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Correspondence relating to the cultivation of land around beacon at Faldouet

Reference: B/A/W31/2/101

Date: August 24th 1943 - August 28th 1943

Plans of Radio Beacon, St Lawrence. Site plan

Reference: D/AL/A2/2122

Date: 1952

Plans of the proposed elevations for Sorel Lighthouse

Reference: D/AL/A7/482(D1)

Date: 1937

Plans of La Platte/Sharp Rock Beacon

Reference: D/AL/A7/638(D1)

Date: 1926

Plans of Corbière lighthouse and cottages

Reference: D/AL/A7/643(D1)

Date: 1873

Admiralty chart of Jersey buoys and beacons

Reference: D/AL/A7/1106(D1)

Date: 1933

Plans of Corbière lighthouse - Lighthead details and diaphone

Reference: D/AL/A7/1630(D1)

Date: 1906 - 1933