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Millbrook Dam and waterworks.

Reference: P/03/B115/12

Date: 10 October 2000

Dannemarche Reservoir, Le Chemin des Moulins, St Lawrence.

Reference: P/03/B118/09

Date: 10 October 2000

The dam at Millbrook Reservoir.

Reference: P/03/B118/23

Date: 10 October 2000

The dam at Val de la Mare Reservoir, St Ouen.

Reference: P/03/B122/17

Date: 10 October 2000

Photographic slide of an irrigation dam with pump

Reference: P/09/A/3967

Date: 1970 - 1990

Mr Clarke talks about the history of Jersey Waterworks. Includes: creation of the Jersey Waterworks Company in 1869 following a cholera epidemic in St Helier in 1867; the comany bought properties in Waterworks Valley and Vicart and sunk wells; declared en désastre in 1874; The St Helier Waterworks Comany Limited set up in 1875 but never supplied any water; The Jersey New Waterworks Company Limited registered February 11th 1882; well sunk at Millbrook and a service reservoir built at Mont Félard; Millbrook Reservoir constructed 1885; Dannemarche Reservoir built 1909, Alfred Jenkins was the Engineer-Manager of the company at the time; Handois reservoir built in 1929 following a number of dry years; Westmount service reservoir also built at this time; Handois Filtration Station and small dam built at St Peter's Valley 1934; 1939 another small dam built at Le Mourier by Robert Burrow, who was Engineer-Manager of the company for 34 years - this was not actually completed until after the occupation; the Grand Vaux dam was started in 1948, designed by T and C Hawksley of London, and completed in 1953; improvements to the filration station and pumps, enlarging the catchment area; Val de la Mare reservoir built 1957 - 1962; new pumping station was then built a La Hague along with a new service reservoir at Westmount and more water filters at Handois; new filtration station at Augrès begun in 1964; in 1969 the desalination plant at La Rosiere, Corbiere was begun. Goes into differences between types of dams, capacities of reservoirs, and details of catchment areas. Muffled sound quality, background noise.

Reference: R/03/A/17

Date: 1970