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Information brochure about the St. Helier Marina

Reference: handl/2019/00085

Object name: Brochure

Sealife Around The Castle

Reference: handl/2019/00126

Object name: Sculpture

Artist: Bailey, Chris

Date: 2006

Silver Seal from Letter of Marque

Reference: JERSM/1991/00434

Object name: Seal

Issuer: Queen Elizabeth I

Date: 1533 - 1603

Newspaper cartoon, 1779

Reference: JERSM/1991/00458

Object name: Cartoon

Publisher: Westminster Gazette

Date: 1779

Half tone copper plate, ship, packaged

Reference: JERSM/1995/01124/009

Object name: Printing plate

Printer: Bigwoods

Wooden Sign 'DORA'

Reference: JERSM/1998/00891/001

Object name: Sign

Wooden Sign 'BERTA' (2)

Reference: JERSM/1998/00891/002

Object name: Sign

Wooden Sign 'ANTON'

Reference: JERSM/1998/00891/003

Object name: Sign

Radio controlled direction finder

Reference: JERSM/2000/00050

Object name: Direction Finder | Radio

Manufacturer: Perdio electronics ltd

Date: 1965

Navigation aid

Reference: JERSM/2001/00003/001

Object name: Parallel ruler

Navigation aid

Reference: JERSM/2001/00003/002

Object name: Parallel ruler

Manufacturer: Potter, J D

Surveying instrument

Reference: JERSM/2001/00003/003

Object name: Quintant

Manufacturer: Heath Navigational Limited

Tester: National Physical Laboratory

Repairer: A Clarkson and Company Limited

Navigation aid

Reference: JERSM/2001/00003/004

Object name: Plotter

Navigation aid

Reference: JERSM/2001/00003/005

Object name: Echo sound reader

Manufacturer: Ordnance Workshop

Model of the Westward and the Flying Skud

Reference: JERSM/2001/00114

Object name: Ship model

S S Isle of Sark

Reference: JERSM/2002/00150/001

Object name: Postcard

Printer: Valentine and Sons Limited

Date: 1954

Bob Marin de Sark at Maseline Harbour

Reference: JERSM/2002/00150/004

Object name: Postcard

Photographer: Ferbrache, Eric

Date: 1954

Shipping Line House Flag

Reference: JERSM/2004/00075/001

Object name: Flag

Shipping Line House Flag

Reference: JERSM/2004/00075/002

Object name: Flag

Service Record, B J De La Haye

Reference: jersm/2004/00081/004

Object name: Certificate

Date: 1914 - 1938