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Hougue Bie

Reference: P/03/30/08

Date: 1 January 2000

Chris Clark studying at home for his IT exams.

Reference: P/03/39/01

Date: 1 January 2000

James Ollivro in his flat on New Year's Day.

Reference: P/03/39/1

Date: 1 January 2000

Hougue Bie

Reference: P/03/39/08

Date: 1 January 2000

Amelia Hargrove outside a house in St John.

Reference: P/03/39/13

Date: 2 January 2000

Chris Clark about to go to work on his bicyle, at 0700 hours.

Reference: P/03/39/15

Date: 4 January 2000

Amelia Hargrove and Chris Clark celebrating the New Year.

Reference: P/03/AD1/01

Date: 31 December 1999