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Lists of tithes received from the Vingtaine du Mont Cochon

Reference: G/C/03/C7/5

Date: 1839 - 1840

Conditions of a Sale in perpetuity of St Saviour's Rectory

Reference: G/C/03/C7/8

Date: December 1960

Correspondence relating to the erection of a new church of England at Red Houses, St Brelade

Reference: G/C/03/C7/9

Date: 10 December 1960 - 11 November 1964


Reference: G/C/03/C8

English pay scale for teachers wages

Reference: G/C/03/C8/5

Date: 1 February 1921

St Lawrence Church

Reference: G/C/03/C9

St Mark's Church

Reference: G/C/03/C10

Printed copy of the fundamental rules of St Mark's Church

Reference: G/C/03/C10/2

Date: 16 October 1844