Jersey Archive was established as part of Jersey Heritage in 1993. The Archive is the Island’s national repository holding archival material from public institutions as well as private businesses and individuals.


Funeral Director’s Records

Pitcher and Le Quesne Collection which consists of a number of St Helier Funeral Director’s firm’s business records.


The clothes we wear, the accessories we use and the textiles we surround ourselves with in our homes are a visible statement of how we see ourselves and how we would wish others to see us.               The Jersey Heritage textile collections include examples of wedding dresses, christening robes, […]

Hospital Records

The Archive holds the admission registers for the Jersey General Hospital, dating from 1849, which over the years has functioned as a medical hospital, poor house, orphanage, aged care home and asylum. There are two series of registers, D/AN/B11, which have been fully indexed and transcribed and D/AN/B1, which have been fully indexed and digitised. […]

Celtic Coin Hoard

During the summer of 2012 two men, using metal detectors, discovered ancient treasure in a field in Jersey. This treasure of compacted coins had lain hidden for up to 2,000 years. These coins were made about 2,000 years ago – when Julius Caesar and his Roman legions were conquering and the Channel Islands were changing […]

Wills and Testaments

Jersey Archive holds original wills and testaments dating from 1660. Images of the wills from 1660 – 1949 can now be downloaded by subscribers or on a pay per view basis.

Alien’s Registration Cards

Aliens Cards were introduced following the Aliens Restriction Act which was passed in 1920. Under this law all aliens over the age of 16 resident in Jersey had to register with the Office of Immigration. From this process a set of over 3,500 cards were created containing personal details.