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Print of Granville woman smuggling items into France

Reference: HANDL/1111/00203

Object name: Print

Print of Sir George de Carteret

Reference: JERSM/1971/00155/009

Object name: Print

Date: 1850 - 1950

Westward Winning The Emperor's Cup, Cowes 1910

Reference: JERSM/1972/00241/042

Object name: Print | Photograph

Producer: Beken & Son

Date: 1900 - 1950

Diocese of Coventry - An Alternative Cathedral

Reference: JERSM/1977/00783/004

Object name: Print

Date: 1900 - 1999

Framed Copy Print of the Adolf Hitler Portrait Painting

Reference: JERSM/1978/00992

Object name: Print

Date: 1935 - 1945

Admiral Philip D'Auvergne - Print of Miniature and Seal & Coin

Reference: JERSM/1978/01310

Object name: Print

Date: 1802 - 1814

Picture. Framed Print. Child in Kitchen.

Reference: JERSM/1980/00289/001

Object name: Print

Woman in Sailor's Dress on deck of Independence Ship

Reference: JERSM/1984/00033/015

Object name: Print

Portrait of Girl Lying on Bed with Head in Hands

Reference: JERSM/1984/00033/016

Object name: Print

Visitors to an Art Gallery

Reference: JERSM/1984/00064

Object name: Print

Artist: Hiln, G.P?

Date: 1840 - 1900

Druid Order at the Caesarean lodge

Reference: JERSM/1986/00114/003

Object name: Print

Date: 1840 - 1880

Independent Order of Odd Fellows posters (6)

Reference: JERSM/1986/00114/005

Object name: Poster | Print

Date: 1870 - 1899

Portrait of Lillie Langtry

Reference: JERSM/1987/00007/001

Object name: Print

Date: 1850 - 1900

Portrait of Lillie Langtry in Black Dress and Black Hat

Reference: JERSM/1987/00012

Object name: Print

Date: 1850 - 1900

Colour print of Lillie Langtry 1884

Reference: JERSM/1987/00013

Object name: Print

Date: 1884

Framed Print 'Russian Officers'

Reference: JERSM/1987/00085

Object name: Print

Date: 1800 - 1899

Print.'Interior St.Helier Parish Church'

Reference: JERSM/1987/00351/003

Object name: Print

Date: 1836 - 1861

Hawker 'Hurricane I' 257 Squadron, RAF.

Reference: JERSM/1989/00272/001

Object name: Print

Stirlings Outward Bound by Robert Taylor

Reference: JERSM/1989/00272/002

Object name: Print

Publisher: Military Gallery

Date: 1983