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Claim for personal injuries by Mr J P Ross deported with his family to Wurzach

Reference: B/A/W21/8

Date: May 10th 1946 - February 13th 1947

Joan Coles Collection

Reference: L/C/01

Diary entries, copied in 1970, taken from Joan Coles Internment diary.

Reference: L/C/01/A/2

Date: September 18th 1942 - June 7th 1945

Brief account of Joan Coles, neé Salmon, experience in the internment camp at Wurzach

Reference: L/C/01/A/3

Date: September 18th 1942 - June 7th 1945

Papers relating to the publication by La Haule Books Ltd of Joan Coles' Internment diary

Reference: L/C/01/A/4

Date: April 3rd 1984 - March 27th 1985