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Various data and statistics relating to the population, schools, the airport and ports

Reference: A/D1/D7/1

Date: February 9th 1976 - September 12th 1988

Papers relating to the control of Harbour Lighting

Reference: A/E/8/3

Date: November 29th 1916 - January 13th 1917

Jersey harbour of refuge accounts

Reference: AO 19/109B/15

Date: 1854 - 1867

Jersey harbour of refuge accounts

Reference: AO 19/113/5

Date: 1867

Removal of cranes from all harbours except St Helier Harbour

Reference: B/A/W40/8/244A

Date: January 25th 1944 - March 1st 1944

Local police duties at the harbour

Reference: B/A/W50/137

Date: February 16th 1944 - February 22nd 1944

Harbour Control

Reference: B/A/W58

Electric sterilising apparatus to be used at the Lifeboat Station

Reference: B/A/W58/2

Date: November 19th 1940 - November 20th 1940