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Plans of Gimbel's [no date]

Reference: L/A/06/A/22

Plans of Orviss Limited

Reference: L/A/06/A/23

Date: 1955

Plans of Tower Hamlet [Not Dated]

Reference: L/A/06/A/24

Plans of Les Niemes

Reference: L/A/06/A/25

Date: 1958

Plans of 68 & 68a Colomberie

Reference: L/A/06/A/27

Date: 1955

Plan of Rozel Fort

Reference: L/A/06/A/29

Plans of Le Bourg

Reference: L/A/06/A/30

Date: 1967

Plans of Greystones, St Mary

Reference: L/A/06/A/31

Plans of Le Bocage [no date]

Reference: L/A/06/A/32

Plans of Little Grove for R W Macklin

Reference: L/A/06/A/33

Date: 1956

Plans of Dunderave, Le Petit Clos

Reference: L/A/06/A/34

Date: 1955

Plans of Le Petit Clos, St Clement

Reference: L/A/06/A/34A

Plans of E. C. Lance House, Ouaine [Ouaisne]

Reference: L/A/06/A/35

Date: 1956

Plans of Ivyside, Maufant

Reference: L/A/06/A/37

Date: 1956

Plans of Land at Samares

Reference: L/A/06/A/38

Date: 1959