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Partage des Héritage between Thomas Le Marinel son of Thomas son of Thomas son of Thomas son of Thomas and principal heir of the late Charles Le Marinel only son of Charles Le Marinel who was the son and principal heir of Jean Le Marinel one of the younger sons of Thomas Le Marinel Senior-the Le Marinel line of the first party and Daniel Trachy son of Daniel son of Elie son of Jean and the deceased Anne Le Geyt his wife, daughter of principal heir to Jean Le Geyt older son and principal heir of Jacques Le Geyt and therefore the aforesaid Daniel Trachy is principal heir to Charles Le Marinel son of Charles son of the aforesaid Jean and Anne Le Geyt who is the younger daughter of Jacques Le Geyt-the Le Geyt line of the second party and Jean du Pré Tuteur of the children of the late Amice Huë son of Jean son of Charles son of Jean, heirs to the aforesaid Charles Le Marinel son of Charles and Rachel Huë his wife daughter of the aforesaid Jean Huë Senior-the Huë line of the third party. Records the partage of the estate of Charles Le Marinel. 1 receives La Piece du Ouest in Le Mont Patibulaire and La Piece de l'Est, the garden at the back of the house, Le Jardin de Jehan, Le Clos Vaze du Nord, La Butiere du Haut des Champs all in the Fief à L'Abbé de Bellozanne, St Helier. 2 receives a house in Mont à L'Abbé and Le Jardin de Derriere, Le Jardin aux Herbes, Le Jardin de Bas, Le Grand Jardin, La Mare Badier, Le Champ à Geon, Le Clos Vaze du Milieu, Le Clos Vaze du Sud, Le Clos des Sablons, La Piece du Mont Pelé, Le Feugueret, Le Grand Champ sur le Mont and Le Becquet de la Rue Vaze in the Fief à L'Abbé de Bellozanne except Le Grand Champ which is in the Fief de Mélèches, St Helier and rentes. 3 receives rentes.

Reference: L/C/118/A/13

Date: 22 June 1793