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File S4/1/11/1 Arrest and Detention of Aliens

Reference: A/C8/1

Date: July 27th 1939 - June 25th 1954

File S4/1/11/2 Essential Personnel

Reference: A/C8/1a

Date: October 2nd 1953 - September 25th 1961

File S4/1/11/3 War instructions to Immigration Officers

Reference: A/C8/1b

Date: June 28th 1954 - November 9th 1977

File S4/1/12/2 Defence [Public Security] Regulations

Reference: A/C8/14

Date: December 17th 1952 - April 14th 1962

File S4/1/12/3 Control of Passenger Travel-British Subjects

Reference: A/C8/15

Date: August 21st 1953 - September 17th 1956

Extension of the Foreign Deserters Act, 1852

Reference: A/D1/A1/7

Date: August 18th 1892 - September 3rd 1892

Registration of Former Enemy Aliens (Disabilities Removal) Act, 1925

Reference: A/D1/A1/18

Date: October 16th 1925 - April 17th 1926

Correspondence with the Home Office concerning official policy relating to aliens

Reference: A/D1/A2

Date: June 27th 1887 - July 11th 1988

Permits for aliens to go to England and land in Jersey and related papers

Reference: A/E/8/2

Date: January 18th 1915 - February 18th 1921

Badges for Aliens' Officers

Reference: A/E/8/12

Date: June 9th 1917 - June 25th 1917

Repairs to the Aliens Officers' bicycle

Reference: A/E/8/14

Date: February 17th 1917 - February 23rd 1917