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Correspondence relating to sabotage and the medical arrangments at the General Hospital

Reference: A/E/11/1

Date: August 5th 1914 - August 7th 1914


Reference: A/V6/42

Date: October 7th 1991 - June 29th 1993

Red Cross flag for the Maternity Hospital

Reference: B/A/W31/7/15

Date: August 9th 1943

Request for further accommodation at the General Hospital

Reference: B/A/W31/7/17

Date: March 3rd 1944 - March 20th 1944

Correspondence relating to restrictions on milk supplied to hospitals and the sick

Reference: B/A/W31/7/22

Date: October 16th 1944 - December 16th 1944

Supplies of coal for the General Hospital

Reference: B/A/W72/29

Date: December 19th 1944 - January 13th 1945

Official correspondence with index. Subjects include: ancorage duties charged on the vessel 'La Julie'; arsenals and barracks; coastguard boats; repair of the battery de la Cotte; cattle from France; private chapel in St Helier; petition to raise height of road from St Helier harbour; cider; the Convention of Commerce and Navigation between UK and Norway and UK and France; prohibition of corn exports to UK; petition of islanders on the Corn Bill; the right of Crown Officers to speak in the States; deserters; drill sheds and magazines; contested elections; petitions of the Royal Court; the election of jurats; prohibition of export of wheat flour; proclamation of peace between England and France; prohibition of export of gun powder; relaxation of harbour regulations for the 'Shamrock'; St Helier Harbour; legacy of Jeanne Marett to General Hospital; trial by jury; Nicolas Hamptonne of St Mary; drill shed at St Mary; Royal disapproval of Act of States relating to methodists; the militia training; numbering houses; oyster fishery; petition from Trinity concerning merchants from France; petition of inhabitants of Charing Cross concerning animals; port charges; the prison and the treadwheel; prisoners of war in France; quarantine; enlargement of the Route du Coie, St Helier; vraic; naming of streets; purchase of land at Town Hill for fortifications; trade; relief for sufferers of war in Germany; cultivation of wasteland; preservation of woodland

Reference: C/A5/1

Date: March 21st 1785 - December 6th 1832