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Waste Management Division

Reference D/AL/C
Scope and Content This Division is responsible for the management of waste, from the day-to-day disposal to planning for a sustainable future including the design, provision and maintenance of the sewer and drainage systems and the systems that support them. This team provides a function vital to the well being of the whole community. They design the systems which ensure that the Island's liquid waste is disposed of efficiently. Foul and surface Water Sewerage - A team of engineers design and oversee the construction of sewer extensions, reconstructions and refurbishments. Drainage Maintenance - Cleaning and connection of new building developments to the sewerage system and inspection of the system for faults. Pumping Stations - Pumping stations are strategically positioned in the Island to pump the contents of the sewer to the treatment plant at Bellozanne. Telemetry - The operation of the Island's pumping stations is monitored remotely by computer systems. Fleet Management and Stores - Fleet Maintenance services, based at Bellozanne, provide a vehicle leasing, servicing and fuelling facility to participating States' Departments. Sewage Treatment - Sewage treatment works are situated at Bellozanne. Here all of the Island's sewage and liquid waste is treated to a high standard enabling the effluent produced to meet EU standards for discharge into bathing waters. Septic Tanker Service - The Department operates a subsidised service for the emptying of septic tanks for private and commercial properties not connected to the public sewer. Solid Waste Incineration - The Island's combustible solid waste is incinerated at Bellozanne and energy is recovered. Clinical Waste - The Island's clinical waste from places such as the hospital is disposed of safely by incineration. Waste Minimisation and Recycling - The Department recognises the importance of trying to reduce the amount of waste produced and where possible trying to look at initiatives for recycling. Waste Disposal - The Department is working with the relevant bodies to try to reduce the amount of inert and specialist waste that it has to dispose of via landfill. Maintenance and Support Services - The Bellozanne waste treatment site houses complex and vital equipment, therefore it has its own specialised maintenance and support section to provide mechanical and electrical services.
Names Public Services Department
Keywords Waste | pumping stations | drains | sewerage | sewers | drainage
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Level of description Sub-fonds


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