Records of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry who published their report into the care system in Jersey in July 2017.

The records of the inquiry including redacted versions of witness statements, evidence and transcripts have been fully catalogued and indexed by Archive Staff. You can use the simple or advanced searches to search for specific subjects, places and names across the archive collections.

These searches will show not only the records of the inquiry, e.g. a witness statement of an individual who lived at Haut de la Garenne but also the historic records held at Jersey Archive, e.g. plans of the home.

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For an overview of the background to the inquiry please see Inquiry Background.

For an explanation of the different phases of the inquiry please see Phases of the Inquiry.


Daily transcripts of the hearings of the Independent Care Inquiry. For a guide to the phases of the inquiry and daily hearings please see Transcript Guide.

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Phase 1a

Evidence relating to former residents of care homes and foster placements. Includes witness statements given to the Inquiry and the States of Jersey Police, and supporting evidence in the form of Witness Documents.

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Phase 1b

Evidence relating to former staff and others employed in the care sector such as residential care staff, managers of children’s homes, Child Care Officers, the Children’s Officer, senior management within the Education Department and the Health and Social Services Department, and alleged and convicted abusers of children in care.

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Phase 1bb

Evidence relating to those charged with political or other oversight of children’s homes and fostering services during the period.

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Phase 2

Evidence relating to policing, investigations of abuse, and decisions on prosecution. Contains evidence from States of Jersey Police, the Honorary Police, politicians, civil servants, and the Law Officers’ Department.

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Phase 3

Evidence relating to consultations and discussions about the future of child care services in Jersey, as well as public domain submissions, reports, and contextual information.

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Expert Evidence

Includes evidence provided by Dr Philip Michael Johnson, Anthony Giles Le Sueur, Professor Roger Bullock and Richard William Whitehead. Relates to the Jersey Constitution; the childcare system in Jersey and how the system evolved over time; and societal and legislative changes in the childcare system in Jersey and the United Kingdom.

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General Documents

Includes UK and Jersey legislation, newspaper clippings, Terms of Reference, reports, guides, memoranda, inspections, reviews, standards and regulations.

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Includes Jersey and United Kingdom laws, acts, orders and rules relating to children and child care.

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Maps and Photographs

Includes aerial photographs, maps, plans and keys relating to the location of child care properties and educational institutions in Jersey.

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Miscellaneous Documents

Includes action plans, Children’s Services documentation, correspondence, forms, fit Person Checks, guidance, lists of allegations, memoranda, notes, plans, policies, problem profiles, procedures, proposals, protocols, reports, reviews, records, service Specification Templates, statistics, strategic plans, summaries, terms of reference, timelines, transcripts, and witness statements.

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Closing Submissions

Includes closing submissions of the Counsel to the Inquiry and Interested Parties, and replies from Deputy Andrew Lewis, the Government of Jersey, the Jersey Care Leavers’ Association, the Law Officers’ Department and the States of Jersey Police.

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Social Media

Includes content on social media accounts administered by the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry.

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Includes newspaper articles, media advisories, press releases and social media analytics relating to the public hearings of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry.

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Counsel Team

Includes UK legislation, guidance and reports relating to childcare and the Terms of Reference of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry.

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IJCI Review – Transcripts

Includes transcripts of the hearings from the days of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry Review held during May 2019, overseen by the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry Review Panel of Frances Oldham QC, Alyson Leslie, and Professor Sandy Cameron.

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