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Travel notebook of Philippe Falle detailing a voyage to London that he made between the 30th of May and the 18th of June 1837. In the first part of the journal Philippe Falle describes his journey as a hopeless attempt to seek rest for a mind disease after a desolate winter in Jersey. He writes of the sea sickness of other passsengers and how when landed in Southampton he found an interesting bar until the London Coach arrived. He describes the magnificent plantations of hops that he saw on his journey. He writes of arriving in Picadilly and that it appeared to be full of graceful ladies. He travelled on to Finsbury place where his friend has found them good two roomed lodgings for their stay, above the clothing shop of Mr Balche who he relates is a Baptist minister on Sundays. On the 2nd of June he visited a surgeon named Linnecars and from there they walked to the New National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, he writes that this has been much criticised by architects but he finds it a beautiful building, he describes the paintings that he likes and the ones he does not. He writes of a sermon he attended where the preacher wore a brown wig and of trip to St Pauls Cathedral and one to the Surgeons Hall where he viewed the specimins and preserved animals, every size from a bee to a hippopotamus. Later they visited the zoological gardens and he describes the animals amd how they live. He visits the House of Commons and writes that it is a ruinous state, he listened to a debate and heard Irish Politician Daniel O'Connell speak. He writes of a visit to the Adelaide museum to see the machines and that a steam gun was fired in their presence. On June the 9th Philippe Falle visited the British Museum and talks of its attractions and the Egyptian antiquities and tombs. In the evening they went to Covent Garden to see School For Scandal written by Sheridan and he names the actors and the parts that they played. Towards the end of his visit he goes to St James Palace and sees carriages which he thinks may contain the Princesses. He writes of the fast carriage trip to the port and of his sailing where he mentions that he 'threw up' a few times but he was better than expected. [this volume is in two pieces]

Reference: L/C/415/C1/1

Date: 30 May 1837 - 18 June 1837