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Volume of Annual Returns from individual island schools. The names of the attending children are recorded along with attendance summaries, inspectors reports, accounts, examination results and the names of teachers and pupil teachers. This volume has been indexed by name of person mentioned. The volume can be viewed at the Archive to access extra detail.

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Reference D/J/A/4
Date 1879
Names St Matthew's Mixed Elementary School
St Lukes Church of England school
St Ouen's Parochial School
St Marks National school
Gouray National School
Jersey National School
St Ouen's Wesleyan School
St Peters National School
St Saviour's National School
St James National school
St Simon's Church of England School
St Matthew's Mixed Elementary School
Gouray Hilgrove Endowed school
Jersey Trinity Parochial School
St Heliers Ragged school
St Helier Wesleyan school
St Brelades Pariochal school
St Martins Rozel school
St Mary and St Peter's Roman Catholic school
Abbott, Alice
Abiel, Leopold
A'Court, Eliza
Adams, Clara
Ahearne, Maurice
Ahier, F A
Ahier, Philip
Ahier, John
Ahier, W
Ahier, Albert
Ahier, George
Ahier, Sydney
Ahier, J
Alexander, C
Alexander, Caroline
Alexander, Charles
Alexander, James
Alexandre, Mary A
Alexandre, Mary Ann
Alexandre, Elizabeth
Alexandre, Eliza
Alexandre, John
Alexandre, Alice
Alger, George William
Alice, Eve
Allain, Alphonse
Allen, John
Allen, Alfred
Allen, William
Allen, Edward
Allen, Elizabeth
Allisette, Sarah
Allisette, Lily
Amy, V
Amy, John
Amy, Rosa
Amy, Eliza
Amy, Francis
Amy, Thomas
Amy, Ernest
Andre, Arthur
Andre, Eugene
Andre, Malvina
Andrews, Robert Henry
Andrews, Mary
Andrews, Charles
Andrews, S
Andrews, A
Angel, James
Angel, Bartley
Angel, Isaac
Anley, Alice
Anley, Harriette
Anley, Louisa
Anson, Annie
Arrowsmith, C
Arthur, F
Ashelford, Charles
Ashelford, Thomas
Ashley, Alice
Asplet, Edmund James
Aubert, W
Aubert, Philip
Aubin, F
Aubin, Peter
Aubin, Clara
Aubin, Lydia
Audrain, John
Auton, Hilda
Aveleigh, George
Averty, George
Bailey, Emily
Bailey, Arthur
Bailey, Walter
Bailey, William
Bailey, Helena
Bailey, Laura
Bailey, Louisa
Bailey, Jessie
Bailey, Ellen
Bailhache, Frederick
Bailhache, Lydia
Baker, Francis
Baker, Gertrude
Baker, Ada
Baker, Henry
Baker, Eliza
Baker, Maud
Baker, Harry E
Baker, Adolphus
Baker, Mabel
Baker, Agnes
Baker, Laura
Baker, Elvina
Baker, Arthur
Baker, Douglas
Baker, Edmund
Baker, Susanna
Baker, Elizabeth
Baker, Esther
Baker, Amelia
Baker, Peter
Balcamp, Ada
Balcombe, Thomas
Balcombe, Walter
Ball, Alfred
Ball, Edward
Ball, Charles
Balleine, Percy
Balleine, Philip
Balleine, Emma
Balleine, Walter
Ballin, J
Balston, Albert
Balston, Balston
Balsus, Christina
Banks, George
Barette, Alice
Barling, A
Barnes, Charles E
Barnes, James
Barnes, Charles
Barnes, Annie
Barnes, Florence
Barry, Michael
Barter, George
Bartlett, C
Barton, Samuel
Barton, Laura
Barton, Edith
Bassett, Peter
Bassett, Charles
Bassett, Philip
Bates, Frank
Bates, Matilda
Bauche, Edward
Bauche, Philip
Baudains, Joshua
Baudains, Francis
Baudains, John
Beaucamp, L
Beaucamp, Louis
Beaucamp, Emily
Beaucamp, Mary
Beaucamp, Rosa
Beaucamp, Charles
Beauchamp, Ada
Beauchamp, Sidney
Beaugie, Henry
Beaugie, Adolphus
Beaugie, George
Beaugie, Philip T
Beaugie, Annie
Beaugie, Louisa
Beaugie, Alice
Beaugie, Philip
Bechelet, Elizabeth
Bechelet, Alfred
Beck, Ethel
Beck, Bertha
Beck, John
Beck, Samuel
Beckford, Frederick
Beckford, Charles
Bedel, Emma
Begley, Louis
Behaut, Louisa
Benest, Philip
Benest, James
Benest, Bella
Benest, John
Benest, Frederick
Benest, Alfred Philip
Benest, James
Benest, Frederick
Benham, Florence
Bennett, Ellen
Bennett, Edward John
Bertram, E
Bertram, Clara
Bertram, Charles
Bertram, John
Bertram, Linda
Biddle, William
Biddle, Fanny
Biggs, William
Biggs, Alice
Bird, Louisa
Bird, Florence
Bird, Edward R
Bird, Charles
Bird, Elvina
Bird, John George
Bird, Harriet
Bishop, Edward
Bisson, Georgina
Bisson, John
Bisson, Charles
Bisson, Ada
Bisson, Helena
Bisson, E
Bisson, H
Bisson, Frank
Bisson, Louisa
Bisson, Francis
Blackler, Edith
Blackmore, John
Blake, Georgina
Blake, Philip
Blampied, Mary Jane
Blampied, Caleb
Blampied, Arthur
Blampied, C
Blampied, Clara
Blampied, Charles
Blandimour, Auguste
Blandimour, Blanc
Body, Alice
Boivin, Selina
Boivin, Ada
Boniface, Walter
Boomer, George William
Bosdet, A
Bosdet, Ann
Bossy, Alfred
Boswell, Mary
Boubier, Frank
Bouchere, John
Bourdon, Charles
Boutier, F
Bowditch, Philip
Bowditch, Elizabeth
Bowles, Ada
Bragg, R
Brassey, Daniel
Brassey, Robert
Bray, Robert
Brec, Annie
Breé, Mary A
Brée, Elias
Bree, Mary
Breuilly, Mary
Brewer, John
Brewer, Alice
Brewer, John James
Brewer, Lilian
Brewer, J
Brewer, S
Briard, Anna
Briard, Ann E
Brien, Charles
Brine, John Charles
Brine, George
Britton, A
Britton, Sidney
Brown, Theresa
Brown, M
Brown, Florence
Brown, Margaret
Brown, Edgar
Brown, Mary
Brown, Harry
Brown, Ellen
Brown, John
Brown, Elizabeth
Bryan, William
Bryan, Daniel
Bryant, Mary W
Bryant, Jessie
Bryant, Annie
Buckley, Edward
Buckley, John
Buesnel, John
Buesnel, Philip
Burgess, Alice
Burke, John
Burt, Walter
Burt, Edgar
Burt, William
Burt, Adolphus
Burt, Lucy Sarah
Burton, Emily J
Cabeldu, Leah
Cabeldu, Annie
Cabeldu, Francis
Cabot, John
Cabot, George
Cabot, Charlotte
Cabot, Louisa
Cabot, Henry
Cabot, William
Cabot, Philip
Cabot, James
Cabot, Jane
Cabot, Adelina
Cabot, Charles
Cadious, Peter
Call, Elizabeth
Callanan, E
Callanan, Adele
Campbell, Ada
Campbell, Phillis
Cantell, George
Card, Hannah
Card, Jessie
Carney, Louisa
Carney, Richard
Carre, Mary A
Carré, Helier
Carre, Annie
Carré, Philip
Carree, Walter
Carree, Francis
Carrel, Walter
Carrel, Charles
Carrel, Florence
Carrel, Mary
Carrel, Eva
Carrel, Agnes
Carrel, Ellen
Carrel, Elizabeth
Carrol, Sophia
Carrol, Sophie
Carson, Alice
Carter, Emily
Carter, Elizabeth
Carter, Blanche
Carter, Edna
Carter, Gertrude
Carter, Florence
Carter, Louisa
Cassell, Mary Ann
Cassell, William
Cassell, Kate
Catherine, John
Catt, Hannah
Catt, Fanny
Catt, William
Catt, Charles
Catt, Elizabeth
Caucy, Charlotte
Caufield, Bart
Caunt, Albert
Cavey, George
Cavey, W
Cavey, F
Cavey, Charlotte
Cavey, G
Cavey, M
Cawley, Edith
Chaffo, E
Champney , Herbert
Chandler, Alice
Chaplin, Elsie
Châtel, Louisa
Chatel, Jane
Chatel, Alice
Chevalier, John
Chevalier, Thomas
Chevalier, Alice
Chevalier, Selina
Chilcott, Alice
Ching, Martha
Ching, Lizzie
Ching, John
Ching, George W
Ching, George
Christopher, W
Christopher, George
Christopher, William
Christopher, Frederick
Christopher, Elizabeth
Christopher, Sydney
Clancy, Michael
Clancy, Frederick
Clark, Alice
Clark, Elizabeth
Clark, Annie
Clarke, Ada
Clift, Agnes
Cobin, William
Cochrane, James
Cockell, Francis
Cockell, Alice
Cockrane, Louisa
Coffey, Kate
Coffey, Joseph
Coffey, George
Coles, Amelia
Collett, John
Collett, Ernest
Collins , Lillie J
Collins , Lillie
Comins, Alfred
Connell, John
Connor, Michael
Connor, William
Connor, Edward
Coom, Edith
Coom, E
Coombs, Sydney Charles
Coombs, Ralph
Coombs, Arthur
Coombs, Eliza
Coombs, Mabel
Coomes, Eliza
Coomes, Susan
Cooper, Edwin
Cooper, Charles
Cooper, Ada
Cooper, Elias
Cooper, Henry
Corban, William
Corban, Frederick
Corban, Arthur
Corbel, Philip
Coren, Maria
Cornick, Edith
Cory, Walter
Cory, Florence
Cory, W
Cory, Martin
Cory, Frederick
Couper, Isabella
Couper, Lena
Couper, P C
Courtman, Henry
Coutanche, Edward
Coutanche, Francis
Coutanche, Louisa
Coutanche, Delphina
Coutanche, Albert
Coutanche, JAMES
Coutanche, Emma
Coutanche, Margaret
Coutanche, Emma
Coutanche, John
Coutanche, John G
Coutanche, Jonathon
Coward, Samuel
Coward, William
Coward, Ellen
Cowley, Myra
Cowley, Louisa
Cowley, Emma
Cowling, Louisa
Cowper, Charles
Cox, Alice
Crabbe, Sarah
Craig, Lizzie
Crapp, Fanny
Cremins, Thomas
Cremins, Daniel
Croix, Ada S A
Crossman, Louisa
Crouch, Emelia
Crouch, Ada
Crouch, Emma
Crussell, Lillian
Cunningham, An
Cunningham, John
Cutland, Francis
Daniel, Lucy
Daniel, Amelia
Daniel, William
Daniel, Laura
Darby, Charles
Darling, Kate
Dart, Herbert
d'Authreau, C
D'Authreau, Matilda
Davey, William
Davey, Matilda
Davey, Adelaide
Davey, Emma
Davies, Mary Ann
Davis, Mary
Davis, T
Davis, Jane
Davis, Adelina
Davis, Leopold
Davis, Alfred
Davis, Adelaide
Davis, James
Davy, Susan
Daw, Walter
Day, Sophia
de Caen, Alfred
De Carteret, Baker
De Carteret, W
De Carteret, B
de Carteret, John
de Carteret, Henry
de Carteret, George
de Carteret, Anna
de Carteret, Harry
de Faye, George
de Faye, Thomas
de Gruchy, Alice
de Gruchy, W
de Gruchy, J
De Gruchy, Alfred
de La Cour, Philip
de la Cour, John
de la Cour, William
de la Haye, Philip
de la Haye, George
De La Haye, Francis
De La Haye, John
de la Haye, Annie
De La Haye, M J
de la Haye, G
De La Haye, Mary J
de la Lande, Louisa
de la Londe, C
de la Mare, Florence
de la Mare, Ada
de La Mare, Nellie
de La Mare, Norman
De La Mothe, Eliza
de la Perrelle, W
de La Perrelle, John
De La Perrelle, P
de la Perrelle, Maud
De La Perrelle, J
De La Perrelle, Anna Maria
de la Perrelle, Daniel
De La Rue , Adolphus
De L'Orme, Lillian
de Quetteville, P
de Quetteville, Philip
de St Paer, Jane
De Ste Croix, Arthur
de Ste Croix, F
De Ste Croix, J
De Ste Croix, Caroline
de Ste Croix, Bertram
de Ste Croix, Alfred
de Ste Croix, Elizabeth
De Ste Croix, Alfred J
De Ste Croix, Jonathon A
de Ste Paër, Charles
Decaux, George
Decaux, John
Dee, Robert W
Delaney, Matthew
Dene, Ernest
Denton, Benjamin
Denton, Annie
Deslandes, Edward
Deslandes, Charles
Despres, Albert
Dimmick, John
Dingle, Henry
Dolan, John
Dolbel, G
Donovan, Kate
Donovan, Cornelius
Dorey, John
Dorey, Anna
Dorey, Walter
Downer, James P
Downer, Caroline
Downer, Annie
Downer, Lily
Drake, Edwin
Drake, Edward
Drake, Charlotte
Drayton, Isabella
Drayton, Robert
Drew, John
Drieu, August
Drieu, George
Drieu, A
Driver, George
Druce, Arthur
Druce, Louisa
Druce, A
du Feu, Annie
Du Feu, Francis
Du Feu, Hannah
Du Feu, Alice
du Feu, Mary A
du Feu, Anna
du Feu, John
du Feu, Nicholas
du Heaume, George
du Heaume, Francis
Du Heaume, Anna
Du Heaume, Janet
du Heaume, John
du Val, Philip
du Val, Jane
du Val, John
Dubois, Emile
Dubois, Manuel
Duhamel, Philip
Duheaume, A
Duheaume, Alice
Duheaume, John
Dumond, Georgina
Dunford, Amelia
Dupre, John
Durrant, William
Durrant, Thomas
Duval, Philip
Duval, Jane
Duvey, Louisa M
Duvey, Anne L
Duvey, Anne
Duvey, Louisa
Dymond, Jessie
e Cocq, Agnes
Eastwood, Edith J
Eastwood, Henry
Eastwood, Maud
Eastwood, Edith
Edgar, Charles
Edgar, Francis
Egland, Henry
Egland, H
Elford, Maggie
Ellett, Matilda
Ellis, Walter
Ellis, Louisa
England, Alfred
England, Willie
Ereaut, George
Ereaut, R
Esnouf, John
Etiemble, Francis
Ewens, Matilda
Fahey, Elizabeth
Fahey, Bridget
Fahey, Mary Ann
Fahey, Helena
Falle, G
Falle, Henry
Falle, Ellen
Farley, James P
Farley, Anne J
Farley, John W
Farley, Anne
Farrel, William
Farrell, William
Fasson, H
Fearon, William
Fearon, Theodore
Ferrant, Eugene
Ferrant, John
Ferrant, Elizabeth
Filleul, Lizzie
Filleul, Amelia
Filleul, Matilda
Finch, George
Fisher, E
Fisher, Charles
Fisher, Walter
Fisher, C
Fisher, John
Fitch, Arthur
Fitzgerald, James
Fitzgerald, Thomas
Flannigan, Daniel
Fleury, Charlotte
Flinn, Michael
Florence, Charles
Folley, Elizabeth
Foney, Elizabeth
Fontaine, Henry
Fontaine, G
Forster, Louisa
Fowler, Robert
Fowler, Alice
Fowler, Mary
Fowler, R
Fowler, Ida
Fowler, C
Fox, Walter
Fox, George
Fox, Charles
Fox, Ada Florence
Fox, Mabel
Francis, Manley
Francis, Louisa
Frost, Annie
Fullam, Harold
Furzer, Edward
Gale, Charles
Gale, Sophia
Gale, Beatrice M
Gale, Ernest E
Gallichan, Philip
Gallichan, Florence
Gallichan, Malvina
Gallichan, Ada
Gallichan, Laura
Gallichan, T
Gallichan, Charles
Gallichan, C
Gallichan, William
Gallichan , Eliza
Gallie, Edward
Gallie, Albert
Gallie, George
Gallienne, Elizabeth
Gallienne, Albert
Gallienne, Francis
Gallop, Caroline
Galodé, Philip
Galpin, Alfred
Gardiole, John
Gardiole, Daniel
Gardner, Gertrude
Garland, George
Garnier, Thomas
Garnier, T
Gasnier, Alice
Gaudin, Philip
Gaudin, Adela
Gaudin, Alfred
Gaudin, Edward
Gaudin, Florence
Gaudion, John
Gavey, Alfred
Gavey, Edward
Gee, Alfred
Gellender, George
Gellender, E
Gellender, G
Germain, Eva
Gibbons, Gertrude
Gibbs, Charles
Giffard, J
Giffard, Drucilla
Giffard, Mary
Gilbert, George
Gilbert, Thomas
Gilbert, Marie
Gillard, John
Gilley, Samuel
Gilley, William
Gilley, Agnes
Gilmore, George
Godden, Albert
Godden, Eva
Godfray, Ruth
Godfray, Edward
Godfray, Harriet
Godfray, Elizabeth Fanny
Godfray, Francis
Gold, Alfred
Gold, Jemina
Goode, Ernest
Goode, Amy
Gosling, Joseph
Gosling, Elizabeth
Goss, Rosa
Gosselin, Cora
Gouffine, Mary Ann
Gouffiney, Alice
Grant, William
Grant, Mary
Gray, William
Gray, John
Gray, Richard
Gray, Tony
Gray, Charles
Gray, Harry
Gray, Anthony
Green, Louisa
Grey, F
Grey, Clara
Grey, Harry
Grey, A
Griffon, Marie
Grout, Thomas
Gruchy, Anna
Gruchy, Ernest John
Gruchy, Philip
Gruchy, Marie Therese
Guilliard, Francis
Guilliard, Lydia
Guilliard, Louisa
Guillou, Philip
Guillou, Charles
Gulliford, Eleanor
Gunney, Alfred
Gunney, Cecelia
Gunney, Walter
Gunton, Augusta
Gunton, Lucy
Gunton, Edith
Gunton, Annie
Gunton, Jessie
Gunton, Lydia
Gunton, Hannah
Guppy, William
Gurd, Mary
Hackin, Henrietta
Hacquoil, Adolphus
Hacquoil, Laura
Hacquoil, Mary A
Hacquoil, Walter
Hacquoil, George
Hacquoil, Adolphin
Hacquoil, Alfred
Hacquoil, Philip
Hake, Arthur
Hake, William
Hake, Maria
Hall, Sydney
Hallot, E
Hamon, James
Hamon, Jane
Hamon, Florence
Hamon, Alfred
Harben, Raymond
Harben, Sydney
Harben, Samuel
Harby, Edward
Harby, R
Harding, Victorine
Harding, Sophia Mary
Harnett, Edward
Harnett, Henry
Harris, Emma
Harris, Elizabeth
Harvey, William
Harwood, John
Healy, John
Hennequin, Alice
Hennequin, Annie
Hennequin, John
Hennessey, Bridget
Henry, James
Henry, Philip
Henwood, Charles
Hepburn, Frank
Hepburn, F
Hescott, William
Hescott, Henry
Hill, R
Hill, Alice
Hill, Maud
Hine, Arthur
Hitchings, Emily
Hoare, Annie
Hocquard, Philip
Hocquard, S
Hocquard, P
Hogan, Thomas
Holden, Frederick
Holder, Alice
Holland, Fanny
Hollez, Elvina
Hollez, Edward
Holmes, Charles
Holmes, John
Holmes, Alice
Homan, Jane A
Honeycombe, John
Honeycombe, Samuel
Honeycombe, Eva
Hooper, Ada Elizabeth
Horn, William
Horn, Sarah
Horn, George
Horsburgh, Grace
Hosking, Sarah
Hounshaw, Caroline
Houssel, Alice
Houssel, Mary
Hubert, Alfred H
Hubert, Alfred
Hubert, Adolphus
Hubert, C
Hubert, Elizabeth
Hubert, Alice J
Hubert, Philip
Hubert, Elena
Hubert, John H
Hubert, Julia J
Hubert, Rachel
Hubert, Charles
Hubert, Adelaide
Hubert, Elie
Hublin, John
Hublin, Alice
Huelin, Mary Jane
Huelin, Louisa
Huelin, William
Huelin, E
Huelin, W
Huelin, Philip J
Huham, Maud
Humby, G
Hunt, Elizabeth
Hunt, Bessie
Hunt, Alfred Edward
Hunt, A
Hurley, John
Hurley, George
Hurley, G
Hurst, Ada Alice
Husk, H
Husk, Eliza
Husk, George
Huson, Hilda
Hutchings, Louisa
Hyne, F
Hyne, Ambrose
Iggulden, W
Ingram, Alan
Ingram, Walter
Ingram, Florence
Ingram, Dora
Isherwood, Richard
Isherwood, Samuel
Isherwood, John
Isherwood, Walter
Isherwood, Henry
Isherwood, Grace
Isherwood, Matilda
Jackman, Albert Askey
Jackman, Henry
Jackman, Albert
James, Thomas
Janvrin, William
Janvrin, George
Jarvie, Frank
Jarvie, Jessie
Jean, William
Jean, Jane
Jean, Philip
Jean, John
Jean, Alice J
Jean, Charles
Jeffreys, Sophia
Jeffreys, James
Jeffreys, Thomas
Jeffries, Arthur
Jeffries, Amy
Jeffries, Miriam
Jeune, Helena
Jobson, Thomas
Jobson, T
Johnson, Ada
Johnson, Louisa
Joll, Charles
Jones, Herbert
Jones, Amelia
Jordan, James
Jordan, Elise
Jordan, Sarah
Joste, Mary
Journeaux, Edward
Journeaux, Francis
Journeaux, Edwin
Journeaux, Florence
Keeping, Eleonora
Keeping, Maude
Keeping, Eleanor
Kegan, Clarice
Kegan, Selina
Kehoe, Caroline
Kehoe, Thomas
Kelland, William
Kelland, D
Kelland, David
Kellaway, Henry
Kellaway, Lily
Kellaway, William
Kelly, Annie
Kenealy, John
Kessell, Florence
Killick, Charles
Killick, John
Killmister, Lydia
Kitcher, William
Knight, John
Knight, James
Knight, J
Kymish, James
Kymish, Esther
La Cote, Louis
La Cote, Ernest
La Folley, Joseph
La Marche, Alfred
La Motte, Philip
La Motte, Eleanor
Labey, Ernest
Labey, Thomas
Labey, Philip
Laffoley, A
Laffoley, Emily
Lafolley, Alice
Lake, Lelia
Lakeman, Ellen
Lamberton, Elizabeth
L'Amy, Matilda
Landais, Mary
Landle, Francis
Lane, Charles
Lane, Malcolm
Langford, Mary J
Langford, Henry
Langford, Albert
Langler, Alfred Hanibal
Langler, Edith
Langlois, Selina
Langlois, John
Langlois, Elizabeth
Langois, Lotty
Larcombe, M
Larcombe, A
Laurens, John
Laurens, Frederick
Laurens, John E
Laventure, A
Laventure, Ida
Le Blancq, Alice
Le Blancq, Philip
Le Blancq, J
Le Boutillier, John
Le Boutillier, Alfred
Le Boutillier, Thomas
Le Boutillier, George
Le Boutillier, Mary
Le Boutillier, Elias
Le Boutillier, W
Le Boutillier, Alice E
Le Boutillier, Albert
Le Brees, Angelina
Le Breton, Thomas
Le Breton, Albert
Le Breton, Edwin
Le Breton, Louisa
Le Breton, Alice
Le Breton, Walter
Le Breton, Philip
Le Breton, Henry
Le Breton, W
Le Breton, F
Le Breton, Alfred
Le Breton, Georgina
Le Breton, William
Le Brocq, Charles
Le Brocq, Annie
Le Brocq, Emma
Le Brocq, Eliza
Le Brocq, Philip
Le Brocq, Elize
Le Brocq, Francis
Le Brocq, Albert
Le Brocq, John
Le Brun, Alice
Le Brun, Ella
Le Brun, Walter
Le Brun, Francis
Le Brun, John
Le Brun, Bella
Le Brun, Philip J W
Le Brun, Joseph
Le Brun, James
Le Caplin, Emily
Le Cappelain, John
Le Cocq, Arthur
Le Cocq, Alfred
Le Cocq, Maria
Le Cornu, Anna
Le Cornu, Susan
Le Cornu, Elias
Le Cornu, Alfred
Le Cornu, Edward
Le Cornu, Nicholas
Le Cornu, Lizzy
Le Cornu, Adelina
Le Cornu, Lizzie
Le Corps, Louis
Le Couillard, Maria
Le Couteur, Thomas
Le Couteur, Susanna
Le Couteur, Alfred
Le Couteur, George
Le Cras, Alice E
Le Cras, Louisa
Le Cras, Philip
Le Cras, Godfray
Le Cras, Charles
Le Cras, Ada
Le Dain, E
Le Droit, John
Le Droit, Mary
Le Feuvre, Lydia
Le Feuvre, George
Le Feuvre, Eliza
Le Feuvre, Amelia
Le Feuvre, Francis V
Le Feuvre, Alice
Le Feuvre, Philip
Le Feuvre, Edith
Le Feuvre, Gertrude
Le Feuvre, Edward
Le Feuvre, Frank
Le Francais, Arthur
Le Francais, John
Le Gallais, Annie
Le Gallais, M
Le Gallais, A
Le Gallais, M A
Le Gallais, Ann
Le Gallais, N
Le Geyt, George
Le Geyt, William
Le Geyt, Mary Ann
Le Grand, John
Le Gresley, Daisy
Le Gresley, John
Le Gresley, Mary
Le Gresley, Lizzie
Le Gresley, Elizabeth
Le Gresley, Philip
Le Gresley, Alice
Le Gresley, Maude
Le Gresley, Bessie
Le Gresley, Laura
Le Gresley, Blanche
Le Gresley, Ernest
Le Gresley, Kate
Le Gros, Ada
Le Gros, Alfred
Le Gros, Walter
Le Gros, Charles
Le Gros, J
Le Hardy, A
Le Huquet, Louisa
Le Huquet, Walter
Le Lievre, Isaac
Le Lievre, Abraham
Le Lievre, Walter
Le Lievre, Albert
Le Lievre, Emily
Le Lievre, Caroline
Le Maistre, P
Le Maistre, Philip
Le Maistre, Philip Albert
Le Maistre, Mary
Le Maistre, Alice
Le Maistre, Hannah
Le Manquaise, Joseph
Le Marchand, G
Le Marchand, Maud
Le Marinel,  
Le Marinel, Charles
Le Marinel, John
Le Marquand, Edward
Le Marquand, Winter
Le Marquand, Walter
Le Marquand, Ernest
Le Marquand, Sarah
Le Marquand, Eliza
Le Marquand, Albert
Le Marquand, Alice
Le Marquand, Amelia
Le Masurier, Philip
Le Masurier, Annie
Le Masurier, Louis
Le Moignan, Anna
Le Moignan, John
Le Moignan, Mary J
Le Moignard, Alice
Le Moine, Ernest
Le Moine, Adeline
Le Monier, Lydia
Le Monnier, Lydia
Le Montais, John
Le Montais, Ellen
Le Montais, Elizabeth
Le Mottee, Annie
Le Mottee, Harriet
Le Mottée, Ann
Le Mottee, Herbert
Le Mottee, Walter
Le Mottee, Clarence
Le Mottee, Francis W
Le Mottee, Frank
Le Pelley, Clementine
Le Pelley, Ernestine
Le Piez, Ann
Le Piez, Catherine
Le Quellenec, Maria
Le Quesne, Alfred
Le Riche, Ada
Le Riche, G
Le Riche, Philip
Le Riche, Frank
Le Riche, Elizabeth
Le Riche, Aline
Le Riche, Susan
Le Riche, P
Le Rossignol, G
Le Rossignol, Emma
Le Rouley, Thomas
Le Roux, Henry
Le Roux, Marie
Le Ruez, Mary
Le Scelleur, Philip
Le Scelleur, Frank
Le Scelleur, Nelly
Le Selleur, Henry
Le Selleur, H
Le Sueur, Charles
Le Sueur, Walter
Le Sueur, Henry
Le Sueur, William
Le Sueur, Emmeline
Le Sueur, William J
Le Sueur, John
Le Sueur, Susan
Le Sueur, J
Le Sueur, Tom C
Le Sueur, Philip
Le Sueur, H
Le Sueur, W
Le Sueur, A
Le Sueur, Alma
Le Templier, P
Le Templier, C
Le Templier, James
Le Templier, Mary
Le Templier, J
Le Touchais, Albert
Le Vesconte, Annie
Leach, Mary
Leach, Aggie
Leach, Susan
League, W John
LeCornu, Edward
Ledwich, James
Legg, Thomas
Legg, William
Legg, Eliza
Legg, Elizabeth
Legg, Edward
Lempriere, Mabel
Lempriere, Mary J
Lempriere, Elizabeth
Lempriere, Walter
Lemprière, John
Lempriere, Laura
Leonard, George B
Lesbirel, Alfred
Lihou, Charlotte
Lihou, Jane
Lihou, Frank
Lilabury, Ada
Lincoln, Alice
Linnon, Michael
Linthorn, Elizabeth
Linthorn, Margaret
Linthorn, Lucy
Liot, George M
Liot, Frank
Liot, Anne E
Liot, George
Liot, Anne
Lock, Jessie
Lock, Ellen
Locke, Maria
Lockwood, Frederick
Lofthouse, James
Louise, Marce
Louise, Anne
Lovell, George
Lozuet, John
Lucas, Adolphus
Lucas, Walter C
Lucas, Walter
Lucas, James
Lucas, Hilda
Lucas, John
Lucas, Eliza
Luce, Alvina
Luce, Ernest
Luce, Philip John
Luce, Philip Edward
Luce, Henry
Luce, Philip
Luce, Mary C
Luce, Adolphus P R
Luce, Mary
Luce, Adolphus
Luce, Florence
Luce , Florence M
Luckarift, Mary
Luckarift, Emily
Luckarift, Augusta
Luckarift, Anne
Luxton, George
Luxton, John
Lyburn, Edith
MacKenney, J
Macready, Clara
Macready, Lily
Macready, Florence
Macready, Earnest
Mahoney, George
Maine, Frederick James
C.T. Maine Ltd
Malicet, Melanie
Mallet, Charles M
Mallet, Matilda
Mallet, Malvina
Mallet, John
Mallet, Florence
Mallett, A
Mallett, W
Mallett, Charles M
Malready, John
Malzard, George
Malzard, Alfred
Malzard, Philip
Malzard, Elizabeth
Manley, Francis
Manning, Herbert
Manning, William
Marett, Charles
Marett, J
Marett, George
Marett, Philip
Marett, C
Marie, Louise
Marie, Philip
Marle, Henry
Marquand, Walter
Marquand, Albert
Marrett, Alfred
Marrett, T
Marrie, Ada
Marsh, Charles
Marshall, Ernest
Marsoin, Jean
Martin, Elizabeth
Martin, Mary
Martin, Lydia
Martin, James
Martin, John
Martin, Peter
Mash, Philip
Mashe, Annie
Masurier, Mary
Matthews, Edith
Matthews, A
Matthews, Arthur
Mauger, Alice
Mauger, Edward
Mauger, Ann
Mauger, William W
Mauger, John
May, Frederick
May, Eloira
Mayo, Thomas
Mayo, G
McAllen, Henry
McDermott, D
McDermott, Annie
Mcdermott, John
McDonald, William
McFadyen, Arthur
McFayden, Thomas
McKenney, Eleanor
McKenniey, Eleanor
McPherson, Owen
Medland, Charles
Meech, Emily
Mesney, James
Mesny, James
Mesny, Rodney
Mesny, Mary Ann
Mesny, Thomas
Messervy, W
Metherell, Lucy
Metherell, Elizabeth
Midgeley, John
Mignot, Adelaide
Miller, Frederick
Miller, R
Miller, John E
Miller, John
Millon, Mary Ann
Millow, Alice
Moignard, Lionel
Moignard, James
Moignard, Philip
Mollet, Touzel
Mollet, Arthur
Mollet, Willie
Mollet, Emily
Mollett, Touzel
Morley, William
Morris, Stephen
Morris, John
Morris, Alfred
Mortram, Henry
Moses, Ernest
Moses, Henry
Moses, Ada
Mountain, Thomas
Mountain, James
Mountaine, Thomas
Mourant, William
Mourant, Eva
Mourant, Eliza
Mourant, John
Mourant, Clara
Mourant, Hester
Moyes, Alfred
Moyes, Florence
Moyes, Louisa
Moyse, William
Moyse, Charles
Moyse, Ada
Moyse, John
Moyse, George
Moyse, Florence
Moyse, Isabella
Mulleray, Alfred
Mullins, Thomas
Murphy, John
Murray, William C
Mutton, William
Mutton, Francis
Mutton, Alice
Naylor, Eliza
Neale, Thomas
Neil, Eleanor
Neil, Priscilla
Neil, Ada
Newman, Henry
Nicholas, Harry
Nicolle, Alice Matilda
Nicolle, Charles
Nicolle, C
Nicolle, Amelia
Nicolle, Mary J
Nicolle, William
Nicolle, Alice
Nicolle, Albert
Nicolle, Henry
Noel, Alicia
Noel, Mary
Noel, John
Noel, Mary J
Nolais, Abraham
Norman, Eliza
Norris, Alice
Norris, Sydney
Nursey, Charles
O'Brien, James
O'Connor, Elizabeth
O'Connor, Kate
Oldridge, E
Oldridge, William
Oliver, Harry
Oliver, Cyril
Olliver, Henrietta
Osment, Amelia
Oxford, Alvina
Pallot, Annie
Pallot, John
Pallot, Jane
Pallot, Maria
Palmer, Henry
Palmer, Charles
Parker, Agnes
Parker, Maud
Parker, Charles
Patch, Edward
Patch, Sydney
Paul, John William C
Paul, Amy
Paul, George
Paul, William
Payn, George
Payn, Esther
Payn, John
Payne, Eliza
Payne, Eugenie
Pellow, Eliza R
Penny, Mary Ann
Penny, Alice
Pepprell, Eliza
Perchard, Eleanor
Perchard, Delia
Perham, Henry
Perkins, Alice
Perkins, Henry
Perree, J
Perrée, Philip
Perree, Jane
Perree, P
Perry, Ellen
Peterson, Phoebe
Petit, Alice
Phillips, Alice
Picot, Frank
Picot, Philip
Picot , Charles
Picot , Adelaide C A A
Picot , Adelaide
Pigeon, Sophia
Pigeon, Annie
Pigeon, Joseph
Pigeon, Francis
Pincheon, Michael
Pincheon, Alice
Pinel, Ellen
Pinel, John
Pinel, Philip
Pinel, Alice
Pirouet, Amelia S
Pirouet, Mary Ann
Pitman, Emma
Pitman, Elvina
Pluck, Francis
Podger, Charles
Podger, Amelia
Podger, Edith
Podger, Albert
Poingdestre, Philip
Poingdestre, Elias
Pool, George
Pool, James
Poole, Henry
Poole, Lizzie
Poole, Clara
Poole, Elizabeth
Poole, Thomas
Powell, Carlotta
Powell, Charles
Price, Thomas
Price, Louisa
Price, Rosa
Prigg, Tabitha
Prigg, Ruth
Prigg, Jabez
Prigg, John
Prigg, Tabez
Prigg, Maria E
Prouings, Rosa
Prouings, Ellen
Purkiss, Frederick
Purkiss, Annie
Quant, William
Queen, Annie
Quenault, Thomas
Queree, Theodore
Querée, Abraham
Quérée, Charles
Quesnel, Queenie
Raffray, Arthur
Raffray, Durell
Ralph, William
Ramie, Elizabeth
Randall, Annie B
Randall, John
Randall, J
Randle, Edith
Rattenbury, Emily
Rattenbury, Ernest
Rattenbury, William
Rault, James
Reed, William
Reed, Robert
Regnier, Walter
Regnier, Louisa
Regnier, Mary
Remon, Alfred
Remon, John J
Renouard, Louisa
Renouf, Sidney
Renouf, Winter
Renouf, John
Renouf, Edward
Renouf, William
Renouf, E
Renouf, W
Renouf, Walter
Renouf, James
Renouf, Annie
Renouf, Jane
Renouf, Ada
Renouf, Alfred
Renouf, J
Renouf, Margaret
Renouf, Thomas G
Renouf, Elizabeth
Renouf, George
Renouf, Thomas
Renouf, Charles
Renouf, C
Renouf, Mary Alice
Renyard, Ernest
Repper, Charles
Repper, Florence
Repper, Edith
Rice, T
Richard, Adolphe
Richards, William
Richards, Jessie
Richards, Joseph
Richards, Mary
Richards, Lena
Richards, Eliza
Richardson, J
Richardson, Philip
Richardson, H
Richardson, Alfred
Richardson, John
Richardson, Humphrey
Richmond, Arthur
Riley, William
Riley, Elvina
Rive, Herbert
Rive, Alice
Rive, Louisa
Rive, Clara
Rive, Philip
Rive, John
Rive , John H
Roberts, Alice
Roberts, James
Roberts, Edwin
Robinson, Miriam
Robinson, Henry
Robrough, Eliza
Robrough, Emma
Roche, Laura
Roche, Michael
Roche, Kate
Roche, Joanna
Rodda, Mary
Rogers, Andrew
Rogers, Annie
Rogers, C
Roland, John
Romeril, Charles
Romeril, Alice
Romeril, Alfred
Romeril, Annie
Romeril, George A
Romeril, George
Romsey, Charles
Rondel, Annie
Rondel, C
Rondel, Clara
Rondell, Annie
Rory, Sophia
Rougier, Alexis
Rougier, Marie
Rouland, Elvina
Rouland, Oliver
Rowcliffe, William
Rowcliffe, John
Rowe, John
Rowe, James
Rowe, Adelaide M
Rowe, Amy
Rowe, Sarah
Rowe, Willie
Rowe, Louisa
Rowe, Anna
Rowland, John
Rowland, Ada
Rowlands, William
Roy, Philip John
Rumsey, W
Rundle, H
Ruse, Emma Jane
Ryan, Thomas
Ryan, Daniel
Ryan, Joanna
Ryan, Mary Ann
Sadler, William
Sadler, Matilda
Sallai, P
Sallai, J
Sallai, Philip
Saltern, Albert
Sanders, Ellen
Sanders, Ada
Saxby, Mary Ann
Scarborough, O
Scriven, A
Scrivens, Emma
Scrivens, Alice
Scrivens, Minnie
Seager, Mary A
Seager, James
Seale, Daniel
Seale, Emma
Sebire, George
Sebire, Fanny
Selina, Boivin
Shackell, Alfred
Sharland, Charles
Sharland, Walter
Sharpe, Annie
Sharpe, William
Shepard, Henry
Shephard, Henry
Shepherd, Samuel
Sherry, John
Simmons, Eleanor
Simmons, Henrietta
Simmons, Alice
Simmons, William
Simon, C
Simonne, E
Simpson, Isabella
Sinclair, William
Sinclair, Emily
Sinclair, Florence
Sinel, Francis
Single, Stanley
Single, Percy
Sinnatt, Herbert
Skelton, Mabel
Slader, Rosa
Sleep, Arthur
Slous, Alfred
Smith, Frederick
Smith, Walter
Smith, Francis
Smith, Mary A
Smith, Agnes
Smith, Henry B
Smith, Alfred
Smith, Eliza
Smith, George F
Smith, G
Smith, Charlotte
Smith, Mary
Smith, Cicely
Smith, John
Smith, Clarence
Snell, William
Sollit, George
Sollit, Harriet
Sollit, Louisa
Sonnen, Martin
Soper, Emma
Sout, Florence
Sout, Edward
Spanner, Clara
Spencer, Grace
Stansbury, Francis
Stansbury, Ellen
Stansbury, Alice
Starck, Philip
Starck, William
Starck, Emily
Statt, Matilda
Stevens, J
Stone, Susan
Stone, Edward
Stone, William
Stone, Louisa
Stoneman, George
Stoodley, Jane
Stoodley, Alice
Stretchley, Alice
Studley, Walter
Sullivan, Edward
Sullivan, Louisa
Sullivan, Emily
Sullivan, Amelia
Sullivan, Jeremy
Suret, Philip
Syburn, Edith
Symons, Thomas
Symons, Anne
Syvret, Francis
Syvret, John
Syvret, Georgina
Syvret, Elvina
Syvret, Adolphus
Syvret, Anna
Syvret, Charles
Tabb, Charles
Tall, Georgina
Tangui, Alfred
Tangui, W
Taylor, Jane
Terry, Florence
Terry, Harriet
Thatcher, William
Thomas, Charles
Thomas, E
Thomas, Ernest
Thomas, Philip
Thoualt, Francis
Thoualth, William
Tibbles, J
Tibbles, Lily
Tierney, James
Tite, Elizabeth
Tomes, James
Tostevin, Charles
Tostevin, John
Tostevin, James
Tostevin, Mary A
Tostevin, Mary Ann
Touzel, F
Toy, Frederick
Tredant, Emily
Tregear, Catherine Mary
Trenchard, Harry
Trenchard, James
Trigell, Charles
Trowbridge, S
Trowbridge, Alice
Trowbridge, Florence
Truscott, James
Tucker, Alfred
Tucker, Louisa
Tucker, Selina
Tuguron, Emma
Turgis, Florence
Turner, Fanny
Turner, George P
Turpin, William G
Turpin, William
Vael, Frederick
Vail, John
Vail, James
Varcoe, Mary Ann
Varcoe, Annie
Varcoe, Helena
Vardon, Elise
Vardon, Lizzie
Vardon, Henry
Vardon, Edward
Vautier, Thomas Elias Cabot
Vautier, John
Vautier, Francis
Vautier, Philip
Vautier, Edward
Vautier, Mary A
Vautier, Jane
Vautier, Agnes
Venner, Lilian
Venner, Florence
Venner, Ernest
Vibert, John
Vibert, Maria
Vibert, George
Vibert, Ada
Vibert, Elizabeth
Vibert, Clara
Vibert, Henry
Vibert, Philip
Vibert, Francis
Vibert, Alfred
Vibert, Walter J
Vibert, Philippe
Vickers, John
Viel, Louisa
Viel, Alice
Viel, Charles
Viel, Walter
Vilton, Charlotte
Vilton, Annie
Vincent, Clara
Vincent, Penelope
Vincent, Philip
Vincent, Alice
Voisin, Walter
Waddington, George
Wadge, Robert
Walbridge, Eliza
Walbridge, Bessie
Walker, Frederick James
Walker, Frederick
Wallace, Annie
Wallace, Emma
Wallen, John Edw Briard
Ward, Alfred
Ward, Alice
Wardley, William
Wardley, Thomas
Wardley, Fanny
Warren, Ernest
Warren, James
Warren, George
Waters, Ann
Watton, Francis
Watts, James
Watts, Henry
Watts, George
Watts, William
Waugh, W
Waugh, Kate
Wavell, Charles
Wavell, Joseph
Way, Edith
Way, Edwin
Way, Sydney M
Way, Alfred J
Way, Sydney
Way, Alfred
Webb, Anne
Webbe, Anne
Webber, William
Webber, Ernest
Webber, Charles
Webber, George A
Webber, James
Webber, Lizzie
Webber, Anna
Webber, Elizabeth
Welch, George
Weller, Thomas
Welsh, Thomas
Welsh, Patrick
Welsh, Michael
Wetheral, Arthur
Wetheral, Joseph
Wetherell, George
Wetherell, Frederick
Wheeler, James
Wheeler, John
Wheeler, Eliza
Whelan, Edward
Whelan, John
Wherry, Joseph
Whettingstall, Charles
Whey, George
White, Mary Ann
White, Moses
White, Mary A
White, Eliza
White, William
Wilbeck, Francis
Wilkinson, W
Wilkinson, Henry
Wilkinson, Walter
Williams, James
Witts, John
Witts, J
Wood, Elizabeth
Woonton, Ada
Words, Albert
Wyatt, Mary
Le Feuvre, Eliza
Keywords Schools | Education
Places Jersey
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File


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