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Law Officers' Department

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Scope and Content The Law Officers' Department is responsible for the following six main services: Providing legal advice to the Crown, the States and others; The Department advises the Crown, Committees and Departments on matters of law; advises States members, Parish Constables, the Dean of Jersey and the Receiver General on matters of law arising out of their public duties; advises the Legislation Committee, attends all its meetings, and consults with the Law Draftsman on new legislation; prepares reports for the Privy Council on new legislation submitted to it by the States and liaises with the Home Office on UK legislation which may be extended to the Island; and examines international agreements and European Union legislation to determine their relevance to Jersey. Providing a public prosecution service for the Island; The Department conducts criminal prosecutions in the Royal Court; advises and directs States and Honorary police in criminal prosecutions; appears at the Court of Appeal and Royal Court in criminal appeals and bail and probation reviews; considers information from other Departments and, where appropriate, institutes proceedings on statutory infractions before the Courts; institutes proceedings where appropriate against States and Honorary police following investigation of complaints; and authorises warrants for arrest of persons wanted in the Island. Protecting the interests of the Crown and States in civil proceedings; represents the States and States Committees in civil proceedings brought against the States and liaises with the States insurers for claims covered by States’ insurance policies; represents States Committees in administrative and civil appeals against Committee decisions in the Royal Court and Court of Appeal; and institutes proceedings to recover debts owed to the Treasurer of the States on behalf of other States Committees. Performing the functions and duties of the Attorney General; carries out the duties which arise as a result of the Attorney General being the Head of the Honorary Police; attends States sittings and other duties of a ceremonial nature which arise out of the role of the Attorney General such as swearing-ins and Visites Royales; approves draft and amended constitutions and protects the interests of charities in the Royal Court; applies for drug trafficking confiscation orders; contributes to working parties of the States, in particular the working parties on mentally disturbed offenders and the Magistrate's Court; represents the Island in international and inter-insular tribunals, courts and other meetings such as those with the Home Office and Guernsey and the Isle of Man; processes documents received from abroad for service under the terms of the Hague Convention; exercises powers of investigation under the Investigation of Fraud (Jersey) Law; organises applications for liquor licenses in the Licensing Assembly, registration of managers of licensed premises by the Royal Court and gambling licences before the Gambling Licensing Authority; and organises and processes applications under the Legitimacy, Mental Health, Children and Adoption laws. Assisting overseas law enforcement agencies; receives requests and exercise powers on behalf of overseas authorities; and processes applications for seizure of drug traffickers' property Carrying out conveyancing work for the Crown and States of Jersey. carries out all conveyancing in the sale or purchase of Crown and States properties and researches other enquiries on property matters such as title searches on behalf of Property Services and other Departments; carries out enquiries and prepares notices for the Planning Department for properties being designated as Sites of Special Interest; drafts leases, licences and agreements on behalf of the Property Services Department; and represents the States in matters relating to compulsory purchases.
Names Law Officer's Department
Keywords legal advice | solicitor-generals | attorney-generals | crown officers | lawyers | states departments online
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
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