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Annual Returns from Individual Schools. Numbers and names of children, attendance, summary of inspectors reports, accounts, examination results and names of teachers. For the following schools, St Paul's National school, St Luke's Church of England school, St Ouen's Parochial school, St Mark's National school, Gouray National school, Jersey National school, St Ouen's Wesleyan school, St Peter's National school, St Saviour's National school, St James' National school, St Simon's Church of England school, St Matthew Mixed Elementary school, Jersey Gouray Hilgrove Endowed school, Jersey Trinity Parochial school, St Helier's Ragged school, St Helier's Wesleyan school, St Martin's Rozel School, St Brelade's Parochial school, St Mary and St Peters' Roman Catholic school, Grouville Central school, Trinity Parochial school

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Reference D/J/A/6
Date 1881
Names St Paul's National School
St Luke's Church of England School
St Ouen's Parochial School
St Mark's National School
Gouray National School
Jersey National School
St Ouen's Wesleyan School
St Peter's National School
St Saviour's National School
St James' National School
St Simon's Church of England School
St Matthew's Mixed Elementary School
Gouray Hilgrove Endowed school
Jersey Trinity Parochial School
St Helier's Ragged School
St Helier Wesleyan school
St Brelade's Parochial School
St Martin's Rozel School
St Mary and St Peter Roman Catholic School
Grouville Central School
Trinity Parochial school
Abbott, Alice
Acourt, Henry D
Adams, Albert
Agnes, John
Ahearne, Maurice
Ahier, Selina
Ahier, Alice
Ahier, Albert E
Ahier, Philip C
Ahier, John
Ahier, William A
Ahier, Sydney S
Ahier, Philip
Ahier, Sydney
Ahier, Edith
Ahier, Henry
Alexandre, Mary Ann
Alexandre, Eliza
Alexandre, Elizabeth
Alexandre, Mary J
Alexandre, Mary Jane
Alexandre, Alice
Alger, George
Alger, Alice
Alger, Mary Ann
Alger, Rosa
Alger, Winnie
Alger, Theodore
Allen, William
Allen, George
Allisett, Frank
Allisette, Sarah
Allisette, Lily
Amy, John
Amy, Bertha
Amy, Harriet
Amy, Mary
Amy, Mary A
Amy, Ernest
Andre, Malvina
Andre, Eugene
Andrews, Charles
Andrews, Sydney
Andrews, Frank
Andrews, Mary
Angel, James
Angel, Bartley
Angell, James
Anley, Alice
Anley, Harriet
Anson, Hilda
Anthony, Henry G
Arcourt, Joseph
Arms, Charlotte
Arms, Benjamin
Arnold, Edwin
Arnold, Edgar
Arnold, Edmund
Arnold, Martin
Arnold, Lily
Arrowsmith, Charles
Arrowsmith, Georgina
Arrowsmith, Christopher
Arrowsmith, Cr
Arrowsmith, George
Arrowsmith, Alfred
Arrowsmith, J
Arrowsmith, A
Arrowsmith, Albert
Arthur, Lily
Arthur, Walter
Arthur, Francis
Ashelford, Charles
Ashelford, J
Ashelford, Thomas
Ashley, Alice
Asplet, Edmund J
Asplet, Jane
Asplet, Laura
Aubert, Philip
Aubin, Lily
Aubin, George
Aubin, Peter
Aubin, Clara
Aushen, Jane
Averty, George
Avery, George
Aveson, Emma
Aveson, Annie
Bailey, Alfred
Bailey, William
Bailey, Walter
Bailey, Laura
Bailey, Emily
Bailey, Ellen
Baker, Gertrude
Baker, Robert
Baker, Francis
Baker, Allan
Baker, Maud
Baker, Eliza
Baker, Mary
Baker, Harry Erith
Baker, Adolphus
Baker, Mabel
Baker, Agnes
Baker, Arthur
Baker, Beatrice
Baker, Peter
Baker, Susan
Baker, Matilda
Baker, Esther
Ball, Alfred
Ball, Edward
Ball, Charles
Balleine, Percy
Balleine, Walter
Ballin, Jules
Balline, Jules
Banks, Henry
Banks, Thomas
Bantoft, Rosina
Bantoft, Selina
Barnes, James
Barnes, Annie
Barnes, Florence
Baron, Josephine
Bartlett, George
Bartlett, G
Barton, Samuel
Barton, Laura
Barton, Edith
Bastard, Yve
Batchelor, Emma
Batchelor, Jane
Bates, John
Bates, Frank
Battel, Elizabeth
Battern, George
Baudains, Joshua
Baudains, Harriet
Baudains, Annie
Baudains, Francis
Baudet, Anne
Beaucamp, Louis
Beaucamp, Charles
Beaucamp, Nora
Beaucamp, Mary
Beaucamp, Amy
Beaucamp, Florence
Beauchamp, Ada
Beaucoup, William
Beaudet, John
Beaudet, Ann
Beaugard, W
Beaugie, Annie
Beaugie, Louisa
Beaugie, Henry
Beaugie, Harriet
Beaugie, Thomas
Beaugie, Hrs
Beaugie, H
Beauje, Adolphus
Bechelet, Alfred
Bechelet, Elizabeth
Beck, John
Beck, Samuel
Beck, Ethel
Beck, Elvina
Beck, Walter
Beckford, Fred
Beckford, Charles
Bedel, Isabella
Bedel, Emma
Bedel, Bella
Benest, John
Benest, Philip
Benest, Clementine
Benest, Frederick
Benham, Alice
Benham, Florrie
Benham, Florence
Benham, E
Bennett, Ellen
Bertram, John
Bertram, Clara
Bertram, Ada
Bertram, Charles
Bertram, Linda
Bertram, George
Bertram, Mary
Bertram, Edward
Bertram , John
Besnard, Adele
Best, Edmund
Biddle, William
Biddle, Maud
Biddle, Fanny
Biddlecombe, John
Biggs, William
Biggs, Alice
Biggs, Alfred
Bird, Louisa
Bird, Florence
Bird, Charles
Bird, Edward
Bird, John George
Bird, Harriet
Bisson, George
Bisson, Georgina
Bisson, Emily
Bisson, Charles
Bisson, G
Bisson, C
Bisson, Edward J
Bisson, Francis
Bisson, Edward P
Bisson, Elizabeth
Bisson, J
Bisson, John
Blake, Philip
Blampied, Mary A
Blampied, Mary Ann
Blampied, George
Blampied, Thomas
Blampied, Arthur
Blampied, Charles
Blampied, Philip
Blampied, Mary
Blandimour, Blane
Boielle, Edward
Boitin, Selina
Boomer, George William
Bossy, Hedley
Bossy, Alfred
Boswell, Nehemia
Boswell, A
Boswell, Nehemiah
Boswell, Arthur
Boubier, Frank
Boubier, Alice
Bouchard, Nicholas
Bouchere, Susan
Bouchere, John
Bouchere, Arthur
Bowden, Charles
Bowditch, George
Boyce, Ernest
Bragg, Richard
Brasford, Edward J
Brasford, Edward
Bray, Robert
Bree, Annie
Bree, Mary Ann
Brée, Elias
Bree, Mary
Brewer, John
Brewer, Alice
Brewer, John J
Brewer, Herbert
Brewer, Emily
Brewer, Kate
Brewer, John M
Briard, Anna
Bridle, Giffard
Bridle, Florence
Brine, John Charles
Brine, George
Briton, Jane
Britton, Alfred
Britton, Sydney
Britton, John
Bronssier, M A
Brooks, Walter
Brooks, Alfred
Broussier, Mary A
Brown, M
Brown, Florence
Brown, Ellen
Brown, John
Brown, Harry
Brown, Alice
Brown, Louisa
Brown, Elizabeth
Brown, Ernest
Brunker, Greg
Brunker, George
Bryant, Henry
Bryant, Annie
Bryant, Mary W
Buckley, John
Buckley, Edward
Buckley, Thomas
Buckrell, Frederick
Budden, Mary
Budden, Annie
Buesnel, John
Buesnel, Philip
Burgess, Alice
Burt, Edmund
Burt, Sarah Louisa
Burt, Edgar
Burt, Walter
Burt, William
Burt, Harry
Butler, James
Butler, Frederick
Cabeldu, Leah
Cabeldu, Annie
Cabledu, Francis
Cabot, George
Cabot, Charlotte
Cabot, Susan M
Cabot, William
Cabot, Louisa
Cabot, Grace
Cabot, Emile
Cabot, Thomas
Cabot, John
Cabot, Charles
Cabot, Philip
Cabot, Elias
Cabot, James
Cabot, Jane
Cacey, George F
Cahill, William John
Callanan, Eugene G
Cameron, James
Cameron, Margaret
Camiot, John
Campbell, Ada
Campbell, Kate
Campbell, Frank
Canivet, Francis
Canivet, Jessie
Canning, Arthur
Canning, Norman
Canut, Albert F
Caplin, Emily
Capon, Eugenie
Capon, Marie
Card, Jessie
Carney, Richard
Carney, Louisa
Carney, Alice
Carr, Lilian
Carr, Eliza
Carr, Fred
Carré, Philip
Carré, Anne
Carré, Helier
Carree, Walter
Carrel, Florence
Carrel, Ellen J
Carrel, Herbert
Carrel, Walter
Carrel, Charles
Carrel, Alice
Carrel, Bella
Carrel, Florrie
Carrel, Ernest
Carrel, Frederick
Carrigan, Michael
Carrol, Jane
Carter, Eleanor
Carter, Laura
Carter, Elizabeth Ann
Carter, Elizabeth A
Carter, Emily
Carter, Blanche
Carter, George
Carter, Gertrude
Carter, Bertha
Carter, Edna
Cassell, Kate
Cassell, Mary Ann
Cassell, William
Catt, Hannah
Catt, Fanny
Catt, Stephen
Catt, William
Catt, Frances
Catt, Elizabeth
Catt, Mary J
Cauchois, Georgina
Caulfield, Henry
Caunt, Albert Francis
Cavey, Elias
Cavey, E
Cavey, George F
Cavey, Charlotte
Cavey, Matthew E
Chaffe, Ellen
Chaffe, Clara
Chaffe, C
Champrey, Herbert
Chatel, Alice
Châtel, Louisa
Chatel, Jane
Chenal, Alfred
Chenal, Lucy
Chevalier, John
Chevalier, Lizzie
Chilcott, Alice
Ching, Anna
Ching, Martha
Ching, Lizzie
Ching, John
Ching, Elizabeth
Christopher, Sydney
Christopher, George
Christopher, Elizabeth
Churchill, Joseph
Clancy, Michael
Clark, Henry
Clark, Alice
Clark, Elizabeth
Clarke, Thomas
Clarke, Ada
Cleal, Augusta
Cockill, Alice
Coffey, George
Coffey, Joseph
Coles, Bertha
Coles, Kate
Collet, Ernest
Collett, Herbert
Collett, John
Collett, Charles
Collins, Henry
Collins, Lily J
Cond, Annie
Connor, Edward
Connor, John
Conolly, Kate
Coom, Edith
Coom, Eliza
Coom, Frederick
Coombs, Ralph
Coombs, Mabel
Coombs, Beatrice
Coombs, Lizzie
Coomes, Susan
Cooper, C D
Cooper, David C
Cooper, Ada
Cooper, Edward
Cooper, Henry
Cooper, Elias
Coppin, John
Corbau, William
Corbau, Frederick
Corbau, Arthur
Corbel, Philip
Corbin, William
Cordial, James
Cory, Walter
Cory, Florence
Cory, Martin
Cory, Frederick
Cory, Annie
Costard, James
Couch, William
Couper, Helena
Couper, Peter
Couper, P C
Couppey, Edward
Couppey, John
Cousins, Henry
Cousins, William H
Cousins, William
Coutanche, Charles
Coutanche, Alice
Coutanche, A
Coutanche, Ad
Coutanche, Albert
Coutanche, Edward
Coutanche, Francis
Coutanche, Ida
Coutanche, Ed
Coutanche, Philip J
Coutanche, Joshua J
Coutanche, Margaret
Coutanche, JAMES
Coutanche, John
Coutanche, J G
Coward, William
Coward, Samuel
Coward, Ellen
Cowley, Bertha
Cowley, Louisa
Cowley, Myra
Cowley, Emma
Cox, Alice
Cox, William
Crabb, Sarah
Crapp, Fanny
Crapp, Walter
Crapp, Charles
Crapp, C
Crill, Philip
Crimmins, Thomas
Crimmins, Denis
Croad, George
Croad, Jn A
Croad, Mary A
Crossman, Louisa
Crouch, Frederick
Crouch, Ada
Crouch, Emma
Cuirot, Henry
Cuirot, Alice
Cullonan, Michael
Cummings, Kate
Cummings, Margaret
Cummings, Ethel
Cummings, John
Cunningham, John
Cunningham, William
Cupp, Edith
Cutland, Grace
Cutland, Francis
Cutland, F
D`Authreau, Mary
Dacam, Alfred
Dacam, John
Dacam, Eleanor
Dacum, Arthur
Dalton, Julia
Dalton, James
Daniel, Laura
Daniel, Lucy
Daniel, Amelia
Daniel, William
Daniel, Alice
Darbey, Charles H D
Darcel, Frank
Darling, Kate
Darling, Alfred
Dart, John
Davey, Ellen
Davey, Joseph
Davey, Selina
Davey, Susan
Davey, Matilda
Davey, Adelaide
Davey, Henry
Davey, Emma
Davey, Isaac
Davey, William
Davey, Robert
Davey, Charles
David, Emile
Davidson, William
Davier, Mary Ann
Davies, Amelia
Davis, Winter
Davis, Jane
Davis, Vickers
Davis, Leopold
Davis, James
Davis, Adelaide
Davis, William
Daw, Walter T W
Daw, Walter Thomas
Dawe, Alice
Day, Anna
Day, Sophia
Dde La Perrelle, W
de Carteret, Alfred
de Carteret, Arthur
de Carteret, John
de Carteret, Henry
de Carteret, Harry
de Caux, Frederic
de Faye, George
de Gruchy, A C
de Gruchy, David
de Gruchy, Thomas
de Gruchy, Walter H
de Gruchy, Mabel
De Gruchy, Emma
De Gruchy, Walter
de Gruchy, James
de Gruchy, Ann
De Gruchy, Delicia
De Gruchy, Peter
de Gruchy, William
de Gruchy, Anne
de La Camp, Ernest
de La Camp, Daisy
de La Camp, E
de La Cour, Philip
de la Cour, William
de la Cour, John
de la Haye, Philip
de la Haye, George
De La Haye, Francis
De La Haye, John
de La Haye, L
de la Haye, Annie
de la Haye, Louisa
de La Lande, Charles
de la Lande, Louisa
de la Lande, L
de La Mare, Charles
De la Mare, Walter
de la Mare, John
ee La Mare, Norman
de La Mare, Nellie
de la Mare, Florence
de La Mare, Eva
de la Mare, Adolphus J T
de la Perrelle, W
de La Perrelle, John
de la Perrelle, Philip
De La Perrelle, J
De La Perrelle, P
de la Perrelle, Adèle
de la Perrelle, Janet
de St Croix, Ed
de St Croix, Francis C
de St Croix, Caroline
de St Croix, Frederick
de St Croix, Alfred
de st Croix, Bertram
de St Croix, George
De St Croix, Elizabeth
De St Croix, Alfred J
de St Croix, Philip
de St Croix, Ellen
de St Croix, Arthur
de St Paër, Charles
Dee, Robert
Dene, Ernest
Denman, Frank
Denton, Annie
Dethan, Arthur
Dimmick, John
Dingle, Henry
Dingle, William
Dolan, John
Dolbel , George W
Donovan, C
Donovan, Kate
Donovan, Thomas
Doras, Emma
Dorey, Walter E
Downer, James
Downer, Caroline
Drake, Edwin
Drake, Charlotte
Drake, Joseph
Drayton, Isabella
Drealaud, Adele
Drew, John
Drieu, George
Drieu, Julia
Driver, George
Drube, Henry
Drubé, Caroline
Druce, Arthur
Druce, Louisa
Druce, Alice
Druce, A
du Chemin, Alice
Du Feu, Francis
Du Feu, Louisa
Du Feu, Alice
du Feu, Anna
Du Feu, Hannah
du Feu, John
du Feu, W
du Feu, Walter
du Heaume, Julia
du Heaume, A
Du Heaume, Anna
Du Heaume, Janet
du Heaume, George
du Heaume, Frencis
du Heaume, John
du Parcq, Edward
du Parcq, E
du Val, Philip
Dubois, Emile
Duchemin, Alice
Duhamel, Philip
Duheaume, Alfred
Duheaume, Alice
Duheaume, A
Dumond, Georgina
Dunford, Julia
Dunford, Ada
Dupré, George
Dupré, Wilfred
Dupre, Wilfrid
Durner, Arthur
Durnes, Arthur
Duvey, Louisa M
Dymond, Jessie
Dyson, Richard
Dyson, Eva
Dyson, Emily
Dyson, Frederick L
Eastley, Louisa
Eastwood, Maude
Eastwood, M
Ecobichon, Alfred
Edgar, Alfred
Edgar, Charles
Edjar, Charles
Edsall, Henry
Eevens, Alice
Egland, Henry T
Egland, Henry
Ellis, Walter
Ellis, Louisa
Ellis, Ann
Ellis, Augusta
England, Bella
England, William
Enwright, John
Ereaut, R
Ereaux, Richard
Ereaux, George
Ereaux, Edith
Esnouf, John
Etasse, Philip
Etiemble, Francis
Eve, Alice
Eve, Charles
Everson, Won
Everson, Thomas
Ewilliams, James
Fahey, Helena
Falle, John
Falle, Henry
Falle, George
Falle, Ellen
Falle , George F
Farley, John W
Farley, James P
Farrell, William
Fazackerley, R
Fazackerley, Alice
Fazackerley, E
Fazackerly, Elvina
Fearon, William
Fearon, Theodore
Fearon, Theresa
Ferrant, Eugene
Ferrant, John
Ferrant, Rebecca
Filleul, Nellie
Filleul, Winter
Filleul, Matilda R
Fisher, Walter
Fisher, Ernest G
Fisher, Charles W
Fisher, Percy
Fisher, Charles
Fisher, John
Fitch, Arthur
Fitch, Ellen
Fitch, Nellie
Fitzgerald, Thomas
Fitzgerald, John
Flahey, Bridget
Flahey, Elizabeth
Fleury, Ellen
Fleury, Fred
Flynn, Michael
Foard, Herbert
Folley, Elizabeth
Fontaine, Henry
Foot, Rosanna
Foot, Edward
Foot, Mary
Ford, Walter
Ford, Wtr
Ford, Edward
Ford, Lily
Foubaine, Henry
Fowler, Robert
Fowler, Alice
Fowler, Ida
Fowler, Charles J
Fowler, Hilda
Fox, Walter
Fox, Charles
Fox, Mabel
Foy, Henry
Foy, Harry
Freeman, Frederick
Frost, Charles
Furzer, Edward
Furzer, Eve
Furzer, Matilda
Furzer, Eva
Gale, Elizabeth
Gale, Sophia
Gale, Ada
Gale, Ernest
Gale, Beatrice M
Gale , Elizabeth
Galley, Francis
Gallichan, Elvina
Gallichan, Eliza
Gallichan, John
Gallichan, Ernest
Gallichan, E
Gallichan, Laura
Gallichan, Frederick
Gallichan, Thomas
Gallichan, Charles
Gallichan, William
Gallie, Edwin
Gallie, Edward
Gallie, Albert
Gallie, Emile
Gallie, George
Gallienne, Elizabeth
Gallienne, William
Gallienne, Louisa
Gallienne, Alfred
Gallop, Alice
Galpin, Alfred
Galpin, Rhoda
Gardner, Gertrude
Garland, George
Garland, Ellen
Gaudin, Adela
Gaudin, Willie
Gaudin, William
Gaudin, Alfred
Gaudin, Rachel
Gaudin, Lydia
Gaudin, Florence
Gaudion, John
Gaudion, Eliza
Gaudion , Edward
Gavey, Edward L
Gavey, Alfred
Gavey, George
Gee, Louisa
Gellender, George
Gellender, Ernest
Germain, Eva
Germain, George
Gibbons, Gertrude
Gibbs, Charles
Gibbs, Mary Jane
Gibbs, M J
Giffard, John R M
Giffard, Drusilla
Giffard, Druscilla
Giffard, Edward
Giffard , John R M
Gilbert, George
Gilbert, John
Gillard, Blanche
Gillard, William
Gillard, John
Gillard, Henrietta
Gilley, William
Godden, George
Godden, Albert
Godel, Philip
Godfray, Elizabeth F
Godrich, Joseph
Gold, Alfred
Gold, Jemima
Good, Ellen
Goode, Ernest
Gordon, Mabel
Gosling, Mabel
Gosling, Elizabeth
Gosling, Joseph
Gosselin, Cora
Gould, Alfred
Grange, Jane
Grant, Frederick
Grant, Mary
Grant, Florence
Graut, Joseph
Graut, Jos
Gray, William
Gray, John
Gray, Laura
Gray, Richard
Gray, Frederick
Gray, Clara
Gray, Anthony
Gray, Charles
Gray, Harry
Green, Louisa
Grey, Harry
Grey, Laura
Griffiths, John
Grimes, Alice
Grou, John
Gruchy, Charles
Gruchy, Ernest J
Gruchy, Anna
Gruchy, Philip
Guest, Emma
Guibert, John
Guilleaume, Thomas
Guilliard, Walter
Guilliard, Francis
Guilliard, Lydia
Guilliard, Ernest
Guilliard, Frederick
Guiton, Alfred
Gulliford, Eleanor
Gumbrell, Lilian
Gumbrell, Kate
Gumbrell, Annie
Gunney, Walter
Gunton, Annie
Gunton, Augusta
Gunton, Lucy
Gunton, Rosa
Gunton, Lydia
Gunton, Jessie
Gunton, Hannah
Guttrell, M A
Guttrell, Mary
Hacking, James
Hacking, Florence
Hacking, Henry
Hacking, Mary
Hacquoil, Walter
Hacquoil, Adolphus
Hacquoil, Helena
Hacquoil, Laura
Hacquoil, Mary Ann
Hacquoil, Peter
Hake, Arthur
Hake, William
Hake, Maria
Hall, Agnes
Hall, Maud
Hallet, August
Hallett, Harry
Hallman, Lily
Hamill, Archibald
Hamilton, Mary
Hamon, Melvina
Hamon, Florence
Hamon, Jane
Hamon, George
Hamon, Elizabeth
Hanbury, Fanny
Hansford, Henry
Harben, Raymond
Harben, Sidney
Harben, John
Harben, Mary
Harben, Samuel
Harding, Arthur
Harding, Victorine
Harding, Alice
Harding, Sophia
Hardwick, Ada
Harris, Eliza
Harris, Edith
Harris, Clara
Harris, Henry
Harris, Emma
Harris, Elizabeth
Harris, Emily
Hartlett, Amelia
Healey, William
Healey, John
Healey, James
Hearne, Mary
Hennequin, Alice
Hennequin, Annie
Hennequin, John
Hennessey, Eliza
Hennessey, Isabella
Hennessey, Bridget
Henniquin, John
Henri, Marie
Henry, James
Henry, William
Henry, Philip
Henry, John P
Hepburn, Herbert
Herbe, Pascale
Herbe, Leon
Herbe, Pascal
Herbert, Ruby
Heron, Daniel
Hewrtt, William
Higgins, Harry
Higgins, Maurice
Hill, Joseph
Hill, Maud
Hill, Rosa
Hill, Jessie
Hine, Arthur
Hine, Henry
Hine, Elizabeth
Hocquard, Sydney S
Hocquard, Edith
Hocquard, Philip
Hodgeson, Lily
Hodgeson, Joseph
Hogan, Thomas
Holden, Annie
Holder, Amelia
Holder, Jessie
Holland, Frank
Holland, Fanny
Holly, Mary J
Holmes, Charles
Holmes, John
Holt, William
Holt, Reginald
Honeycombe, John
Honeycombe, Frederick
Honeycombe, S
Honeycombe, G
Honeycombe, Samuel
Honeycombe, Eva
Hooper, Ada E
Hopper, Mary Ann
Hopper, John
Horman, Alexandrina
Horman, Jane Alexandrina
Horn, William
Horn, Sarah
Horn, George
Horn, Thomas
Horsbourgh, Jemima
Horsburgh, Grace
Hosking, Sarah
Houlbecq, William
Houssel, Alice
Hubert, Adolphus
Hubert, Albert
Hubert, Philip
Hubert, Elena
Hubert, Alice
Hubert, Elizabeth
Hubert, John H
Hubert, Julia J
Hubert, Rachel
Hubert, Charles
Hubert, Adelaide
Hubert, John
Hubert, Louis
Hublin, Alice
Hublin, John
Huelin, Sarah
Huelin, Mary Jane
Huelin, Louisa Annie
Huelin, William
Humber, Charles
Humber, William
Humby, Joshua
Hunt, Sydney
Hunt, Percy
Hunt, Stephen
Hunt, Alfred Edward
Hurel, Emma
Hurley, William
Hurley, John
Hurley, Edith
Hurley, George
Hurley , George
Husk, George
Husk, Henry
Husk, Eliza
Huson, Hilda
Hutton, Frank
Hutton, Percy
Hutton, Frederick
Hyne, Edward
Ingram, Allan
Ingram, Edwin
Ingram, Maud
Ingram, Florence
Isherwood, Samuel
Isherwood, Richard
Isherwood, Grace
Isherwood, James
Jacobs, John
Jacobs, Hugh
James, Thomas
Janvrin, William
Janvrin, Walter
Janvrin, George
Jarnet, Francis
Jarnet, Elizabeth
Jarnet, Charles
Jarvey, Jessie
Jean, Philip
Jean, William
Jean, John
Jean, Alice
Jefferies, Miriam
Jefferies, Amy
Jefferies, Louisa
Jeffreys, Sophia
Jeffreys, Thomas
Jerram, Mabel
Jerrard, Philip
Jeune, Helena
Jeune, Alice
Jeune, Mary Ann
Jeune, George
Jolin, Daniel
Jolin, William
Jolin, Henry
Joll, Charles
Jolly, Antone
Jones, Frederick
Jones, Edward
Jones, Rosa
Jordan, John
Jordan, Emily
Jordan, James
Jordan, Elise
Jordan, Sarah
Jordan, Rosa
Joste, Mary
Keeping, Alice
Keeping, Robert
Keeping, Rosa
Keeping, Eleonora
Keeping, Maude
Kelland, William
Kelland, David W
Kelland, George
Kelland , David W
Kellaway, Henry C
Kelloway, Lily
Kelly, Annie
Kendall, Maud
Kenealy, John
Kerley, Rosa
Killick, John
Killick, Charles
Killminster, Lydia
Kimber, Elizabeth
King, Joseph
King, Harry
King, Arnold
King , Arnold
Kinnersley, Philip
Kitcher, William
Knight, James
Knight, Laura
Knight, Elizabeth
Knight, John W
Knight, Annie
Knight, John W
Kymish, James
Kymish, Esther
L`Amy, Alice
L`Amy, Matilda
L`Aventure, Agnes
La Folley, Alfred G
La Folley, Alfred S
La Folley, George
La Folley, Joshua
La Folley, Josephine
La Marche, Alfred
La Motte, Eleanor
La Motte, F
La Motte, Frank
Labey, Ernest
Labey, Philip
Labey , Philip
Lakeman, Thomas
Lakeman, T
Lamas, Fred
Lamas, Florence
Lambert, Alfred
Lander, Edwin
Lander, E
Landlo, Francis
Landlo, Ada
Landlo, Albert
Lane, Charles
Lane, Malcolm
Langdon, Frank
Langford, Albert
Langford, Henry
Langford, Lydia
Langler, Edith
Langler, Esith
Langlois, Elizabeth
Langreish, John
Laurence, Emily
Laurence, Harriet
Laurens, Walter
Laurens, John
Laventure, Ida
Laventure, Elvina
Laverty, Alfred
Laverty, Ann
Law, Ellen
Lawrence, Emily
Lawrence, Harriet
Le Ballestier, George
Le Boutillier, Florence
Le Boutillier, Thomas
le Boutillier, Harry
Le Boutillier, George
Le Boutillier, Mary
Le Boutillier, John
Le Boutillier, Alfred
Le Boutillier, Elias
Le Breton, Alfred
Le Breton, J
Le Breton, Thomas
Le Breton, Alice
Le Breton, Arthur
Le Breton, Philip
Le Breton, Clara
Le Breton, Lily
Le Breton, William
Le Breton, Georgina
Le Breton, Adolphus
Le Brocq, William
Le Brocq, Charles
Le Brocq, Walter
Le Brocq, Philip
Le Brocq, Alice
Le Brocq, Jane
Le Brocq, Elize
Le Brocq, Anna
Le Brocq, Albert
Le Brocq, Ada
Le Brocq, John
Le Brocq, Francis
Le Brun, Francis
Le Brun, Philip
Le Brun, George
Le Brun, Edward
Le Cocq, Arthur
Le Cocq, Maria
Le Cocq, Nicholas
Le Cocq, George
Le Cocq, William
Le Cocq, N
Le Cocq, Mary
Le Cocq, Susan
Le Cocq, Elizabeth
Le Cocq, Philip
Le Cocq, John
Le Cornu, Anna
Le Cornu, Susan
Le Cornu, Alfred
Le Cornu, Edward
Le Cornu, John
Le Cornu, Walter
Le Cornu, Thomas
Le Cornu, Elias
Le Cornu, Samuel
Le Couillard, Marie
Le Couillard, Ann
Le Couteur, Alfred
Le Couteur, Adolphus
Le Couteur, J
Le Couteur, Susanna
Le Couteur, A
Le Couteur, Thomas
Le Couteur, George
Le Cras, Alice
Le Cras, Philip
Le Cras, Ada
Le Cras, Florence
Le Dain , J Ernest
Le Dain , J Ernest
Le Doux, Alfred
Le Droit, Mary
Le Feuvre, George
Le Feuvre, Alice Mary
Le Feuvre, Edward
Le Feuvre, Francis
Le Feuvre, Alice
Le Feuvre, Amelia
Le Feuvre, Philip
Le Feuvre, Edith
Le Feuvre, Gertrude
Le Feuvre, Peter
Le Fondre, Rosa
Le Fondre, Anne
Le Gallais, Mary Ann
Le Gallais, Ann
Le Gallais, Mary Anne
Le Gallais, Anne
Le Geyt, George
Le Geyt, William
Le Geyt, Mary Ann
Le Geyt, Alfred
Le Grand, Anna
Le Grand, John
Le Gresley, Daisy
Le Gresley, Kate
Le Gresley, Maud
Le Gresley, Charles
Le Gresley, Mary
Le Gresley, Lizzie
Le Gresley, Philip
Le Gresley, John
Le Gresley, Laura
Le Gresley, Bessie
Le Gresley, Alice
Le Gresley, Blanche
Le Gresley, Ada
Le Gresley, Elizabeth
Le Gresley, Sophia
Le Gros, Alfred
Le Gros, Matilda
Le Gros, Eleanor
Le Gros, Emma
Le Huquet, Louisa
Le Huquet, Fred
Le Huquet, W A
Le Lievre, Hannah
Le Lievre, Albert
Le Maistre, Edward
Le Maistre, John B
Le Maistre, Anna
Le Maistre, Mary
Le Maistre, Alice
Le Maistre, John
Le Marchand, George
Le Marchand, Annie
Le Marchand, E
Le Marchand, P
Le Marchant, Maud
Le Marquand, Winter
Le Marquand, Walter
Le Marquand, Amelia
Le Marquand, Lucy
Le Marquand, Albert
Le Marquand, Mary Ann  
Le Marquand, George
Le Marquand, Mary A
Le Marquand, Francis
Le Masurier, Susan
Le Masurier, Jane  
Le Moignan, Jane
Le Moignan, Mary J
Le Moignan, Anna
Le Moignard, Alice
Le Moitie, Adeline
Le Monnier, John
Le Montais, Ellen
Le Montais, Elizabeth
Le Motte, Eleanor
Le Mottée, James
Le Mottee, Lizzie
Le Mottee, Ada
Le Mottee, Elizabeth
Le Mottee, Harriet
Le Mottee, Annie
Le Mottée, Oliver
Le Mottee, Walter
Le Mottee, Frank W
Le Noir, Harry
Le Page, Susan M
Le Quellenecq, Maria
Le Quesne, A
Le Quesne, Agnes
Le Riche, Francis
Le Riche, George
Le Riche, Philip F
Le Riche, Annie
Le Riche, Elizabeth
Le Riche, Susan
Le Riche, Esther
Le Riche, William
Le Riche, Amice
Le Riche , Francis
Le Rossignol, George
Le Rossignol, Emma
Le Rossignol, Eva
Le Rossignol, Harold
Le Roux, Henri
Le Roux, Marie
Le Sauteur, Mary Jane
Le Sautre, Caroline
Le Sautre, Edward
Le Scelleur, Thomas
Le Scelleur, Walter
Le Seelleur, William
Le Sueur, Ernest
Le Sueur, Walter
Le Sueur, Henry
Le Sueur, Mabel
Le Sueur, W J
Le Sueur, John D
Le Sueur, Susan
Le Sueur, Lavinia
Le Sueur, Arthur
Le Sueur, Tom C
Le Sueur, Adolphus
Le Tasse, Alice
Le Templier, Charles
Le Templier, Philip
Le Templier, James
Le Templier, Mary
Le Templier, Mary A
Le Tourneur, John
Le Tourneur, Thomas
Le Vesconte, Annie
Ledwich, James
Lee, William
Lee, Bessie
Legg, Edward
Legg, Thomas
Legg, William
Legg, Edith
Legg, Elizabeth
Lemain, Gaspard
Lempriere, Mabel
Lempriere, Emily
Lempriere, Adolphus
Lempriere, Laura
Lempriere, Walter
Lempriere, Fred
Lemprière, John
Leonard, Louis
Lesbirel, Alfred
Leslie, Elizabeth
Levée, Peter
Levee, John
Levée, Alfred
Levesque, John
Levesque, J
Lihou, Frank
Lihou, Jane
Lilley, Theodore
Lilley, Beatrice
Lindsay, Lizzie
Lindsay, Sussie
Linnon, Michael
Liot, Frederic L
Liot, George
Liot, Frank
Livermore, Alice
Livermore, William
Lock, Jessie
Lofthouse, James
Lovell, Hannah
Lucas, Alice
Lucas, Elijah
Lucas, James
Lucas, Florence
Lucas, John
Lucas, Hilda
Luce, Philip Edward
Luce, Philip John
Luce, Henry
Luce, George T
Luce, Francis
Luce, Ernest
Lucey, Jane
Luckarift, Augusta
Luckarift, Mary
Luckarift, Emily
Luckarift, Annie
Lumley, Laura
Luxon, Alfred
Luxon, Arthur
Luxton, John
Luxton, George
Luxton, Arthur
Machon, Thomas
Machon, Walter
Machon, Charles
Macready, Clara
Macready, Ernest
Maguire, Alice
Mahoney, Kate
Mahoney, George
Maine, Frederick
Major, Edward
Major, E
Malicet, Melanie
Mallet, C M
Mallet, Malvina
Mallet, Delia
Mallett, Albert E
Mallett, Walter H
Mallett, Albert E
Mallett, Walter
Mallon, Edward
Malzard, John
Malzard, George
Malzard, Elizabeth
Manning, William
Marcees, Joseph
March, Emma
Mareen, Maud
Marett, Charles
Marett, Alfred
Marett, Philip
Marett, George
Marie, Sophie
Marie, Philip
Marie, Lydia
Maron, Josephine
Marquand, Alfred
Marquand, Edward
Marquis, James
Marquis, George
Marrett, Edward
Marrett, Frank
Marrett, Alfred
Marrett, Thomas
Marsh, Alfred
Marsh, Charles
Marshall, William
Marshall, Clara
Marshall, Edward
Marshall, Edgar
Marshall, Ada
Martin, Lizzie
Martin, Mary
Martin, John
Martin, Elizabeth
Martin, Walter
Matthews, Cecilia
Mauger, Alice
Mauger, Thomas
Mauger, Hannah
Mauger, John
Mauvel, Mary
Mauvel, Hannah
May, Elvina
Mayo, Thomas
Mayo, Georgina
Mc Dermott, D
Mc Dermott, Jane
Mc Dermott, Alice
McAllen, Henry
McAllen, John E B
McAllen, Ewell
McAllen, Florence
McDermott, William
McDermott, Alice
McDermott, D
McDermott, Jane
McDonald, Archibald
McFadyen, Annie
McFadyen, Arthur
McFadyen, A
McKee, Adolphus
McKee, Lily
McKenney, Eleanor
McKenry, Eleanor
McKeown, Philip
McPherson, Owen
Mcpherson, Bezetha
Medland, Emily
Medland, Mary Ann
Mercerie, Eugenie
Mesnard, Adele
Mesny, James
Mesny, Rodney
Messervy, Louisa
Messervy, John
Messervy, Walter
Metherell, Elizabeth
Metherell, Lucy
Mignot, Adelaide
Mignot, Francis
Miller, Frederick
Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, Annie
Miller, John
Millicote, Harry
Millow, Mary Ann
Mitchel, Alice
Mitchel, Edward
Mogridge, George
Mogridge, Charles
Moignard, Lionel
Mollet, Arthur
Mollet, Willie
Mollet, Emily
Moody, Lily
Moody, Edwin
Moody, Richard
Morley, William
Morley, John
Morley, Arthur
Morris, Charles
Morris, William
Morris, Stephen
Morris, John
Morris, Rosa
Morvan, Marie
Moses, Ernest
Mourant, Lily
Mourant, Priscilla
Mourant, John
Mourant, Eliza
Mourant, Emily
Mourant, Alice
Moyse, William
Moyse, Ada
Moyse, Philip
Moyse, George
Moyse, John
Moyse, Florence
Moyse, Isabella
Mudford, William
Mulleray, Ad
Mullins, Elizabeth
Mullins, Thomas
Murphy, Pat
Murphy, Michael
Murphy, Richard
Murphy, Gertrude
Murphy, William
Murphy, Joseph
Murphy, Lily
Murphy, Patrick
Murray, William
Mutton, William
Mutton, Frank
Mutton, Louisa
Mutton, Alice
Mutton, Frederick
Mutton, Lily
Mutton, Mabel
Naylor, Frank
Neil, Ada
Neil, Eleanor
Neil, Priscilla
Neil, Albert
Neill, Mary
Newman, Charles
Newman, Henry
Newman, Lily
Newman, William
Newman, Edward
Newman, Mary Ann
Nicholas, Henry
Nicolle, Charles
Nicolle, Amelia
Nicolle, Alice
Nicolle, Mary Jane
Nicolle, Henry
Nicolle, William
Nicolle, Albert
Nicolle, Matilda
Nicolle, Walter
Nicolle, Joshuà
Nmurray, Alfred
Noel, Philip
Noel, Thomas
Noel, John
Noël, Elizabeth
Noel, Charles
Noel, Emily
Noel, Louisa
Noel, Edward
Noel, Ernest
Noel, Ada
Noel, Selina
Noel, Mary J
Noel, Mary
Noel, Amelia
Noel, Frederick
Nolais, Peter
Nolais, Abraham
Norman, Louisa
Norman, Francis
Norris, Sydney
Novert, Alfred
Nursey, Clara
O`Brien, James
O`Connor, Harry
O`Connor, Elizabeth
O`Connor, John
O`Neill, Thomas
Oger, Ernest
Oger, Peter
Oldridge, Edward
Oldridge, William
Oldridge, E
Oldridge, Susan
Oldridge, John
Oldridge, Jessie
Oliver, Alice
Oliver, Fred
Oliver, Harry
Oliver, Cyril
Orsato, Arthur
Orsato, Frederick
Osment, Amelia
Osment, Brenda
Osment, Edwin
Pallot, John
Pallot, Ada
Pallot, Rachel
Pallot, Lydia
Pallot, Annie
Pallot, Ethel
Pallot, Martha
Palmer, Henry
Palmer, Charlotte
Palmer, Ellen
Parker, Maud
Parker, Arthur
Parker, Charles
Parker, Harry
Parker, Philip
Parris, Robert
Parris, Thomas
Patch, Edward
Patch, Sydney
Patch, Caroline
Paturel, Delphine
Paul, John W Chester
Paul, Emma Louisa
Paul, Amy Maud
Payn, Ann
Payn, John
Pellan, Pierre
Pellan, Marie
Pellow, Eliza R
Penny, Albert
Pepin, John
Pepprell, Alice
Pepprell, Louisa
Pepprell, Eliza
Pepprell, Emily
Perchard, Helena
Perchard, Delia
Perchard, Chloris
Perchard, Charles
Perhane, Alice
Perkins, Mark
Perkins, John
Perkins, Henry
Perkins, Francis
Perrée, Walter
Perry, Dora
Petucase, Phoebe
Phillips, Alice
Phillips, Louisa
Picot, Emma
Picot, Charles
Picot, Adelaide C A A
Pigeon, Sophia
Pigeon, Joseph
Pigeon, Annie
Pigeon, Louisa
Pigeon, Eunice
Pigeon, John
Pike, Isabella
Pike, Mabel
Pinel, Walter
Pinel, John
Pinney, Alice
Pirouet, Amelia S
Pirouet, Francis
Pirouet, Mary
Pirouet, Mary Ann
Pitman, Emma
Pitman, Samuel
Pitman, Fanny
Pitman, Phoebe
Pluck, Jessie
Podger, Charles
Podger, Blanche
Podger, Amelia
Podger, Edith
Podger, Albert
Podger, A
Podger, Ellen
Poignand, Francis
Poigndestre, Philip
Poingdestre, William
Poingdestre, Elvina
Poingdestre, Lilian
Poingdestre, Philip
Poingdestre, Lily
Poole, Edward
Poole, Henry
Poole, Elizabeth
Poole, Clara
Porter, Samuel William
Potter, Maude
Potter, James
Powell, Charles
Pratt, Alfred
Pratt, Louisa
Previt, Priscilla
Prevost, Laura
Prevot, Laura
Prevot, Priscilla
Prevot, Louisa
Price, Thomas
Price, Rosa
Price, Louisa
Prigg, Maria
Prigg, Maria E
Prigg, Tabitha
Prigg, Ruth
Prigg, Jabez
Pullen, Charles
Pullen, Lizzie
Pullen, Elizabeth
Purkis, Frederick
Purkis, Jane
Purkiss, Walter
Purkiss, Frederick
Purkiss, Edith
Quenault, Frank
Quenault , Florence
Qurot, Philip
Raffray, Durell
Raffray, Ernest
Raffray, Arthur
Ramie, Eliza
Randall, Annie Blanche
Rattenbury, William
Rattenbury, Emily
Rattenbury, George
Ravens, Peter
Reed, Henry
Reed, Elizabeth
Reed, Margaret J
Reed, Mary Anne
Reed, William
Reed, Robert J
Regnier, Walter
Remon, Alfred
Renault, Eliza
Rendall, John
Rendle, Alfred
Renouf, Sidney
Renouf, Walter
Renouf, Winter
Renouf, Adolphus
Renouf, Edward
Renouf, Nicholas
Renouf, Thomas
Renouf, Annie
Renouf, Ada
Renouf, Alfred
Renouf, Philip
Renouf, Charles
Renouf, John
Renouf, Emile
Renouf, George
Renouf, Louisa
Renouf, Margaret
Renouf, W
Renouf, Mary Alice
Renyard, Ernest
Repper, Florence
Repper, Charles
Repper, Thomas
Reynolds, Charles
Richards, Kate
Richards, Joseph
Richards, Lena
Richardson, Joseph
Richardson, Priscilla
Richardson, Melvina
Richardson, John
Richardson, Philip
Richardson, H
Richardson, Humphry
Ricou, George
Rive, George
Rive, Charles
Rive, Alice
Rive, Margaret
Rive, Philip
Rive, Amelia
Rive, Emma
Rive, Louisa
Roach, Michael
Roberts, Eva
Roberts, Alice
Roberts, Alfred
Roberts, James
Roberts, Edwin
Robertson, Miriam
Robin, Alfred
Robinson, Alice
Robinson, Henry
Robinson, William
Robinson, Walter
Robinson, Lizzie
Robrough, Eliza
Roche, Kate
Roche, Laura
Roche, James
Rocquard, Joseph
Rodda, Richard
Rodda, Mary
Rodda, Maria
Rogers, William
Rogers, Annie
Rogers, Thomas
Rogers, Sydney
Rogers, Charles E G
Rogers, Charles Els
Romeril, Alice Julia
Romeril, Alice
Romeril, George A
Rondel, Helen
Rondel, Clara
Rose, Arthur
Rougier, Marie
Rougier, Charles
Rowcliffe, William
Rowcliffe, John
Rowcliffe, Albert
Rowe, John
Rowe, Louisa
Rowe, Lilian
Rowe, Edith
Rowe, Anna
Rowecliffe, Albert
Rowland, William
Rundle, H
Rundle, R
Russell, William R
Russell, Selina
Ryan, Daniel
Ryan, Thomas
Ryan, Mary
Ryan, Joanna
Ryan, Anorah
Sabot, Victor
Sadler, William
Sadler, Matilda
Sallai, Philip
Sallai, John
Sanders, Ellen
Sanders, Ada
Sandrey, Joseph
Sandrey, Edith
Sandrey, William
Sauvage, Nelson
Scarborough, Owen H
Scott, Selina
Scott, Louisa
Scott, Robert
Scriven, Arthur H
Scriven, Minnie
Scrivens, Minnie
Seabrook, William
Seabrook, Agnes
Seager, James
Seager, Mary Ann
Seale, Francis
Seale, William
Seale, Daniel
Seale, Emma
Seaward, Charles
Sebire, George
Selous, Francis
Shackell, Alfred
Sharland, Walter
Sharpe, William
Shepherd, Samuel
Shetler, Alfred
Shetler, A
Short, William
Short, Charles
Showell, Alice
Simmons, Helena
Simmons, Henrietta
Simmons, William
Simmons, Bentley
Simon, Charles
Simonne, E
Simpson, Isabella
Sinclair, William
Sinclair, Emily
Sinclair, Florence
Sinel, Francis
Sinel, Frederick
Sinel, Henry
Sinel, Emily
Sinnatt, Herbert Le G
Sinnatt, Sydney S
Sinnatt, Sydney
Skelton, James
Skelton, Harriet
Smith, Walter
Smith, Cicely
Smith, Arthur
Smith, W
Smith, Frederick
Smith, Florence
Smith, Stephen
Smith, Adolphus
Smith, George Foster
Smith, Geoffrey G
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Mary Jane
Smith, James
Smith, E D
Smith, Charlotte
Smith, Clarence
Smith, Edward James
Snell, William
Snell, Alice
Sollit, Louisa
Sollit, George
Sollit, Harriet
Spanner , Clara
Speddings, Alfred
Spencer, Grace
Spenser, F
Spratt, Eva
St Croix, Ada
St Croix, Annie
St Croix, Philip
Stanbury, Fanny
Stansbury, Ellen
Stansbury, Alice
Stansbury, Eliza
Starck, Clement
Starck, Philip
Starck, William
Starck, Emily
Stark, Clement
Stark, Philip
Stark, William
Stark, Emily
Stark, Alice
Statt, Matilda
Statt, Albert
Statt, George
Statt, Daniel
Statt, Ada
Steavens, Elizabeth
Stephens, Louisa
Stephens, Amelia
Stone, Susan
Stoneman, Walter
Stoneman, James
Stoneman, George
Stoodley, Jane
Stovey, Walter
Stretchley, Alice
Stretchley, Martha
Strivey, Walter
Studley, Walter
Sullivan, Edward
Sullivan, Florence
Sullivan, Louisa
Sullivan, Jeremiah
Swietoslawski, Adolphus
Swietoslowski, A
Syburn, Edith
Symons, John
Symons, Thomas
Syvret, Wlliam
Syvret, Francis
Syvret, William
Syvret, John
Syvret, James
Syvret, Philip
Syvret, Ada
Syvret, Ada J
Syvret, Elvina
Syvret, Clara
Syvret, Anna
Syvret, Maud
Syvret, Florence
Tall, Georgina
Tangui, William
Tanguy, Jane
Tanguy, Mary A
Tanguy, Alexandre
Tarrant, Caroline
Taylor, Lottie
Taylor, Jane
Terry, Harriet
Terry, Florence
Thatcher, William
Thiebot, John P
Thiebot, John Ph
Thoburn, Isabella Anne
Thomas, Frederick
Thomas, Charles
Thomas, Florence
Thomas, Alfred
Thoualt, Francis
Thouault, William
Thouault, Emily
Tont Font?, Edward
Tostevin, Charles
Tostevin, John
Tostevin, Florence
Tostevin, Mary Ann
Touzel, Frank
Traylen, Alfred
Treagegle, J
Tredan, William
Tredant, Emily
Tregeagle, Thomas
Tregear, Catherine
Trenchard, James
Trigell, Emily
Triot, Willie
Trowbridge, Sydney
Trowbridge, Florence
Trowbridge, Alice
Truscott, James
Tucker, Harry
Tucker, Alice
Tucker, Alfred
Tucker, Fred
Tucker, Hilda
Tucker, Selina
Turgis, Florence
Turner, Elizabeth
Turner, Alice
Turpin, William
Varcoe, Mary Ann
Varcoe, Annie
Varcoe, Helena
Varcoe, Mary A
Vardon, Elise
Vardon, Lizzie
Vardon, Thomas
Vardon, Henry
Vardon, John
Vaudin, Francis
Vautier, Adolphus
Vautier, Walter
Vautier, John
Vautier, Francis
Vautier, Thomas
Vautier, Jane
Vautier, Alice
Vautier, Ada
Vautier, Philip
Vautier, Mary A
Vautier, Edward
Venner, Lillian
Vennes, Lillian
Verant, Ada
Vibert, John
Vibert, Marina
Vibert, George
Vibert, Ada
Vibert, Clara
Vibert, Mary A
Vibert, Francis
Vibert, Philip
Vickers, John
Viel, Louisa S
Viel, Annie
Viel, Alice
Viel, Charles
Viel, Walter
Viel, W J
Villaise, Charles
Villaise, Frederick
Vilton, Charlotte
Vilton, Annie
Vincent, Philip
Waddington, George
Wadge, Robert
Wadsworth, Charlie
Wakeham, Elizabeth
Wakeham, Ellen
Wakeham, George
Wakeham, Esther
Wallace, Annie
Wallace, Emma
Wallbridge, Elizabeth
Wallbridge, Sarah
Wallbridge, Alice
Wardley, William
Wardley, Thomas
Warr, Abram
Warren, James
Warren, Mary
Waters, Annie
Watts, James
Watts, Henry
Watts, George
Watts, Elizabeth
Watts, Emma
Waugh, Elizabeth
Waugh, Eric
Waugh, Kate
Waugh, Wallace
Wavell, Charles
Wavell, Joseph
Way, Sydney M
Weay, Edwin
Weay, Edith
Weay, Frederick
Webb, William
Webber, William
Webber, Ernest
Webber, George A
Webber, James
Webber, John
Webber, Anna
Webber, Ann
Welch, Stephen
Welch, George
Welsh, Patrick
Wetherall, Joseph
Wetherel, Edwin
Wetherell, Arthur
Wetherell, Frederick
Whall, Nicholas
Wheeler, John A
Wheeler, Elizabeth
Whelan, Edward
Wherry, Joseph
White, Moses
White, Mary Ann
White, Henry
White, Mary
White, William
White, Samuel
White, Eliza
Whittle, Alice
Wiles, John
Wiles, Elizabeth
Wilkinson, Henry
Williams, James
Williams, William
Williams, Melville A
Williams, George
Williams, Florence
Willicote, George
Wingate, George
Wingate, Silvester
Wiseman, Richard
Woods, Rosina
Woods, Ada
Woods, Elizabeth A
Woods, G H
Woods, George
Woodsford, Clara
Woodsford, Edith
Woodsford, A
Woodsford, J
Woodsford, Alfred
Woodsford, James
Woonton, Florence
Wyatt, Charles
True, George
Keywords Schools | Education
Places Jersey
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File


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