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Personal View of Senator Ann Bailhache, President of the Overseas Aid Committee, interviewed by Geraldine des Forges. Her maiden name is de Bourcier and she was brought up in St Aubin. She was born in a nursing home in Havre des Pas called Halesea because her brother and her were delivered by caesarean. She lived in St Aubin until she was married. She remembers the occupation and the germans arriving. The germans were billeted around them and she was the only child there. She was very ill during the occupation which meant she lost a year of her school life-she lost the use of her legs. Her father took her to Miss Le Riche's dancing classes. Dr Mortimer Evans and Nurse Payne visited her twice a day for two or three months. The germans used to march past her window. She went to dancing and held on to the bar and swung her legs as a form of physiotherapy. Within 6 to 8 months she was back dancing and performing. Were with adults most of the time although the Battrick boys dropped in to giver her shrapnel and children waved at her as they went past. She loved reading at school. Mr Poingdestre, the headmaster of her school, didn't push the children during the occupation as he didn't think they were up to it. It changed after the occupation. After the second world war her mother applied to visit England. It took about 24 hours to get to Southampton and they travelled up to Yorkshire to visit her mother's family. Her mother didn't get a permit to come back to the island so she had to write back and apply. She was sent to school in Yorkshire which she found very different. Losing the use of her legs through illness was worrying but she always thought she'd be fine-she does remember having a lumbar puncture. She loved ballet and tap dancing. She remembers after the occupation or near the end that Miss Le Riche had dancing exams in Wests Cinema and she won a medal. First Record-Piece from the Nutcracker Suite. She went to a school in Yorkshire for 3 or 4 months after the occupation before she could return to Jersey-she was introduced to the school in assembly. They used to have tests every week. Every Friday and Saturday she went to the West Park Pavilion. She went to St Brelade's Beach during the summer but she stopped playing netball. She went to night school twice a week and worked in her parents newsagents and grocers at St Aubin. She then found a job in town at John Dugue's. She had a totally different life to today's teenagers. She feels Jersey was better then but life moves on. She met her husband in 1959 and they were married in 1960. They were both in their mid 20s-he had travelled and had been in the army. Went to Paris on their honeymoon. Second Record-Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley and the Comets. After the occupation brownies and guides were started in St Aubin and she went to brownies which was run by Mary Le Boutillier and then to girl guides which was run by May Rive. She then helped with brownies and girl guides and became Ranger Guider for Jersey and then became a public relations officer-she is not connected anymore but she still gets invited to functions. The groups give children a sense of purpose and responsibility. She took the South West to a world camp in Brighton as a Ranger Guider. Girls are able to be encouraged to think of other guides around the world. There is a difficulty in getting people to give time but she thinks that it is worth it giving time to young people. She helped found the Jersey Deaf Children's Society with her sister in law who is a health visitor who volunteered her as a secretary. The parents and children used to come to her house and somebody gave them therapy. When they started deaf children had to go to England to get help in a school-now there are god facilities-as a member of the Education Committee she could see how the facilities had moved on. Third Record-Wimboweh. She got interested in the States about 18 years previously. She used to help Senator Baal with her election campaigns. 12 years previously Ann Baal said she should stand but she didn't want to because it wasn't convenient, she decided not to three years later but three years after that she decided to stand as a deputy. She topped the poll at the election in District No 2. She felt lost at her first States sitting-now there is more information when you start. Reading all the paperwork can take up a great deal of time especially if you don't know the subject that is being written about. Debates need to be allowed to last as long as they last rather than being cut off. When she got into the States she was concerned about welfare problems especially child welfare. After a couple of months she was invited on to the Education Committee and she became chairman of the Children's Department which was hard work but exciting. Whilst she was chairman they opened a hostel for homeless teenagers in St Mark's Road and La Chasse House for support for young families. She is now a senator and President of the Overseas Aid Committee-she thinks the work with the third world is important. She feels Jersey is privileged with some poverty but when you look at the third world countries the more developed nations owe them something. She is chairman of Relate which is a marriage counselling service. She is a daughter who is a doctor and a son who is a graphic designer. She enjoys flower arranging, walking and travelling. She would have liked to have learned the piano as a child. Fourth Record-Sibelius' Symphony No 2.

Reference: R/07/B/21

Date: 10 July 1994