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Correspondence concerning the gardens at the Jersey College for Girls

Reference: B/A/W31/3/8

Date: 27 May 1943 - 3 June 1943

Electricity consumption in the General Hospital

Reference: B/A/W31/8/76

Date: January 1945 - February 1945

Requisition of land at the Isolation Hospital, West Mount

Reference: B/A/W40/8/170

Date: 2 April 1943

Correspondence file Public Health Committee-General

Reference: B/D/A/P11/1 (128-157)

Date: 11 April 2000 - 9 October 2001

Correspondence file Public Health Alcohol Advice (Habitual Drunkards)

Reference: B/D/A/P11/5

Date: 2 November 1986 - 15 January 1996

Public Health Committee: Capital Projects for 1986.

Reference: C/A615/1985/P61

Date: 11 June 1985

Mammography Unit, lodged by Senator R J Shenton.

Reference: C/A617/1987/P54

Date: 3 March 1987

File relates to Education: Victoria College (excluding Playfields and Sport Facilities). Includes; correspondence to and from the chief architect, a number of stonemasons and the States education department in relation to stonework restoration along with related reports; correspondence to and from education department, chief architect and JEC in relation to rewiring of electrical installation in the boarding house and discussions regarding other electricity meters around the school as well as relighting the Great Hall; Correspondence to and from chief architect, the States Education Department and contractors regarding maintenance and refurbishment of classrooms in the De Carteret Building and extension of Victoria College Preparatory School including all aspects such as electrical, plumbing, steelwork and interiors; Boiler efficiency tests and certificates; Correspondence with the States of Jersey Fire Service regarding staircase and doors; Documents relating to emergency lighting installation; Documentation from Island Development Committee to the chief architect requesting details of previous work carried out to Elizabeth Castle, Victoria College, States Building Royal Square, 50, Val Plaisant Egyptian Lodge, Fire Station & General Hospital; Report and proposition regarding extension at Victoria College Preparatory; A letter from the Island Development Committee specifying buildings in St Helier of architectural and historical interest owned by the States of Jersey & Letters to the chief architect from the Education Department in relation to upcoming projects.

Reference: D/AL/D1/4/13/1

Date: 26 June 1970 - 23 December 1980