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Accommodation File 63 - Imperial Hotel [re - named Berkshire Hotel 1990]

Reference: D/AS/W1/63

Date: 1 January 1951 - 31 December 1999

Imperial Hotel, La Motte Street, St. Helier. Brochure.

Reference: L/A/21/D1/12

Date: 1 January 1946 - 31 December 1971

Images of the Imperial Hotel, La Motte Street.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/1/713

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1976/713

Date: 5 April 1976

Jersey Talking Magazine No 4, October 1976.

Reference: R/05/B/1

Date: 15 October 1976

Microfiche of the 1901 Census for Guernsey, Public Record Office reference 3- RG13/5317. Forest - Part of District 2 - Boundary of Enumeration District, the 2nd enumeration District is bounded on the West by the 1st enumeration district, on the North by the Parish of St Andrews, on the East by the parish of St Martin's and on the South by the sea. Contents of Enumeration District; beginning at Mr Thomas De Mouilpieds house, Bourg, going North east by the Rue des Auberts including houses on the north side of the road, Les Roulias, retrace steps and turn on the left by the Rue des Agneaux to Mr Bisson's house, then by Le Russeau (Russel) to Chemin Le Roi to Mr Cooper's house, then turn to the right into the Military Road and on to Les Hannieres (adjoining parish of St Martin's) including houses on both sides of the road, then to the right to the Nicolles, to Petit Bot, then to the right up the main road to the Glayeuls Barras, Messuriers, Chêne, Bourg-de-Bas, Glayeuls Variouf, Fontenelles, Connellans' Cabin, Mr John Allez's house, Villets, Mr James Le Hurays, by the Rue des Fénêtres and du Gal to Les Houards, Rectory Church, Bourg to the starting point. Torteval - District 1- Boundary of Enumeration District, from Imperial Hotel along New Road to Les Galliennes to end at Imperial Hotel. Contents of Enumeration District; every House included in above boundary. Torteval - District 2 - Boundary of Enumeration District, from Torteval Church along New Road returning to Torteval Church. Contents of Enumeration District; every house included in the above boundary.

Reference: S/07/B/3

Date: 1901