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Rental of Crown lands

Reference: BL Add 23677

Date: 1749

Rent Control Tribunal Appointment, lodged by the Housing Committee

Reference: C/A613/1983/P40

Date: March 29th 1983

Rent Control Tribunal Appointment. lodged by the Housing Committee

Reference: C/A614/1984/P41

Date: April 17th 1984

File concerning Harbours and Airport Committee - Airport, includes; correspondence concerning British Airways and tariff increases, correspondence and statistics concerning development of Intra Airways routes, notes concerning takeover of Intra Airways, correspondence, statistics and notes concerning air fares and tariffs, correspondence concerning cost of travel and tourism, correspondence and statistics concerning British Island Airways Paris route, correspondence concerning British Caledonian Airways timetable, correspondence, minutes, report and proposition concerning improved terminal building facilities, minutes concerning estimates of capital expenditure, minutes concerning third party liability insurance, minutes, report and proposition concerning instrument visual range equipment, minutes, report and proposition concerning secondary radar modifications, minutes, report and proposition concerning chartered flights and formation and membership of Transport Advisory Council, correspondence concerning air services with Heathrow, minutes, report and proposition concerning land acquisition and installation of very high frequency omni-range beacon and distance measuring equipment, report concerning charter regulation and policy of Malta, correspondence concerning flight data recorders, minutes and correspondence concerning Customs facilities, minutes concerning Airport Fire Service accommodation and correspondence and report concerning civil aviation policy.

Reference: D/G/A1/14/11/4

Date: December 30th 1978 - August 14th 1981

File concerning Harbours and Airport Committee - Airport, includes; minutes and correspondence concerning capital estimates, minutes and report concerning transfer of Scotch Derrick Crane at Port of St. Helier, minutes, proposition, correspondence report and plan concerning new Airport Fire Station, correspondence and report concerning display of nationality and registration marks on aircraft, correspondence and documentation concerning regulations in relation to flights which do not require an air transport licence, correspondence concerning exit and emergency exit markings, correspondence concerning unprofessional airline service, note concerning Air Commandant job description, correspondence, minutes and reports concerning upgrading of weather radar, correspondence concerning passenger security levy, newspaper clippings concerning Heathrow and Stansted Airports development, minutes, propositions and reports concerning replacement of instrument landing system, report and newspaper clipping concerning liberalisation of air transport, minutes revenue estimates, newspaper clipping concerning traffic flow, newspaper clipping concerning airlines' winter schedules, notes concerning Airport statistics, minutes, reports and propositions concerning leases, correspondence concerning Airport Pier Roof, newspaper clipping concerning air transport policies, report and proposition concerning replacement of air traffic control radar display units, correspondence concerning navigational services and Alderney, minutes concerning disabled passenger handling vehicle, correspondence and note concerning legal/commercial matters, correspondence and note concerning summer index figures and newspaper clipping concerning regional Airports.

Reference: D/G/A1/14/11/5

Date: February 18th 1982 - October 2nd 1985

File concerning Harbours and Airport Committee - Airport, includes; correspondence concerning and copy of British Airport Authority timetable, minutes concerning capital estimates, minutes, proposition and report concerning installation of second standby generator, correspondence concerning and copy of draft Airport development plan, minutes concerning loop taxiway project, correspondence, minutes, proposition and report concerning runway reprofiling and resurfacing, press release concerning United Kingdom aviation industry growth, minutes and notes concerning supply day requests, correspondence and notes concerning aviation security, correspondence and report concerning developments of European aviation industry, aircraft, passenger and cargo activity statistics, correspondence concerning Aerodrome Owners' Association Conference, correspondence, notes and plan concerning weather radar tower, note concerning traffic distribution rules amendment, notes and minutes concerning Airport profitability, correspondence and report concerning further liberation of air transport in the European Community, transcript concerning airport capacity, minutes, report and proposition concerning extra departure gate lounges, minutes concerning Terminal development, correspondence concerning cooperation with Southampton Airport, correspondence concerning formation of high-level officer group, newspaper clipping concerning Southampton Airport development, correspondence and report concerning economic impact of Los Angeles International Airport, notes and correspondence concerning Airport development, correspondence and leaflet concerning Financial Times conference concerning future of Commercial Aviation and Aerospace industries, minutes, report and proposition concerning South Pier and La Collette developments, replacement of secondary radar, purchase and installation of power supply unit and replacement of flight information distribution system, brochure concerning new Manchester Airport terminal and newspaper clipping concerning commercial jet aircraft.

Reference: D/G/A1/14/11/7

Date: March 10th 1988 - May 31st 1989

File concerning Harbours and Airport Committee - Airport, includes; correspondence and documentation concerning amendments to International Standards and Recommended Practices: Operation of Aircrafts, correspondence concerning poster advertisements in the Airport, newspaper clipping discussing development of Luton Airport, documentation, memorandums and notes concerning aviation security developments, minutes concerning leases, minutes concerning en-route services, minutes concerning fright dues, minutes concerning early morning opening charges, minutes concerning airport dues, minutes concerning revenue and capital estimates, correspondence, minutes, correspondence, notes and reports concerning runway rehabilitation project, correspondence and notes concerning weather radar tower and disagreements with the French Civil Aviation Authority, correspondence and notes concerning consultancy firms report on Airport development, correspondence, table and notes concerning data on companies operating at the Airport and the economic effect of the Airport on Jersey, Aerodrome Owners Association newsletter, documentation, correspondence, minutes and plans concerning bilateral agreement with French Government in relation to en route air navigation facilities and services, Eurocontrol and Channel Island Control Zone, documentation concerning development and policy of European aviation and aerospace industries and memorandum concerning and copy of Aircraft Accident Investigation Regulations.

Reference: D/G/A1/14/11/9

Date: June 9th 1989 - November 22nd 1989