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Research notes by Robin Cox includes; Red Notebooks 11-21 [16 missing], which includes indexes to Public Registry contracts and newspaper cuttings relating to named individuals and companies [index at the back of each book]


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Reference L/C/152/140
Date 1981 - 1983
Names Cox, Robin
Victoria College
Cuzner, Samuel
Brohier family
Colley, Robert Brown
Curry, Adolphus
La Manche Guest House
Patriarche Family
Gillman, Johnathan
Robin Family
Oxenham family
Le Gros, Elie
Wade, Thomas
Le Geyt, George William
Le Gros, Elias
Preston family
Stirling, Edward
Harper family
Chevallier, Thomas
Guilleaume, Jacques
Le Brun, Douce
Messervy, Francois
Messervy, Daniel
Bethel Union Chapel
Alexandre, Jean
Alexandre, Richard
Magasin de l'Isle de Jersey
Dunsford Limited
Bisson, Benjamin
Langelier family
Patson, Walter
Carey family
Gallays, Helier
Godel, Noé
de Soullemont, Thomas
Pomme D'Or Hotel
Neel, Nicolas
Messervy, Nicholas
Dumaresq, Jean
Stocall, Aaron
Halkett Place Chapel
Pipon, Jacques
Budd, R H
Le Hardy, Charles
Le Hardy, Jean
Le Hardy, Thomas
Hilgrove family
Rouet family
Fiott, Nicolas
Jersey Gas Light Company Limited
Ranwell, William
de Quetteville, Philippe
Woolfrys, John
Watts, Bartholomew
Springfield Garage
Durell, Thomas
Le Quesne, Adolphus
Falle, Thomas
Mathews, Susanne
Aubin, Philippe
Herrel, Robert
Lempriere, Sara
Le Geyt, Marguerite
Hayles, William
Burrard family
Anthoine family
Chamberland family
Bierre family
Mitre Hotel
Spiller, Robert
Roo, Thomas
Olivier family
Le Gallais, Edmond
Simonet family
Scagell, Hals
Payn, Edouard
Romeril, Edouard
Ebenezer Chapel
Gihomar, Roland
Pequin, Pierre
Lempriere, Thomas
Kingston, Jean
Lempriere, George
Hue, Corbet
Norrish, William
Norrish, Robert
Coutanche, Marguerite, née Dolbel
Lempriere, Jacques
Colhoun, William
Tyler, Charles
Romeril, John
Robichon, Edouard
Mourant, Jean
Neel, Jean
Collas, Jean
Verner, David
Victoria College
Pomerey, Robert
Bushell, William
Gavey, Jean
Samedi Court
Gosset family
Jarvis, Thomas
Lyte, Thomas Orphan
Jarvis, William
Poignand, Louis
Poignand Family
d'Auvergne, Anne
Laugee family
Le Gros, Joshua
Coombes family
Gallichan, Edouard
Ann Street Brewery Company Limited
Pitre family
Rondel, Abraham
Frederick Baker and Sons Limited
Laurens, George
Exeter Hotel
Chepmell family
Bouton, Philippe
Gallichan, Edouard
Jeune, François
Maison Hooper Limited
Davison, Percy Rugby
Seward family
Boot family
Butcher, Hugh
Brown, Robert
Le Quesne, Nicolas
Le Feuvre, George
Chevallier, Pierre
Allez family
Hocquard, Jean
Bouton family
Bietry, Leonard
Bazin, Jacques
Cartault family
Civil and United Services Club
Stead, John
Gavey, Edouard
Anley, Thomas
Anley, Anne
Anley, Clement
Girard family
Pick, Henry
Allain, Nicolas
Le Dain, Jean
de Soullemont family
Morel, Guilles
Chevallier, Clement
Mollet, Clement
Malzard, Jean
Valpy, Michael
Le Gallais, Helier
Le Gallais, Philippe
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, Henry
Tuckar, Jean
Ahier, Jean
Durell, Jean
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, Thomas
Durell, Jean-Thomas
Dumaresq, Jean
Mitchell, James
Dumaresq, Abraham
Guille, Josué
Pipon, Philippe
de la Place, Marie
Chantelou, Philippe
Roissier, Richard
Fiott, Barthelemy
Becquet, George
Wotherspoon, Mr
Renouf, Jean
Wharton family
Cooke family
Viel, Abraham
Thoreau, Philippe
Randall, Robert
Mortimore, Nathaniel
Oppenham, Nathaniel
Walford, Herbert Abraham
Westaway, Nathaniel
West, John
Edge, Thomas
Thomas, George
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, William
Vaudin, George
Vaudin, John Le Geyt
Pallot Family
Vaudin, Jean
Washington family
Mackensey, Thomas
Le Rossignol, Jean
Vaudin, Nicolas
Pipon, Josué
Filleul, Philippe
Ahier, Aaron
Dumaresq, Jeanne
Noel, Jean
Jacobson family
Fallu, Jean
Jacob, David
Jacob family
Kellet family
du Hamel family
du Heaume, Philippe
Blondel, Salomon
Jersey Commercial Bank
Blondel, Nicolas
Lempriere, Nicolas
Mollet, Adam
Durell, Rachel
Briard dit Janvrin family
Pallot dit Jeanne, Jean
Pinel, Philippe
Roussel, Michel
Valpy, Jean
Chandepie family
Beaucamp family
Matthews family
Gallie, Elie
Canivet, Jeanne
Estur, Abraham
Sohier, Edouard
Le Quesne, Nicolas
Roussel, Michel
Luce, Thomas
Brunelot family
Macreight family
Clubley family
Fairweather, Jean
Forbes family
Le Cronier, Marie
Le Cronier, Marguerite
Regon family
de la Haye, Edouard
Patriarche Family
Rawling family
Dean family
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, Susanne
Filleul, Esaye
Luce, Jean
Keywords research | courts | hangmen | percages | Windmills | earthquakes | cour du cattel | Civil Wars | Battle of Jersey | procurations | Fires | prisons | cour d'héritage
Category L/C-Personal and estate
Places St Helier, Mon Sejour, St Helier, Mont Millais, Lisbon, Beaulieu Park Estate, Springfield House, Le Geyt Flats, Maison de Coquerel, Vauxhall Gardens, College Field, Queen Street, 32, Queen Street, 45, Hill Street, 14, Queen Street, 14½, Queen Street, David Place, Maison Le Pape, Savile Street, Halfway House, Millbrook, Surville Cemetery, Rouge Bouillon Meadows, Hill Street, St Helier, Mont à l'Abbé Cemetery, Ordnance Yard, 37, Pier Road, 39, Pier Road, 41, Pier Road, Colomberie, Maison de Kellet, Gloucester Terrace, Cheapside, Rouge Bouillon
Dimensions 10 volumes
Language French, English
Level of description File

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