Angell, Robert
Anquetil, Albert John Durmaresq
Arrowsmith, Mary Jane, née Le Blancq
Arthur, Amy Henrietta, née Birt
Arthur, John Robert
Arthur, Lydia, née Le Breton
Ascon, Mary, née Blaxall
Ashelford, Alice, née Normington
Asplet, Louisa Ann, née Hotton
Aston, Sidney
Atkinson, Elizabeth Frances, née Cropper
Aubert, Frederick Edmond
Aubert, Marie Anne, née Le Coz
Aubin, Ada Jane, née Le Breton
Aubin, Edith Grace, née Moore
Aubin, Eliza Louisa, née Gaudion
Audrain, Denis Desiré
Audrain, John Francis
Auffret, Francois
Aufret, François Marie
Averty, James George
Averty, Robert Alfred Joseph
Axon, Jane, née Brierly
Badier, Charles
Bailey, Emma, née Hicks
Bailey, John
Bailey, Sarah
Bailey, Thomas
Baker, Clement Telfer
Baker, Francis Philip
Baker, Patricia Morgan, née Auchinclost
Bakes, Margaret Ann, née Chalmers
Balch, William Henry
Baldwin, George Henry Collingwood
Balleine, Ada, née Bennett
Balleine, Ella, née Benest
Balleine, Joshua Alexander
Banks, John Francis
Barbier, Elizabeth Jane
Barbier, Philip
Barbour, Agnes Dundas Hamilton, née Mchaffie
Barett, Dorothy Lucille, née Laurens
Barnes, Alfred
Barnett, Mary Catherine, née Le Brun
Barré, George Marie Bazile
Barrett, Elizabeth, née Shepherd
Bartholomew, Robert Edward
Bartlett, Charles
Bartlett, Emily Charlotte, née Hansford
Bartlett, Fred Matthew
Bartram, Colleen Mary
Bartrop, Herbert Frederick
Bassett, Jean Lucille
Batho, Harrie
Battam, Elizabeth Susan, née Barkham
Battam, Miriam, née Meech
Baudains, Ada Elise
Baudains, Ann Esther, née Bisson
Baudains, Edna May Kathleen, née Grant
Baudains, Francis Philip
Baudains, Marie Sophie Marguerite
Baudains, Mary Jane, née Hafey
Baudains, Percy Edwin Elias
Baudains, Sarah Ann, née Fox
Baxter, Anne Louise, née Le Moine
Baylis, Hecotr Arthur
Beadon, Richard Ralph A'Court
Beaucamps, William Sarre
Beaudet, Elizabeth Ann, née Besselievre
Beaugie, Michael John
Beaugie, Ronald Bennett
Beckett, Frederick William
Beckford, Charles James
Becquet, Percy
Belin, Caroline Ann, née Lempriere
Bellamy, Arthur John
Benest, Alfred Philip
Benest, Felix
Benest, Francis Pinel
Benest, Helen Mary, née Nicolle
Benest, Mary Ann
Benest, Walter Francis Albert
Bennett, Alice Maud, née Fauny
Bennett, Benjamin Wilfred
Bennett, Ellen Mary
Bennett, John
Bernard, Marie, née Hammond
Berry, Frank
Berteau, Florence Edith
Berthe, Mary Ann, née Hamling
Bertram, James
Bertram, Jane Elizabeth, née Venement
Bevan, Ada Elsie, née Remon
Bevis, Arthur
Bevis, Derick
Bevis, Marjorie Amanda
Bewley, William Edgar
Bidois, Jules Adolphus
Billot, Jane
Billot, Mary Ann, née Le Sueur
Binet, Christina
Binet, Oscar Augustus
Binet, Richard Edward
Binet, Sally Elizabeth, née Netten
Binet, Walter John
Bird, Lizzie, née Wilde
Bird, Thomas Stanley
Bird, William
Bishop, George John
Bisson, Alfred Marie
Bisson, Eliza, née Beakbane
Bisson, Eliza Ann, née Le Quesne
Bisson, Frederick Falle
Bisson, Gladys Betty
Bisson, Marie Louise, née Cauvain
Bisson, Mary, née Huaut
Bisson, Mary Jane
Bisson, Sidney John
Bisson, Walter Philip
Blackler, John William
Blackmore, Richard Charles
Blampied, Emily, née Angel
Angel, Emily
Blampied, Emma Elizabeth, née Le Quesne
Blampied, George John
Blampied, George Vibert
Blampied, Jane Mary, née Benest
Blampied, Olive May
Blampied, Wesley John
Blanchard, Walter
Boë, Vera
Boielle, Lucy Marie
Boileau, Gertrude May, née Greenwood
Boileau, Herbert Edward
Boizard, Caroline Virginie
Boizard, Esmaie Freda
Boleat, Augustine Desiree Marceline, née L'Hermitte
Bollero, Marie Louise, née Guillow
Bolloré, Ollivier
Bond, Lester
Bond, Mildred Rose
Bons, Raymond Marcel Lucien
Boot, Albert
Boreham, Isabella Jane, née Touzel
Bosdet, John Henry Rose
Boswell, Haeman
Boswell, Raymond
Bott, Ernest Giffard
Bouchere, Snowden Winter
Boudin, Eugenie McGregor, née Claude
Boulard, Louis Marie
Bowden, James Charles
Bowditch, Mabel Louisa
Bowland, Elsie, née Knight
Bowles, Mary Alice, née Renouf
Bowman, Lydia Margaret
Bowring, Ada Anna
Bradford-Martin, Alfred Henry
Bragg, Mary Ann Sophia, née Pitman
Braidwood, Mary Ann Kate, née Taylor
Bréban, Albert Emile
Bree, Arthur Philip
Brée, Harold George
Brée, John Elias
Bree, Mabel Maud
Brée, Philip John
Brée, Charles William
Brehaut, Amanda Susanna, née Bruck
Bressat, Louise, née Andou
Brewer, Emily Elizabeth, née Cousins
Briard, Bernard Clarence
Briard, Philip William Clarence
Briard, Rosa Elsie
Bridle, Henry William Louis
Brien, Ada Eliza, née Robert
Brigaualt, François Armand Gustave, alias Gay
Bright, Herbert
Britton, Elsie Eliza, née Mourant
Brocken, Yvonne Mary
Brockman, John Frederick William
Brockman, Kate Madeline Dora
Brookman, Herbert Drake
Brown, Alan Roger
Brown, Elvina Clara, née McKenzie
Brown, Frank Edward
Brown, James Arthur
Brown, Sarah Rachel, née Willcocks
Buckhold, Frederick Wilhelm
Buckley, John
Buhot, Eliza Emilie
Buhot, Marie Francoise, née Rostrene
Bull, George
Burke, Michael Joseph
Burman, Fanny Augusta, née Bowra
Burman, Isabella Theodora
Burnham, Reginald Knott
Burt, Isabella Alexandra Alberta, née Cavey
Burt, Sarah Ann, née Norris
Burt, Sarah Louisa
Burt, Sarah Louisa
Burt, Vera Lucille
Burt, William Henry Baker
Butler, Albert Christopher
Butlin, Ada Jane, née Le Riche
Buttfield, Charles Barnabass
Cabaret, Pierre Marie
Cabot, Ellen Elizabeth, née Bisson
Cabot, Florence Amelia, née Vautier
Cabot, John Peter
Cabot, Louisa Florence, née Soper
Cabot, William Joseph
Caffray, Patrick
Cake, James William
Callanan, Michael Dennis
Camio, Marie François, née Ollivier
Camp, Mary Ann Jane, née Hamon
Canivet, Alfred Philip
Canter, Emilie Elizabeth, née Henry
Carder, Emma Mary
Cariou, Francois Marie
Carpenter, Reginald George
Carré, Louise, née Angué
Carré, Thomas Gruchy
Carrel, Elise
Carrel, Thomas John George
Carruthers, Annie, née Miller
Carter, Harold Edward
Carter, John Francis
Carter, Lucille Albertine, née Mocha
Carter, Marie
Carter, William Henry
Cassford, Eleanor, née Snudden
Catharine, Wilhelmina Clara, née Grieve
Cauvain, Frank George
Cave, Elizabeth, née Moss
Cave, Shirley Richard
Cave, Shirley Thomas
Chadwick, William
Challoner, Violet Alexander, née Whiteman
Champion, Margery Florence, née Peters
Channing, Emmanuel James Orlando
Channing, Mary Elizabeth
Channing, Walter George
Chanter, Ann Rachel, née Le Masurier
Chanter, William Francis
Chapman, Mary Ada, née Campbell
Chapman, William John
Chassereau, Sarah, née Arnaud
Cheney, George William
Cheney, John Henry
Chevalier, Eugenie Virginie, née Beauvois
Chevalier, Thomas John
Chevere, Gilles
Chillingworth, Arthur Ernest
Ching, Pauline Ann
Chinn, Charlotte Maria, née Beresford
Christie, James
Clark, Augusta Amelia, née Chaffey
Clark, Percival Seamark
Clarke, Florence Amy, née Bradshaw
Clarke, Gerald Langton
Clausey, Victor Edward
Clayden, George
Clayden, Isabella, née Balston
Clegg, Olive Aline
Clunn, Alfred
Clunn, Edward Reginald
Coadic, Rene Louis
Cobden, Charles Henry
Cobden, Edwin Henry
Cobden, William Charles
Cockram, Mary Elizabeth, née Allan
Coffey, Adele Caroline, née Le Marquand
Colan, Owen Charles
Colebrook, Emily Eleanor, née Neville
Colin, Alphonse Francois
Colin, Ann Mary, née Le Maçon
Colivet, Annie Sophie, née Germain
Collett, Amelia, née McDonald
Collett, Ernest William
Collett, Marie Perrine
Collins, Charles
Collins, Ellen Harriet, née Marett
Collum, Marion Arthur, née Le Breton
Connell, William Walter
Connor, William Alfred
Conway, Louisa Marie, née Le Brun
Cook, Jane, née Drelaud
Cooke, Gerald William
Coombs, Amelia Elizabeth
Coombs, Amelia Jane, née Bisson
Coombs, George
Coombs, Matilda Mary, née Moitie
Coombs, Rachel Elizabeth, née Churchill
Cooper, Walter Henry
Copp, Thomas
Corbel, Henrietta, née Le Maistre
Corbett, Adolphus
Cornish, Henry Charles
Cornu, Felicie, née Cornu
Cory, Ada Elizabeth, née Harris
Cory, Harriet Elizabeth, née Hosking
Cory, Louisa, née Coutanche
Cory, Mary Alice, née Cory
Cory, William
Couillard, Adele Caroline, née Morel
Courage, William Henry
Courcoux, George Dolbel Matthew
Courcoux, Jean Marie
Courdary, Mary Guy, née Woodford
Courtman, Matilda Ann, née Monamy
Courval, Alexandre Auguste Leonard
Coussens, Archibald Sydney
Coussens, Edith Rachel, née Burnard
Coutanche, Anne
Coutanche, Arthur Sidney
Coward, Ada Matilda
Cowdery, Marianne, née Sowden
Cowdery, Thomas Randolph
Cowey, Rebecca Lambert, née Vionnée
Cowie, Ian Ross Melville
Cox, Lilian, née Rosvere
Crangle, James Henry
Crill, Lester Philip Amy
Croad, Hannah
Croad, Isabella, née Leigh
Crocker, Elias
Cromarty, John
Crompton, Alfred James
Cropp, Harriet, née Armstrong
Cropp, Walter George
Cross, June Sylvia
Crowel, Eliza Matilda, née Levée
Crowell, Eliza, née Laurens
Cudlipp, Frederick Clement Charles
Cutland, Mabel, née Durell
Dacam, Alfred Edward
Dacam, John Philip
Dale, John
Dalley, Charles Frederick
Daniel, Alice Jane
Daniel, Florence Maud
Daniel, Laura Matilda
Daniel, Marie Yvonne, née Le Moures
Darling, Emily, née Taylor
Dart, Clarence Joseph
Dart, Eva Emma, née de la Mare
Dart, Frank
d'Arthenay, Ivy Elsie Ada, née Coombs
Dashwood-Tandy, Reginald
d'Aubert, Rachel Elizabeth, née Watkins
Dauny, Mary Jane, née Le Gresley
D'Authreau, Helen Jane
D'Authreau, John James
Davey, Charles
Davey, Graham Arthur
Davey, Joan
Davey, Louise Marie, née Turmail
Davey, Madeleine Margaret
Davey, Margaret Blanche, née Ledo
Davey, Phyllis Maud, née Le Clercq
Davidson, Ethel Mordaunt, née Wills
Davies, William Thomas
Davis, Irene Eleider
Dawes, Sarah, née Witts
Day, Charlotte Ann, née Ferey
Day, Edward Henry
Day-Luce, Frederick Basil
de Boucier, Charles Emil
de Bourcier, Julianna Hedwig, née Schroeder
de Breanski, Leopold Pyne
de Caen, Ada
de Carteret, George William
de Carteret, Minnie, née Cowse
de Fontaine, August Louis Désiré
De Gruchy, Alfred
de Gruchy, Alice Mary, née de Gruchy
de Gruchy, Ann Patricia
de Gruchy, Charles
de Gruchy, Edward Francis Renouf
de Gruchy, Eleonore Jane, née Dorey
de Gruchy, Emily Mabel, née Le Feuvre
de Gruchy, Eugenie Marie, née Poingdestre
de Gruchy, Florence Georgina, née Henry
de Gruchy, George Noel
de Gruchy, Louise Frances Margaret
de Gruchy, Lydia Susanah, née Le Marquand
de Gruchy, Mary Ann Godfray, née Filleul
de Gruchy, Philip Theophilus
de Gruchy, Rosa Gertrude, née Godfray
de Gruchy, Royston Joseph
de Gruchy, Ruby Louisa, née Beaugeard
de Gruchy, Thomas
de Gruchy, Walter John
de Guelle, Albert Leopold
de Guelle, Armand Desiré
de Guelle, Esther Jane, née Vallois
de Jersey, Annie Alice, née Aubin
de Jersey, Gladys Sophie Vernon, née Le Sueur
de la Cour, May Florence Louisa, née Monet
de la Cour, Walter Sydney
de La Haye, Francois Josue
de La Haye, James Peter
De La Haye, John
de la Haye, Philip
de la Haye, Stanley
de la Mare, Francis Winter
De La Mare, Thomas John
de la Motte, Reginald
de La Perrelle, Amelia Isabel
de La Perrelle, Laura Jane, née Guillaume
de la Perrelle, Philip Henry
de la Taste, Alfred
de La Taste, Mary Cecilia, née Broquet
de Le Mare, Ida Violet, née Watkins
de Quetleville, Clara Ann
de Quetteville, Jane Priaulx, née Stonelake
de Quetteville, Stanley David
de Rue, Emily Ellen, née Warren
De Rue, George John
de St George, Francis Thomas
de Ste Croix, Ann
De Ste Croix, Charles Philip
de Ste Croix, Clara Susan, née Noel
de Ste Croix, Harriet Georgina, née Robillard
de ste Croix, Marie Delival
de ste Croix, Marina Mary, née Le Feuvre
de Ste Croix, Philip
de ste Croix, William Stanley
de Veulle, Adeline Mary
de Veulle, Adolphus Godfray
Delaunay, Eliza, née Queree
Demenois, Joseph Gustave
Dene, Jane Lydia, née Blin
Blin, Jane Lydia
Denis, Bertha Isabella, née Gale
Gale, Bertha Isabella
Denis, Edward William
Denize, Jane Matilda, née Blampied
Blampied, Jane Matilda
Derrieux, Rosalie
Descarpentries dit Mars, Armand Joseph
Deslandes, Margaret, née Sauvarain
Sauvarain, Margaret
Desmares, Clara Eliza, née Le Couilliard
Le Couilliard, Clara Eliza
Desmares, Eliza Jane
Devenish, Matilda Sarah, née Davis
Davis, Matilda Sarah
Dewar, Ellen, née Pension
Dickson, Kate Elizabeth, née Govrum
Diggle, Samuel
Diment, Elizabeth Furzer
Dimmick, Lester John
Dimond, Charles William
Dimond, George Henry
Dinan, Marie Desirée, née Guerin
Dingle, Adolphus Ernest
Dingle, Alfred Arthur
Dingle, Florence Luce, née Couillard
Dingle, Harriet, née Grant
Dingle, John Edmund
Dobson, Louise
Doidge, Mary Jane, née Billot
Dolbel, Mary Ann Elizabeth, née Le Gros
Dominy, James Edward
Donaldson, Ada Eunice, née Elliott
Donaldson, Alfred Charles
Donaldson, John
Donovan, Margaret, née Peacock
Doolan, Anthony
Doré, John Edward
Doré, Marian Doris
Dorey, Elize
Dorey, Esther Jane
Dorey, Mary Augusta
Doublet, Edouard George
Doublet, Marie Jeanne Augustine, née Vasselin
Down, Mary Jane, née Guiton
Downer, Ann Jane
Downer, Ellen Maud, née Le Cornu
Downer, George
Downer, Philippe
Downton, James William
Doyle, Francis Joseph
Drake, Frederick William
Drelaud, Graeme Peter
Drelaud, John Blampied
Drew, Gloria Ann
Drew, Ruth Elizabeth, née Lockyer
du Bois, Louise, née Marion
du Feu, Louisa Jane, née Dubois
du Feu, Rosa
du Feu, William Henry
du Hamel, Amy Louisa, née Lovell
du Heaume, Emily, née Carder
du Heaume, Florence May
du Heaume, Julia Annie Mallet
du Heaume, Priscilla Jane, née Pepin
du Heaume, William
du Jardin, Adelaide Ann, née Joret
du Jardin, Emma Amelia, née Girard
du Jardin, Martha Mary Ann Louisa, née Galleinne
du Pré, James Philip
du Pré, Peter Joseph
du Val, William John
du Vallon, Grosvenor de Jacobi
Duchemin, Edith
Ducie, Michael
Dudley, William George
Duer, Arthur
Duffey, Justine, née Abraham
Duggleby, John William
Duggleby, Leonard
Dugué, Letitia Winifred, née Dark
Dulcie, Edward
Dumond, Elsia Maud, néé Colbeck
Dumorid, Arthur Albert
Dunell, Edmund
Dunell, William Thomas
Dunn, Albert Bernard
Dupont, Angele Adelaide Martin
Durell, Alice Ann, née Filleul
Durell, Charles
Durell, Clara Victoria, née Hubert
Durell, Dorothy Janet
Dutot, Adelina Pinel, née Arthur
Duvey, Elvina Jane, née Le Marquand
Duvey, Philip John
Ecobichon, Anthony John
Edmonds, William Charles
Edsall, Amelia, née Mourant
Edwards, William Alan
Egan, Susan Jane, née Bouchere
Egland, Henry Thomas
Elie, Florence Leigh, née Warren
Ellett, John Blanchard
Ellis, Harriet Ann
Emaraud, Marie Josephe
Emmanuel, Victor
England, William David
Enwright, Emma, née Langemm
Esling, Annie
Esling, Mary
Esnouf, Emma Elizabeth, née Jeune
Esnouf, John George Henry
Esnouf, Lilian Blanche, née Cornick
Esnouf, Thomas Francis Short
Etasse, Mary Francoise, née Erigois
Eve, Alfred Louis
Eve, Blanche Jessica
Eve, William Charles
Eveillard, Elsie Marie, née Le Verdier
Eveillard, Jean Marie
Every, Edith Grace, née Whitaker
Fairchild, John (Charlie)
Fairlie, Mary Campbell Spencer, née Patterson
Falla, Alfred
Fallaize, Jean
Falle, Clement William
Falle, Edith Mary
Falle, Jane Elizabeth
Falle, Louisa Aimée Desirée, née Le Breuilly
Falle, Philippe Edward
Falle, Rachel Elizabeth, née Hubert
Falle, Theodore Bishop
Fallis, Elizabeth Rose
Farnham, Annie Susan, née Bree
Farnham, Edward Philip
Farnham, Ernest
Farrell, Minnie, née Gray
Fauvel, Helier
Fazackerley, Thomas
Feakins, Fanny, née Sampson
Fellows, Rosaline Kate, née Mummery
Feltham, Bessie, née Winter
Feltham, Mary Ann, née Machon
Feltham, Mary Ann May, née Bates
Feltham, Owen Dalton
Fenn, William
Ferdinando, Ivy Evelyn Ruth, née Colomb
Ferey, Florence Blanche
Ferrand, Edward Henry
Ferrant, John Henry
Fevis, Margaret Dawn
Field, Delilah Emily
Field, William F
Fielding, Harry
Filleul, Alfred Thomas
Filleul, Edward Philip
Filleul, Emilie Rachel, née Cabot
Filleul, Susan Jane, née du Heaume
Finlay, Aimée Blanche, née Nicholson
Finlayson, Mary Dow
Finnie, Emily Catherine
Fisher, Agnes Rose, née Mitchelmore
Fisher, Frederick William
Fisher-Obren, Alice Jane, née Belin
Fitzergerald, Annie Maud, née Bertram
Fitzgibbons, Honora
Flannery, John
Flannery, Mary Ann, née Humby
Fleury, George William
Floyd, Estelle Stanhope, née White
Foard, Irma Amélie, née Le Seelleur
Fontaine, Walter Thomas
Forbes, Georgina, née Mallock
Ford, Alice Dorothy Annie
Fosse, Euphrasie Leopoldine, née Tremeral
Fosse, John William
Foster, Robert
Fountaine, Gustave Edmond Sorel
Fowler, Eleanor, née de La Mothe
Fowler, Maud
Fox, Ada Lilian
Framager, Marie Josephe, née Boisardin
Francis, Georgina, née Watt
Fraser, James Newlands
Freake, Frederick William
Freeman, Hector
Freeman, Samuel Victor
Frigot, Charles
Frigot, Edith May, née Moitie
Frith, Harriet Gauvain
Frizelle, Elizabeth, née Keene
Furniss, James
Fuszard, William Robert Henry
Gabeldu, Francis Philip
Gabeldu, Lydia, née Picot
Gabent, Simonne Jeanette
Gale, Elizabeth, née Furzer
Gale, Ida Marian
Gale, Mary Ann Sinclair, née Leslie
Gallichan, Alfred Sohier
Gallichan, Alice Jane
Gallichan, Caroline Eleonore
Gallichan, Edward John
Gallichan, Jane Louisa, née Grandin
Gallichan, John
Gallichan, John William
Gallichan, Louisa Hubert
Gallichan, Mary Ann, née Labey
Gallichan, Mary Hannah, née Clark
Gallie, Elise
Gallie, Francis William
Gallie, Mary Jane
Gallie, Mary Ruth, née Ledwick
Gane, Catherine Ann Maud, née Gane
Garde, Helena Maude Mary, née Le Ruez
Gardner, Amelia Amy Harriet
Garrett, Joseph Ernest
Gates, James Roy
Gaudin, Lilian Alma, née Marie
Gautier, Elizabeth, née Sarre
Gavey, Phyllis Louisa
Gavey, Sidney George
Gee, Charles
Geffroy, Anne Marie
Geffroy, Marie Philomène, née Bridec
Gelard, Francois Joseph
Giard, Louis
Gibaut, Annie
Gibaut, Azelie Augustine, née Soudain
Gibaut, Francis John
Gibaut, Philip Francis
Gibbins, Alice Ann, née Le Cras
Gibbins, Thomas Frederick
Gibbons, Eliza, née Laurens
Gibbs, Jane Harriet, née Vautier
Gibbs, John William
Gibsone, Jane Louisa
Giddens, Frederick James
Giffard, Edward Sidney
Giffard, Minnie Eleanor, née Perkins
Gifford, Alfred Godfrey
Gilbert, Charles William
Gill, Clara Rachel Adelina, née Le Herissier
Gill, John Herbert
Gillam, Amy, née Penny
Gillam, Theodore Richard
Gillam, William Henry
Gillard, Eliza Jane, née Le Mottée
Gillies, Peter
Gilpin, Bradney Bernard
Girou, John Francis
Glasgow, William
Glennie, Matry Ann, née McGregor
Godeaux, Mary Jane
Godel, Lyndon John
Godfray, Eva Elvina, née Single
Godfray, Kate Florence, née Lidstone
Godfray, Mary Ann
Godfray, Ruby Hilda Downton, née Amy
Godfray, Thomas
Godrich, Thomas
Godrick, Joseph
Goldsmith, Mary Jane, née Hudson
Gordon, Colin Gerald
Gordon, Hamilton William Fortescue
Gore, Jessie, née Oliver
Gorin, Lorraine Mary
Gosselin, Henry Walter Philip
Gosselin, Marguerite Eugenie
Gosselin, Charles
Gosselin, Violet Maud, née de Ste George
Gossett, Alice Mary, née Mauger
Gotterell, Philip John
Gottrell, Fanny
Goubert, Henry
Gough, Elizabeth
Gould, Arthur Beaconsfield
Gould, Edward Richard
Gould, Francis James
Gould, Henry Alexandra Dunstan
Goupy, François
Graham, Walter Robert
Grandin, Charles Daniel
Grandin, John Elias
Grandin, Louisa Ann, née Huelin
Grandin, Susannah, née de Ste Croix
Grant, Alice Amelia, née Siouville
Graviou, Laurent
Gray, Alice, née Le Riche
Gray, James William Perren
Gray, William Pierson
Green, Alphonsine Marie, née Fromage
Green, George
Green, Harry Thomas Sinclair
Green, Mary
Gregory, James Alfred
Grellier, Mabel, née Hepburn
Grigg, Caroline Ada
Grigg, Emily Hannah
Gruchy, Elizabeth, née Roberts
Gruchy, George Le Maistre
Gruchy, Grace Le Maistre
Gruchy, Marie Anne, née Le Maistre
Gruchy, Mary Frances, née Le Cornu
Gruchy, Philip Henry
Guenier, Isabella Rose, née Vincent
Guezence, Alfred Jean
Guibert, Grace Lilian, née Davis
Guillard, Frederick James McLean
Guillemet, Donald Charles
Guillemet, Marguerite Irene
Guillet, Henri Marie
Guiton, Anna Eliza
Guiton, Oscar
Gunner, John Philip
Gunney, John Thomas
Gunney, Mary Jane, née Mourant
Guyoncourt, Gustave Henri
Haarseth, Adeline Annie, née Pallot
Hacquoil, Helena Eliza, née Le Breton
Hacquoil, Ivy
Haines, Janine Kathleen
Hake, Rita
Hall, Doreen Elise, née Averty
Hall, Walter
Hallet, John Thomas
Hallewell, Elizabeth Jane, née Harrison
Ham, Alice Jane, née Pirouet
Hambley, Janet Little, née Campbell
Hamel, Mary Eugenie
Hammond, Philip
Hamon, Alfred John
Hamon, Amelia Gertrude
Hamon, Anne Elise, née Binet
Hamon, Cecilia, née Le Gros
Hamon, Edgar
Hamon, Edward Charles
Hamon, Elise, née Valpy
Hamon, Ellen Delicia, née Haynes
Hamon, Emily Jane, née Curwood
Hamon, Florence Dorothy, née Dallaway
Hamon, George Helier
Hamon, Henrietta Martha, née Abel
Hamon, Lestania, née Le Lion
Hamon, Lizzie Emmeline, née Blampied
Hamon, Louisa Jane, née Bree
Hamon, Malcolm Edgar
Hannaford, Samuel Edward
Hannay, Emily Francis, née Wicks
Hansford, Frederick Edward
Hansford, Janet Edith
Harben, Clarence George
Harben, Rosina Trifina, née Eveleigh
Hardey, John George
Hardie, Harold Ford
Harding, Gertrude Annabella
Harding, William Alfred
Hardman, Frederick Harwood
Hardman, George William
Hardman, Mary Jane, née Saunders
Hardman, William Francis
Hardy, Charles Edward
Hardy, Effie Ethel Alethea, née Drape
Hardy, Francis Victor
Hardy, John
Harlock, Cyril Leo
Harper, John Henry
Harris, Andrew
Harris, Anna Harriet Corp, née Gruchy
Harris, Eliza, née Minchineer
Harris, Irene Winifred
Harris, Tabatha Sarah Jane, née Bowles
Harrison, Margaret
Harrop, John Bardsley
Hayden, Mary Ann
Haynes, Edith Emily, née Brockman
Hebert, Paul
Heddon, Violet Maud, née Fielding
Hedges, Minnie, née Tinsley
Hennequin, Louis Jacques Victor
Henry, Caroline
Henry, Marion Isabel Esnouf, née Quenault
Henton, Lucy, née Sands
Héon, Henri
Herbert, William Caffrey
Hervé, John Francis
Hervé, Marie Pevine, née Loet
Hescott, Jane Ann,née Le Miere
Heurtaux, Jane Emily, née Monamy
Hewitt, James
Heywood, Elizabeth,née Fitzpatrick
Heywood, William
Hibbs, Clarence Bower
Higgs, Edgar Adolphus
Hill, Albert Edward
Hill, Charles Edwin
Hill, Hilda May
Hills, Percival Thomas
Hingston, Frederick John
Hirel, Victor Marie
Hoar, Matilda Georgina, née Le Gresley
Hobbs, Harold Frederick
Hocquard, Jane Susan
Hocquard, Louisa Amelia, née Amy
Hocquard, Sydney Scarborough
Hodder, Isaac Hezekiah
Hodges, James William
Hodgeson, Dorothy Maud
Hodgetts, William
Hogan, Daniel
Holley, Bienaimé Jean
Holley, William James
Holt, Agnes Vere, née Whittaker
Holt, Marion, née Rive
Hooper, Abraham Isaac
Hooper, George Albert
Hopkins, Anne, née Le Brun
Hopkins, John Henry Percival Shelmun
Horman, Alderina Coutanche, née Le Sueur
Horman, Annie
Horman, Jane Meech, née Mabey
Hornby, Annie Eliza Honorine, née de La Taste
Hornby, Gerard
Horton, John Percival Crewe
Hotton, Albert
Hotton, Hilda Florence
Houiellebecq, Harriet Ann, née Morley
Houillebecq, Agatha Emma Elizabeth, née Warren
Houillebecq, Christine Edith
Houquet, Matilda Jane
Houssel, Francis Horace
Houssin, Peter Francis
Howard, Theodora
Howard, Thomas Charles
Howe, James Percy
Howe, Mary Catherine, née Sherlock
Huard, Louisa, née Godel
Huard, not recorded
Hubert, Alice Maud Mary, née Rive
Hubert, Clare Françoise, née Allot
Hubert, Eva Jane
Hubert, Jane Ann, née Hicks
Hubert, Louisa Jane Ann, née Carrel
Hubert, Thomas Lemprière
Huelin, Amelia Jane
Huelin, Mary Jane
Huet, Jean
Humber, Alice Maud
Humber, Ernest George
Hunt, Alfred Edward
Hunt, Edith Elvina
Hunt, Jennie Donald, née Blair
Hunt, Percy
Hunter, William John
Hurel, André John
Hurley, Walter Frederick
Huson, Frederick Janes
Huss, Thomas Charles Sebastian
Hutchings, Lavinia Emma
Hutchings, Melbourne
Hutchings, Thomas
Hutton, Marian Hughnita
Hutton, Miriam, née Richards
Illesley, Ethel Annie Gladys, née Clipstone
Ives, Donald
Jackson, Tomasina, née Jelly
Janvier, Louis
Janvrin, William John
Jasper, Herbert George
Jeandron, Louisa Selina, née Nicolle
Jeanne, Ferdinand
Jeannes, Mary Ann, née Pascoe
Jeffrey, François Louis
Jégou, Michael Albert
Jégou, Rose
Jenkins, Chlarisse Jane, née Perchard
Jenkins, Elfie, née Le Seelleur
Jerrom, Alice Louisa
Jeune, James Thomas
Jeune, Jessie Maud, née Robinson
Jeune, Marguerite Sophie
Jeune, Rosa, née England
Jezequel, Jean François
Johnson, Marie Berthe, née Sangan
Jones, Elizabeth Jane, née Le Gros
Jones, Frederick
Jones, James Henry
Jordan, Armandine Françoise, née Jégou
Jordan, Emmeline Augustine, née Frigot
Jouan, Francis Laurens
Journeaux, Alice Jane, née Noel
Journeaux, Ann Mary
Journeaux, Charles Francis
Journeaux, Charles Francis
Journeaux, Desiré Louis Marie
Journeaux, Edith Medora, nee Weay
Journeaux, George Wallis
Journeaux, Jane Louisa
Journeaux, John George
Journeaux, Louisa Jane
Journeaux, Thomas Egbert
Kaut, Marion Carry Martha, née Holmes
Kearsley, Harold
Keeping, Albert Edward
Keeping, Thomas William
Kelland, David William
Kendall, Alice, née Oldfield
Kent-Smith, Lillie Winifred
Keough, William
Kerdal, Jeanne Seraphine
King, Arthur Edward
Kinsman, John Benjamin
Kirby, Nelson
Kitcher, Marie Louise, née Boivin
Kitts, Henry
Kitts, Minnie, née Clark
Knight, William
La Cloche, Emily, née Reynel
Labey, Ethel Guinaven
Labey, John Winter
Labey, Philip
Labey, Thomas Philip
Labey, William John
Labey, Winifred Marion, née Le Geyt
Laffoley, Charles Francis
Laffoley, Emily Louisa, née Duffey
Laffoley, Laura Jane, née Bisson
Laffoley, Sydney Jarvis
Laignel, Albert Robb
Lainé, Florence
Lambert, George Frederick
L'Amy, John
Lancashire, Frank Henry
Langler, Edith Mary
Langlois, Desirée Aimée, née Buhot
Langlois, James Walter
Langlois, Lilian Amanda, née Louden
Langworthy, George Lewis
Larbalestier, Florette Mill
Larbalestier, Grace Matilda, née Oldridge
Larbalestier, Morris
Larbalestier, Walter Philip
Larcombe, John Henry
Larcombe, Rebecca Mary, née Shaw
Larrrivain, Eugenie Ada
Laugée, Eleanor Harriet, née Jones
Lauoé, Anne Marie
Laurens, Albert John
Laurens, Elias Charles
Laurens, Frederick Fuller
Laurens, George John
Laurens, Harriet Elizabeth
Laurens, Isabella Mary
Lawrence, Julia Bertha
Lawton, Joseph
Le Bail, Francois
Le Bas, Gervaise
Le Bas, William
Le Bihan, Anne Marie, née Figer
Le Bihan, Marie Yvonne, née Lozach
Le Blancq, Adelina, née Vincent
Le Blancq, Peter John Durell
Le Boutillier, Ada Vautier, née Le Boutillier
Le Boutillier, Annie Florence, née Gallichan
Le Boutillier, Bella Jane, née Asplet
Le Boutillier, Elizabeth, née Picot
Le Boutillier, Emma Mary
Le Boutillier, Francis
Le Boutillier, John
Le Boutillier, Mary Henrietta
Le Boutillier, Philip Germain
Le Breton, Alfred James
Le Breton, Clara Ann, née Cooper
Le Breton, Elizabeth, née Coutanche
Le Breton, George Thomas
Le Breton, John Francis
Le Breton, Selina Mary Jane, née Tucker
Le Breton, Susan Mackenzie, née Strang
Le Brocq, Hilda Pauline Davis, née Clement
Le Brocq, Hilda Perchard, née Bruford
Le Brocq, Jane
Le Brocq, Jane Selina, née Le Marchand
Le Brun, Ada Caroline, née Single
Le Brun, Alice
Le Brun, Hannah Jane
Le Brun, Jeanne Marie
Le Brun, John Richardson
Le Brun, Mary Jane
Le Capelain, Virginie Marie Anne, née Deligault
Le Cappelain, John
Le Cardinel, Pierre
Le Claire, Mary Ann, née Le Quesne
Le Clercq, Alice Jane
Le Clercq, Francis John
Le Clercq, Jean Valerie
Le Clercq, John
Le Clercq, Philip George
Le Clercq, Victoria Laura, née Hill
Le Clerq, Jane, née Renouf
Le Clerq, John Buesnel
Le Cocq, John Godfray
Le Conte, Elizabeth Louisa
Le Cornu, Clara Jane, née Renouf
Le Cornu, Dorothy
Le Cornu, Esther, née de Carteret
Le Cornu, Francis Philip
Le Cornu, Harriet Elizabeth, née Huelin
Le Cornu, Isabel Mary
Le Cornu, Jane Sophie, née Picot
Le Cornu, John Bailhache
Le Cornu, Philip de Carteret
Le Cornu, Philip John
Le Cornu, Sydney Philip
Le Cornu, Thomas Ernest
Le Couillard, George Clarence
Le Couillard, Mary Ann, née Le Couillard
Le Couillard, Winter Alfred
Le Couteur, Ada, née Vibert
Le Couteur, Eliza, née Pearce
Le Couteur, George
Le Couteur, Jemima Annie, née Blackett
Le Couteur, Thomas John
Le Cras, Charles
Le Cras, Ellen Maud, née Filleul
Le Cras, Walter John
Le Cronier, Ernest Louis
Le Cuirot, Charles Pierre
Le Cuirot, Jean Auguste
Le Dain, Arthur Peter
Le Dreuviur, Tremeur Marie
Le Duizet, Marie Yvonne, née Le Bihan
Le Feuvre, Alice, neé Blampied
Le Feuvre, Ann Filleul
Le Feuvre, Anna Maria, née Hamon
Le Feuvre, Arthur
Le Feuvre, Elizabeth Margaret
Le Feuvre, James Arthur
Le Feuvre, Jane, née Le Gros
Le Feuvre, Kathleen Florence, née Langford
Le Feuvre, Mary Jane
Le Feuvre, Rachel
Le Feuvre, Selina Elizabeth
Le Flem, Jean Yves Marie
Le Fol, John Peter
Le Gallais, Almire Nicolle
Le Gallais, Annie Theresa
Le Geyt, Matilda, née Furzer
Le Geyt, Reginald Whitby
Le Goff, Jean
Le Goupil, Gustave Alexandre Edmond
Le Grand, Ada Mary, née Cooper
Le Gresley, Edouard
Le Gresley, Ernest Alfred Arthur
Le Gresley, Ida May, née Ereaut
Le Gresley, John Sidney
Le Gresley, Richard Martin
Le Gros, George Frederick
Le Gros, Herbert Philip
Le Gros, Winter Sydney
Le Guern, Marie Josephe, née Robin
Le Hayee, Berthe Clemence
Le Hayée, Désiré Victor
Le Herissier, Rene Moise
Le Houx, Elise Mary, née Jordan
Le Houx, John Aimable
Le Huquet, Beatrice Mary Feodora, née Nicolle
Le Huquet, Elias Charles
Le Huquet, George
Le Lacheur, Mary Elizabeth, née Jones
Le Lievre, Ann Elizabeth, née Le Brun
Le Lievre, Elizabeth Jane, née Bisson
Le Lièvre, Lydia Mary, née De Veulle
Le Lievre, Walter
Le Lievre, Walter
Le Lievre, Walter Philip
Le Lievre, William Philip
Le Long, Auguste
Le Long, Mavis Doreen
Le Louet, Isidoire Auguste Pierre
Le Main, Emile Reginald
Le Maistre, Alfred
Le Maistre, Ann Rachel, née Drelaud
Le Maistre, Annie, née Odell
Le Maistre, Emily, née Meech
Le Maistre, Ethel Norah Lilian
Le Maistre, Francis
Le Maistre, James Alfred
Le Marchand, John Matthew
Le Marinel, Constance Elizabeth
Le Marinel, Eva Louisa, née Pirouet
Le Marquand, Edward William Walter
Le Marquand, Eliza Susanna
Le Marquand, Elsie Rachel, née Le Marquand
Le Marquand, Emile Richard
Le Marquand, Francis
Le Marquand, George Reginald
Le Marquand, Jane, née Le Maistre
Le Marquand, John
Le Marquand, John Philip
Le Marquand, Lucille Simon, née Cabot
Le Marquand, Rachel, née de Gruchy
Le Marquand, Sarah Ellen
Le Marquand, Walter
Le Masurier, George
Le Masurier, Lucy Ellen, née Linthorne
Le Masurier, Mary Ann
Le Masurier, Mary Ann, née Brown
Le Masurier, Mary Julie, née Denis
Le Masurier, Paul Francis
Le Mercier, Elvina
Le Metais, John Auguste
Le Miere, Irenée Lucienne, née Le Miere
Le Miere, Paul Albert
Le Mierre, Peter Francis
Le Monnier, Alfred
Le Monnier, Alice Matilda
Le Monnier, Beryl Renyard
Le Monnier, Louis Charles
Le Monnier, Peter Albert
Le Montais, Cyril Arthur de Lecq
Le Mottée, Ada, née Vautier
Le Mottée, Eliza Hue
Le Mounier, François
Le Noir, Alice Mary, née Laurens
Le Pavoux, John
Le Pétévin dit Le Roux, Ernest
Le Petit, Matilda Ann, née Le Vaufre
Le Prevost,
Le Prevost, Elizabeth, née Gray
Le Prevost, Thomas
Le Quelenec, Elizabeth Ann, née Jeffrey
Le Quesne, Annie Rachel, née Hamon
Le Quesne, Arthur
Le Quesne, Louisa, née Le Ruez
Le Quesne, Sophie, née Allix
Le Ray, Mary Jane
Le Ray, Mary Jane
Le Riche, Alice Julia
Le Rossignol, Amelia Rachel, née Alexandre
Le Rossignol, Percy Alfred
Le Rossignol, Walter Aubin
Le Rougetel, Thomas
Le Roux, François
Le Roy, Marie
Le Ruez, Alfred Slous
Le Sauteur, Priscilla Amanda
Le Sauteur, Robert William
Le Sauvage, Clifford Arthur
Le Seelleur, Alice Louise, née Prowse
Le Seelleur, Edward Perchard
Le Seelleur, Gertrude Louisa
Le Sueur, Ada Jane, née Drelaud
Le Sueur, Alfred Philip
Le Sueur, Charles Edward
Le Sueur, Elias Walter
Le Sueur, Esther Mary, née Averty
Le Sueur, Florence
Le Sueur, Frank
Le Sueur, Henry Sydney
Le Sueur, John
Le Sueur, John Daniel
Le Sueur, Louisa Evelyn, née Fowler
Le Sueur, Mary Ann, née Coram
Le Sueur, Mary Jane, née Dingle
Le Sueur, Raoul John
Le Sueur, Robert Henry
Le Suyer, Guilleaume
Le Templier, James
Le Templier, Philip
Le Touzé, George Francis
Le Vaast, Jean Charles Dominique
Le Vesconte, Dianne
Le Vesconte, Hilda Lilian Dorothea
Le Vesconte, Philip Edward
Ledo, Jessie Giles, née Duncan
Lee, Florence Emmeline Sarah, née Baker
Lee, Lawrence Blackmur
Lees, Maria Eliza, née Gibbins
Lefebre, Jeanne Marie, née Le Bechet
Leigh, Elizabeth Ellen, née McIver
Lempriere, Elsie Laura, née Pallot
Lempriere, Eva Blanche Mary, née Soyer
Lempriere, Louisa Mary Ann
Lempriere, Mary Betsy, née Laurens
Lempriere, Winter Frederick
Leoffler, George Berdhold
Leplogeon, Marie, née Gautier
Lesbirel, Gladys Amy
Lesbirel, Reginald John
Lesbirel, Winter
Leslie, Edmund
Leslie, James Orlando
Levrel, Angelina Marie, née Rousseau
Lewis, Edward Charles
Lewis, Walter Francis
Lewis, William Sprake
Lewis, William Thomas
L'Heritier, Alice
Lidderdale, Rosamund, née Scott
Lidwell, Matilda Florence
Lignac, Isabel Maurensa
Lihou, Annie Mary, née Beaugie
Lihou, Edith Eliza, née Brouard
Lihou, Frederick George
Lihou, Nathan Charles Philip
Lihou, Winifred Annie
Lillicrap, Harry William Taylor
Lindor, Victorine
Litchenberg, Effie, née Corbin
Litchenberg, Jules Alfred
Loftus, Thomas
Lorent, Augustine, née Parisot
Losana-Delama, José
Love, Henry William
Lucas, Alfred James
Lucas, Florence Margaret
Lucas, Marie Emmeline
Luce, Alice Susan
Luce, Eugenie Aimable
Luce, George Philip
Luce, Henry Charles
Luce, Louisa Ann
Luce, Melanie Mary, née Allix
Luce, Philip George
Luce, Sophie, née Le Sueur
Ludlow, Frederick Archer
Luxon, Annie Louisa, née Knight
Luxon, Vernon Percy
Luxton, George William
Lyons, Edmond Patrick
Mabey, Ada Jane
Macartry, George
MacDermott, Alfred Tudor
Macdonald, Ronald Gladstone
Machon, Clara
Machon, Elizabeth Mary, née Pinel
Machon, Joshuà Charles
MacKenney, Janie, née Chatel
Mackenzie, Edward Alfred
Macready, Edith Elizabeth, née Gaudin
Mahaut, Albert Mai
Mahier, Philip
Mahieu, Marie Louise, née Gorin
Mahoney, John
Mahoney, John Michael
Mahoney, Mary, née Brogan
Mainwaring, Edward Charles Lovell Thursby
Malherbe, Albert Sylvian
Malherbe, Emile Richard, née Ague
Mallet, Alice Annie
Mallet, Charles Major
Mallet, Edith Mary, née Le Vesconte
Mallet, Emma Ann, née Le Seelleur
Mallet, Francis
Mallet, John
Mallet, Louisa Josephine Marie, née Riaut
Mallet, Philip John
Mallett, Amanda Johannah
Mallett, Frederick William
Mallett, John Henry
Maloret, Ida May, née Kitcher
Maloret, Louis Philippe
Maloret, Marie Josephine Augustine, née Huet
Malzard, Alfred Francis John
Malzard, Elizabeth Sophie, née Le Masurier
Malzard, John Charles Twyman
Malzard, Lilian, née Bowen
Malzard, Walter
Malzard, Wilfred
Mandelli, Peter Charles
Manley, Harriet Susan
Manning, Cecil Claude
Marcus, Bridget Mary, née Welsh
Marett, Beatrice Louisa, née Le Lievre
Marett, Charles Herbert
Marett, Charlotte Filleul, née Labey
Marett, Emily Julia, née Bourdon
Marett, Francis
Marett, John Renouf
Marett, John Touzel
Marett, Louisa Jane, née Le Maistre
Marett, Marie, née de La Mare
Marett, Rita Elise
Marett, Theophilus George
Marett, William
Marett, William Thomas
Marguerie, John
Marguerie, Thomas Henry
Marie, Daphne Marguerite
Marie, Elvina Victoria, née Andre
Marie, Jean Robert
Marie, Louis Auguste
Marie, Louisa Matilda, née Sarre
Marks, Annie Agnes, née Ennis
Marks, Theresa Liebman, née Leopold
Marsh, Louisa, née Tomes
Marsh, William
Marshall, Joyce Mary, née Bisson
Marsouin, Jean
Martin, Annie Gertrude
Martin, Hannah Maria, née Day
Martin-Dupont, Angele Adelaide
Martret, George Alfred
Martyn, Walter Philip
Mason, Arthur
Mason, John Douglas
Mauger, Brian Robin
Mauger, Charles Francis
Mauger, Hannah Jane
Mauger, John Philip
Mauger, Philip Starck
Mauger, Walter Raulin
Maunoury, Leonore Emma
Mauviel, Anna Maria, née Reed
McAree, Alice Jane
McConnell, Mary Dorothea
McGahy, James Henry
McGinn, Maureen
McGown, Jessie
McGrath, George Payne
McIlroy, Evelina Annie, née Murphy
McIrvoy, Christina, née Robertson
McNamara, Jane
Medder, Mabel Hilda, née Piton
Medland, Alfred
Medland, Thomas Willliam
Meech, Walter Joseph
Mehauté, Eugenie, née Belliard
Mellor, Ada
Melville, Elonore Le Quesne, née Le Sueur
Melville, William Edward
Meophan, Henry Charles
Meophan, Miriam, née Jeffries
Mercier, Louis Marie
Mercier, Madeline Therese
Merhet, Anne Marie, née Morin
Mesny, Emma Eliza Mary Ann, née de Ste Croix
Messervy, Dennys Balleine
Messervy, Edward Philip
Messervy, Herbert
Methven, James White
Metivier, Clement
Mewick, Ethel
Michel, Adolphus Ernest
Miles, Elene Marie Dolphine
Millar, Maria Fredricka Eliza Emily, née Levens
Millar, William Arthur
Millard, Arthur
Miller, John Philip
Miller, Julie Ann, née Fenton
Miller, Mary Jane, née Henry
Milliken, David
Milling, Isabella
Millow, Julia Annie Mallet, née Arnold
Millow, Peter Emile
Mills, George
Mills, Victorine, née Belloc
Minchinton, Denis Malcolm
Minier, Leon Theodore
Mirabel, Yves Marie
Mirams, Elizabeth, née Burtles
Mitchell, Alfred Ernest
Mitchell, Amelia, née Le Feuvre
Moher, Margaret
Moignard, Philip Francis
Moignard, Susan Ann, née Bullen
Mollet, Alice Jane, née Le Feuvre
Mollet, Mary Henrietta
Mollet, Touzel
Monet, Mary Ann, née de Gruchy
Montgomery, Alexander John
Montgomery, Forster Walter Lyons
Mooney, John
Moore, Henry Thomas
Moore, John Phillops
Morcel, Anne Francoise, née Sadot
Morcel, Leon
Moreau, Guilleaume
Morel, Edouard Charles
Morel, Marie Aline, née Gallet
Moreton, George Edwin
Morgan, Brette
Morin, Ethel, née Skinner
Morin, Marie Sainte, née Le Roux
Morley, Arthur Orlando
Morris, Harry
Morris, Teresa
Morris, William Henry
Mortimer, Mary Ann, née Goodman
Morton, Alice, née Penny
Morvan, Marie Louise, née Le Quéré
Moss, Horace Frederick
Moulin, Francis
Mourant, Francis Walter
Mourant, Hannah Frances, née Pirouet
Mourant, Jane
Mourant, John Philip
Mourant, Lilian, née Le Brocq
Mourant, Selina, née Crocker
Murray-Marshall, Howard
Myers, Margaret
Neel, Georgiana Sophia, née Alexandre
Neel, Laura Gertrude, née Finnie
Neil, Charles Henry
Nettleton, Montague Robert
Newbery, Barbara Jean
Newcombe, Sydney
Newell, Ann Louisa, née Le Gros
Newis, Mary Ann Louisa, née Humber
Newis, William
Newman, Clara Ann
Newman, Mary Jane, née Houguez
Nez, Anne Marie, née Roussel
Nicholas, Marie Angelique
Nichols, Lilian Edith, née Davey
Nichols, William Charles
Nicholson, Amelia Louisa
Nicholson, Annie, née Brown
Nicolle, Annie Elizabeth, née Camp
Nicolle, Matilda Beatrice
Nicolson, James Stuart
Noel, Alec George
Noel, Alexandrine, née Delépine
Noel, Alfred Edward
Noel, Alfred Philip
Noel, Charles Edwin
Noel, Clarence Edwin
Noel, Edward George
Noel, Edwin Guilleaume
Noel, Ethel Maud
Noel, Harriet, née Turner
Noel, Hilda, née Huelin
Noel, Jane Eliza, née Buesnel
Noel, Julia Martha
Noel, Louisa Jane Elizabeth, née Miller
Noel, Natalie, née Helie
Noel, Philip George
Noel, Sydney George
Noel, William Henry
Noel, William Henry
Noel, Winter George
Norman, Charles Arthur
Norman, Elizabeth
Norman, Esther, née Picot
Norrie, John Messervy
Norris, Elsie Emily Keith, née Johnston
Norris, Sydney
Norris, William John
Northall, Henry Richard
Nourry, Edouard
Nunan, Francis William
Nursey, Anna Eliza, née Le Seelleur
Nursey, Clara Catherine
Obott, Reginald John
O'Connor, Edward
Odel, Rebecca, née Gruitt
Offret, Marie, née Le Benoit
O'Keefe, Cornelius William
Oldbury, Annie Maria, née Halford
Oldridge, Annie
Oldridge, Fanny Martha, née Knight
Oliver, Harold Victor Raymond
Ollivier, Bella Fanny, née Garde
Ollivier, Lydie
Omnes, Natalie Francoise
Omnés, Francois
Orchard, Arthur Ernest
Osment, Charles Thomas
Osment, Elizabeth Mary, née Fitch
Osment, Ellen Frances, née Gibsone
Osment, Ernest Albert Britton
Osment, Georgina, née Carben
Osment, Louisa Jane, née Richards
Osouf, William E
Ounan, Thomas Peter
Ouran, Augustine Seraphine, née Bonnet
Ousef, Leon Peter
Ozouf, not recorded
Page, Frank Reginald
Pain, Robert Charles
Paine, Lewis
Pallot, Alice Elizabeth, née Richardson
Pallot, Cecile Louisa
Pallot, Clarence Francis
Pallot, Esther Adelaide, née Laffoley
Pallot, Francis Charles
Pallot, John
Pallot, John
Palmer, Charles William
Parker, Albert Edward James
Parker, Louisa, née Ames
Parle, Patrick
Parry, Selina Alfreda, née Gilham
Parsons, Mary Elizabeth, née Murley
Partridge, Eli
Partridge, John Henry
Patch, Winifred Nellie
Patel, Walter Henry
Paxton, William Thomas
Pay, Marian Bradley
Payn, Philip Peter
Payn, William
Payn, William Bertram
Payn, William Stanley
Payne, Alice Jane, née Jeune
Payne, Esther Susannah, née Aubin
Payne, George Samuel
Payne, Kate Celestine, née Davis
Payne, Walter Edward
Payne, William Samuel
Pearce, Ella, née Bowden
Pearce, Henry
Pearce, Julia, née Allain
Pearce, Martha Louisa, née Feloner
Pearce, Mary Ann Jane, née Le Breton
Pearson, Marie Celestine
Pearson, Pauline Elise
Peart, Susan
Peckham, William James
Penney, Emma
Penney, George
Penney, Thomas Edward
Pepin, Alfred Helier
Pepin, Alice Remon
Pepin, Jane Eunice
Pepin, Philip Josué
Perchard, Horace John
Perchard, Margaret, née Bisson
Perchard, Philip
Perchard, Wilford Charles
Percival, Lyndon Rive
Perkin, Frederick Claude
Perkins, Mark John Thomas
Perkins, Sarah Caroline
Perrée, Ann Elizabeth, née Bichard
Perrot, Gaston
Perry, Marie Philomene, née Borney
Petit, Adolphus John
Petit, Clifford Esnouf
Pettiquin, Frank Philip
Pezet, Vinda Julliiette Campbell, née Sweetoslawki
Phelps, Florence, née Barry
Phillips, Ethel Maud, née Cornick
Phillips, Gertrude Mary, née Gray
Pichon, Anne
Pichou, Marie Louise, née Morin
Picot, Adolphus Philip
Picot, Aimée Jeanne
Picot, Ann Rachel, née Le Gros
Picot, Dorothy Amelia
Picot, Elizabeth Ann
Picot, Frederick Arthur
Picot, Mary Ann, née Statt
Picot, Philip Le Quesne
Pigeon, John Francis
Pigeon, Sophie Nancy, née Billot
Pignorel, Angele, née Boulaire
Pilditch, Isabel
Pilkington, Thomas
Pincemain, Jean Marie
Pinel, Alfred Philip
Pinel, Gladys May
Piper, Hilda
Piquet, Florence Violet, née Perrot
Piquet, Maud Mary
Piquet, Nicholas John
Pirouet, Emily Judith, née Crill
Pirouet, Mary Ann, née Laffoley
Pitman, Agnes Jane, née Waters
Pitman, Elizabeth Ann
Pitman, George
Pitman, William George
Pluck, Francis Burley
Pluck, Georgina Amy, née Durell
Plummer, George William
Poch, Ada Jane, née de Gruchy
Poch, Emma, née Cristin
Poff, John Harold
Poingdestre, Ann Jane Susan, née Raymond
Poingdestre, Augustine Marie, née Le Pelley
Poingdestre, Charles Edwin
Poingdestre, Florence Ann, née Burch
Poingdestre, John Nicholas
Poingdestre, Philip George
Poisson, Elizabeth Jane Mary
Pomroy, Roland
Poole, Alfred Simmonds
Poole, Amy Nicolle
Poole, Delicia, née Nicolle
Poole, George Frederick
Poole, Henry Samuel George
Pooley, Fanny Marina, née Gilbert
Porter, Guy Tenlon
Poulain, Celeste Francoise, née Le Blier
Poulain, Leonore, née Berteau
Poursot, Lucie Marguerite
Power, John Joseph Wardell
Prest, Ellen May, née Beuzeval
Preston, Alfred William
Preston, Mary Elizabeth, née Mourant
Price, James Hodgson
Priestwood, Barbara Frances
Prieur, Adèle, née Esline
Prigg, Nathaniel John
Prigg, Tabita Oswin
Pritchard, Elizabeth Mary
Pritchard, Mary Ann, née Loft
Prouings, Amelia Mary
Prouings, Rose Harriet
Pullin, Elsie Blanche, née Benest
Pullin, William Thomas
Purchase, Isabella, née Vardon
Purchase, John
Purkis, William Henry
Quant, William George
Quenault, Alice Mary
Quenault, Jane, née Grodoire
Quentin, Melanie, née Deuille
Quérée, Mary Jane
Quérée, Alice Matilda, née Osment
Quérée, John Nathan
Quérre, Lydia Ann, née Vautier
Quesnel, Ellen
Quinn, William
Quintaine, Frederick
Quirot, Lydia Rachel, née Bisson
Rabasse, Charles des Chateau
Raffray, Ernest Fauvel
Raffray, Maria Eliza, née Houguet
Rainy, Helene, née Le Bas
Rankin, George Bernard Brown
Ranson, Alfred Leon Gordon
Rault, Eugene
Rault, Eulalie, née Le Taindu
Ray, Charlotte Mary
Rayson, Joseph William
Reardon, Mary Ann Matilda, née Carpen
Rebillard, Rose Marie, née Morin
Rebindaine, Fleurine Leontine, née Maguier
Reddy, Doreen Florence
Redmayne, Ellen Mary, née de La Cour
Reed, Annie Elizabeth, née Mansfield
Reed, Harriet, née Chant
Reed, Mabel, née Davey
Reed, Robert James
Reilly, not recorded
Remon, Francis Wesley
Remon, Mary Ann, née Esnouf
Renault, Francis Bossy
Renaut, Jean Elie
Renny, Mary, née Devine
Renouf, Alice Jane, née Rive
Renouf, Charles Francis
Renouf, Clar Melvina, née Benest
Renouf, Cyril
Renouf, Doreen Vera
Renouf, Eliza Florence, née Clarke
Renouf, John Thomas
Renouf, Lilian Ada, née Vardon
Renouf, Louisa Elizabeth, née Mourant
Renouf, Margaret Maud Ellen, née Burke
Renouf, Philip Charles
Repper, Richard George
Resch, Arnold Gottfried
Richards, Gwynn David
Richards, John Haydn
Richards, Mary Jane, née Mallet
Richardson, Abraham James
Richardson, Emily Jane, née Richardson
Richardson, Harold George
Richecoeur, Matilda Louisa, née Hansford
Riches, Arthur Robin
Richmond, George John
Richmond, Gertrude Eliza
Richmond, Susan Eliza, née Turnnidge
Richomme, Henry Alfred
Rickett, Alfred William
Rickett, Alfred William
Ricordeau, Henri Arthur
Ricou, Grace Rachel
Ricou, Helier Edward Alfred
Ricou, Sydney George Squibb
Rimeur, Marie Louise, née Perriot
Rimeur, Mathurin
Riou, Pauline Marie, née Geffroy
Rioux, Marie Anne
Rive, Amelia Susan
Robb, Hugh
Robert, Ada Jane, née Le Masurier
Robert, Clara
Robert, Elsie Caroline, née Holley
Roberts, Fanny Louisa, née Biddle
Roberts, Joseph Henry Nicholson
Robins, Louisa, née Whittle
Robins, Thomas
Rogan, Amélie Marie Josephe, née Le Scel
Rogers, Edward
Rogers, Isabel
Rogers, Reginald Clarence
Rolland, Jules Marie
Rolland, Marie Françoise, née Le Brazidec
Romeril, Elize, née Hamon
Romeril, Louisa Agnes, née Le Cornu
Romeril, Mary, née Rice
Romeril, Mary Jane, née Jourdan
Romeril, Philip
Ropert, Jeanne Marie, née Sangan
Rose, Elizabeth Mary
Rossi, Marie Reine, née Doura
Rowcliffe, Helena Ann
Rowden, Thomas James
Rowe, Mary Ann
Rowland, John Richard
Rowland, Thomas Frederick
Rowland, Walter
Ruaux, Edith Maud, née Le Héron
Ryan, Alfred Michael
Ryan, Mary, née Synnott
Sadot, Constantin Louis Auguste
Salaun, Jeanne Marie, née Buan
Sales, Charles
Samson, Muriel (Sucky)
Samson, Pierre Marie Joseph
Samson, Robert
Sandall, Alfred James
Sanders, Charles
Sandy, Doris Mabel
Sansom, Ellen, née Whelan
Sarre, Thomas
Saunders, Ada Florence, née Boizard
Saunders, Auguste Louis Bienaimé
Saunders, Elizabeth Jane
Saunders, Florence Matilda, née Hotton
Saunders, Kate, née White
Saunders, William Henry
Scarborough, Edmund Herbert
Scarborough, Emmeline Blanche
Schnieder, John
Scioux, Rosalie, née Neron
Scott, Florence Ellen Hornbrook, née Le Sauteur
Scott, Jessica
Scott, William Jaleh
Seaburg, Henry
Seale, Alice Elizabeth
Seaward, Gerald Dennis
Seear, Elsie Ellen, née Richard
Seigneuret, Amethyst Beatrice
Sewell, William Woodville Robertson
Share, Elizabeth Ann
Shaw, William
Shephard, Charlotte Marie, née Cavey
Shephard, George William
Shorts, Susan, née Cropp
Shufflebotham, Lydia Mary, née Sutton
Sim, Mabel Helen, née Vardon
Sim, Robert Aitken
Simmonds, Emma
Simmons, Elizabeth,
Simmons, George Thomas
Simmons, Rose Maria, née Perrier
Simmons, Stanley Ernest
Simon, Elizabeth Martha, née Paul
Simon, Henry Francis Frederick
Simon, Letitia, née Pay
Simon, Marguerite Yvonne, née Perrieuse
Simon, Samuel Selig
Simon, Sigmond Howard
Simpkins, Margaret, née Bradley
Sinclair, Ellen, née Johnson
Sinel, Selina
Sinel, William Henry
Single, Elvina Sussannah, née Battam
Siouville, Charles François Josué
Smith, Brian Bennett
Smith, Ellen, née Moore
Smith, Evelyn Marion Burnett, née Hurst
Smith, Harriet, née Lamy
Smith, Mary, née Reddy
Smith, Rose
Smith, Teresa Mary, née Kelly
Smith, Thomas Arthur
Smith, William
Solé, Carmen G
Somers, Daniel
Soudain, Marie Josephine
Speer, Jane
Spencer, Hadyn Clive
Spraggs, Anne, née McManus
Springate, James Philip
St George, Thomas
Stainer, Mary Jane, née Neal
Stainer, Thomas
Starck, Amy Syvret, née Hubert
Staton, Margaret Cynthia
Statt, Matilda, née Manell
Stayte, Robert William
Steel, Eveline Wright, née Mauger
Stephen, Samuel William
Stephens, Amelia Ann, née Ahier
Stephens, Edward Oscar
Stephens, Stephen Simon
Stetchley, Martha
Stirling, Annie Gage
Stivey, George Henry
Stone, Gladys May, née Le Page
Stopher, James Leslie
Streader, Florence Irene, née Lake
Stretchley, Eliza
Stuart, Charles
Stuart, Louisa Ann, née Main
Styles, Kate Marie
Sullivan, Catherine, née Eveleigh
Sullivan, Daniel
Sullivan, Lucy Henrietta
Sullivan, William Daniel
Suret, Eliza Maria
Surridge, Arthur Richard
Sutherland, John Henderson
Symonds, William
Syvret, Ada Susan, née Gibaut
Syvret, Alfred John
Syvret, Alice Syvret, née Le Feuvre
Syvret, Nellie Edith, née Woods
Syvret, Walter
Tabb, Ada Caroline Esther Georgina, née Smith
Tabb, Charles Francis
Tabb, not recorded
Tank, Clarence Philip
Tanqueray, George
Taunton, Eleanor Julliana, née de Salis
Taunton, Raufe Grosvenor
Taunton, William Garnet
Taylor, Alfred
Taylor, Annette Marie
Taylor, Christine Joan
Taylor, David Cameron
Taylor, Ellen, née Sanders
Taylor, Fleetwood Thomas
Taylor, Winifred Isabel, née Le Feuvre
Terry, Harriet Caroline
Thelland, Annie Louisa
Thelland, Emily Mary
Thelland, Paul
Thibault, not recorded
Thomas, Alfred Philip
Thomas, Elise Courtney du Heaume, née Noel
Thomas, Harry Boorn
Thomas, Marie Louise, née Laurent
Thomas, Robert Charles
Thompson, Henry Arthur Hale
Thompson, Henry Nilus
Thompson, Robert
Thompson, Vincent George
Thorne, James Henry
Thorne, William Thomas
Tipping, Marjorie, née Cantell
Toms, James Edward
Tong, Ethel May, née Walton
Topham, Jane Elizabeth, née Tidswell
Torode, Rachel
Tostevin, Amelia Esther, née Hotton
Tostevin, Charles Edward
Totterdell, Leonard
Touzel, Anne Ophelia, née Ching
Touzel, Emma
Touzel, Francis Philip
Touzel, Henry Samuel
Touzel, Louisa Hannah, née Arthur
Touzel, Philip John Le Neveu
Touzel, Thomas Charles
Touzel, William
Tregear, John
Trehiou, Eugene Joseph Marie
Trehorel, Julia Elizabeth, née Gruchy
Trent, Mary Ann
True, Clara Elizabeth
Trueblood, Rosa, née Hudson
Truscott, Emma, née Priddy
Truscott, William George Kateon
Tucker, Alfred William
Turner, Aimée Marie, née Thomas
Turner, Anne
Turner, Cecelia Louisa
Turner, Ernest Charles
Turner, John Robert George Ross
Turner, Marie Louise, née Fortan
Turner, Marie Louise, née O'Connor
Turpin, Irma Bertha Angela, née Hubert
Urvoy, Marie Louise, née Nicol
Vaines, Alfred
Valler, Thomas Edward
Vallois, Constance Elizabeth, née Ford
Valpy, Elise
Van Cooten, John Arthur
Vardon, Amelia Mary
Vardon, Edward John
Vardon, Elizabeth Jane, née Brown
Vardon, George Francis
Vardon, George James
Vardon, Percival John
Vardon, Percy Charles Wesley
Vardon, Philip George
Vardon, Susan Nickles Hastings, née Falle
Varney, Alfred William
Vasse, Francois Louis
Vasselin, Isabella Selina, née Le Sueur
Vaudin, Maria, née Huelin
Vautier, Anne Marie, née Berthault
Vautier, Elizabeth Georgina
Vautier, Emma
Vautier, Thomas Elias Cabot
Velasco, Ellen Emma, née Farr
Veler, Jacques Marie
Venables, Charles
Venement, Thomas John
Verrieres, Mary Lucie
Vetier, Azelie Amelia, née Tirel
Vibert, Louise, née Bertram
Vibert, Philip Thomas
Viel, Arthur Walter
Viel, Edward Thomas
Viel, John Elias Gallichan
Vigers, George William
Vigot, Celestine Mary, née Denis
Vigot, Charles Cooper
Vigot, Georgina Elizabeth, née Guilleaume
Vincent, Elvina
Vitel, Francisque Marie
Voisin, Adela Mary
Voisin, Effie Blanche, née Davis
Voisin, Rosa Le Riche
Walker, Florence Ellen, née Sinclair
Walker, Frank
Walker, Selina Georgina
Wallis, Arthur Henry
Wallis, Frederick Edward
Warr, Mary, née Warr
Waters, Ellen Sophia, née Gellender
Watkins, Rosina Maria, née Paul
Watkins, William Thomas
Watts, Arthur Saunders
Watts, Eliza, née Pearce
Watts, George Benjamin
Watts, James Joseph
Waugh, Catherine Eugenia Rosamund
Way, Sidney Mark
Webb, Alice Jane, née Noel
Webber, Ellen Blanche, née Le Petit
Webley, Mary Hannah, née Williams
Weeks, Henry Colston
West, Agnes, née Hornsey
West, Arthur William
West, Elsie Florence
West, John
Whelan, Arthur Alfred
White, Edward
White, Jane Sarah, née Matson
White, Laura Augusta, née Green
White, not recorded
White, Richard Augustin
White, Richard Walter Richards
White, Samuel George
White, Thomas George
White, William
Whitehurst, Harriet Louisa
Whitel, Cecilia Eliza, née Le Masurier
Whittle, Fanny Erminie, née Brittenden
Wilcox, John Gerald
Wild, Thomas Peter
Wilden, Dennis Reeve
Wiles, Arthur Edward
Wiles, Helen,
Wilks, Lottie Louise, née Ward
Williams, Albert John
Williams, Thomas Reece
Willmett, William Henry
Wills, Reginald Frank
Wills, Reginald Frank
Wilson, Alice Maud, née Queree
Wimble, Susan Ann
Windsor, Winifred Tessimond
Winter, Adèle, née Le Sueur
Winter, Jonathan
Witcomb, Angela Maud
Wood, Mary Ann, née Martin
Woodcock, John Edwin
Woodford, William James
Woodman, Ann Mary Elizabeth, née Queripel
Woodridge, Alice
Woods, Ellen Furmedge, née Grant
Grant, Ellen Furmedge
Woodsford, Henry Samuel
Wormald, Constance Helena
Wormald, Mabel
Wormald, Selina, née Blampied
Blampied, Selina
Wormald, Winifred Ella
Wright, Henrietta Elizabeth
Yates, Victor Edward
Zorab, John
Blampied, Lizzie Emmeline
Keywords funeral directors | funeral registers | Funerals | undertakers | Burials
Category L/A-Businesses
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed for preservation - please consult digital copy
Closed until 2100

Livre de Remarques [Indexed]. Includes burial number, name of person buried, relatives, age, date of death, address, date and place of burial. This document has been scanned and indexed by Archive volunteers. To find the name you are interested in please look at the index and then open the pdf with the relevant page number. Please note that in this volume, the numbers 1850 - 1894 have been used twice - this is a mistake in the original volume. The entries with repeated numbers are marked in the index with the page numbers P394 - p405.


A digital image is available to view online or this item is closed because it is exempt from public access under the Freedom of Information Law. If you would like to make a request please email us.