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Nominations for honours and medals

Reference: A/D1/H1/1

Date: November 23rd 1867 - February 1st 1989

Nominations for Coronation medals

Reference: A/D1/H1/2

Date: July 31st 1911 - June 23rd 1953

Liberation Medal

Reference: B/A/L27

Letter from Ethel St Cyr Powell suggesting that a St Helier Cross be given to Jersey

Reference: B/A/L31/4

Date: March 5th 1946 - April 12th 1946

Correspondence file entitled Imperial Service Order

Reference: B/D/A/H4/2

Date: August 5th 1983 - January 23rd 1989

Bailiffs chambers correspondence file [no title]

Reference: B/D/A/H8 (34)

Date: June 10th 2002 - August 6th 2002