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St Ouen's Parochial Girls School, later St Ouen's National School- Log Book. This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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Reference D/J/N31/1
Date 31 October 1882 - 25 October 1915
Names St Ouen's Parochial Girls School
St Ouen's National School
Alexander, Edward
Alexander, Elsie
Alexander, Gladys
Alexander, Hedley
Alexander, Mrs
Amy, Cecil
Amy, Percy
Amy, Philip
Amy, William
Anquetil, Clarence
Anquetil, Edith
Anquetil, Irene
Archard, Mr
Arthur, Alice R
Avril, E
Avril, Helen
Avril, Elvina
Balleine, F
Balston, Thomas
Barascud, Madame
Barascud, Reverend
Barrette, Martha
Barrette, Mrs
Battrick, Mary J
Blaise, Jacques
Blaise, Reine
Blampied, J W
Blanchet, George
Blanchet, Alphonse
Boon, Mr
Breteche, Berthe
Breteche, Fernand
Breteche, John
Brideaux, E J
Bright, Mr
Brogan, Elise
Brown, Alec
Bud, Mr
Bush, S
Carbinlec, Sidney
Charpentier, Marie
Chevalier, Gordon
Clement, Mrs
Clement, Canon, Reverend
Clement, George
Clement, Miss
Clement, Rector
Clement, Reverend
Clezio, Arthur
Collas, Elias
Collas, John
Collas, Mr
Collins, Charles
Cornec, Mr
Coutanche, Edward
Coutanche, Herbert
D’Auvergne, O
D’auvergne, F O
Davis, Emily
Davis, Joseph
Davis, Marie
Davis, Mr
de Caen, Eunice
de Carteret, Madame
de la Haye, Annie
de la Haye, C
de La Haye, F
de La Haye, Ida
de la Haye, Reginald
de La Mare, Alice J
de La Nicolle, C P
de La Perrelle, Amelia
de Lastelle, Xavier
de Siceurs, Clement
de St Croix, Amelia
de St Paer, A
de St Paër, Charles
des Vaux Family
des Vaux, Henri
des Vaux, Louise
Dimmick, A
Dimmick, Alfred
Dimmick, F
du Feu, Anna
Du Feu, Hilda
du Feu, Lilian
du Feu, Lydia Maud
du Feu, Rosa
du Heaume, Charles F
du Heaume, G
Du Heaume, M
du Heaume, R E
du Heaume, S
Edward, Eliot, Reverend
Edward, Reverend
England, Ada
Ernestine, Alice
Falle, Alice
Falle, Ellen
Farrel, William
Farrell, Mrs
Francis, Elizabeth
Francis, Hilda
Gallichan, M
Gedge, J W, Reverend
Germain, Mr
Giffard, J F
Gill, S
Gilley, Elsie
Gionta, Alfred
Gionta, Joseph
Gionta, Lina
Glot, Francis
Glot, Louis
Gresille, Hilda May
Gresille, Lilian
Grot, Evelyn
Guillaume, Henri
Guilleaume, Elsie
Guillou, Yves
Hacquoil, Clifford Barrette
Hacquoil, Doris
Hacquoil, H
Hacquoil, Laura
Hacquoil, Lydia Florence
Hacquoil, Miss
Hacquoil, P
Hacquoil, Queenie May
Hall, Elsie
Hamon, James
Haquoil, Emily
Harris, H
Harrison, H E B
Herve, Florence
Herve, Frank
Horman, Harry
Jean, Ada
Jean, Miss
Jean, Rosa
Jegou, Mr
Jones, Reverend
Kelly, Reverend
Kempster, Mr
Langlois, Alfred
Langlois, Thomas
Le Bon, John
Le Brocq, Agnes
Le Brocq, Cyril
Le Brocq, Frank
Le Brocq, John
Le Brocq, Nellie
Le Brun, Doris
Le Brun, E
Le Brun, Frank
Le Brun, Philip
Le Clezio, Lucille
Le Clezio, Mabel
Le Clezio, Stanley
Le Clezio , Evelyn
Le Cleziot, Arthur
Le Cleziot, Elsie
Le Cleziot, Frank
Le Cleziot, John
Le Cornu, Alice
Le Cornu, Ellen
Le Cornu, Emily
Le Cornu, John
Le Cornu, Mavis
Le Cornu, Mr
Le Feuvre, Reverend
Le Feuvre, Cyril
Le Feuvre, James P
Le Fevre, Reverend
Le Floch, Jane
Le Floch, Joseph
Le Flock, Alice
Le Flock, Ernstine
Le Gallais, Alice
Le Glezio, Olive
Le Gresley, Henri
Le Gresley, Maria
Le Gresley, Marie
Le Gresley, Mrs
Le Gresley, Roy
Le Gresley, Rozel
Le Heume, E
Le Lere, Albert
Le Main, Ada
Le Main, John
Le Maistre, Mr
Le Mottee, Annie
Le Mottee, Miss
Le Mottee, Rene
Le Noa, Ernest
Le Noa, Yves
Le Noa, Yvonne
Le Page, Frederick
Le Poux, Marie
Le Riche, Anna
Le Riche, Bernard
Le Riche, Florence
Le Riche, John
Le Sueur, Alfred
Lees, Elizabeth,
Leffler, Melville, Reverend
Leffler, Reverend
Lempriere, Lydia
Lempriere, Phyllis
Lempriere, Philip
Leonard, Clarence
Leonard, Edward
Leonard, Rosa Blanche
Leonard, Stanley
Leonard, Sydney H
Longmore, Reverend
Lucas, John
Luce family
Luce, Amy
Luce, E, Reverend
Luce, Edouard M A
Luce, Edward
Luce, Florence
Luce, Hedley
Luce, John
Luce, Philip
Luce, Sydney
Luce, Walter
Mauger, Eunice
Mauger, Thomas
Mauger, Violet
May, Philip
Mercier, Eve
Messervy, Alp
Milnep, Reverend
Milner, A B, Reverend
Moody, Reverend
Mullen, Alice
Norman, Louisa
Oliver, T
Oliver, Tom
Page, A
Parker, Lily
Pepin, Mrs
Pepin, A
Pepin, J, Reverend
Pepin, Kenneth
Pepin, Miss
Pepin, Reverend
Phillippe, Marie
Picot, John
Pirouet Family
Pirouet, Emma Ellen
Pirouet, Lucille
Pirouet, Mark Edward
Pirouet, Olga
Pirouet, Stanley
Pitman, Mildred
Poingdestre, Olive
Poree, Madeleine
Porter, Clarence
Prouten, Albert
Prouten, Alex
Prouten, Arthur
Prouten, Frank
Prouten, Ivy
Rebindaine, Lily
Reed, J M
Reeue, Miss
Renault, Ada
Renault, Eunice
Renouard, George H
Renouf, Charles
Renouf, Dora
Renouf, Vera
Rimeur, James
Rossignol, Emma
Rowe, Anna
Salmon, Charles
Salmon, Douglas
Samson, Stanley
Sargent, Joseph
Seale, Alice
Shales, Robert Charles
Shone, Dr
Simon, John
Springham, Reverend
Stenoui, John
Symons, Dr
Syvorn, George
Syvorn, Ruby
Taylor, Reverend
Theren, Mabel
Turmel, Alice
Turmel, Peter
Turner, G
Valois, John
Vaudin, John
Vautier, Rozel
Vibert family
Vibert, Annie
Vibert, Arthur
Vibert, B A D
Vibert, Clara
Vibert, Clarence
Vibert, Dora
Vibert, Doris
Vibert, Elsie
Vibert, Eva
Vibert, Evelyn
Vibert, Florence
Vibert, Gladys
Vibert, Hedley
Vibert, Ida
Vibert, James
Vibert, John
Vibert, L
Vibert, Lydia
Vibert, Philip Arthur
Vibert, Reginald
Wakeham, A
Wakeham, Miss
Walker, Maria
Wild, R, Reverend
Wilde, Reverend
Woolly, Florry
Keywords Education | Schools | diaries | log books | pupils | pupil teachers | punishments | classrooms | headmasters | headmistresses | teachers | teaching
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Places St Ouen
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File


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