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Papers relating to the collection of seaweed at St Ouen close to the Prisoner of War camp

Reference: A/E/8/4

Date: December 7th 1916 - December 12th 1916

Guidelines on the treatment of prisoners of war and suspected enemy aliens

Reference: A/E/11/5

Date: August 9th 1914 - August 13th 1914

Correspondence concerning a letter for a German Prisoner of War

Reference: B/A/L24/30

Date: November 6th 1945

Notice concerning the posting of notices relating to escaped American POWs

Reference: B/A/W30/146

Date: January 9th 1945 - January 10th 1945

Prisoners of War

Reference: B/A/W49/2

Request to send personal packages to Jerseymen who are Prisoners of War

Reference: B/A/W49/2/1

Date: September 20th 1940 - September 23rd 1940