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Erection of machine gun and rifle ranges in Bellozanne Valley

Reference: B/A/W40/8/33

Date: 6 December 1941

Will and Testament of John Le Couteur of Belle Vue, St Brelade, F.R.S., Viscount of Jersey, Aide de Camp to Her Majesty the Queen and Adjutant General of the Royal Jersey Militia. Dated 18/03/1857. Bequeaths to John Halkett Le Couteur a number of family heirlooms including the great seal, in silver, of the island of Curaçao, various items in silver presented by the States of Jersey and Guernsey, a gold coronation medal presented by King William IV, a gold coronation medal presented by Queen Victoria, a silver Medaille d'Honneur presented by the Academie de l'Industrie, Agricole, Manufacturière et Commerciale (1838), a silver medal from the Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland (1840), a bronze prize of the Great Exhibition (1851), an Enfield rifle (1852) and the following paintings; 'Charles I' by Peters, 'The Bacchanalian' by Etty, 'The Girl with Dove' by Baillif of Paris, 'The Girl' by Grouse, two Morlands, two views in Italy by Wilson, 'The Girl' by Gainsborough, three watercolours of Waterloo by Heath. To Ann Luce, Allimcot Cottage. Codicil added 16/03/1868. Bequeaths to Harriet Le Couteur and Mary Sumner Belgian stock. Desires his landed property and Fief d'Orville et du Prieur to be divided according to Jersey law. Codicil added 04/02/1873. Records the death of his wife and John Halkett Le Couteur, his son. Bequeaths to the Reverend Harry Le Couteur Sumner the Fief d'Orville et du Prieur upon which stands St Peter's Church. Codicil added 25/02/1873. Bequeaths to Harry Le Couteur a Russian prayer book obtained by the testator's son at the fall of Sevastopol, and the seal and oar of Viscount of Jersey. Codicil added 26/02/1873. Bequeaths to Maude Sumner the 'Intellectual Observer and the Student', to Blanche Sumner 'Illustration Harticole'.

Reference: D/Y/A/39/1

Date: 4 January 1876

St Saviour's Rifle Club

Reference: F/L/M