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Apprenticeship Register which includes: name, date of birth, name and address of parent/guardian, name and address of firm, name of trade, number of years to complete, date of commencement of grant. A transcription of this register is available to view

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Reference D/J/H/1
Date 1919 - 1950
Names Abraham, Kenneth
Acker, Christine Lilian
Acker, George Frederick
Acker, Robert Edwin
Ahier, Basil J
Ahier, Denis Charles
Ahier, Raymond Thomas
Ahier, Ronald George
Albert, Marie Maurice
Allaire, Albert Leonnard
Allix, Ronald A W
Allo, Alfred
Alsford, Bernard W
Amy, Arthur Thomas
Amy, Clarence Hedley
Amy, Herbert Stanley
Amy, Leslie John
Amy, Raymond Eric
Andrews, Terence F
Anley, Reginald Owen
Arthur, Walter George
Atkins, Nellie
Aubert, Frederick Charles
Aubert, John Norman
Audrain, Peter Harry
Auffret, Frederick
Baal, Clifford Philip
Baal, Donald George
Baillee, Charles William
Baker, Cecil
Baker, Yvonne D
Balston, John Albert
Banks, Kenneth L
Bannier, Eric Francis
Bannier, Francis George
Bannier, Gladys Marie
Barbet, John
Barette, David S
Barrett, Stanley James
Barrot, Stanley Louis
Bartlett, Harold R
Bassett, Sadie Isabel
Bates, George O
Baudains, George Clifford
Baudains, Leslie Alfred
Baudains, Norman J
Baudains, Philip John
Baudains, Lawrence Albert
Baudin, Peter Marie
Beckord, John William
Becquet, George Wilfred
Benest, Edmund A
Benest, Hedley Wesley
Benest, Lionel
Benest, Ronald E
Bennett, Wilfred Stanley
Bernard, Herbert William
Berry, Sidney William
Bevis, Reginald Albert
Biard, Ernest William
Bignell, Colleyn Hector Dupre
Bignell, Gordon
Bignell, James Francis Verdun
Bignell, Oswald Christopher John
Bisson, Gaspard Daniel
Bisson, Kenneth George
Bisson, Kenneth William
Bisson, William
Blake, Michael John
Blampied, Charles
Blampied, Derek M
Blampied, Norman G
Blondel, Cyril Philip
Bondis, Henry P
Bonel, John Rene
Boot, Ronald Gilbert
Boschat, Honore Yves
Botrel, Louis James
Bouchard, George J
Bouchard, Leslie Douglas
Bouchard, Raymond C
Bouchere, Malcolm J
Bougeard, John
Bourgoise, Ruth
Bourke, Alfred Thomas
Bouvier, Emile Eloury
Bree, Reginald Hooper
Breen, Kenneth George
Britton, Arthur Clement
Britton, Olga
Brochet, Phillis May
Brochet, Simonne Maud
Brown, Albert Edward
Brown, Ernest William
Brown, Ernest William
Brown, Frederick
Brown, George
Bryant, Robert Francis
Buckley, Thomas Stuart Hamilton
Buesnel, Eric Charles
Buesnel, Harold Ray
Buesnel, Owen Robert
Buesnel, Reginald John Clement
Buesnel, Stanley Philip
Bundy, Dennis Arthur
Bundy, Kenneth
Burt, William John
Busby, Clarence Christopher
Butel, Brian P
Butel, Edmund Ernest
Butel, Joseph
Butel, Thomas Clarence
Cooper, Barry R
Cabot, Clarence
Cadec, Francois L
Carvenec, Peter
Case, William J
Cashel, David John
Cashel, Ronald James
Cauvain, George Edward
Challoner, Cecil James
Champion, Cyril Arthur
Channing, William Ernest
Chapron, Ronald J
Chardine, Albert
Chazel, Ronald
Cheney, Clarence John
Cheney, Gerald George
Churchill, Bernard George
Clancy, Claude Dennis
Collas, Hedley John
Collett, Reginald John
Collin, Douglas Joseph
Collins, Amos Robert James Couch
Collins, Douglas Joseph
Coombs, Charles Sidney
Coombs, Dorothy Lilian Maud
Coombs, Florence May
Cooper, Arthur John
Cooper, Arthur David
Cooper, Barry R
Corbel, John Francis
Corbel, Joseph Sweeny
Corfield, Stanley
Cotard, Clifford John
Cotillard, Bernard Arthur
Courcoux, Albert Henry
Coutanche, John Charles
Coutanche, Michael F
Crosby, John Alfred
Crowell, Denis John
Daghorn, Stanley George
Davoine Roy James
Davy, Hedley George
Davy, Snowden Francis
de Breanski, Norman
de Carteret, Wilfred Robert
de Gruchy, Garnet Stanley
de Gruchy, Sheila M
de Gruchy, Trevor R
de la Cour, Albert
de la Cour, Alec Vernon
de La Haye, Garnet E
de La Haye, Snowdon
de Louche, Cyril John
De Louche, Gerald William
de Louche, Walter John
de St Croix, Beryl B
de St Croix, Edwin J
de St Croix, Francis Percy
de St George, William A
Denoual, Edward J
Desborough, Gerald Vernon
Devau, Leslie George
Dingle, Douglas J
Donoghue, Joyce
Doré, Bruce
Dorell, Winifred Primrose
Douglas, Richard C
Drelaud, Kenneth C B
Drelaud, Peter Charles
Drew, George
du Feu, Donald George
du Feu, Douglas Hedley
du Feu, Herbert
du Feu, Reginald John
Durand, Remon J
Durell, Laurence Edward
Durell, Leonard Charles
Durkin, Bernard George
Egland, William David
Egré, Derek Clarence
Elford, Henry Albert
Ellis, Frederick William
England, Cecil George
England, George Cyril
English, Albert
English, Dennis
English, Donald Albert
English, James W
Eouzan, Cyril Wallace
Ereaut, Phyllis Maud
Evans, Herbert Cyril
Falle, John Hedley
Falle, Lewis Edward
Falle, William John
Fenton, Kenneth Charles
Ferey, Maurice John
Ferey, Philip George
Fernando, Eugene
Ferrand John H
Feuillet, Cyril F
Fichou, Maurice Francois Auguste
Finch, Doreen Marie
Fontaine, Edmund A
Fontaine, George Auguste
Fontaine, Richard
Foott, Leslie Thomas
Fosse, Cyril
Fosse, Ernest A
Fosse, Michel Ernest
Fosse, Pauline M
Foster, John Frederick
Fott, Leslie Thomas
Fox, Maurice Stanley
Frain, Kenneth Michael
Frain, Leslie John
Franklin, Bernard William
Freeman, George W
Freeman, Sydney Charles
Frigot, Raymond George
Gallichan, Edward George
Gallichan, Edward Gerald
Gallichan, John George
Garnier, Raymond Felix
Garrett, Brian S
Gasnier, Douglas Peter
Gautier, Arthur W
Gautier, Norton Hugh
Gavey, Benard Le F
Gavey, Edward Vibert
Gavey, John William
Gavey, Philip
Gerard, Royston L
Geugan, Gerald F
Gibaut, Albert F
Giffard, Percival Charles
Gillam, Charles Stanley
Giot, Charles Sidney
Godel, Bernard Alfred
Godel, Clarence Arthur
Godel, Clifford
Godfray, Lester Stanley
Goguelin, Denis J
Gorvel, Raymond A
Gosset, Daphne
Gosselin, Roger Clement
Gouedard, Louis Alfred
Gould, Ronald Ernest Peter
Gouyette, Carlyle John
Gouyette, David S
Greaves, Frederick Badier
Greaves, John Badier
Green, Agnes Madeline
Gregory, Francis
Gregory, William George
Grenelle, Alfred William Charles
Grimshaw, Charles Alfred
Grimshaw, William
Groizard, Frederick James
Groizard, Roy Lawrence
Gruffini, Jean Marie
Guaillame, Francis Alfred
Guegan, Gerald F
Guillon, Alfred John
Guiton, Roy Henry
Guyoncourt, Louis Charles
Hacquoil, Frank Brocq
Hacquoil, Thomas G
Hake, Dorothy May
Hamon, Ernest Albert
Hamon, Philip Thomas
Hamon, Redvers John
Hamon, Ronald William
Hamon, William John
Hansford, George Winter
Hansford, Roy Frederick
Hardman, Reginald G
Hardman, Reginald W
Harris, Philip Owen
Harris, Frank Walter
Hebert, Arthur John
Hefford, Harold Alfred
Henriette, Marcel Paul
Henry, Alfred Albert Emile
Herauville, Peter Louis
Herve, Horace Peter
Herveic, Joseph Verdun
Herviou, Cyril Herbert
Heuze, Clifford L P
Hichcock, Wilfred P
Higgens, Ronald
Hill, George Lorraine
Hill, Victor Maurice Gamble
Hillion, Francis Louis
Hilton, John Edward
Hilton, Robert Henry
Hingston, Frederick James
Hirel, Harold Frank
Hirel, James Francis
Hodge, Alan Robert
Hogan, Reginald John Rolland
Holley, John Edward
Hopkins, Cyril
Hotton, Edward Philip
Houillebecq, Sheila E
Houze, Elise Marie
Howard, John
Howard, John K
Howard, P J
Huchet, Adolphus Albert John
Huelin, Eric Rogers
Huelin, Leslie Francis
Huish, Gordon F
Huish, Harry Walter Sydney
Huly, Jean Emmanuel Francois
Humphrey, George Albert
Hurel, Eric
Huson, Beryl Jean
Irving, Stanley Gordon
Isherwood, Leslie Malcolm
Jagot, Yvonne Mary
Jeandron, Joseph Clarence George
Jehan, Garnet, Wembly
Jehan, Nelson Philip
Jesty, William James
Jouanny, Louis Jean
Jouny, David
Jouny, Peter Louis
Jourdan, Alfred George
Journeaux, Brian Walter
Journeaux, Leonard Thomas
Kelland, Arthur Rodney
Kemish, Cyril Frederick
Kemp, Clive Edward
Kent, Clarence Charles
Kent, James William
Kermarrec, Albert N
Kettley, Derek J
Kirby, James
Kirwin, Patrick Barry
Le Clercq, Irene Maud
L’Amy, W L’Amy
Le Maistre, Cyril
Laffoley, Grace Hilda
Laffoley, Patrick Michael
Lane, Kenneth John
Langeard, Henry Emile Lucas
Larkin, John D
Larkin, John Owen
Laugeard, Ernest George
Laugee, Edward Francis
Laugee, Richard Charles
Laurant, Adeline Rozelle
Laurent, Philip Eugene
Le Bail Peter Louis
Le Ber, Horace McManus
Le Blancq, Alfred James
Le Blond, Edward Denis
Le Blond, George Edward
Le Boutillier, Francis James
Le Breton, Snowden
Le Brizez, Peter Jules
Le Brocq, Betty K
Le Brocq, Betty Kathleen
Le Brocq, Donald H
Le Brun, Arthur Tirel
Le Brun, Daisy Rose
Le Brun, Enid Alice
Le Calvez, Emile Joseph
Le Canu, Charles Francis
Le Clercq, Adele Priscilla
Le Clercq, Sydney Albert
Le Clerq, Raymond Francis
Le Cocq, John Clarence
Le Cocq, Walter Francis
Le Cocq, Wilfred Ronald
Le Cornu, Alan Albert
Le Cornu, Elias Monomy
Le Cornu, David Francis
Le Corre, Stanley
Le Couiliard, Edgar Roy
Le Couillard, Arthur Charles
Le Couillard, Colin S
Le Couilliard, Edgar Roy
Le Couilliard, Sidney Charles
Le Cornu, Stanley
Le Cuirot, Dennis Philip
Le Dain, Charles Philip
Le Dain, Sydney George
Le Feuvre, Gerald GV
Le Gasmeur, Adrien E
Le Gastelois, Pauline M
Le Geyt, Claud Thomas
Le Geyt, Lawrence Philip
Le Goupil, Albert L
Le Grand, James
Le Gros, Derek J
Le Hairon, Achille Jean Emile
Le Huquet, Jeremie Laurent
Le Louarn, Joseph Andre
Le Louet, Robert
Le Main, Francis W
Le Main, Malcolm G
Le Main, Maurice R
Le Maistre, Clifford
Le Maistre, Dennis J D
Le Maistre, Edward Peter
Le Maistre, Gerald Vernon
Le Maistre, Oswald
Le Marchand, Charles Louie Honore
Le Marinel, Basil
Le Marquand, Francis John
Le Marquand, George Robert
Le Marquand, Harold
Le Marquand, Joseph
Le Marquand, Walter Raymond
Le Masurier, Arnold Leonard
Le Men, Simonne
Le Miere, Bernard H
Le Moal, John Francis
Le Moignan, Herbert B
Le Moignan, Horace Edward
Le Moignan, Malcolm H
Le Moine, Raymond Pierre
Le Monnier Leslie Arthur
Le Monnier, Albert Jon
Le Monnier, Ansen
Le Monnier, Clifford George
Le Monnier, Douglas James
Le Monnier, Frederick John Francis
Le Monnier, George Peter
Le Monnier, Kenneth Elias
Le Monnier, Verdun Mons
Le Montais, Walter Balleine De Lecq
Le Neveu, Geoffrey
Le Pain, Philip Ernest
Le Pavoux, Rozel
Le Piez, Albert John Harry
Le Piez, Wilfred
Le Quesne, Ronald Frederick
Le Rendu, Oscar L
Le Roux, John Elias
Le Roux, John
Le Sauteur, Philip Frederick
Le Sauteur, William Thomas
Le Sueur, Barry
Le Sueur, George John
Le Sueur, John
Le Sueur, Royston
Le Tiec, Valerie O
Le Tourneur, John Rennell
Le Vesconte, Clifford
Le Vesconte, John Thomas
Le Vesconte, Ronald Alfred
Leahy, Michael Eli
Leat, Henry William
Le Goupil, Albert L
Lempriere, Douglas E
Leneghan, Alfred Harold
Lennard, Bernard Charles
Lennard, Richard W
Leonnard, Ivor Alexandre
Le Vaillant, Rene Henri
Lewis, Arthur Sidney Harding
Lewis, Francis
Louis, Peter D
Luce, Francis Harold H
Luce, Hedley Charles
Lynn, Henry James
Machon, Basil William
Machon, Graeme L
Machon, Maurice A
Mackay, Winifred
Macleod, Peter
Macon, Raymond Charles
Maguire, Cecilia E
Maguire, Ronald W
Makin, Stanley Joseph
Male, Harold
Mallett, John
Manhood, Clive Charles
Mann, Donald Edward
Manning, Frederick Stanton
Mannion, John W
Marett, Arthur Philip
Marett, William George
Marguerie, John
Marie, Albert Jean
Marquer, Frances R
Marsh, Douglas Reginald
Marshall, Denis William
Martin, Albert
Martin, Arthur C
Masterman, George Stuart
Matson, Alfred Henry
Mauger, John Philip de C
Mauger, Nigel Henry
McFarland, Peter
McLinton, Thelma D
McAllister, Patricia M
McDermott, George Henry
McGrath, James William
McGugan, Roselle C
McGugan, Ernest John
Mead, Alfed Arthur
Medland, John M
Megaw, Dennis W
Meurou, William
Mesney, Ernest
Mesney, Hedley John
Michel, Clarence Frederick
Miller, John Richard
Miller, Ronald C
Milon, Arthur Louis
Minchinton, Maurice George
Misson, Clifford Charles
Misson, John Harold
Mollet, Daphne Ruth
Mollet, Kenneth C
Monamy, John G
Moody, Albert James
Moon, Martin Albert
Morin, Francis
Morris, George Edward Owen
Mourant, George John
Mourant, Irene May
Moyse, Horace James
Mullins, Percy
Neale, Henry John
Neale, John H
Newton, Ronald Charles
Nicolas, Stanley
Nicolle, Michael Sidney
Noel, Edward Charles
Noel, Eric
Noel, Ernest Sydney
Noel, Patricia Olga
Noël, Peter
Noel, Philip Charles
Noel, Raymond
Norman, George William
Norman, Philip Albert
Norris, Frank Albert
Nugent, John Terence
O’Brien, Henry George
O’Callaghan, Cyril Cornelius
Ollierou, Bernard Albert
Olliver, Henry
Ollivier, Henry
Ollivro, Maurice E
Ordinaire, Maurice
Ordinaire, Maxwell Claude
Ozard, Harry Vernon
Ozouf, Leslie Francis
Paddock, Margaret Mary
Pallot, Clément Charles
Pallot, Frederick Sydney
Pallot, Gordon
Pallot, John
Pallot, Philip Barrett
Pallot, Wesley John
Pallot, William Henry
Parkman, Raymond
Parry, Baylis William
Parry, Roy Albert
Patch, Clifford Raymond
Patch, Harry Douglas
Payne George Richard
Perchard, Hilda May
Perchard, Reubin Alfred
Perchard, Stanley John
Perchard, William Henry
Perkins, Cecil Kingsley
Perkins, Cyril
Perkins, Stanley Arthur
Perree, Edward Francis
Perrier, Dennis Charles
Perrin, Vernon W
Phillips, Margaret A
Pickett, Cecil Alfred
Picot, Alfred George
Picot, Donald George
Picot, Edward E
Picot, Hilda M
Picot, Ronald George
Pinel, Helen M
Pinel, Raymond
Pirouet, Regina Priscilla
Poingdestre, Percy Dempsey
Poingdestre, Richard W
Porteous, Douglas St Clare
Porteous, Gerald St Clare
Porteous, Jack St Clare
Porteous, Kenneth
Prigent, Gordon Augustin
Proper, David
Proper, Winter William
Quemard, Alfred Francis
Quemard, Francis Joseph
Quemard, Raymond
Quenault, Arthur George
Queree, Bernard
Queree, Bernard Richard
Queripel, Charles Harold
Quinn, Thomas H
Quinquis, Ernest
Quintaine, Donald Charles
Rabaste, Frank Marie
Rabet, Clifford
Rabet, Francis Ernest
Raimbault, Joseph Dennis
Rault, Denis Charles
Rault, Donald Louis
Rault, Eugene
Rennell, Harvey Benest
Rennell, Percival Philip
Renouf, Alfred E S
Renouf, Gordon Stanley
Revell, George Herbert
Reynel, Frank, Philip George
Reynolds, Donald Joseph
Richard, Douglas C
Richard, Norma Rita
Richardson, John Arthur
Richardson, Philip Charles
Rickett, Freda Rose
Ricou, Albert Kenneth
Rive, Dorothy May
Robert, David Francis
Roberts, Harold John
Robins, George Philip
Roche, Jack
Rodda Goldsworthy, Leslie William
Rondel, Clement Hedley
Rondel, Jack Edward
Rondel, Philip John
Roscouet, Harold Francis Remon
Rouault, Denis Marcel
Rowe, Henry Smith Sutley
Rowe, Richard A
Ruaux, Walter Arthur
Ruff, Ronald Lionel
Rye, Herbert Owen
Samson, Alfred Robert
Samson, John Charles
Saunders, Claude Maurice
Saunders, James
Saussey, Walter John
Shales, Joan D
Sharpe, Cyril Edward
Shephard, Mawson
Short, Josephine Alice
Silvester, Edward
Silvester, Robert James
Simon, Sigmund C
Simpson, Herbert Arnold
Skelley, Arthur Walter
Smith, Doreen D
Smith, Kenneth Leslie
Smith, Terence W
Smith, Ronald George
Spears, Douglas William
Springate, Dudley John
Stacey, Raymond Francis
Stephens, Douglas W
Stevens, Raymond Owen
Stopher, Harold Clarence
Stuart, Terence Peter
Surguy, Reginald
Sweeney, Philip Bernard
Symons, Donald Ernest
Syvret, Edward John
Syvret, Francis George
Syvret, John Le Quesne
Tadier, Lilly O
Tapley, William Archibald Marc
Tardive, John Edward
Tardivel, Alfred Francis
Therin, Ernest Louis
Therin, Garnet Frank
Thérin, Lawrence Verdun
Therin, Peter Emile
Thomas, Albert F
Thomas, Christopher
Thomas, Daniel Joseph
Thompson, Ernest Albert
Thorne, Ernest Edward
Thorne, Percy Victor
Tirel, Frank George
Tirel, Joseph Ernest
Tirel, William Reginald George
Touroult, Francis Henry W
Toy, Royston George
Tredant, William
Turmel, Alfred John
Turner, Clarence Lionel John
Turner, Peter
Turpin, Bernard Donald
Turpin, Ronald John
Turquet, Maurice
Vallois, John
Vardon, Cyril John
Vardon, Philip George
Vasse, Ernest James Francis
Vasselin, Betty D
Vasselin, John Pedro
Vaudin, Gordon G
Vautier, John
Vautier, Joy
Veron, Louis George John
Viel, Clarence George
Vitel, Raymond Francis
Voisin, Richard Phillips
Walker, Raymond F
Walters, Victor Joseph
Warren, Ernest Archibald William
Watterson, Oscar John
Watton, Francis Edward
Weeks, Clarence C
Wellesley, Derrick
Werrin, Archibald James
Werrin, George Ernest
Wetherell, Ernest Francis
Wherry, Martin
White, Daphne May
White, Ronald Charles
Whitley, Charles Ernest
Whitley, Clement George
Whitley, Louis Albert
Woodsford, Ronald William
Keywords registers | trades | apprenticeships | Education
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File


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