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Colette's Cabin on La Haule Slip, St Brelade.

Reference: p/03/196/07

Date: 30 December 2000

La Haule Manor Hotel and Restaurant.

Reference: p/03/196/08

Date: 30 December 2000

La Haule Manor Hotel and Restaurant.

Reference: p/03/196/09

Date: 30 December 2000

A teddy bear left behind at La Haule Manor Hotel and Restaurant.

Reference: p/03/196/10

Date: 30 December 2000

La Haule Manor Hotel and Restaurant.

Reference: p/03/196/11

Date: 30 December 2000

La Haule, as seen from St Aubin's High Street.

Reference: p/03/536/05

Date: 3 November 2000

Photographic slide of a view of La Haule from St Aubin.

Reference: P/09/A/645

Date: 1970 - 1990

Photographic slide of the railway station at La Haule.

Reference: P/09/A/1266

Date: 1970 - 1990

VHS tape: Film shot by A G 'Freddy' Averty in 16mm colour during the 1960's. Films relates to the Harbour Office. This documentary about Jersey Harbour Office was filmed by Freddy Averty [a well-known enthusiast at the harbour]. Scenes include: RNLI fast rescue boat, rescue boats off Elizabeth Castle with lifeboats of different nationalities. Euphrosyne Kendal (St Peter Port lifeboat) entering the harbour. Lifeboats tied up. Amateur boating. At sea with the States tug. Alouette helicopter of Protection Civile landing on Minquiers. Helping small French yacht. Cruise liner off Archirondel. Yachting at St Catherine. Royal barge entering St Helier Harbour with HRRH Princess Anne 1972. HMS Brittania off Corbière. States tug 'Duke of Normandy' at sea. Testing fire-fighting hoses. Corbière Lighthouse dressed overall. Religious service with Dean Very Revd Tom Goss. People crossing causeway. Boats in old harbour, St Helier. Very high tide covering land tie. St Patrick enters harbour. Caesarea arrives November 1960 (The Caesarea and Sarnia were built for the Southern Region of British Railways for Channel Island route) Caesarea off Corbière in heavy seas. Condor 1 hydrofoil in St Helier (entering service) Condor 1 at sea on hydrofoils. SS Duchess of Normandy (known as Sooty) Private boat at La Haule broken loose from mooring. Two schooners at St Helier Harbour and setting sail. Yachts at sea off Noirmont and Elizabeth Castle (races). Speedboats in Grouville Bay in races. This film is located in the Audio Visual Area of the Jersey Archive.

Reference: Q/05/A/101

Date: 1960 - 1972

Alf Vibert of St Brelade, aged 65, talks to Arthur McGugan about vraicking. Includes: used to farm at Franc Fief, once owned by the Alexandres, taken over first by Alf Vibert's grandfather then his uncle, Thomas Vibert, who was killed falling off his van, and then his father, who died in 1938 when Alf was 12; mixed farm, 85 vergées, grazed heifers on common land overlooking Pont Marquet; mainly potatoes, root crops; tomatoes introduced to some areas in the 1930s by the Langlois family; remebers going for vraic during the war and earlier when aged 8 or 10; went to La Pulente - used carts, Green Island - used lorry, also Rocco Tower; vraic with long brown stems called 'collie'? in the east, 'colîn'? in the west, also called 'tangent'?; describes forks and types of carts used, with Jérriais names; vraicking during the German occupation; family gave up farming in 1944, as mother was ill; boom in vraiciking after the war, favorite vehicle used - Chevrolet lorry; vraic for sale at La Piece à Secher Le Vraic, now car and boat park at La Pulente, price 7s/6d a stack - if father not satisfied would go to vraic seller at Barge Aground; Le Pulec - vraic for sale opposite stone built house by roadside and all along the Five Mile Road; later worked with Stanley Le Boutillier from La Moye who was Inspecteur des Vraics; regulations - had to wait until 'mark' was uncovered by the receeding tide before collecting vraic; 'marking' in the east of Island and St Aubins, but not in the west; as a boy went vraicking with John Huelin of Derry Farm, used to find spider crabs in the rock pools; vraic ploughed in to fields and côtils, dry vraic put on grass; story - Le Bas brothers from Rose Farm renowned for having the biggest load of vraic in St Brelade's Bay - one or both drowned while vraicking around the turn of century; social side of vraicking, talks about food eaten by vraickers, with Jérriais names; Mr Frank Huelin, a neighbour, had a purpose-built vraicking cart; professional vraickers of La Pulente well known. Recorded by Arthur McGugan on 06/11/1991.

Reference: R/03/B/7

Date: 6 November 1991

View of St Aubin from La Haule with railway line on right

Reference: SJPA/002238

Date: 1893 - 00/00/1893