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Bob Le Boutillier, aged 92, talks to Arthur McGugan about life as a gents' outfitter. Includes: Started work aged 13 for Noel and Porter's department store in King Street; 6 months with no wages, after that paid 2/6 a week; hours worked; description of work duties; after 6 or 7 years moved to Mr Aubert's shops - one in Hillgrove Street, one in Bath Street; different departments worked in at Noel and Porter's and members of staff; was at Aubert's for about 4 years; customers form all over the island; had to leave as there wasn't enough work; used to go to Mr Bailey's shop at lunchtimes - Ladies clothes/hosiery shop in Halkett Place; ended up working there; paid 28/6 a week at Aubert's, £2.5 a week at Bailey's; other assistant, one girl - sacked for stealing; at Bailey's 2 or 3 years; when Mr Aubert died took on the lease on his shop - was married to the owner's daughter so knew he would be able to continue the lease; later their son, Neville, worked at the shop; lived on the premises; wife had worked at Bailey's as well; later bought another shop opposite and so had shops at 21 and 23 Bath Street; during the occupation got an allowance from the States of products imported from France; wife worked in shop, Bob worked on the McGugan's farm; not enough stock to sell; clothing coupons; didn't get involved in bartering; rationing after the war; lists places where his supppliers operated; code used for prices so customer wouldn't know the cost price; used to sell cheaper than the other shops; other shops had waiting lists during rationing, Bob used to sell stock as it came in; didn't need to advertise, word of mouth used; opened late, sometimes until midnight. Recorded 16/01/1994. Good sound quality. Duration 45 minutes.

Reference: R/03/C/5

Date: 16 January 1994