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Correspondence File-Summer Time Act

Reference: B/D/A/S4

Date: May 8th 1980 - December 12th 2001

Liberation Messages

Reference: B/A/L1


Reference: B/A/L2

West's Cinema to show films at the Opera House

Reference: B/A/L2/1

Date: May 16th 1945

Priorities for dealing with German Fortifications

Reference: B/A/L3/1

Date: May 15th 1945 - May 17th 1945

Clearance of slipways for the gathering of seaweed

Reference: B/A/L3/2

Date: May 20th 1945 - May 25th 1945

Impassable roads in St Ouen due to German works in the area

Reference: B/A/L3/5

Date: January 2nd 1946 - February 1st 1946