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Research notes by Robin Cox includes; general power of attorney by George Clements Fowler in favour of Raoul Lempriere and Arthur George David Wood 22nd November 1968, procuation of John Appleby and Raoul Lempriere 8th June 1962, general pwoer of attorneyby Douglas George Toop in favour of Raoul Lempriere and Arthur George David Wood 9th July 1974, general power of attorney by Allan Smith in favour of Raoul Lempriere and Arthur George David Wood 2nd April 1976, general power of attorney by Barbara May Renault in favour of Raoul Lempriere and Arthur Wood 7th January 1972, contract between Christopher Dukes, Linda Foster and Silvanus Yates 30th September 1991, contract between Patrick Guyomard, Suzanne Molloy and Ronald Gray 21st August 1987, sale contract for Nigel Andrew Jenner and Ana Filipe 23rd May 1997, sale contract between Kevin Manning and Claire Jeanne 6th February 1998, sale contract for Mark Cummins, Leititia Vincent and Emma Normington 15th March 1996, sale contract for Christopher Duquemin, Karen Norris, mark Fromage and Rachel Lishman 10th October 1997, sale contract for Susna Rogers and Eugenie Frances Phoebe Thompson 20th December 1985, special power of attorney subscribed by Reginald Charles Edward Langlois in favour of Kevin Manning 12th march 1999, contract between Graeme Noel, Dorothy Cragg and Geoffrey Coppock 3rd May 2000, contract between Anthony Power, Maria Stewart and Coppock 3rd May 2000, sale contract for John Philip Kendall, Robert Bryant and Fiona Birdy 22nd September 1995, sale contract for Michael Backhurst and Jeannie Goodache 12th December 1997, sale contract for Glenn Cleave, Dawn May Le Quelenec and George Goncalves 28th April 2000, sale contract for Trevor Rabet and Mark Birkinshaw 23rd April 1999, sale contract for Amanda Wilson and Andrew James Keites 18th November 1994, sale contract for Martin le Maistre, Jonathan Jennings and Christine Green 21st March 1997, sale contract for Darren Zaman, Harriet Sear, Leo Sheridan and Sarah Woodcock 6th October 1995, sale contract for Kevin Clyde-Smith and Sara Maclean, Ian McLagan and Carol Manning 24th July 1991

Reference: L/C/152/130

Date: 1962 - 2000