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Copy of expenses in case of Biggs v Bagnall

Reference: A/C2/43/7

Date: January 18th 1907

The Industrial Courts Act, 1919, and the Industrial Assurance Act, 1923

Reference: A/D1/A1/26

Date: May 11th 1920 - October 2nd 1925

Correspondence relating to the opening of the Cour d'Héritage/Assize d'Héritage

Reference: A/D1/H20

Date: October 6th 1865 - September 12th 1940

Papers relating to the Law modifying the Law (1891) relating to the Petty Debts Court

Reference: A/D1/L1/3

Date: February 19th 1883 - March 5th 1946