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Policy and Resources. Senator Pierre Horsfall writing a speech

Reference: p/03/b287/31

Date: 8 December 2000

VHS tape: Surfing at St Ouen's Bay. Competition 1966 or 1967. Rupert 'Bunty' Wagstaffe in blue shirt. Muriel Wagstaffe (mother) on sea wall. Also with grandmother Rose Wagstaffe at family home Rocqueberg, St Clement. Return of Victoria College Bisley Team, 29th July 1956. Nigel Wagstaffe with family. Team came second in the Ashburton Competition, the highest since 1914. Team lining up. Team members included: Pierre Horsfall, Richard Symons, I.W. Le Maistre, Peter Arthur, Norman Marie, George Metcalf (captain), Alfred Hidrio, Nigel Wagstaffe. Cadet pair: David Gregory, Douglas Genders. Colonel Billenden in command with R.S.M. Blandford. Harbour scenes, Victoria Pier.1946. First anniversary of the Liberation. Military parade opposite West Park Pavilion. Family scenes at Les Hommets, May 1946. Funfair, West Park. Family scenes show Annie Harrison, Muriel Wagstaffe, Beryl and Jim Scriven, Arthur and Noella Harrison, Brian and Gerald Harrison, Mary Scriven, Nigel Wagstaffe. Nigel Wagstaffe and Peter Scriven in wheelbarrow. Grandmothers Rose Wagstaffe and Annie Harrison in the swing. Garden scenes. Cecil Harrison lying on lawn aiming at target. Nephew Gerald Harrison beside him. Nigel Wagstaffe aiming. Gerald Harrison aiming. Jack and Ruth Gallichan holding Bunty. Family group. Muriel, Ruth and Nigel Wagstaffe on board Brittany in St Malo. Ruth at Rocqueberg with dog Billy 1959. This film is located in the Audio Visual Area of the Jersey Archive.

Reference: Q/05/A/121

Date: 1940 - 1980

Personal View of Senator Pierre Horsfall, the President of Finance and Economics, interviewed by Geraldine des Forges. His earliest memories of the island are of the occupation-remembers the red cross parcels and the liberation. Lived at Rue du Galet in Millbrook-remembers lots of aeroplanes flying over and his brother running outside and coming back and shouting, ''They're ours''. Didn't feel the hardship of the occupation-remembers going to the bakery to pick up his meals but never felt deprived. Had some contact with german soldiers-one used to give him presents and he considered him his friend. Went to Firmandale School at Beaumont and then he went to St Mark's Primary School which was a very good school. Moved to Victoria College Preparatory School on a scholarship-enjoyed the sciences but never worked particularly hard at them. There was more discipline in schools when he went to school-the standards have slipped since. He then went to Victoria College-enjoyed his time there-had many teachers who had been in the army so it was a good standard of discipline and teaching. First Record-Clair de Lune by Debussy. In the 1950s his mother managed the Grève de Lecq Hotel so they were allowed to do what ever they wanted at Grève de Lecq. Remembers how good the weather used to be-befriended Frank Carré, a fisherman at Grève de Lecq, who he helped going fishing. Used to swim off Grève de Lecq for an afternoon. Went in to a cave off Grève de Lecq and went through to discover a new bay-used to show guests from the hotel to the bay for money. Used to go to school on the bus and he also had a bicycle. He used to be very free-much more so than the modern world. Avoided sport as much as possible-ended up taking up shooting. From an early age he made model aeroplanes-he always wanted to be an aeronautical engineer-he decided he wanted to work for the Bristol Aeroplane Company and he achieved that aim. He never aimed to go into politics. Second Record-12th Street Rag by Peewee Hunt. Moved to England for his first job with the Bristol Aeroplane Company as a student. Did a sandwich course where he studied for six months and worked for six months in the factory-did this for 3 years and then a further 3 years after that. Worked hard on his course and job-enjoyed the experience. He often put himself forward to take part in jobs. Worked in lots of different aircraft. The design office was working on supersonic transport-worked with a french company to produce concorde. He knew french and so he made sure his managers knew this-he was taken on board by the company directors to the meeting between the British and French-he was involved for six years. He had several roles-he was at first taken because he spoke French and knew what was going on, he then went into a liaison department with the French factory-did a lot of travelling. Third Record-Music from Coppelia. In the early days there was a honeymoon with the French-when the work started there started to be differences of opinion. There were also a lot of enjoyable nights out. The language was a problem because there wasn't simultaneous translation. Feels proud when seeing concorde now. Came back to Jersey because the family business would have been sold otherwise-looked after the hotel. Tourism standards were lower in those days-standards were starting to be raised. A lot more elderly people came to the island at that time. There was always plenty of business around-people didn't realise that tourism was going to decrease. Decided to stand for the States-he was on the Jersey College for Girls PTA and from that someone suggested that he stand for politics. He was deputy of St Clement in 1975. Fourth Record-Piece from Carmina Burana. He spent six years as president of the Agriculture and Fisheries Committee and enjoyed it a great deal. He became president of the Island Development Committee, joined the Policy Advisory Committee and after Agriculture he became President of the Finance and Economics Committee. He set up an office to work at home and withdrew from the hotel business. Being President of the Finance and Economics Committee means a lot of duties-finds it challenging and tiring. He feels the greatest sense of achievement over an amendment to increase the size of the waterfront and feels good that he helps in the politics of the island. He thinks Jersey is secure but it must be careful and address the current problems. Has a happy family life-his wife is a keen horse woman-spends a lot of time watching horses. They enjoy travelling and visit London to see his daughter. Feels if he gets elected that he would stay in the States for one more term of six years. Fifth Record-Piece from Nabucco by Verdi.

Reference: R/07/B/18

Date: 20 September 1992