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Robin Cox Research Papers

Reference: L/C/152

Research papers of Robin Cox into the German Occupation of the Channel Islands, includes; notes written by Robin Cox, original German documents, photocopied pictures of German Soldiers, documents about War Crimes in the Channel Islands, documents related to the murder of Miss M.O. Waddell, newspaper articles about war crimes, newspaper articles about escape attempts during the occupation, copies of letters from the Attorney General of 1944, letters from the Channel Islands Occupation Society, copy of a foreword by A.G. Harrison from a Diary of the Occupation of the Jersey, newspaper articles on Mauve Ten Shillings, photocopies of books on the history of Jersey Currency, copy of identity card and registration form of Gloria Love. a copy of the obituary of Reginald Mourant, newspaper articles on Anthony Faramus, copy of a table showing the weekly bread rations in relation to the population from August 1941, copies of newspapers from the occupation, copies of advertisements for labourers, copy of the identity card and registration form of William Wardon Lyons, copy of the Identity card of Walter Charles Horman, copy of the identiy card and registration form of Daniel Thomas O'Sullivan, copy of Auf Den Kanalinsein, a postcard for Robin Cox, original records listing the names of German Soldiers burried at St Brelade's Cemetery, copies of German death announcements, letter from the Constable of St Helier February 1942 concerning Strangers' Cemetery, German burial announcements

Reference: L/C/152/2

Date: 1940 - 1945

Decret Volumes 1 and 2

Reference: L/C/152/15