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Volume of Annual Returns from individual island schools. The names of the attending children are recorded along with attendance summaries, inspectors reports, accounts, examination results and the names of teachers and pupil teachers. This volume has been indexed by name of person mentioned. The volume can be viewed at the Archive to access extra detail.

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Reference D/J/A/14
Date 1889
Names St Pauls National School
St Lukes Church of England school
St Ouen's Parochial School
St Marks National school
Gouray National School
Jersey National School
St Ouen's Wesleyan School
St Peters National School
St Saviour's National School
St James National school
St Simon's Church of England School
St Matthew's Mixed Elementary School
Gouray Hilgrove Endowed school
St Heliers Ragged school
St Helier Wesleyan school
St Brelades Pariochal school
St Martins Rozel school
St Mary and St Peter's Roman Catholic school
Grouville Central School
Trinity Parochial school
Adames, William
Adames, Florence
Adams, Teresa
Adams, Charles
Adams, Lily
Adderson, Thomas
Ahier, Thomas
Ahier, Louisa
Ahier, Emma
Ahier, Winter
Ahier, Reginald
Ahier, Edwin
Ahier, Frederick
Ahier, Lily
Ahier, Arthur
Ahier, Rose
Ahier, Walter
Ahier, Florence
Ahier, Hilda
Ahier, Laura
Ahier, Clara
Ahier, Joseph
Ahier, Alfred
Albert, Launcelot
Albert, Claude
Alexander, John
Alexandre, Ella
Alexandre, Percy
Alexandre, Francis J
Alexandre, Philip
Alexandre, William
Alexandre, Mary J
Alexandre, Edmund
Alexandre, Jane
Alexandre, John J
Alexandre, Anna A
Alexandre, James Philip
Alexandre, Alfred
Alexandre, Alfred James
Alexandre, Alice C
Alger, Theodore T
Allen, James
Allen, Alfred
Allen, Margaret
Allen, Walter
Allen, Kate
Allen, Emily
Allix, Anna
Allix, Ernest
Allix, Arthur
Allix, Sidney
Allix, Lily
Amette, Louis
Amy, Alice
Amy, John
Amy, Sidney A
Amy, Philip J
Amy, Florence
Amy, Charles
Amy, Percy
Amy, Frank
Amy, Hannah
Amy, Mabel
Amy, Marie
Amy, Edith
Amy, Wilfred
Amy, Cecilia
Amy, Mary Ann
Amy, William
Amy, George
Amy, Lilian
Amy, Walter
Amy, Laura
Amy, Florry
Amy, Thomas
Anderson, Alexander
Andrews, Alcied
Angell, Robert
Arm, Benjamin
Arnold, Ruby
Arnold, Gertrude
Arnold, John
Arrowsmith, Frank
Arrowsmith, Joseph
Arrowsmith, Gertrude
Arrowsmith, Mary
Arrowsmith, Maud
Arrowsmith, Albert
Arthur, Douglas
Arthur, Hilda
Arthur, Elsie
Arthur, Edward
Arthur, Mabel
Arthur, Annie
Arthur, Alice R
Arthur, Charles
Arthur, Clara
Arthur, James
Ashburne, Rosa L E
Ashelford, Gertrude
Ashelford, Frederick
Ashelford, Frank
Ashelford, Hilda
Ashelford, Herbert
Ashley, Lily
Ashman, William
Ashwell, A H, Reverend
Asplet, Orica
Asplet, Sydney
Asplet, Samuel
Asplet, Emma
Atkins, William
Aubert, George
Aubert, Ellen
Aubert, Charles
Aubin, Frederick
Aubin, Edward
Aubin, Alice
Aubin, Eliza
Aubin, John
Aubin, Lillian
Aubin, Philip
Auffret, Francis
Auffret, Augustine
Averty, Leah
Averty, Mabel
Averty, Maud
Averty, Hetty
Averty, Ida
Averty, Frank
Avery, George Edwin
Avery, William
Aveson, Walter
Aveson, Florence
Badier, John
Badier, George
Badier, Alice
Badier, Florence
Badier, Edmund
Badier, Andrew
Badier, Eva
Badier, Louisa
Bailey, Courtland
Bailey, Lilian
Bailhache, Clement
Baines, George Henry
Baker, Agnes
Baker, Adolphus
Baker, Oscar
Baker, Elsie
Baker, Jane
Baker, James
Baker, Thomas
Baker, Ada
Baker, Herbert
Bakes, William
Balcom, Ernest
Balcom, Arthur
Balcom, Dahlia
Baldwin, Gertrude
Ball, William
Ball, Percy
Ball, Arthur
Ball, Florence
Ball, Mabel
Balleine, J J
Balleine, John A
Balston, Florence
Balston, Alice
Baltus, Alfred
Banks, Alice
Banks, Reggie
Bannier, Elizabeth
Bannier, Winter P
Bannier, John Philip
Barett, John E
Barette, Annie
Barnes, Edith
Barnes, Bertie
Barnes, Lucy
Barnet, Minnie
Barnet, May
Barnett, Henry
Barr, Jane
Barrett, Josué
Barrot, Ernest
Barry, Miss
Barry, John
Bartlett, Percy
Bartlett, John
Bartlett, Charles
Barton, Thomas
Barton, Cecil
Basfords, Mary
Bass, Charlotte
Bataile, Philip
Bataille, James
Bataille, Edward
Bates, Henry
Bates, Mabel
Batho, Francis
Batho, Thomas
Batho, Clifford
Battam, William
Battam, Florence
Baudains, Elie
Baudains, Hilda
Baudains, Maud
Baudains, Mabel
Baudains, George
Baudains, Philip
Baudains, Percy
Baudet, Arthur
Baudet, Louis
Baxter, William
Baxter, Charles
Baxter, Alfred
Beaucamp, Edmond
Beaucamp, Rose
Beaucamp, Louis E
Beaucamp, John
Beaucamp, Tomazine
Beaucamp, Susan
Beaucamp, Percy
Beauchamp, Ethel
Beauchamp, Rosa
Beaudet, Mary Ann
Beaudet, Francis
Beaugeard, Percy
Beaugie, Alfred
Beaugie, Philip
Beaugie, Florry
Beaugie, William
Beck, Thomas
Beck, Reginald
Beck, Arthur
Beck, Alfred
Beckford, William
Beckford, Ada
Becquet, Alfred
Begley, James
Begley, John
Belin, Amelia
Belin, Laura
Bellingham, Alan
Bellingham, Rosa
Bellingham, Marie
Bellot, John
Bellott, Gertrude
Bellott, Lilian
Bénard, Anastasie
Benest, Herbert
Benest, Reginald
Benest, Frederick
Benest, Alice
Benest, Walter
Benest, Florence
Benham, Nellie
Bennett, Edward
Bennett, Bertie
Bennett, Frank
Bennison, Maude
Berry, John
Berry, William
Berry, Herbert
Berry, Ethel
Berry, Fanny
Berry, Arthur
Bertram, James
Bertram, Ada
Bertram, George
Bertram, A M
Bertram, Adeline
Bertram, Emma
Besnaard, Louise
Bettes, Teresa
Bettes, William
Bettes, Albert
Bettis, Henry
Beuzeval, Francis
Beuzeval, Ernest
Beuzeval, William
Beuzeval, Arthur
Bevans, James
Bevans, Henry
Bewhay, Alice
Biddle, Alfred
Biddlecombe, Philip
Biddlecombe, Frank
Billot, Stanley
Billot, Philip
Billot, Jane
Billot, Lilian
Billot, Louisa
Billot, Eliza
Billot, Hannah
Billot, Ada
Billot, George
Billot, Lydia
Billot, Charles P
Bird, John George
Bird, Harriet
Birmingham, Margaret
Bisson, Amelia
Bisson, Alice
Bisson, Clara
Bisson, Lizzie
Bisson, Ada
Bisson, W
Bisson, James
Bisson, Francis
Bisson, William
Bisson, George
Bisson, Elizabeth
Bisson, Philip
Bisson, Lydia
Bisson, Harriet
Bisson, Emily
Bisson, John
Bisson, Laura
Bisson, Henry
Bisson, Hettie
Blackler, John
Blackler, Ethel
Blackler, Maude
Blackler, William
Blackler, Jessie
Blackmore, Arthur
Blackmore, Ann
Blampied, Philip
Blampied, Adelaide
Blampied, Florence
Blampied, Annie
Blampied, Henry
Blampied, Alfred
Blampied, Frank
Blampied, John
Blampied, Ada
Blanchard, Louisa
Bliaux, Arthur
Bliaux, William
Bliaux, Richard
Bliaux, Philip
Boddie, Emma
Boddie, James
Bodin, Louis
Boielle, Adele
Bolton, Lilian
Bolton, Laura
Bolton, Daisy
Bond, Joseph
Boniface, Edmund
Boobyer, Ellen
Boobyer, Albert
Boots, Frederick
Boreham, James
Boreham, Lily
Bosdet, W
Bouchard, John
Bouchard, Ada
Bouchard, Louise
Bouchere, Arthur
Bouchere, Florence
Boudier, John
Bourinot, Louisa Alice
Bourke, Mary
Bowditch, George
Bowen, Mabel
Bowles, Mary Alice
Box, Charles
Boyce, Robert
Boyce, Richard Woodroffe
Braithwaite, P R Pipon
Braithwaite, L E
Brashaw, Elizabeth
Bray, Ethel
Bray, Hettie
Bray, Violet
Bray, Margaret
Bree, Olivia
Bree, Annie
Brée, Alice
Breen, William
Breen, James
Brehaut, John
Brehaut, William
Brehaut, Ernest
Brehaut, Alfred
Bretel, Joseph
Bretelle, Francis
Bretelle, Louis
Bretelle, John
Bretelle, Isidore
Bretelle, Estelle
Brett, William
Brewer, Lilian Mary
Brewer, Emily
Brewer, Katie
Brewer, John James
Brewer, Herbert G
Brewer, John
Brewer, William
Brewer, John H
Brewer, Ernest
Brewer, George
Brewer, Ellen
Brewer, Walter
Briant, Louisa
Briant, Ann
Briard, William
Briard, Clarence
Briard, Albert
Briard, Ernest
Briard, Philip
Briard, Stanley
Briard, Elias
Briard, Edward L
Briard, P
Brideaux, Winter
Bridle, Henry
Brine, John Charles
Brint, Alfred
Brint, Henry
Brint, Lily
Britton, John T
Broad, Florence
Brogan, Samuel
Brogan, John
Brogden, William
Brogden, Edward
Brogden, George
Brooks, William
Brooks, Mary
Brown, Harry M
Brown, John R
Brown, Alice Laura
Brown, Robert
Brown, Emma
Brown, Frank
Brown, Florence
Brown, Albert
Brown, Mary Ann
Brown, Theresa
Brown, Charles
Brown, George
Brown, Eliza
Brown, John
Brownson, Beatrice
Brownson, Henry
Brucker, George
Brucker, Elizabeth
Buckingham, Arthur
Buckrell, Frederick
Buckrell, Ethel
Buckrell, Mabel
Budgen, A W
Buesnel, Edmond
Buesnel, Philip
Buesnel, John
Buesnel, Alice
Bull, Annie M
Bull, William
Bull, Ada
Burch, Alfred
Burgess, Amy
Burgess, Annie
Burlot, Annie
Burnham, Reginald
Burnham, William
Burridge, George
Burt, Mabel
Burt, Walter Hayman
Burton, Sydney
Burton, Garnet
Burton, Mabel
Burton, Hilda
Burton, Emily
Burton, John
Burton, Jane
Butel, Francis
Butler, Bertha
Butler, Arthur
Butler, Mabel
Butler, George
C F Martin, Charles
Cabeldu, Leah
Cable, Edwin K
Cabot, Philip
Cabot, Mabel
Cabot, Florence
Cabot, Lilian
Cabot, Henry
Cabot, Arthur
Cabot, Clifford
Cabot, Edward
Cabot, Stanley
Cabot, Raymond
Cabot, John R
Cabot, Ellen
Cabot, Clara
Cabot, Aubin
Cabot, Alfred
Cabot, Maria
Cabot, Lydia
Cabot, John Daniel
Cadiou, Edward
Calvin, Francis
Cameron, William
Camiot, Francis
Camiot, Peter
Campbell, Ernest
Campbell, Frank
Campbell, Edith
Campbell, Ada
Cantell, Harry
Cantrell, Ethell
Caplin, Edwin
Caplin, Alfred
Caplin, Thomas
Cardy, William
Carré, William T
Carré, Ellen J
Carrel, John
Carrel, Charles
Carrel, George
Carrel, Agnes
Carrell, Alfred
Carrell, Jules
Carrol, Kate
Carrol, Edmond
Carter, Walter
Carter, Alfred
Carter, Edith
Carter, Leah
Carter, Arthur J
Carter, William
Carter, Harold
Carter, Clarence
Carter, Reginald
Carter, Jessie
Carter, May
Carter, Elvena
Carter, Minna
Carter, Bertha
Carter, Albert
Carter, Ambrose
Carter, Florence
Carter, John
Carter, Elizabeth
Carter, George
Castel, Melanie
Castel, Frank
Castel, Jane
Caton, Twiddy
Cavanagh, Walter
Cave, Kathleen
Cavey, George Francis
Chaffe, William
Chambers, Helen
Champion, Stanley
Champion, John
Champion, Frederick
Channing, Walter
Channing, Herbert
Chappell, Laura
Chappell, Alfred
Chelle, Alfred
Cheney, Eliza
Cheney, Henry
Cheney, George
Chevalier, Alice
Chevalier, Mabel
Chevalier, Ada
Chevalier, William
Chevalier, Francis
Chevalier, Mary
Chevalier, Philip
Chillingsworth, Lizzie
Ching, Esther
Chisholm, Alexander
Chubb, John
Chubb, Charles
Churchill, William
Churchill, Edward
Clancy, James
Clark, Clarice
Clark, Walter
Clark, Lily
Clark, Florence
Clarke, Herbert
Clarke, Emily
Clement, George
Clements, Gertrude
Clift, Nellie
Clift, Thomas
Clift, Mabel
Coffey, William
Cole, Annie
Coles, Charles
Coles, Nellie
Collas, Elias
Collas, John
Collett, Thomas
Collignit, Toussaint
Collignit, John
Collings, Harry
Collins, Frank
Collins, Charles
Collins, Walter
Coney, Ellen
Coney, John
Connel, Annie
Connel, Amelia
Connell, Edward
Connell, Charles
Connor, William
Connor, Francis
Coom, Henry
Coom, Alice
Coom, Bertha
Coom, Martha
Coom, Florence
Coombes, Amelia
Coombes, Maud
Coombes, John
Coombs, Gertrude
Cooms, Ruby
Cooper, Reginald
Cooper, Frederick
Cooper, Samuel Lindsay
Cooper, William
Cooper, Hilda
Copp, John
Copp, Amelia
Copp, William
Copp, Charles
Cornick, Arthur
Cornick, Percy
Cortel, Florence
Cortel, Mary Ann
Cory, Florence Louisa
Cory, John
Cory, Percival
Cory, Mabel
Costard, Percy
Costard, Sydney
Couch, Edward
Couch, William
Couch, Annie
Couch, Nellie
Couch, Frederick
Couchard, Louise
Courcoux, Marie
Courcoux, Alice
Courcoux, Florence
Courcoux, Charlotte
Cousins, Thomas
Coutanche, Louisa
Coutanche, Maud
Coutanche, Herbert
Coutanche, Henry
Coutanche, Sophia
Coutanche, Alice
Coutanche, Annie
Coutanche, Ada
Coutanche, Helier
Coutanche, Delphine A
Coward, James
Coward, Ada
Cowdery, Lily
Cowern, Thomas
Cowern, Albert
Cowern, Frederick
Cowern, Walter
Cowley, Ellen Myra
Cowley, Elizabeth Louisa Stratton
Cox, Mabel
Cox, Thomas
Cracknell, Arthur
Cracknell, William
Crapp, Ellen
Crees, Laura
Crees, Francis
Crees, William
Crees, Elsie
Crees, Arthur
Crespinel, Richard
Crispin, Charles
Cristine, Ada
Crocker, Elias
Crocker, Alphonse
Crocker, George
Crocker, Beatrice
Crooke, Edith
Crooke, Adeline
Cross, Mark
Cross, Frank
Cross, Minnie
Cross, Hugh
Cross, Frederick
Cross, John
Cross, Kate
Cross, Florence
Crossman, Louisa Jane
Cuddlipp, William
Cudlipp, James
Cudlipp, Jessie
Cuming, Charles
Curtis, Charles
Curwood, Henry
Curwood, Alice
Curwood, Emily
Curwood, James
Curwood, Thomas
Curwood, Hilda
Cutland, Robert
Cutland, John
Dacam, Arthur
Dacum, Elsie
Dadd, Henry
Dale, Eleanor
Dale, Emily
Dallain, Elvina
Dalley, Charles
Daniel, Lucy
Daniel, Norman
Daniel, Ada
Darling, Kate
Darragh, Maud
Dart, Frederick
Daubert, James
Daubert, Louisa
Dauthreau, Christie
d'Authreau, Mary
D'authreau, Frederick
Davey, Annie
Davey, Edwin
Davey, Arthur
Davey, James
Davey, Frederick
Davey, William
Davey, Eleanor
David, John
David, Francis
Davies, Alice
Davies, Gertrude
Davis, George
Davis, Emma
Davis, Silver
Davis, Thomas
Davis, Irene
Davis, Leopold
Davis, Elsie
Davis, Sarah
Dawe, Ada
de Bourcier, Philip
de Bourcier, Eva
de Bourcier, Mabel
de Bourcier, Ernest
de Bourcier, Charles
de Caen, John
de Caen, Walter
de Caen, Olive
de Carteret, Edward
de Carteret, Percy
de Carteret, Alice
de Carteret, Henry
De Carteret, Walter
de Carteret, Mary
de Carteret, Arthur
de Caux, Clara
de Gruchy, Francis
de Gruchy, Sydney
de Gruchy, Edward
de Gruchy, Eva
de Gruchy, Louisa
De Gruchy, Philip
de Gruchy, John
de Gruchy, Florence
de Gruchy, Alice
de Gruchy, Lilian
de Gruchy, Stanley
de Gruchy, Arthur
De Gruchy, Walter
de Gruchy, Mary Gwyer
de Gruchy, Mabel
De Gruchy, Alfred
de Gruchy, Mary Jane
De Gruchy, Mary-Ann
de Gruchy, Margaret
de Gruchy, Mary
de Gruchy, Clara
de Guelle, Albert
de Guelle, Alfred
de Guelle, Maude
de Guelle, Daisy
de La Cour, Effie
de la Cour, Francis
de la Haye, Arthur
de La Haye, Emily
de La Haye, Ada
de la Haye, Alfred
De La Haye, Francis
de la Haye, George
de La Haye, Helena
de la Haye, Eliza
de la Haye, Albert
De La Haye, Maria
De La Haye, John
de La Lande, Clara
de la Lande, Sarah
de La Londe , Adolphus
de La Mare, Frederick
de La Mare, Charles
de La Mare, Ernest
de la Mare, Mabel
de la Mare, Ellen
de La Mare, Owen
De La Mare, William
de La Mare, Peter
de La Mare, Eva
de La Mare, Albert
de La Mare, Louisa
de la Mare, Adolphus J T
de La Mare, Alice J
de la Mare, Wilfred
de la Mare, Geoffrey
de La Mare, Florry
de la Mare, Edith
De La Mothe, Joseph
de La Motte, Theophille
de la Perrelle, Herbert
de la Perrelle, Edward
de la Taste, John
de St Croix, James
de St Croix, Daisy
de St Croix, Reginald
de St Croix, William
de St Croix, George
de St Croix, Alfred
de St Croix, Ethel
de St Croix, Philip
De St Croix, Charles
de St Croix , Mabel
de St Paër, Charles
de St Paer, Amy
de St Paer, Louise Jane
de Ste Croix, Leonora
de Ste Croix, Louisa
de Ste Croix, Dacia
de ste Croix, Susanna
De Ste Croix, Ellen
de Ste Croix, A H
de Ste Croix, Annie
de Ste Croix, Mary
de Veau, George
de Veulle, Annie
Dee, May
Dee, Edith
Delanney, Frederick
Delanney, Charles
Dene, Reginald
Dene, Bertha
Dene, Edith
Des Landes, Maude
Des Landes, Elsie
Désages, Désages
Deveau, William
Diment, Isabella
Diment, William
Dimond, Robert
Dimond, Thomas
Dingle, John
Dobin, Charles
Dobin, Maude
Dobin, Annie
Dodge, William
Dodge, Annie
Dodge, Elizabeth
Dolbel, Stanley
Donaghoue, Edith
Donaghoue, William
Donaghue, John
Donoghue, William
Donoghue, Charles
Donovan, Thomas
Donovan, Alice
Donovan, Florence
Donovan, Annie
Doran, Albert J
Doran, Ernest
Doran, May
Doran, Maude
Dorey, George
Dorey, Hilda
Douge, Edward
Douglas, Elisabeth
Douglas, Edith
Down, Arthur
Down, Ethel
Downer, Winter
Downes, Sydney
Downey, James
Downton, Arthur
Downton, Gertrude
Dowtown, Violet
Drake, William
Drake, Edward
Drake, Joseph
Drake, Mary
Drake, Ethel
Drake, John
Drelaud, Henry
Dreloud, John
Druce, Clara
Druce, Eliza
du Feu, Lucy
du Feu, John
Du Feu, Elizabeth
du Feu, Julia
du Feu, Adelina
Du Feu, James
Du Feu, Francis
du Feu, Philip
du Feu, Edward
du Fresne, John
du Fresne, Ada
du Heaume, Francis
du Heaume, Anna Janet
du Heaume, Janet Anna
du Heaume, John
Du Heaume, Philip
Du Heaume, Elvina
du Heaume, William
du Pre, Edward
du Pré, Francis
du Val, Joseph
du Val, Clara
du Val, Mary
du Val, Lucien
du Val, Clemence
Duffield, Violet
Dumaresq, B
Dumond, John
Dumond, George
Dupre, John C
Dupre, Albert
Dupreuil, Virginia
Dupreuil, Theresa
Durner, Annie
Duval, George
Duval, Jane
Duvey, Philip
Dyer, Annie
Eastley, Edith
Eastley, Ada
Edgar, Arthur Herbert
Edgar, Albert Silvester
Egré, Edward
Ellett, Charles
Elliott, Archibald
Elliott, Ernest
Elliott, Bertha
Elliott, Nellie
Ellis, George
Ellis, Arthur
Ellis, William
Ellis, Edwin
Ellis, Elisabeth
Ellis, Susan
England, Louisa
England, Adolphus
England, William
Ennis, Alfred
Entwistle, Amy
Enwright, Augustine
Enwright, John
Enwright, May
Ereaut, G
Esnouf, Florence
Esnouf, Thomas
Esnouf, Flory
Esnouf, Walter
Etasse, Emma
Etienne, Alfred
Evans, Harry
Eve, Maud
Eveleigh, Melina
Eveleigh, Edith
Ewens, John
Fahey, Helena
Fairbridge, Frank
Fallain, Gustave
Fallaize, Ernest
Fallaize, Bertha
Falle, Edith
Falle, Alice
Falle, George
Falle, Clara
Falle, Ellen Jane
Falle, Philip
Fallis, Maude
Fallu, Philip
Farley, Ernest
Farley, Isabella
Farley, Theodore
Farley, Alfred
Farnham, Edward
Farnham, Louisa
Farrier, Hettie
Farrier, Joseph
Farrier, Gracie
Fauvel, Philip
Fauvel, Hettie
Fauvel, Francis
Feguson, John
Fentum, Harold
Fentum, Elsie
Ferey, Jane
Ferey, Lizzie
Ferguson, John T
Ferry, Louise
Fielder, William
Fielder, Mabel
Fielding, Violet
Fielding, Lydia
Fielding, Philip
Fielding, William
Filleul, Alfred
Filleul, Thomas
Fisher, Sydney
Fisher, Percy
Fisher, Annie
Fisher, Owen
Fisher, Wilfrid
Fitzgerald, Henry
Fitzgerald, Harriet
Fitzgerald, Maurice
Flack, Emma
Flack, Willie
Flynn, James
Follain, Winter
Ford, Joseph
Forster, William
Fosse, Arthur
Fosse, Florence
Fosse, Ernest
Fossé, Louis
Fosse, Marie
Fowler, Ethel
Fox, Edith
Francis, Henry John
Frederick, Murphy
Freeman, William
Freeman, Francis
Freeman, George
Freeman, Emma
Freeman, Florence
French, Theresa
Frogley, Hettie
Frogley, Lizzie
Fullam, John
Gale, James
Gallais, Lily
Gallais, Mary Jane
Gallais, Emélie
Gallichan, Malvina
Gallichan, Henry
Gallichan, William
Gallichan, Charles
Gallichan, Percy
Gallichan, Thomas
Gallichan, Grace
Gallichan, Alice
Gallichan, Laura
Gallichan, Arthur
Gallichan, Ada
Gallichan, Susan
Gallichan, Lily
Gallichan, Clara
Gallichan, Nicholas
Gallichan, Ethel
Gallichan, Florence
Gallichan, Philip
Gallichan, Mary A
Gallichan, George
Gallichan, Francis
Gallichan, Caroline
Gallichan, Jane
Gallichan, Mrs
Gallie, Sydney
Gallie, Francis
Gallie, Hilda
Gallie, Eugene
Gallie, Emile
Gallie, Cecilia
Gallie, Florence
Gallop, Louisa
Garde, Philip
Garde, Louisa
Gaudin, Adela
Gaudin, Lily
Gaudin, Texina
Gaudin, Eva
Gaudin, Mabel
Gaudin, Edith
Gaudin, Jane
Gaudin, Charles
Gaudin, John
Gaudin, Gertrude
Gaudin, Alfred
Gaudin, Gustavus
Gaudin, Philip
Gaudin, Ernest
Gautier, William
Gautier, Florence
Gautier, Jane
Gautier, François
Gautier, Louisa
Gauvain, Bertha
Gauvain, Blanche
Gavey, Herbert
Geary, Henry
Geary, John
Geary, Frederick
Geary, Martha
Geary, Alfred
Gee, Herbert
Genevois, Louis
Gerard, Daniel
Gerard, James
Germain, Eva Matilda
Gibson, Annie
Gibson, Lily
Gifford, Mabel
Gillam, Theodore
Gillam, Walter
Gillam, Stanley
Gillard, Albert
Gillard, William
Gillard, Emily
Gillard, Sidney
Gillard, Philip
Giot, Ada
Giot, Hilda
Giot, Elvina
Giot, Ernest
Glendewar, Orlando
Glendewar, William
Glendewar, George
Glendewar, Georgina
Godden, Trevuel
Godeaux, Frank
Godell, Walter
Godfray, Alice
Godfray, Percy
Godfray, Elizabeth Fanny
Godfray, Lilia
Godfray, Frank
Godfray, Winnifred
Godfray, Alicia
Godfray, Lyndon
Godfray, Arthur
Godfray, Percival
Godfray, Ethel
Godfray, Clement
Goding, Sydney
Godrich, Thomas
Godrich, Joseph
Godrich, Florence
Goldsmith, James
Goldsmith, Maude
Goldsmith, Harold
Goldsmith, Alice
Goodrich, Alec
Gordon, Maude
Gordon, Bessie
Gordon, Gertrude
Gorin, Emma
Gorin, Philip
Gosling, Charles
Gosling, Thomas
Gosling, William
Gosling, Lily
Gosling, Ada
Gosling, Harry
Gosling, Flory
Gosselin, Alfred
Gosselin, David
Gottard, John
Gottrell, Winter
Gottrell, Philip
Gottrell, Adolphus
Gough, C H, Reverend
Gould, Violet
Grandin, Arthur
Grandin, John
Grant, Ethel
Grant, Maude
Grant, Henry
Gray, W C
Gray, George
Gray, Ada
Gray, Charlotte
Gray, Louisa
Gray, Herbert
Gray, Archibald
Gray, Ellinor
Gray, Charles
Gray, Arthur
Gray, William
Gray, Minnie
Gray, Mabel
Gray, Arthur
Green, Louisa Elisa
Gregory, Albert
Gregory, Francis
Gregory, William
Griffin, Annie
Griffin, Emma
Griffin, Clifton B
Griffin, Walter S A
Grimshaw, William
Grimshaw, Albert
Grimshaw, Clara
Groizard, Alice
Groizard, Joseph
Groizard, Edward
Grout, Walter
Grout, Mabel
Grout, Herbert
Gruchy, Lyndon
Gruchy, C F
Gruchy, Ernest John
Guard, Emma
Guard, John
Guenier, Francis
Guenier, Laura
Guérin, Marie
Guibert, Alexander
Guibert, John
Guillard, Peter
Guilliard, Ernest
Guilliard, Philip
Guilliard, Lily
Guilliford, May
Guiton, Lily
Guiton, Annie
Guiton, Rose
Guiton, Nellie
Gulley, Lizzie
Gulliver, Alfred
Gulliver, Rhoda
Gunton, May
Gunton, Rose
Guppy, Henry
Guppy, Francis
Guppy, George
Guppy, Lillian
Guppy, Edith
Guppy, Daniel
Guppy, Florence
Guy, Willie
Hacking, Charles
Hacking, Alice
Hacking, John
Hacking, William
Hacking, Ernest
Hacking, Edith
Hacquoil, John
Hacquoil, James
Hacquoil, Edward
Hacquoil, George
Hake, Amy
Hall, Isabella
Hall, Kitty
Hall, Elsie
Hall, Walter
Hall, George
Hall, Alick
Hall, Fanny
Hall, William
Hallett, Ada
Hallett, Lydia
Hallman, Florence
Hallman, Edith
Hallot, Victor
Hambly, William Charles
Hambly, John Charles
Hambly, William
Hambly, Arthur
Hammond, Mansell Q
Hamon, James
Hamon, William
Hamon, George
Hamon, Douglas
Hamon, Annie
Hamon, Elsie
Hamon, Webster
Hamon, Alfred
Hamon, Francis
Hamon, Mary Ann
Hamon, George Philip
Hamon, John
Hamon, John Francis
Hamon, Clement
Hamon, Jane
Hamon, Charles
Hampton, Charles
Handow, Rose
Handow, Frederick
Handow, Bella
Hanning, Louisa
Hanning, Ethel
Hansford, Charles
Hansford, Mary Jane
Hansford, Elias J
Haquoil, Francis Philip
Haquoil, Adelina
Haquoil, Peter
Haquoil, Philip
Haquoil, Ann
Haquoil, Louisa
Harben, Mabel
Harben, Ethel
Harcourt, Hart
Hardie, John
Harding, Percy
Harding, Nelson
Harding, Lavinia
Harding, John
Harding, Thomas
Hardman, John
Hardy, William
Hardy, Florence
Harper, William
Harper, Mary Ann
Harper, Jessie
Harper, John
Harrington, William
Harrington, John
Harris, Emmeline
Harris, Ada
Harris, Clara
Harris, Ethel
Harris, George
Harris, Elisa Agnes
Harris, Nicholas
Harris, Charles
Harris, Dora
Harris, Emily
Harris, Lily
Harris, John
Harris, Edith
Hart, Charles
Harwood, Charles
Harwood, Minnie
Hassel, William
Hassell, Florence
Haughton, Alfred
Hawkings, Willie
Hawkings, James
Hawkings, Florence
Hawkings, Mabel
Hawksford, Francis
Haynes, William
Haynes, Edward
Healey, Michael
Healy, John
Heffernan, John
Héliot, John
Helleur, Edward
Helleur, George
Hemery, J J
Hennequin, Annie Emily
Henri, Maurice
Henri, George
Henri, Walter
Henri, Joshua
Henri, William
Henri, Elvina
Henri, Hilda
Henri, Florence
Henry, Claude
Henry, Herbert
Hepburn, Henry
Herault, Mrs
Herbert, Lizzie
Herbert, Arthur
Herbert, John
Herbert, Clara
Hervé, Francis
Herve, Joseph
Herve, Marie
Hervé, Anna
Heuzé, Celestine
Heywood, Elsie
Heywood, William
Hibbs, John
Hibbs, James
Hibbs, Mary Ann
Hibbs, Albert
Hicks, Edwin
Higgs, Edwin Charles
Hill, Arthur
Hill, Albert
Hine, Robert
Hine, Ellen
Hine, Adelina
Hine, Mabel
Hine, Oscar
Hine, Edward
Hine, Sidney
Hirel, Angéle
Hirel, James
Hirel, Annie
Hitchcock, Sydney
Hitchcock, Amy
Hitchcock, Samuel
Hoare, Francis
Hoare, Eleanor Josephine
Hoare, Joseph
Hoare, William
Hoare, Eleanor
Hobbs, Augustine
Hobbs, Mary
Hodgeson, Florence
Hodgeson, Lily
Hogg, William
Holden, Herbert
Holden, Wallace
Holder, Jessie
Holland, Harold
Holland, Edward
Holloway, Herbert
Holloway, Kirton
Holloway, Malius
Holloway, Wilfrid
Holloway, Jersey
Holly, Charles
Holly, Jane
Holly, William
Holly, Selina
Honeycombe, Florence
Honeycombe, William
Honeycombe, Albert
Hopper, Annie
Hopper, Frederick
Hopper, Samuel
Hopper, Mabel
Horman, William
Horman, Florence
Horman, Alice
Horman, Annie
Horman, Sydney
Horn, Rufus
Horner, Charles
Horner, Annie
Horner, Stephen
Horner, Samuel
Horsburgh, Mima
Horton, Frederick
Horton, John
Hosking, Priscilla
Hosking, Herbert
Hoskings, Archimedes
Hoskings, Adelaide
Hostingue, Adelina
Hostingue, Florence
Houget, Alice
Houguez, John
Houguez, Mary J
Houguez, Ada
Houssel, Harriet
Houssel, Janet
Hoyles, Lily
Hubert, John
Hubert, Lily
Hubert, Nellie
Hubert, Francis J
Hubert, John Edward
Hubert, Elvina
Hubert, Sydney
Huchings, George
Huchings, Herbert
Huelin, Sarah
Huelin, Archibald
Huelin, Albert
Huelin, Arthur
Huelin, Edith
Huelin, Louise Ann
Hughes, William
Humber, Florence
Humber, Ada
Humby, Ernest
Humphreys, Ethel
Humphries, Wilfred
Humphrys, Charles
Hunt, Stewart
Hunt, Herbert
Hunt, John
Hunt, Reginald
Hunt, Madeleine
Hunt, Adolphus
Hunt, Percy
Hunt, Emma
Hunt, Florence
Hunt, Stanley
Hurel, Flory
Hurley, William
Hurley, Walter
Hurley, Alice
Hurley, Harold
Hurst, Harry
Hurst, Alfred
Hutchings, Percy
Hutchings, Charles
Hutchings, Ellen
Hutchings, Phillis
Hutchings, William
Hutchings, George
Hutchings, Samuel
Hutchings, Louisa
Hutchins, Hilda
Hutchins, Alfred
Ingram, Adolphus
Ingram, Henrietta
Isherwood, Albert
Isherwood, Rosa
Isherwood, Edwin
James, Susan
James, William
James, John
Jandron, William
Janvrin, Walter
Janvrin, Maud
Janvrin, Elsie
Janvrin, Willie
Janvrin, Rose
Jaquet, Cecilia
Jarnet, Florence
Jean, Louisa
Jean, Ernest
Jeandron, Elsie
Jehan, Harriet
Jehan, Lizzie
Jesty, Rhoda
Jesty, Nellie
Jesty, Edward
Jeune, Emma
Jeune, Florence
Jeune, Frank
Jeune, Alfred
Jeune, Anna
Jeune, Edmund
Jeune, Thomas
Jicquel, William
Jicquel, Mary Jane
John, Katie
Johnson, Lyle
Johnson, Grace
Johnson, Amy
Johnston, Frederick
Johnston, William
Johnston, Wallace
Johnston, Beatrice
Johnston, Louisa
Johnston, Alice
Johnston, Herbert
Johnston, Ada
Jolin, Lydia
Joll, Jessie
Jones, Lily
Jones, Bertha
Jones, Helena
Jones, John S
Jordan, William
Jordan, Mabel
Jordan, Arthur
Jordan, Rose
Jordan, Ernest
Jouan, Albert
Jouan, Louisa
Jouan, Frederick
Jouen, Francis
Jourdan, Bertha
Jourdan, Maude
Jourdan, Ed
Journeaux, Elsie
Journeaux, Florence
Journeaux, William
Journeaux, John
Journeaux, Isabella
Journeaux, Alfred
Journeaux, Amelia
Journeaux, Lydia
Journeaux, Maud
Journeaux, Richard
Journeaux, Lily
Journeaux, Florence
Journeaux, Edward
Keagan, Florence
Kelland, Annie
Kelland, Alfred
Kellaway, William
Kellaway, Mary
Kelling, Francis
Kelling, William
Kelling, Charles
Kelling, Philip
Kelly, Joseph
Kelly, Thomas
Kelly, Alice
Kelly, Peter
Kemish, Blanche
Kemish, James
Kemish, Alice
Kendall, Maud
Kendall, Julius
Kensington, Emily
Kensington, Mary Ann
Kent, William
Kent, Frank
Kent, John
Kent, Mary J
Kerry, Sydney
Kessel, Louisa
Keyworth, Lucy
Keyworth, Kitty
Keyworth, George
King, King
King, Thomas
King, Charles
Kirkby, Helena
Kirkby, Frank
Kirkby, Alice
Kitcher, George
Kitcher, Charles
Knight, John
La Folley, Sydney
La Miere, Albert
La Mierre, Cecelia
La Motte, Elsie
La Motte, Mabel
La Niece, John
La Source, Thomas
La Source, Cecelia
La Source, Sydney
La Source, Winter
Laffoley, Harry
Laffoley, Annie
Laffoley, Louise
Lakeman, Albert
Lamb, George
Lamy, Ernest
Lamy, Alfred
L'amy, Esther
L'amy, Philip
Lamy, Elias
Lancaster, William L
Langelier, Emilia
Langford, Lydia
Langford, Albert
Langford, Walter
Langford, Fanny
Langler, Alfred Hannibal
Langler, Edith Annie
Langlois, John
Langlois, Ada
Langlois, Walter
Langlois, James
Langlois, Eva
Larbalestier, Walter
Larbalestier, Louisa
Larbalestier, Alfred
Larbalestier, Edwin
Larbalestier, Constance
Larbalestier, Mabel
Larbalestier, Edith
Larbalestier, Flory
Larbalestier, Charles
Larbalestier, May
Laurence, Francis
Laurence, Philip
Laurens, Clara
Laurens, Mabel
Laurens, Joseph
Laurens, Herbert
Laurens, Sydney
Laurens, Louisa
Laurens, Francis
Laurens, John
Laurens, Alfred
Laurens, Ernest
Law, Helen
Lawford, Henry
Lawford, Amelia
Lawford, Elizabeth
Lawford, Edith
Lawrance, Frederick
Lawrence, Philip
Lawrence, Adolphus
Lawrence, Frank
Le Bailly, Bernard
Le Bas, Nellie
Le Bas, William
Le Bas, Edward
Le Bas, Alice
Le Ber, Ada
Le Ber, John
Le Blancq, Annie
Le Blancq, Louisa
Le Blancq, George
Le Blancq, Eliza
Le Blancq, Thomas
Le Boutillier, Philip
Le Boutillier, Alice
Le Boutillier, John
Le Boutillier, Emma
Le Boutillier, John Wesley
Le Boutillier, Annie
Le Boutillier, Jane E
Le Boutillier, Winter J
Le Boutillier, G
Le Boutillier, Elias
Le Boutillier, Hilda
Le Boutillier, Sydney
Le Boutillier, Edward
Le Boutillier, Lily
Le Breton, Arthur
Le Breton, Edith
Le Breton, Geoffrey
Le Breton, John
Le Breton, George
Le Breton, Anna
Le Breton, Cyrus
Le Breton, Eliza A
Le Breton, Ada
Le Breton, Alfred
Le Breton, Ann
Le Breton, Evered
Le Breton, William
Le Breton, Walter
Le Brocq, Edward
Le Brocq, Reginald
Le Brocq, Annie
Le Brocq, Winter
Le Brocq, John
Le Brocq, Francis
Le Brocq, Philip
le Brocq, Emily
Le Brocq, Clara
Le Brocq, Alice
Le Brocq, Sidney Philip
Le Brocq, Emmeline
Le Brocq, Florence
Le Brocq, Francis J
Le Brocq, James
Le Brocq, John E
Le Brocq, Anna
Le Brocq, Angelina
Le Brun, Jane
Le Brun, Sydney
Le Brun, John
Le Brun, Bertie
Le Cappelain, Arthur
Le Cappelain, Frederick
Le Cappelain, Charles
Le Cappelain, Edith
Le Cerf, Francis
Le Chasseur, George
Le Chaux, Agnes
Le Chaux, Rosa
Le Chaux, Raymond
Le Clercq, Alfred
Le Clercq, Marie
Le Clercq, Francis
Le Clercq, Joseph
Le Cocq, Philip
Le Cocq, Thomas
Le Cocq, William
Le Cocq, Alfred
Le Cocq, Walter
Le Cocq, Charles
Le Cocq, Eva
Le Cocq, John
Le Cocq, Ada
Le Cornu, Alfred
Le Cornu, Emily
Le Cornu, Alice
Le Cornu, Philip
Le Cornu, Joseph
Le Cornu, Edith
Le Cornu, Hetty
Le Cornu, C O
Le Cornu, Charles Philip
Le Cornu, Josie
Le Cornu, Mary
Le Cornu, Ada
Le Cornu, Walter
Le Cornu, Louisa
Le Cornu, Jane
Le Cornu, Florence
Le Cornu, Robert
Le Cornu, John
Le Cornu , Alice J
Le Couillard, Frank
Le Couillard, Mabel
Le Couilliard, Louisa
Le Couilliard, Ada
Le Couilliard, Edith
Le Couilliard, Philip
Le Couilliard, Mabel
Le Couteur, George
Le Couteur, Elizabeth M
Le Couteur, Ada
Le Couteur, Mary
Le Couteur, Laura
Le Cras, Katie
Le Cras, Maud
Le Cronier, T
Le Dain, Bertie
Le Dain, George
Le Feuvre, Merina
Le Feuvre, Alf
Le Feuvre, Hilda
Le Feuvre, Ada
Le Feuvre, Philip John
Le Feuvre, Alice Mary
Le Feuvre, Louisa A
Le Feuvre, Francis
Le Feuvre, Edward
Le Feuvre, George
Le Feuvre, Elsie F
Le Feuvre, E
Le Feuvre, Gertrude F M
Le Feuvre, Lydia Ann
Le Feuvre, Winnie
Le Feuvre, Christine
Le Four, George
Le Four, Ethel
Le Four, Hilda
Le Gallais, Mary Ann
Le Geyt, Mary
Le Geyt, Rosa
Le Geyt, Lilian
Le Geyt, Edward
Le Goubin, Charlotte
Le Goubin, Claude
Le Gresley, Anna
Le Gresley, Lucy
Le Gresley, Francis
Le Gresley, George
Le Gresley, Jane
Le Gresley, Louisa
Le Gresley, Daisy
Le Gresley, Ernest
Le Gresley, John S
Le Gresley, Frederick E
Le Gresley, Ada
Le Gros, Frank
Le Gros, Philip
Le Gros, John
Le Gros, Gervaise
Le Gros, Clement
Le Gros, Charles
Le Gros, Alfred
Le Gros, Elizabeth
Le Gros, Matilda
Le Gros, Ada
Le Heron, Alf
Le Heron, Blanche
Le Heron, Edith
Le Heron, Eliza
Le Héron, Louisa
Le Houguet, Priscilla
Le Houguet, Hilda
Le Huquet, Philip
Le Huquet, Isabella
Le Lerre, Alfred
Le Lerre, Ethel
Le Lievre, John
Le Liévre, Elvina
Le Maistre, Philip
Le Maistre, W B
Le Maistre, Alfred
Le Maistre, Walter
Le Maistre, Winter J
Le Maistre, Julia
Le Maitre, Lily
Le Maitre, May
Le Marchand, Ed
Le Marchand, Ada
Le Marchand, Walter
Le Marquand, Maud
Le Marquand, James
Le Marquand, Alfred
Le Marquand, Elsie
Le Marquand, John
Le Marquand, Philip
Le Marquand, Charles
Le Marquand, John Philip
Le Marquand, Ada
Le Marquand, Lydia
Le Marquand, Esther E
Le Masurier, Arthur
Le Masurier, George
Le Masurier, James
Le Masurier, William
Le Masurier, Susan
Le Masurier, Emma
Le Masurier, Charles
Le Masurier, Albert
Le Masurier, Wilfrid
Le Masurier, Theresa
Le Masurier, Thomas
Le Masurier, Mabel
Le Masurier, John
Le Mercier, Walter
Le Messurier, Alfred
Le Miere, Frederick
Le Moignan, E
Le Moignan, Amy
Le Moine, Henri
Le Mottée, Elizabeth M A
Le Mottée, Philip
Le Mottee, Matilda
Le Motteé, Alfred
Le Mottée, John
Le Mottee, Francis
Le Motteé, Lydia
Le Mouton, John
Le Page, George
Le Page, Mary
Le Page, Peter
Le Podevin, John R
Le Poidevin, William
Le Poidevin, Percy
Le Poidevin, Irene
Le Poidevin, Clarissa
Le Poidevin, Hilda
Le Prevost, Ethel
Le Prevost, Thomas
Le Quellenecq, Jane
Le Quellenecq, Frederick
Le Quelleneq, Charles
Le Quesne, John
Le Quesne, Mary A
Le Quesne, Lilian
Le Quesne, Annie
Le Quesne, Charles
Le Quesne, Herbert
Le Ray, Louisa
Le Riche, Francis
Le Riche, Philip
Le Riche, John
Le Riche, Charles
Le Riche, William
Le Riche, Winter
Le Riche, Mabel
Le Riche, Annie
Le Riche, Alice
Le Riche, Clara
Le Riche, Lydia
Le Riche, Ellen
Le Rossignol, Bella
Le Rossignol, Philip
Le Rossignol, Florence
Le Rossignol, Clara
Le Rossignol, Mary
Le Rossignol, George
Le Rossignol, Sydney P
Le Rossignol, Lilian
Le Rougetel, John
Le Rougetel, Thomas
Le Roux, Amy
Le Roux, Florence
Le Roux, Alice
Le Roux, Alfred
Le Roux, Julia
Le Roux, James
Le Roux, Civilise
Le Rue, Violet
Le Ruez, Alfred Luce
Le Ruez, George
Le Ruez, George
Le Ruez, Elizabeth
Le Sage, Emile
Le Sauteur, William
Le Sauteur, Laura
Le Sauteur, Clara
Le Scelleur, Edward
Le Scelleur, John P
Le Scelleur, Philip J
Le Seaux, John
Le Seaux, Francis
Le Seeleur, Alice
Le Seeleur, Hilda
Le Seeleur, Clarence
Le Seeleur, Thomas
Le Sueur, Matilda
Le Sueur, Louisa
Le Sueur, William
Le Sueur, Ada
Le Sueur, Philip
Le Sueur, Flora
Le Sueur, J
Le Sueur, Alfred
Le Sueur, Sydney
Le Sueur, Charles
Le Sueur, Persy
Le Tourneur, Ada
Le Vaillon, William
Le Vesconte, John
Le Vesconte, Douglas
Lee, George
Lee, William Walter
Lee, Stanley
Leech, John
Leech, Jane
Legg, Alice
Legg, Annie
Legg, Edith
Lempriere, Joseph
Lempriere, Ada
Lempriere, Arthur
Lempriere, Maud
Lempriere, Laura
Lempriere, Philip
Lempriere, Ernest
Lempriere, Adelaide
Lempriere, Lily
Lempriere, William
Lenaghan, Ellen
Lenaghan, William
Leopold, William
Leopold, Percy
Leopold, Elsie
Leopold, Margaret
Lesbirel, Hilda
Lesbirel, Arthur
Lesbirel, Elsie
Lesbirel, Mary J
Lespirel, Winter J
Letto, George
Letto, Henry
Letto, Adolphus
Letto, William
Levée, Arthur
Levée, Henri
Lewis, Lily
Lewis, Frederick
Lillicrap, Edward
Linchan, Thomas
Lindsay, Elizabeth T
Lindsay, George
Lindsay, Samuel
Lindsey, Florence
Lindsey, Sarah
Lindsey, Elizabeth
Liron, John
Liron, Victoria
Livermore, Frederick
Livermore, William
Livermore, Francis
Lock, William
Lock, Louia
Lock, Walter
Louden, Lilian
Louden, Reginald
Louvet, Louis
Louvet, Alfred
Lovejoy, Emma
Lovell, Charles
Lovell, John
Lowden, Gertrude
Lowden, Lilian
Lucas, Ada H
Lucas, Ellen M
Luce, Emma
Luce, Florence
Luce, Ada
Luce, Mabel
Luce, Mary-Jane
Luce, Lydia
Luce, Jane
Luce, Mary Jane
Luce, Alfred Francis
Luce, Laura V
Luce, Gertrude
Luce, Thomas
Luce, Louisa
Luce, Stanley
Luet, Francis
Luet, Annie
Luet, Alfred
Lufkin, Frederick
Macey, Bessie
Macey, Ethel
Macey, Rose
Machon, Ann
Machon, Philip
Macready, Portia
Madden, Louisa
Maguire, Sydney
Maguire, Osmond
Maguire, Archibald
Maguire, Walter
Maguire, Albert
Mahaut, Albert
Mahaut, Alphonse
Mahaut, Albertina
Mahaut, Annociade
Male, Walter
Male, Charles
Malet, Stanley E
Malin, Lily
Mallet, William
Mallet, Alice
Mallett, Edwin
Mallett, Ernest
Mallett, Alice
Mallett, Annie
Mallett, Violet
Mallett, Lily
Malzard, Walter
Malzard, Edwin
Malzard, John
Malzard, Mabel
Malzard, George
Malzard, Philip J
Malzard, Anna
Mann, Thomas
Mann, Henrietta
Mann, Annie
Manoury, Lily
Marett, Ada
Marett, George
Marett, Frederick
Marett, William
Marett, John
Marett, Eliza
Marett, Charles
Marett, Emily J E
Marie, Daisy
Marie, Charles
Marquand, Alfred
Marquand, Albert
Marquis, Gertrude
Marquis, Florry
Marquis, Beatrice
Marrett, Florence
Marrett, Reginald
Marrett, Ernest
Marrett, Lizzie
Marrett, Charles
Marshall, Amelia
Martel, Isabel
Martell, Nellie
Martin, Ernest
Martin, Arthur
Martin, Robert
Martin, Julia Rachel
Martin, George
Martin, Francois
Martin, Albert
Martin, Charles
Martinn, Alfred
Masey, George
Mason, George
Mathews, Mabel
Matson, Alice
Matson, Lydia
Matson, Jane
Matson, Edward
Matson, Charles
Matthews, Ethel
Matthews, Charles
Matthews, Maude
Matthews, Henry
Matthews, Harriet
Mauger, Winnifred
Mauger, Ethel
Mauger, Thomas
Mauger, Philip
Mauger, Elizabeth
Mauger, Louisa
Mauger, John Philip
Mauger, George H
Mauger, John
Mauviel, Lily
Mauviel, Hannah
Mauviel, Mary
May, William
May, John
May, Melinda
May, Maude
Mayo, Thomas
Mayo, Iris
Mc Allen, John E B
Mc Allen, Edith Jane, neé Eastwood
Mc Carthy, J
Mc Donald, Alfred
Mc Donald, Charles
Mc Fadyen, Walter
Mc Fadyen, William
Mc Grath, Thomas
Mc Kensie, Isabella
Mc Lellan, Arnold
Mc Leod, Robert
McBride, Benjamin
McFadyen, Maude
McFadyen, Edward
McFadyen, Mary
McFarlane, Emma
McFarlane, Mabel
McKee, Frederick
McKee, Henry
McKee, Adolphus
McKenna, Thornton
McKenna, Maude
McLeod, Arthur
McLeod, Alexander
McOwen, Harold
McWilliam, Eliabeth A
Mead, John
Mead, Agnes
Medder, Ernest
Medder, William
Medland, Alfred
Medland, John
Mellish, Herbert
Mellish, Percival
Meopham, Selina
Meophan, Henry
Mercier, Eva
Mercier, Alice
Messervy, Daisy
Messervy, Lavinia
Messervy, Thomas M
Messervy, Alice
Messervy, John
Messervy, Frederick
Messervy, Susan
Michel, Louisa
Michel, Lizzie
Michel, Alfred
Michel, Ada
Miller, Martin
Miller, Annie
Miller, George
Miller, Louisa
Mills, Robert
Mills, Edmund
Milon, Peter J
Milon, Rosalie
Milon, Ada L
Minchington, Cyril
Mogridge, Charles
Moitié, William
Moitié, Walter
Mollet, Arthur
Mollet, Emily Mary
Mollet, Horace
Mollet, Percy H
Mollet, Mabel F
Mollet, Mary Ann
Mollet, Philip
Molloy, Charles
Molloy, J
Moloney, Daniel
Monamy, William
Monamy, Amelia
Monamy, John
Moody, Philip
Moody, Emily
Moody, Harriet
Moon, Albert
Moon, Mary
Moon, Cissy
Mooney, Rebecca
Mooney, Oliver
Morcel, Alfred
Morcel, Emily
Morin, Francis
Morin, François
Morissey, William
Morley, Reginald
Morley, Arthur
Morley, Herbert
Morris, Archibald
Morris, Eva
Morris, Gertrude
Morris, Gretchen
Morris, Caroline
Morris, Mary
Moses, Isabel
Motier, Louis
Moulin, Mary
Moulin, Mabel
Mountain, William
Mourant, Alfred
Mourant, Lily
Mourant, John
Mourant, Jane
Mourant, Edith
Mourant, Thomas
Mourant, Francis J
Mourant, Gertrude
Mourant, Winter
Mourant, Louisa
Moxey, Percy
Moyse, Robert
Moyse, James
Moyse, George
Moyse, Lilian
Moyse, Florence
Moyse, William
Mudford, Thomas
Mudford, Kate
Mudford, Margaret
Mudford, Francis
Mullins, Charles
Mullins, Dinah
Murphy, George
Murphy, Albert
Murphy, William
Murphy, Ethel
Murphy, Florence
Murray, Florence
Murray, Charles
Murray, James
Murray, Lily
Mutton, Herbert
Mylan, Thomas
Mylan, Annie
Nain, Thomas
Neale, Frederick
Neale, George
Neale, Arthur
Needham, Isaac
Needham, Alicia
Needham, Maud
Needham, Reginald
Neil, Grace
Nelson, Clara
Newbegin, Agnes
Newcombe, Annie
Newcombe, Blanche
Newman, Charles
Newman, Reginald
Newman, Elsie
Newman, George
Nicholas, Edith
Nicholls, Ivy
Nicolle, John
Nicolle, Edward
Nicolle, Philip
Nicolle, Rosa
Nicolle, Albert
Nicolle, Sympson
Nicolle, Cecilia
Nicolle, Florence
Nicolle, Alice L
Niell, John
Niell, Bieu-aimé
Noble, Francis
Noble, Frederick
Noel, Charles
Noel, John
Noel, Winter
Noel, Annie
Nolais, Edward
Norman, James
Norman, Philip
Norman, Lilian
Norman, Ernest
Norris, Philip
Norris, Hilda
Norwood, Florence
Novert, Henri
Nursey, Charles Edward
Nursey, George Sydney Fairfax
Nursey, Elizabeth
Nursey, George
O'Carroll, Patrick
O'Connor, Thomas
Odell, Alice
Odell, Joseph
Odell, Annie
Odell, Violet
Odell, Charles
Odell, Alfred
Oiment, Alfred
Oldreive, William
Oldridge, Thomas
Oldridge, John
Oldridge, Ada
Oldridge, Jane
Oldridge, Julia
Oldrieve, Sydney
Oliver, Ida
Olliver, Walter
Osborne, Sarah
Osborne, William
Osment, Edith
Osment, Charles
Ouzouf, Alfred
Ozard, Charles
Ozard, Ada
Ozouf, Alice
Ozouf, Lydia
Ozouf, Jules
Pain, William
Pallot, Clara
Pallot, John
Pallot, Louisa
Pallot, Mabel
Pallot, Alfred
Pallot, Stanley
Pallot, Florence
Pallot, John P
Pallot, Clifford
Pallot, Philip
Palmer, Charles
Palmer, Emma
Palmer, Nellie
Palmer, Mary Jane
Palner, Lizzie
Parker, Alfred
Parker, Frank
Parker, Lily
Parsons, Lilian
Paskins, William
Paskins, Beatrice
Paskins, Maude
Paskins, Albert
Patch, Walter
Patch, Mildred
Patch, Laura
Patch, Thomas
Patch, John
Paul, Albert
Paul, John W C
Paul, Emma L
Payn, Matthew
Payn, Lilian
Payn, Walter
Payn, Philip
Payn, Henry
Payn, Louisa
Payn, George
Payn, Ernest
Payne, Florry
Pellow, Eliza R
Pelluet, Edmund
Pelluet, Walter
Pepin, John William
Pepprell, Frederick
Pepprell, Samuel
Pepprell, Ellen
Perchard, Arthur
Perchard, David
Perchard, Mabel
Perchard, Emma
Perchard, Stanley
Perchard, Ada
Perchard, Mary
Perchard, William
Perkins, George
Perkins, Lilian
Perkins, Amy
Perkins, Annie
Perkins, Florence
Perreé, Maria G
Perrée, Elizabeth J
Perreé, Alice M
Perrier, Ernest
Perrier, Francis
Perrier, George
Perrier, Rosa
Perrier, Alice
Perrier, Alfred
Perrier, Eliza
Perrin, Albert
Perris, John
Perris, Louisa
Pesant, Edith
Pestel, Edmond
Pestel, Alphonse
Petit, Selina
Pezet, Florence
Philips, William
Philips, Albert
Philips, Melvina
Philips, Margaret
Phillips, Ada
Picket, Henrietta
Picket, Louisa
Picket, Alfred
Picot, Ernest
Picot, David
Picot, Louisa
Picot, J F
Picot, Philip
Picot, Archibald
Pigeon, Sidney
Pigeon, George
Pigeon, Beatrice
Pigeon, Emily
Pihan, Alfred
Pihan, Henry
Pimwell, Albert
Pinceman, Jane
Pinch, George
Pinel, Lily
Pinel, Walter
Pinel, Philip
Pinel, Albert
Pinel, John
Pipon, G
Pipon, P G
Pipon, Alfred
Pipon, Edward
Pirouet, Amelia S
Pirouet, Philip
Pirouet, Francis
Pirouet, John Philip
Pirouet, Laura J
Pirouet, James Philip
Pitman, Charles
Pitman, Mary
Plessard, John
Plymen, Reginald
Plymen, George
Plymen, Hilda
Plymen, Herbert
Plymen, Rosanna M
Plymen, Lily
Plymen, Wilfred
Podger, Robert
Podger, Frederick
Poindestre, James
Poindestre, Charles
Poindestre, Lydia
Poindestre, Olive
Poindestre, George
Poindestre, Eliza
Poindestre, Emma
Poingdestre, Sydney
Poingdestre, Edith
Poingdestre, Ernest
Poingdestre, Henry
Poingdestre, Mabel
Poingdestre, Arthur
Poingdestre, Claude
Poole, George
Pool , John
Potier, William
Potier, Lydia
Potier, Charles
Potier, Sydney
Potier, John
Potier, Ada
Potier, Leah
Poynter, Myra
Pralle, Agnes
Pratt, Madge
Pratt, Daisy
Prawle, Alfred
Prawle, Clarence
Price, Emma
Priddy, William
Priddy, Frederick
Prigg, Jabez
Prigg, Catherine Mary
Princemin, Donan
Proper, John
Proper, George
Proper, Jane
Prout, Frank
Prout, Julia
Prout, Florence
Prout, Ethel
Prout, Harry
Pugsley, Lizzie
Pugsley, Ethel
Pugsley, Daisy
Pullen, Phillis
Pullen, Eliza
Pullen, William
Pullen, Lydia
Pullen, Letitia
Pullen, Kate
Pullen, Helen
Purkis, William
Purkis, Edith
Queen, John
Queen, Alfred
Quenault, George
Quenault, Emily
Quenault, Henrietta
Quence, Mabel
Quenouellere, Raoul
Quenouellere, Gaston
Queree, Francis
Querée, John
Queree, Wilfred
Quereé, Alice
Querée, John
Querée, Philip
Querotterai, Alice
Quetteroie, Anna
Quetteroie, Louis
Quetteroie, Ada
Quetteroie, John
Raffray, Durell
Raffray, Winter
Raffray, Ada
Raffray, Jessie
Raffray, Herbert
Ralph, Harriet
Ralph, William
Rattenbury, Frederick
Rault, Albert
Rault, Emma
Rault, Ellen
Ray, Edward
Reagan, James
Reckett, Charles
Reckitt, Arthur
Redding, Amy
Redding, Ada
Reed, William
Reed, George
Reed, Thomas
Reed, Harriett
Reed, Harriet
Reed, Margaret Jane
Remon, James
Renault, Clarence
Renault, William
Renouf, John
Renouf, Edwin
Renouf, Erica
Renouf, Albert
Renouf, Henry
Renouf, Emily
Renouf, Georgina
Renouf, William
Renouf, Mabel
Renouf, Hedley
Renouf, Hilda
Renouf, Charles
Renouf, Arthur
Renouf, Winter
Renouf, Ernest
Renouf, Ada
Renouf, Philip
Renouf, Clarice
Renouf, Percy
Renouf, Walter
Renouf, Jane
Renouf, Helena
Renouf, Claudia
Renouf, Alice
Renouf, Selina
Renouf, Annie
Renouf, Amelia
Renouf, Louisa
Renouf, George
Renouf, Benjamin
Renouf, Thomas
Ribert, Joe
Richards, Charles
Richards, Louisa
Riches, Arthur
Richmond, Gertrude
Richmond, Lucille
Richomme, Henry
Richomme, John
Richomme, Charles
Ricou, Reginald
Ricou, Blanche
Ricou, Beatrice
Rihou, Ada
Rihou, Emma
Rio, Francis J
Rive, Elizabeth
Rive, Alice
Rive, Sydney
Rive, Arthur
Roach, Edith
Roach, James
Robert, Walter
Roberts, George
Roberts, Harry
Roberts, Robert
Roberts, Ada
Roberts, Jessie
Roberts, Charlotte
Roberts, Thomas
Roberts, Helier J
Robin, Philip
Robinson, Ernest
Robinson, Florence
Robinson, Lilian
Robinson, Mabel
Robinson, Sydney
Rodda, William
Rodda, Alice
Rogers, Florence
Rogers, Edward
Rogers, Robin
Rogers, Mabel
Rogers, Lizzie
Rogers, William
Rogers, Sydney
Romeril, Percy
Romeril, Edward P
Romeril, John Philip
Romeril, Laura
Romeril, Amelia
Rose, Oscar
Rose, Frederick
Rose, George
Rothwell, Amelia
Rothwell, Harold
Roulf, Emily
Rowcliffe, Robert
Rowcliffe, Walter
Rowe, Lydia
Rowe, Anna M
Rowe, Louisa A
Rowe, Bertie
Rowland, Harry
Rowland, Thomas
Rowland, Sydney
Roy, George
Rumsey, Samuel
Rumsey, Stanley
Rumsey, Arthur
Rumsey, Lily
Rumsey, Reginald
Rumsey, Georgina
Rumsey, May
Ryan, Amy
Ryan, Florence
Ryan, Esther
Ryan, Edward
Ryan, Martin
Ryan, Patrick
Ryan, James
Sadller, John
Sadller, Alfred
Sadller, Bessie
Saintilant, Francis
Salway, Alfred
Salway, Ernest
Sampson, Frederick
Sampson, Fanny
Sampson, Rosa
Samson, Albert
Samson, Sarah
Samson, Alfred
Samson, Arthur
Sandrey, Maude
Sandry, Louise
Sangan, Armandine
Sarchet, Alfred P
Sarre, Maud
Sarre, Louisa
Sarre, Peter
Saunders, Carrie
Saunders, Annie
Saunders, Maud
Scoones, Hilda
Scott, Adele Virginie
Scriven, Reginald
Scriven, Elsie
Scriven, Rosie
Scriven, Percy
Seabrook, William
Seale, George
Searle, Eliza
Searle, Isabelle
Searle, Rosina
Searle, Theodore
Sebire, Mabel
Sebire, Ellen
Sebire, Arthur
Sebire, Sydney
Selby, Alice
Selby , Ethel
Selous, Alfred
Selous, Louisa
Shambrook, Ada
Shambrook, Hilda
Sheperd, Thomas
Sheppick, Reginald
Sherieff, Charles
Showell, William
Showell, Rueben
Showell, Archibald
Simmons, Bentley
Simmons, Henrietta
Simmons, William
Simmons, Louisa
Simmons, Blanche
Simmons, Ada
Simon, Adolphus
Simon, Amelia
Simon, Eliza
Simpson, Lydia
Sinclair, Ethel
Single, Gertrude
Single, William
Siouville, Sydney
Sioville, Elizabeth
Sioville, Alice
Sioville, Mary
Skelton, James
Sleep, Nelson
Sleep, Alice
Sliney, James
Sloggett Nott, Arthur
Smith, Henry
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Arthur
Smith, Ada
Smith, Edith
Smith, Violette
Smith, Winter
Smith, Edward
Smith, Annie
Smith, Maude
Smith, Dora
Smith, Maud
Smith, Alice
Smith, Clara
Smith, William
Smith, Horace
Smith, Mabel
Smith, Francis
Smith, Bertram
Smith, Clifford
Soper, Florence
Soper, William
Soper, John
Spargo, Charles
Squibb, Arthur
Starck, Mabel
Starck, Jane Louisa
Starck, Edward
Starck, John
Starks, Harry
Starks, Sarah
Statt, Ruby
Statt, Walter
Statt, William
Statt, Maud
Statt, Gordon
Statt, Reuben
Stenlake, Morley
Stenlake, Alfred
Stent, Thomas Chandler
Stephens, William
Stephens, Lily
Stephens, Louisa
Stephens, Frederick
Stephens, Charles
Stephens, Francis
Stephens, Edward
Stephens, Annie
Stephens, Emma
Stephens, Winifred
Stephens, Mabel
Stevens, Maude
Stokes, Ellen
Stokes, William
Stokes, Arthur
Stone, Ethel
Stone, Anna
Stoneley, Daisy
Stoneley, Mabel
Stoneley, Lily
Stoneman, George Thomas
Stoneman, Maud
Stoneman, Ethel
Stoodley, Frank
Strang, Peter
Strang, Alexander
Strang, John
Stratt, Flory
Strendwick, Florence
Strickland, Maude
Strong, L W
Studley, William
Sullivan, Florence Anne
Sullivan, William
Sullivan, Mabel
Surcouf, Susanna
Surcouf, John
Surcouf, Malvina
Surcouf, Bella
Sweeney, Francis
Swinson, Thomas
Swinson, John
Syborn, Alfred
Syborn, Florence
Sylvester, Mary J
Symes, Frederick
Symes, Emma
Symons, William
Symons, Walter
Symons, Henry
Symons, May
Syvester, Alice M
Syvret, Adelaide
Syvret, Mabel
Syvret, Walter
Syvret, John
Syvret, Louisa
Syvret, Edith
Syvret, Philip
Syvret, Mary Ann
Syvret, Raymond J
Syvret, Charles Philip
Syvret, Alfred C
Syvret, Ada J
Tangui, Elizabeth
Tangui, Alice
Tangui, Philip
Tanguy, Jane
Tardivel, Willie
Tardivel, Victorine
Tascon, Annie
Taylor, Fanny Fischer
Taylor, Alfred
Taylor, Frank
Taylor, Peter
Taylor, Nellie
Taylor, Louisa
Taylor, Edwin
Taylor, William
Taylor, Florence
Taylor, W
Taylor, William
Taylor, Ivy
Taylor, Ethel
Taylor, Frederick
Terrin, Peter
Terrin, Alfred
Thomas, Florence
Thomas, Bertha
Thomas, Maud
Thomas, Mahala
Thomas, Alfred
Thomas, Eliza
Thomas, Louisa A
Thomas, Annie A
Thomas, Mary
Thorn, Robert
Thorne, Emma
Thouault, Alice
Thoume, Ethel
Tibot, William
Tibot, James
Tierney, Sydney
Tiltman, George
Tiltman, Daisy
Tiltman, Edward
Tirel, Louisa
Tocque, Frederick
Tostevin, Eliza
Tostevin, Charlotte
Toumul, Alfred
Toussaint, Louise
Toussaint, Mary
Toussaint, Edwin
Touzel, Ada Emily
Touzel, Thomas
Touzel, Charles
Touzel, Ada
Touzel, Philip
Touzel, Collas
Touzel, Hilda
Trachy, Philip
Trachy, Alice
Trachy, Jane
Trachy, Alfred
Traisnel, Adele
Tramp, Florence
Tramp, Louisa
Treherne, Edith
Trenchard, Eva
True, Clara
True, Walter
True, Louisa
Tuberville, Glenallon
Tucker, John
Tucker, Ada
Tucker, Daisy
Tucker, Edith
Tucker, Lilian
Turberville, Edith
Turberville, Flora
Turberville, Gordon
Turmul, Louisa
Turner, Reginald
Turner, Clarence
Turner, George
Turner, Charles
Turner, Louisa
Turner, John
Turner, Priscilla
Turner, Lizzie
Turner, A Hilgrove
Turner, Alice
Turner, Eliza
Turner, Jane
Turner, Clara
Turner, Stanley
Turpin, Alfred
Turpin, Cordelia
Turpin, Winifred
Turpin, Florence
Turpin, Ruby
Turpin, James
Underhill, Henry
Underhill, Emma
Underhill, Eva
Underhill, Hilda
Vaillan, Maud
Valpy, Harold
Valpy, Julius
Valpy, Edwin
Valpy, Francis
Valpy, Hilda
Vardom, Clara
Vardon, Stanley
Vardon, Ida
Vardon, Lilian
Vardon, Elsie
Vardon, Mabel
Vardon, Isabelle
Vardon, Alfred
Vardon, Clara
Vardon, Louisa
Vaudin, Eliza
Vaudin, Edward
Vaussey, Edward
Vautier, Thomas Elias Cabot
Vautier, Stanley
Vautier, Delicia
Vautier, Florence
Vautier, Alice
Vautier, Laura
Vautier, Lena
Vautier, Anna
Vautier, Ada
Veasey, Lottie
Venement, Elisabeth
Venement, Thomas
Veron, Philip
Veron, Lydia
Vetier, Leon
Vibert, Walter C
Vibert, John
Vibert, Laura
Vibert, Ida
Vibert, Florence
Vibert, Mary Ann
Vibert, Peter
Vibert, Maria
Vibert, Anna Clara
Vibert, Reginald
Vibert, Arthur
Vibert, Jane
Vibert, Elizabeth
Vickers, Matilda
Vickers, Edith
Vickers, John
Viel, Walter
Viel, Sidney
Villard, Philip
Villard, Adeline
Vilton, John
Vincent, Winter
Vincent, George
Vincent, John
Voisin, Mary Jane
Wadsworth, Abraham
Wadsworth, Ethel
Wadsworth, Lily
Wadsworth, Emma
Wakeham, Emma
Wakeham, John
Wakeham, Alice
Wakeley, Alice
Wakely, Kate
Wakley, Charles
Wakley, Albert
Wakley, George
Walker, Edith
Wallace, Reginald
Wallace, William
Wallace, Charlotte
Wallbridge, Florence
Wallis, Arthur
Wallis, Henrietta
Wallis, Alice
Wallis, Stanley H
Walter, Ralph
Walter, Noel
Warne, Mary Anne
Warne, John
Warr, Florry
Warren, Amy
Warren, Elsie
Warren, Thomas
Warren, George
Warren, John
Waters, John
Watts, Charles
Watts, Edward
Watts, Eliza
Watts, William
Watts, Emma
Waugh, Evelyn
Waugh, Lilian
Waugh, George
Waugh, Kate
Way, Mabel
Way, Thomas
Weay, Alfred
Weay, Frederick
Webb, Charles
Webb, Arthur
Webb, George
Webb, Lilly
Webb, James
Webb, Leah
Webb, Lewis
Webber, Percy
Webber, Hilda
Webber, Charles F
Webber, Alice Jane
Webber, George
Webber, Annie
Wells, Maud
Wells, Violet
Welsh, Charles
Weston, Grace
Weston, Ruby
Whelan, John
Wherry, Arthur
Wherry, John
White, Harry
White, James
White, Eva
White, Georgina
White, Henry
White, Edith
White, Henrietta
White, Walter
White, Vida
White, Charles
White, Thomas
White, Lily
White, William
Whittingham, William
Whittingstall, George
Whittingstall, Edwin
Whittle, Bertha
Whittle, Ethel
Whittle, Eliza
Wilkinson, George
Wilkinson, Ernest
Wilkinson, Clara
Williams, Alfred
Williams, Maude
Williams, Maggie
Williams, Walter A
Williams, George G
Willmott, William
Wills, John
Wills, Anna
Wilson, Anne C
Wiseman, Richard
Witt, Georgina
Woodcock, Edwin
Woodcock, Bessie
Woodnut, Charles
Woodnut, Alice
Woodnut, Albert
Woods, Florence
Woods, Emma
Woods, James
Woods, Nellie
Woods, Alice
Woods, Gertrude
Woods, John
Woods, Caroline
Woods, Mabel
Woodsford, Lilian
Woodsford, John
Woodsford, Herbert
Wooly, May
Wooly, Annie
Wotton, John
Wright, Harry
Wright, W P
Wurzenrainer, Bertha
Youlton, Walter
Youlton, Ernest
Young, Alfred
Young, Amy
Keywords Schools | Education
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Places Jersey
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File


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