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The Plans 1944 - 1945

Reference: L/C/14/A

Basic civil affairs directive, June 1944

Reference: L/C/14/A/3/1

Date: June 1944

Plan for emergency feeding

Reference: L/C/14/A/3/3

Date: 1944

Supplies plan including sample ration coupons

Reference: L/C/14/A/3/4

Date: 1944

Legal plan and policy for the administration of Justice

Reference: L/C/14/A/3/6

Date: 12 June 1944

Financial Plan

Reference: L/C/14/A/3/7

Date: 1944

Posts and telegraphs plan

Reference: L/C/14/A/3/8

Date: 1944

Public Safety Plan

Reference: L/C/14/A/3/9

Date: 1944

Operation Nestegg tonnage bids and outline maintenance policy

Reference: L/C/14/A/4

Date: 14 February 1945

List of contents

Reference: L/C/14/A/5/1

Date: 16 February 1945

General staff marshalling instruction No 1

Reference: L/C/14/A/5/2

Date: 20 February 1945