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Correspondence with the Ministry of Agriculture concerning legislation and imports

Reference: A/D1/A9/1

Date: November 19th 1894 - March 31st 1960

Correspondence and papers relating to the Colorado beetle

Reference: A/D1/A9/3

Date: October 5th 1931 - April 6th 1946

Statistics and returns relating to agriculture

Reference: A/D1/A9/4

Date: June 27th 1834 - April 19th 1939

Papers relating to the Law to repeal the Agricultural Rents (Jersey) Law, 1940

Reference: A/D1/L1/28

Date: October 17th 1946 - January 6th 1947

Papers relating to The Agricultural Marketing (Jersey) Law, 1953

Reference: A/D1/L1/160

Date: January 27th 1953 - May 26th 1953

Papers concerning the cost of agricultural machinery for Jersey

Reference: B/A/L30/21

Date: March 4th 1946 - July 6th 1946


Reference: B/A/L35

Correspondence concerning the animal feeding stuffs rationing scheme in Great Britain

Reference: B/A/L35/1

Date: June 18th 1945 - June 25th 1945

Export of surplus potatoes from the 1946 crop

Reference: B/A/L35/3

Date: July 30th 1945 - June 22nd 1946