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VHS copy of the film Reub's Little Girl. Production Company: Big Ben Films, Director: H Oceano Martinek (who plays Lt Dare, Ivy Martinek plays Reub's little girl), Distributed by Pathé (35mm), Purchased from E S Brooks on 07/06/1964.The film is set in Jersey at Plemont and La Hocq and was originally shot on two reels in black and white and is silent. Reel 1 Reub and his daughter are seen at the Inn. She is sent out with a basket by her father. At the coastguard station the Officer in Charge, Jack Dare, receives a message warning him that whiskey is being smuggled, into his district. Reub receives word that 3 casks have been landed in the old cable cave, and that he is to fetch them at once, Reub's daughter is caught by the rising tide and has to climb a rock which is cut off from shore. Lt. Dare, who is waiting for the smugglers, sees her waving for help. He rescues her by swimming to the rock on which she is stranded and sees her home. Her father scolds her for having been away so long. After closing the inn, Reub and his accomplice go to the cave to fetch the whiskey; his daughter climbs out of the bedroom window and goes to meet the naval officer on the beach. Just then Reub and his friend come ashore with a small boat and Reub carries a cask ashore - much to his daughter's astonishment. They follow Reub - who takes the cask to the inn. His daughter climbs back into the house through the bedroom window. (956) Reel 2 Reub and his accomplice leave the cask at the inn and return to the boat for another, Lt Dare waits for their return, hiding under the fishing nets in Reub's boat. Reub rows off and Lt. Dare sneezes, thus giving himself away, Reub and he fight, Lt. Dare being pushed into the water where Reub thinks he drowns. Instead he swims around and hangs onto the stern of the boat while Reub rows on to the cave for another cask, Lt. Dare follows him into the cave. Lt. Dare runs back and starts swimming towards the coastguard station while Reub starts back with the second cask. When he reaches the inn he starts to drink but is stopped by his accomplice to whom he relates how Lt. Dare and he struggled in the boat. His daughter overhears this and presumes that Lt. Dare is dead, Lt Dare and his men break into the inn and take Reub and his accomplice away. Lt. Dare and Reub's little girl embrace each other. The End (1855) This film is located in the Audio Visual Area of the Jersey Archive.

Reference: Q/12/A/1

Date: 1913