Plans of proposed Jersey Eastern Railway from St Helier to Gorey Village, showing proposed extension to St Catherine's. Names owners of houses along the route.

Reference: D/AL/A1/84D

Date: 1871 - 1871

Plan of the town of St Helier and its suburbs showing the town sewers

Reference: D/AL/A6/1907

Date: 1907 - 1907

Richmond Map of the Island of Jersey 1795. An accurate survey and measurement of the island of Jersey surveyed by order of his grace the Duke of Richmond, Master General of the Ordnance.

Reference: D/AP/B/20

Date: 1795 - 1795

Geometrical Plan of the Town, Fort and Harbour of St Helier showing individual streets and properties. Engraved by C Cobley for Elias Le Gros, 1834. This copy is a re-strike from the original copper plate published by Société Jersiaise in the 1980's. Dimensions 78cm by 95cm

Reference: L/F/120/A/103

Date: 1834 - 1834

Map of Jersey by Hugh Godfray published in two sheets in 1849, after a survey by Elias Le Gros, engraved by James Welland. Showing parish boundaries, vingtaine boundaries, roads, lanes and every house (except in built up areas) with the proprietor's name. Dimensions - 149cm by 106cm

Reference: L/F/120/A/107

Date: 1849 - 1849

Map of Jersey, surveyed by Staff Commander J Richards R N, 1867. Large scale chart of the Jersey in three parts including major roads, railways, churches, bays, soundings and rocks. This copy published in 1895 and includes features built between 1867 and 1895.

Reference: L/F/120/A/114

Date: 1895 - 1895

Plan of the proposed Jersey Eastern Railway prepared for the Jersey Eastern Railway Company Limited, 1871. Shows the proposed route from St Helier to St Catherine's Breakwater. Dimensions - 37cm by 59cm

Reference: L/F/120/A/116

Date: 1871 - 1871

Copy of manuscript map showing plans of the Town of St Helier in 1800 and 1860, illustrating the growth of the town and the development of the harbour. Presented to J Poindestre by Thomas Le Breton in 1862.

Reference: L/F/120/A/126

Date: 1800 - 1860

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