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Red Cross

Reference: B/A/L19

Correspondence concerning the sale of Red Cross clothing

Reference: B/A/L19/2

Date: 14 June 1945 - 27 June 1945

Order and registration concerning the Red Cross

Reference: B/A/W30/144

Date: 3 July 1944 - 5 August 1944

Export of potatoes from Jersey from the 1941 crop, including seed potatoes for Guernsey

Reference: B/A/W45/12

Date: 28 April 1941 - 17 January 1942

Offer of a loan of foreign currency from Guernsey to Jersey

Reference: B/A/W45/49

Date: 2 November 1942 - 3 November 1942

Red Cross

Reference: B/A/W49

Message Organisation

Reference: B/A/W49/1

Message Organisation - see also B/A/W49/5 for Guernsey's enquiries relating to the Message Organisation During the Occupation. Includes: Requests for facilities to be provided for personal news to be sent to England - September 1940. Extracts from the Jersey Evening Post as to how Jersey people may send messages to relatives in England. Sample form for enquiries. Suspension of sending of enquiries to the Field Command 515 - October 1940. Setting up of the Bailiff's Enquiry and News Office, 49 Halkett Place, St Helier - and subsequent reorganisations. Sketch of rubber stamp to send messages through the Red Cross. Enquiry from the Foreign Office in Berlin as to the whereabouts of Mrs Héléne de la Cote-Schaefer, Villa Sonnschein, Tabor Lane, St Brelade. Information from the International Red Cross that Mr J Leslie, Oxford Lodge, Oxford Road, St Helier, now of Val Plaisant's brother has died. Request from Catherine E Norfor, Kumasi, No 3, First Tower, St Helier that her will be sent to the Lunacy Law Reform Society. Monetary advances for the relatives of British Soldiers native to the Channel Islands - notes of a meeting between the Red Cross and the Department of Finance and Economics Summary of the St John's Ambulance Association Emergency Committee receipts and payments 09/09/1939 - 30/06/1944 List made by the Bailiff of Red Cross Messages sent and replies for December 1940 - December 1941, and January - June 1944

Reference: B/A/W49/1/1

Date: 20 September 1940 - 14 November 1944