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Personal View of Derek Warwick, a motor car driver, interviewed by Beth Lloyd. Was born into a family who made agricultural trailers so he was always surrounded by vehicles. His father and uncle raced go karts-he started racing in Southampton at 12-he won the Southern Area Championship but they ran out of money at the end of the year. Started racing stock cars at 15. Was not very interested in school-it was always planned that he would go into his family business. Before he went motor racing he loved football and other sports-gradually motor racing took over for him-he was a big fan of Formula One. He was quite a good football player but not at a professional level. He was fortunate to find motor racing. Took part in stock car racing-you created the car yourself-he was very successful. He became Super Stock World Champion in 1973-it was a dream for him. First Record-Bert Comfort with 'Swinging Safari'. He first met his wife Rhonda stock car racing in 1971-he married in 1976 at the age of 21-she always supported him. They often are apart because of his work but it adds spice to the marriage. There is always a danger of accidents in motor racing but she has never been nervous about it. After 1973 having won the Stock Car World Championship he wanted a new challenge-he raced hot rods but didn't enjoy it as much. He started getting involved in circuit racing-in 1974 he went to Thruxton to watch Formula Ford and in 1975 he had his first season. In 1975 he was learning the circuits of the Formula Ford Championship. In 1976-he won the European Championship, was second in the British Championship and won some other Championships but also got married in January 1976 to avoid the racing season. Second Record-The Drifters with Under the Boardwalk. In 1977 and 1978 he raced Formula 3. In 1978 he won the Vandervelt Championship in the UK and Nelson Piquet was second and Nelson Piquet won the BP Championship and he was second. Nelson Piquet went to Formula 1 and he went to Formula 2 where he had a very bad year in 1979. In 1980 he was taken in to a professional team by BP-did the Formula 2 European Championship with Brian Henton and they came first and second. Was a stepping stone into Formula One-he stayed until 1983 in Formula 2 before moving into Formula 1. It was very difficult to make the money to work as a motor car driver-he struggled to survive. When BP agreed to sponsor him it was made much easier. A lot of drivers are wealthy and that is how they get the stepping stone-a lot of British drivers don't get to Formula 1 because they don't have the money. Formula 1 has changed-30 drivers are racing of which 15 shouldn't be driving-they're only racing because they have the finance. His family have always kept his feet on the ground. He started earning money in 1983 and then signed a big contract with Renault in 1984 and 1985 and that's when he moved to Jersey. He moved to Jersey because he had a financial package that he wanted to protect-he visited Guernsey but didn't like it and then he came to Jersey and fell in love with it and managed to move to the island. He tries to give to the community and helps charities-sometimes it can be difficult because he is so busy. Third Record-Simply Red with 'Something Got Me Started'. In 1986 he moved over to Sports Car Racing-he moved from Formula 1 because he had a bad year and couldn't get a drive and so he raced for Jaguar. In the middle of 1986 a friend of his was killed in Formula 1 and he took over his drive for the Brabham Team and then the year after he raced for Arrows. He has enjoyed his year with Peugeot but he wants to get back into Formula 1. He won Le Mans-he would like to get back into Formula 1 but it is going to be very difficult. He is winning the World Sports Car Championship-hopes it will bring him back to Formula 1. The ideal age for Formula 1 is 24-38-the reflexes do slow down at some point but he is yet to reach that point. He has never won a grand prix but hopes he still can. Fourth Record-Fleetwood Mac with 'The Chain'. He has experienced tragedy in motor racing-his brother Paul was killed-he had great ability in the car and was a great character. He still hasn't accepted his death-he still cries about it but he is trying to get on with his own life. It destroyed his family-he was the future. The day he was killed-was unforgettable-made him a much sadder person and doesn't worry so much what other people think. He has been outspoken about safety on the circuits since his brother's death-hopes this will save other people. He showed hs emotions to the fans at Le Mans-it was special to him because he dedicated it to Paul. Fifth Record-Elaine Paige with 'Memories'. Gets on well with the other racing drivers but it's still competitive-people like Ayrton Senna-you would like to be like him. Nigel Mansell is a great driver but he is embarassed for him out of the car because he doesn't come across well. He likes competition but not dangerous drivers on the circuit. The life of a racing driver can be very glamourous although he doesn't get involved in it because he's married-enjoys the life of a Formula 1 driver. Derek Warwick Honda and his golf company are his plans for the future. His daughters are involved with riding horses. Sixth Record-Tina Turner with 'Simply the Best'.

Reference: R/07/B/17

Date: 16 August 1992