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High Spirits

Reference: L/F/75/A20

Honkies with Attitude

Reference: L/F/75/A21


Reference: L/F/75/A22

Jaime Boylan

Reference: L/F/75/A23

Jamal Brown

Reference: L/F/75/A24

James Lesslie

Reference: L/F/75/A25

CD entitled echo's swing by James Lesslie

Reference: L/F/75/A25/1

Date: 2002

Jersey Young Musicians Scheme

Reference: L/F/75/A26


Reference: L/F/75/A27

CD of JerseyBob live at The Mussel Inn

Reference: L/F/75/A27/1

Date: 27 September 2006

CD entitled Winter Flowers by JerseyBob

Reference: L/F/75/A27/2

Date: 2006-01-?