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Admission register for St Mary and St Peter's School, later became part of St James' School, includes; date of admission, name of child and parent, address, date of birth, last school attended, date of leaving and cause of leaving. The volume has been indexed and attached as a PDF.

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Reference D/J/N2/8
Date 13 January 1879 - 7 September 1936
Names St James' School
Abbott, Herbert
Abraham, Alfred
Abrahams, George
Adams, Frederick
Adams, George Bernard
Adams, Joseph Peter
Adams, Robert
Adams, Ronald
Adams, Walter
Adey, Henry
Ahearn, Sidney
Ahearn, Stanley
Ahearn, Terence
Ahearne, Daniel
Ahearne, John
Ahearne, Maurice
Ahearne, Terence
Ahern, Daniel
Ahern, John
Ahern, Thomas
Ahern, William
Allain, Alphonse
Allaire, Jean
Allan, James
Allan, Joseph
Allen, Ernest
Allen, Fred
Allenet, Reginald
Allo, John
Allo, Louis
Allo, Marcel
Amouret, George
Andou, Winter Edward
André, Celestin
Andrew, Frank
Andrews, Anthony
Andrews, Derek
Andrews, Frank
Angell, Frederick Robert
Angell, John
Angell, Richard
Angell, Stanley
Archille, Edward
Arère, Giles- Marie
Arnold, John
Askew, Martin
Aubert, Basil John
Aubert, Charles Philip
Aubert, Cyril
Aubert, Frederick
Aubert, James
Aubert, John
Aubert, Maurice
Aubert, Peter
Audrain, Francis
Audrain, George
Audrain, Peter
Auffray, Arthur
Auffray, Marcel
Auffret, Donald
Auffret, Frederick
Auffret, Henry
Auffret, Peter John
Aune, Jacques
Bailey, James
Bailhache, André
Bailhache, Emile
Bailhache, John
Baldwin, Frank
Balis, Albert
Banks, Alfred
Banks, Clarence
Banks, George
Banks, Herbert
Banks, John
Banks, Robert
Banks, Thomas
Banks, William Alfred
Bannier, Geoffrey
Bannier, William
Barbie, Emile
Barbier, Charles
Barnard, Herbert
Barnes, Sydney
Barnes, Walter
Barnes, William
Barnes, William Ernest
Barnett, Thomas
Baron, Alfred
Baron, Charles
Barrett, Fred
Barrett, George
Barrot, Charles William
Barrot, Louis
Barry, Clarence
Barry, James
Barry, John
Barry, Joseph
Barry, Michael
Barry, Patrick
Barry, Stanley
Barry, Thomas
Barry, William
Bartlett, Fred
Bartlett, Jack
Bartlett, Kenneth Frederick
Bataille, Ronald
Bates, Aubrey Boris
Bates, Edward
Bates, Francis
Bates, Fred
Bates, George
Bates, John
Bates, Robert
Baudain, Albert
Baudains, Francis
Baudet, Albert
Baudet, Louis
Baxter, Edward
Bedane, Albert
Begley, James
Begley, John
Begley, Laurence
Begley, Lawrence
Belhomme, Raymond
Belliard, George
Bennett, Albert
Bennett, Edward John
Bennett, Raymond
Benoist, Edward
Benoît, Alfred
Bérézai, Marcel
Bérézai, Regis
Berryman, James
Bertram, Ernest
Bertram, Percy
Bertrand, Harold
Besham, Philip
Besnard, Lucien
Besnard, Maurice
Betham, Philip
Bettham, John
Bettham, William
Beuzeval, Albert
Beuzeval, Henry
Bideau, Anthony
Bigot, Emmanuel
Bihet, Ernest
Bihet, Marcel
Bisson, Albert
Bisson, Alfred
Bisson, Clarence
Bisson, Ernest
Bisson, Francis
Bisson, Francis Walter
Bisson, Walter
Blackler, Cyril
Blake, Alfred
Blake, John
Blake, Joseph
Blake, Neville Joseph
Blake, William
Blanchard, William
Blanchet, Jean
Blondel, Alfred
Blondel, François
Blondel, Sidney
Boloche, Raymond
Boloche, Roger
Bolton, Derek James
Bonnmère, Eugène
Boobyer, Cyril
Borny, Garnet
Boscherel, Armand
Boucheré, Clive
Bouchet, Peter
Boudreau, Règis
Bougeard, Emyril
Bougeard, John
Bougeard, Louis
Bougeard, Maurice
Boulanger, Roger
Bour, Joseph
Bourke, Herbert
Bourke, John
Bourke, Louis
Bourke, Thomas
Boyer, George Kennedy
Bradford, Auguste
Brassell, Charles
Brassell, Ernest
Brassey, Daniel
Brassey, James
Brassey, Robert
Brassey, Thomas
Breen, Ernest
Breen, James
Breen, Patrick
Breen, Samuel
Breen, Thomas
Breen, William
Breteche, John
Brett, Berty
Brettel, Ernest
Brévost, Charles
Brévost, Charles Joseph
Brévost, Isidore
Brévost, Isidore Albert
Brien, George
Brien, Sidney
Brien, William George
Brine, Denis
Brine, George
Brissel, Alexander
Brisset, A E
Brisset, Alfred
Brisset, Derek
Britt, Bertie
Brogan, Bertie
Brogan, Edward
Brogan, George
Brogan, Henry
Brogan, John
Brogan, Samuel
Bromley, Brette
Bromley, Eric
Broughton, Bertie
Broughton, Gordon
Brown, George
Bryan, Daniel
Bryan, William
Bryant, Arthur
Bryant, Charles
Buckley, Edward
Buckley, James
Buckley, John
Buckley, Joseph
Buckley, Justin
Buckley, Michael
Buckley, Thomas
Buesnel, Maurice
Buesnel, Reginald
Buesnel, Ronald
Buhler, Cyril
Buhot, Marcel
Burger, George
Burke, Edward
Burke, John
Burke, Louis
Burke, Thomas
Butler, John
Butler, Thomas
Butter, John
Butterfield, Clifford
Butterfield, Harold
Butters, Eli
Butters, John
Cabot, Robert
Cabot, William
Cachet, Ernest
Cadin, Joseph
Cagney, Leo
Cagney, Patrick
Cahill, Nicholas
Cahill, William
Cahill, William John
Callaghan, George
Callaghan, Richard
Callaghan, William
Caradeuc, Aristede
Carney, Charles
Carney, Richard
Carr, Frederick
Carrigan, Frederic
Carrigan, Michael
Carrigan, Thomas
Carroll, Percy
Carroll, Thomas
Casey, Patrick
Cashel, David John
Casimir, Thomas
Caton, Thomas Francis
Cauchard, Philip
Caufield, Bartholomew
Caufield, Henry
Cauvain, Edgar
Cauvain, Edward
Cavanagh, Albert
Cavanagh, Herbert
Cavanah, Frederick
Cavenagh, Michael
Cavey, Francis
Cawte, Fred
Cawte, William
Champion, Cyril
Champion, Peter
Chaney, George
Chaney, John
Channing, Anthony
Channing, Arthur
Channing, Maurice
Charpentier, Henri
Chazle, Walter
Chazle, William
Cheeseman, William
Chelle, Alfred
Cheney, George
Cheney, James
Cheney, Walter
Chupeaux, Victor
Churchill, Reginald
Clancy, Frederick
Clancy, James
Clancy, Michael
Cobb, William
Cobin, William
Cochard, Alfred
Coffey, Fred
Coffey, William
Coleman, Joseph
Coleman, Thomas
Colignet, Emile
Colignet, Francis
Collar, George
Collas, Gordon
Collas, Gordon George
Collas, Harold
Collas, Reginald
Collom, Thomas
Comins, Alfred
Condon, Arthur
Condon, Charles
Condon, Christopher
Condon, Gerald
Condon, John
Condon, Patrick
Condon, Tom
Condon, William
Conery, Patrick
Coney, Edward
Coney, John
Coney, Patrick
Connell, Charles
Connell, Edward
Connell, John
Connell, Thomas Joseph
Connolly, Charles
Connor, Edward
Connor, Frank
Connor, James
Connor, John
Connor, Michael
Connor, Thomas
Connor, William
Connors, James
Conoops, Bernard
Cooley, Clifford
Coom, Frederick
Coom, William
Coombs, Stanley
Corbel, Edward
Corbel, John
Corbel, Joseph
Corbett, Benjamin
Corbin, Arthur
Corbin, Fred
Corbin, Frederick
Corbin, George
Corbin, Harold
Corbin, John
Corfield, Kenneth
Corneillet, Louis
Corrée, Alexander
Corson, Edward
Cosquer, Jean Marie
Costelloe, Charles
Costelloe, George
Costelloe, James
Cotrel, John
Couillard, Albert
Couillard, Jack Joseph
Courval, Andre
Courval, George
Courval, Léonone
Coutanche, Francis
Coutanche, Harold
Coutanche, Ronald
Coutanche, William
Cremins, Denis
Cremins, Thomas
Crénan, Henry
Cropper, Bernard
Cullen, Joseph
Cullen, Robert
Cullinane, William
Cullonan, Michael
Cummings, Albert
Cummings, Sydney
Cummings, William
Cummins, Alfred
Cummins, Charles
Cummins, Joseph
Cummins, Raymond
Cummins, Victor
Cunningham, Andrew
Cunningham, John
Cunningham, William
Curtis, Thomas Edmund
Davey, Fred
Davey, Snowden
Davey, Stanley
Davey, William
Davies, Basil
Davis, Fred
Davis, Gordon
Davis, Guy
Davis, Harold
Davy, Hedley George
Davy, Raymond
Day, Arthur
de Gruchy, Adolphus
de Gruchy, Charles
de Gruchy, Donald
de Gruchy, John
De La Cour, Stephen
de la Fosse, William
de la Haye, Charles
de la Haye, George
de La Mare, Charles
de La Mare, Edward
de Rentis, George
de St Croix, Bertie
de Ste Croix, Alfred
De Ste Croix, Arthur
de Ste Croix, Percy
Deaucourt, Jean
Delamare, Charles
Delamare, Edward
Delamare, William
Delaney, Matthew
Delanoe, Louis
Delanoë, Raymond Roger
Demoy, Francis
Demoy, John
Denbuoy, Reginald
Denis, Edmund
Dermot, Edward
Desgranges, Albert
Desnos, Emile
Despart, Albert
Devin, Auguste
Devine, Francis Joseph
Dewar, Thomas Frederick
Dezerd, Louis
Divay, Louis
Dixon, Guy
Dolan, John
Donoghue, John
Donovan, William
Dorée, John
Dorleans, Douglas
d'Orleans, Frank
Doublet, Eugène
Dowd, Francis
Doyle, John
Drew, George
Drew, George Philip
Drew, John
Drew, John Wilfred
Drew, William
Drought, William
Drouin, Peter
Drouin, Walter
du Feu, Jack
Duchemin, Charles
Dugué, Joseph Edward
Dumond, Charles
Dupays, André
Durand, Georges
Durand, Raymond
Durkin, Bernard
Durkin, Ronald
Dutot, Denis Harry
Dutot, Frank John
Dwyer, Bernard
Dwyer, Cyril
Dwyer, John
Efford, Cecil
Egan, Henry Philip
Egan, Peter John
Egan, William
Elliott, John Bernard
Eloi, Albert
Eloi, Henri
English, Michael
English, Thomas
English, William
Ennis, George
Enright, Augustine
Enright, Augustus
Enright, John
Enright, Richard
Ereaut, George
Etasse, Ernest
Etasse, Francis
Eustace, James
Evans, Jack
Eveleigh, George Grafton
Fagan, Joseph
Falle, Arthur
Farrell, Lester
Fennessey, Joseph
Fennessey, Thomas
Fenten, Elias
Fenten, James
Fenton, Francis
Fenton, Kenneth Charles
Fenton, Peter
Fenton, Raymond
Ferchal, Albert
Ferchal, Malcolm
Fercharl, Alfred
Fercharl, Louis
Fercharl, Sidney
Fercharl, Walter
Fernando, Alfred
Fernando, Eugene
Fernando, Francis
Fernando, William
Fichou, Maurice
Fisher, Clarence
Fisher, Francis
Fitsch, Ernest
Fitsch, Sidney
Fitzgerald, Edward
Fitzgerald, James
Fitzgerald, Jasmine
Fitzgerald, John
Fitzgerald, Joseph
Fitzgerald, Maurice
Fitzgerald, Thomas
Fitzgerald, William
Flanagan, Frederick
Flannagan, Daniel
Flynn, James
Flynn, Michael
Folliard, Léon
Ford, Edward
Ford, Joseph
Fortun, Emile
Fortun, Marie Henri
Fortun, Pierre François
Forward, Bernard
Forward, William
Fosse, John
Fosse, Michael
Fosse, Peter
Fossy, Ernest
Foster, Harold
Foster, Thomas
Fountain, Charles
Fox, Francis Stanley
Fox, Arthur Herbert
Fox, James
Foy, Henry
Frain, John
Frejus, Louis
Frèjus, Pierre
Fréjus, Vincent
Fritot, Ronald
Fromage, Adolphus
Fromage, Aimable
Fromage, Maurice
Fulford, Edward
Fulford, Frederick
Gabent, Rudolph
Gallichan, William
Garnier, Albert Denis
Garnier, Francis
Garnier, Raymond
Garnier, Thomas
Gaubert, John
Gaubert, Marcel
Gautier, Alfred
Gauvin, Stanley Cyril
Gavey, Bernard Gordon
Gawley, Francis
Geary, Eric Percival
Genneson, Albert
Genneson, Emmanuel
Genneson, Louis
George, Thomas
Gibaut, Francis
Gibbins, Arthur
Gibson, Francis
Gibson, Frank
Gibson, Henry
Gicquel, Emile
Gicquel, Ernest
Gicquel, Marcel
Gilbert, David
Gilbert, John
Gillam, James
Gillard, George
Gillen, Park
Gilman, John
Gilmore, Edward
Gilmore, George
Glover, James
Godfray, Leonard
Godfray, Robert
Godfray, William
Godfrey, Wesley
Goguelin, Auguste
Goguelin, Maurice
Gondouin, Auguste
Gondouin, Charles
Gondouin, Emile
Gordon, Hugh Richard
Gorode, Ange
Gorvel, Alfred
Gorvel, Charles
Gorvel, Gerald
Gosling, Edward
Gosling, Percy
Gotel, Frank
Gottard, Albert
Gottard, Albert Jean Marie
Gottard, George
Gottard, John
Gottard, John Michel
Goubert, Raymond
Gouedard, Isidore
Gouedard, Louis
Gouffini, Jean Marie
Gouffini, Joseph
Gough, Austin
Gough, Francis
Gough, William
Grady, Ernest
Grady, Mark
Grady, Sidney
Grady, Winter
Grandin, Charles
Grandin, John
Grantham, William
Green, Alfred
Green, Francis Alex
Green, Gerald
Green, Joseph
Green, William
Griffin, Alfred
Griffin, Denis
Griffin, Henry Robert
Griffin, Herbert
Griffin, Réné
Grovel, Maurice
Guegan, Edmond Gilbert
Guegan, Rodney
Guest, Harry
Guest, Henry
Guezennec, Roger Alfred
Guillemet, John
Guillemet, Lucien Raymond
Guillois, Louis
Guillot, Ernest
Guillot, George
Guillou, Jean
Guilloux, Peter Joseph
Guyomard, George
Hacon, Cyril
Hacon, George
Hafey, Garnet Douglas
Hafey, Thomas
Hafey, Winter
Haffner, Edward
Haffner, William
Hafner, Thomas
Hafner, William
Hale, Henry
Hale, Louis
Haley, John
Haley, Michael
Haley, William
Hall, Edward
Hamon, Albert
Hamon, Auguste
Hamon, Charles
Hamon, George
Hamon, Harold
Hamon, Jean Mathurin
Hamon, Louis
Hamon, René George
Hardy, Lucien
Harper, Edward
Harper, George
Harper, Maurice
Harper, William
Harrison, John Joseph
Harrison, Patrick
Hartin, Hugh
Hartin, Norman
Harvey, Charles
Havard, René Marcel
Havard, Roger
Hayes, John
Hayward, Ralph
Hazart, Charles
Healey, Charles
Healey, George
Healey, Harold
Healey, John
Healey, Reuben
Healey, William
Healy, James
Healy, John
Healy, William
Hearn, Francis
Hefferman, John
Henriette, Marcel
Henson, Thomas
Heron, Daniel
Herteau, John
Hervé, Alfred René
Herve, Clarence
Hervé, Gordon Joseph
Hervé, Raymond
Heurtaux, Herbert
Heurtaux, John
Heurtaux, Sidney
Hibbs, Henry
Hibbs, Thomas
Hill, Albert
Hill, John
Hill, Leslie
Hodges, George
Hodges, Harold
Hogan, George
Hogan, John
Hogan, Thomas
Hogan, William
Holley, Arthur
Holley, Bernard
Holly, Paul
Honeycombe, Samuel
Hope, Noel Burton
Hosking, John David
Hosking, Kenneth
Hosking, Robert
Hosking, Ronald Sidney
Houillebecq, Jack
Houillebecq, William
Hoxley, Charles
Hoxley, Thornton
Huaut, Edward
Hubert, George
Huelin, Alfred
Huelin, Charles
Huelin, David
Huet, Louis
Huet, Louis Yves
Huet, Peter
Huet, René
Humbert, Eugène
Hyde, Michael
Illien, John
Illien, Raymond
Illien, Raymond Claude
Jacklin, Gerald
Jacklin, John
Jacques, Jean
Jaffrelot, Jean
Janey, Joseph
Jeandron, Amos
Jeandron, Eugène
Jeandron, Francis
Jeandron, George
Jeandron, Joseph
Jeandron, Michael
Jeandron, William
Jeanne, Albert
Jeanne, Alphonse
Jeannes, Ernest
Jepson, Carlton
Jepson, Wilfred
Johns, Harold
Johns, Herbert
Johns, Raymond
Johnson, Clarence
Johnson, Edward
Johnson, Frederick
Johnson, William
Jordan, Lawrence
Jouan, Marcel
Jouan, Raymond
Jouanny, Denis Andrew
Jouanny, Gaston
Jouanny, Jack Louis
Jouanny, Marcel
Jouny, George
Joy, George
Joy, James
Joy, James George
Judd, William
Jung, Edmund
Keach, Samuel
Keech, Samuel
Keefe, William
Keely, Stephen
Keeping, Reginald
Keeping, William
Keith, Arthur
Keith, Clarence
Kelly, Arthur
Kelly, Charles
Kelly, Edward
Kelly, George John
Kelly, Henry
Kelly, James
Kelly, Maurice
Kelly, Michael
Kelly, Peter
Kelly, Thomas
Kelly, Timothy
Kemp, Basil
Kemp, Eric
Kendall, Julius
Keneally, Harold
Keneally, John
Keneally, William
Kenealy, John
Kenealy, William
Kennedy, William
Kent, Arthur
Kent, Basil Reginald
Kent, Charles
Kent, Joseph
Kent, Ronald Bernard
Kerry, Charles
Kerry, Joseph
Kerry, Maurice
Kerry, Sydney
King, Harry
Kinnaird, William
Kinnard, Clifford Donald
Kinnard, Raymond
Kinniard, Harold
Kirwan, Charles
Kirwan, Michael
Kirwan, Patrick
Kirwan, Robert
Kirwan, Thomas
Knaggs, William Herbert
Knight, William
Laffoley, Francis
Lambert, Francis
Lambert, Henry
Lambert, Maurice
Lamiraule, Joseph
Landick, Herbert
Langford, Samuel
Langlois, Arthur
Larkin, Clifford Anthony
Larkin, John
Larkin, Michael Denis
Laugeard, Clifton
Laugée, George
Laugée, Wilfred
Laurent, Alfred Pierre
Laurent, Ernest
Laurent, John
Laurent, Maurice
Laurent, Philip
Laurent, Rolland Jean
Le Bâcle, Albert
Le Bâcle, Pierre
Le Beau, Florus Gilbert
Le Ber, Henry Reginald
Le Ber, William
Le Blancq, John
Le Boutillier, John
Le Breton, Arthur Douglas
Le Breton, Clarence
Le Brisez, Peter
Le Canu, Arthur
Le Canu, Charles
Le Canu, Francis
Le Canu, John
Le Canu, Louis
Le Cardonnel, Bertrand
Le Carrie, Pierre
Le Carrie, Pierre
Le Chanu, Mark
Le Chanu, Stanley
Le Chanu, Yves
Le Chevalier, Henri
Le Chevalier, Oscar
Le Clair, Lèon
Le Cleche, Peter
Le Coat, Edward
Le Coat, Frederick
Le Coat, George
Le Corre, Peter
Le Coukur, Adolphus
Le Courbaron, François
Le Couteur, Adolphus
Le Couteur, Alfred
Le Cozannet, Raymond
Le Cuirot, Charles
Le Cuirot, Denis
Le Cuirot, John
Le Dain, Ernest
Le Dain, George
Le Feuvre, Edward
Le Feuvre, Eugene
Le Feuvre, Frank
Le Fondré, Alfred
Le Fondré, Bernard
Le Fondré, Edward
Le Fondré, John
Le Fondré, Stanley
Le Fur, Louis Marie
Le Gallais, George Louis
Le Galle, Albert
Le Galle, James
Le Gros, Alfred
Le Gros, George
Le Gros, Joseph
Le Gros, Sidney
Le Guellaut, Robert
Le Guen, Toussaint
Le Guillou, Ernest
Le Guyader, Maurice
Le Hayée, Auguste
Le Houérou, Jean
Le Houérou, Joseph
Le Houx, Bernard
Le Huquet, Albert
Le Huquet, Alfred Paul
Le Huquet, Arthur
Le Huquet, Charles
Le Huquet, Edward
Le Huquet, Jeremie
Le Huquet, Marcel
Le Huquet, René
Le Jehan, Joseph
Le Lerre, Walter
Le Lievre, Thomas Edward
Le Marchand, Douglas
Le Marchand, George
Le Marquand, Bernard
Le Marquand, Charles
Le Marquand, Francis
Le Marquand, Raymond
Le Masurier, Alfred
Le Masurier, Edward
Le Masurier, Francis
Le Masurier, Louis
Le Mée, Harold Stanley
Le Mière, Bernard Henri
Le Mière, Henry Paul
Le Moine, Maurice
Le Mouton, Charles
Le Niece, John
Le Pavoux, Douglas
Le Petit, Edward
Le Piez, Albert
Le Piez, Léon
Le Piez, William Thomas
Le Plongeon, Ernest Peter
Le Plongeon, Paul
Le Plongeon, Raymond
Le Poidevin, Edward
Le Poidevin, Thomas
Le Poidvin, Augustine
Le Prevost, John
Le Put, Edouard
Le Put, George Alfred
Le Riche, Charles
Le Roux, John
Le Saux, Albert
Le Sech, François
Le Signe, Roger
Le Sueur, Geoffrey
Le Tasson, Alfred
Le Troquer, Philip John
Le Vaillant, Henry
Le Vaillant, Rene
Le Vannais, Raymond
Le Vannais, Remy Henri
Le Var, Henri
Le Var, Maurice
Le Var, Rene
Le Vesconte, Basil
Le Vesconte, Ronald Alfred
Le Villio, François René
Leahy, Michael Eli
Lebâche, Louis Jules
Leclair, Francis
L'Ecrivain, Ferdinand
L'Ecrivain, Francis
Ledo, Louis
Lee, George
Lee, John
Lee, Stephen
Lees, Henry
Legoff, Joseph
Leluan, Charles
Leluan, Henry
Lemiére, John
Lemoy, Francis
Lemprière, John
Lenaghan, Wilfred
Leo Mayer, John
Lewis, Leslie
L'Houerou, Joseph
Linane, Edward
Linane, Patrick
Linane, William
Linehan, Thomas
Linnon, James
Linnon, Michael
Lock, Albert
Lock, Frederick
Lock, George
Lock, Thomas
Lock, William
Lord, Lins
Lorier, Cyril
Lorier, Leonard
Loughlin, George
Loughlin, John
Loyer, Edward
Loyer, John
Lucas, Alfred
Lucas, Bernard John
Lucas, Francis
Lucas, John
Lucas, Raymund
Luce, Ernest
Luce, Joseph
Lucey, Frank
Luciennes, Roy Elie
Luckarift, John
Lux, Edward
Lux, Ernest
Lux, Robert
Lux, Stanley
Luxton, Albert
Luxton, Alfred
Luxton, Arthur
Luxton, Edward
Luxton, Ernest
Luxton, George
Luxton, William
Lynn, Henry James
Lyons, Peter
Macfarlane, Edward Francis
MacFarlane, Henry
Macfarlane, John
Mahoney, Archibald
Mahoney, Edward
Mahoney, George
Mahoney, John
Mahoney, Thomas
Mahoney, William
Mahy, Francis Victor
Maloret, Clarence
Malzard, Edmund
Malzard, George
Malzard, Walter James
Mangan, Alexander
Mangan, Lawrence
Mangan, Reginald
Mangan, Thomas
Mannion, Denis
Marks, Frederick
Marks, George
Marquis, Harry
Marquis, James
Marquis, Thomas
Mars, Jules
Mars, Louis
Marsh, Basil Clarence
Marshall, Rudolph
Martin, Francis
Martin, George
Martin, Stanley
Masson, Henri
Masson, Jean
Masterman, Alfred
Mathurin, Pierre
Matson, William
Matthews, Léonel
Matthews, R
Mauger, George
Mauger, Nigel
Mazoyer, Ambroise
McAllen, Philip
McAllister, Frederick
McCarthy, Michael
McDermott, Bernard
McDermott, Francis
McDermott, Frederick
McDermott, George
McDermott, Henry
McDermott, Lawrence
McDermott, Raymond
McDermott, William
McDonald, Alfred
McDonald, Charles
McDonald, Daniel
McDonald, Maurice
McDonald, Terence
McFarlane, Charles
McGrath, James William
McGrath, Ralph
McGrath, Thomas
McGrath, William
McGuire, Thomas
McKee, Stanley
McKenna, Albert Edward
McKenzie, Alfred
McKenzie, Lionel
McManus, John
McNulty, Denis
McNulty, John
McNulty, Thomas
McReedy, John
Mead, Arthur
Mead, John
Meadows, John
Meadows, Robert
Medder, George
Medland, Charles
Menard, Jean
Menear, Robert
Menguy, Francis
Merton, Roy
Metcalf, Stephen
Metcalfe, Robert
Michel, Ferdinand
Mière, Arthur Joseph
Miere, Eugène
Miere, Eugene William
Miere, Rene
Mifflin, John
Mifflin, Paul
Millichap, George
Minchau, James
Minchau, John
Minchin, James
Minchin, John
Minchin, R
Minchin, Richard
Minchinton, John
Misch, Denis
Moignard, Reginald
Molloy, Charles
Moloney, Daniel
Moore, Gilbert
Moore, William
Morcel, Alfred
Morcel, George
Morcel, John
Morcel, Joseph
Morcel, Leon
Morel, Frank
Morel, Henri
Morel, John
Morel, Tom
Morgan, Edward
Morice, Guyoncourt Ronald
Morice, Louis
Morin, Arthur
Morin, Edmond
Morin, Edward
Morin, Eugene
Morin, Francis
Morin, Georges
Morin, Marcel
Morin, Rene Alfred
Morrisey, John
Morrisey, William
Mortimer, Edward
Morton, Michael
Morvan, Albert
Morvan, Joseph
Morvan, Louis
Morvan, Lucien
Motié, Reginald
Mountain, James
Mountain, Thomas
Mourant, Hector
Moy, William
Moyes, William
Moylan, Thomas
Moyse, Bernard
Moyse, Francis
Moyse, John
Moyse, Leslie Harold
Moyse, William
Moyse, William John
Mullins, Clive
Mullins, Jack
Mullins, Thomas
Murat, Charles
Murphy, Albert
Murphy, Bertram
Murphy, Charles
Murphy, Edward
Murphy, Edward John
Murphy, Frank
Murphy, George
Murphy, James
Murphy, John
Murphy, Joseph
Murphy, Sydney
Myer, Neill
Nain, Edward
Nain, Thomas
Nash, Henry
Neale, Thomas
Neill, Arthur
Nérac, Peter
Newton, Gordon John
Nicolle, Joseph
Nicolle, Royston
Noel, Edward
Noel, William John
Nolan, Arthur
Norris, Joseph
Norris, Reginald
Nottingham, Allan
Nourry, Alec
Nunan, Alfred
Nunan, Edmund
O'Brien, Cecil
O'Brien, Charles
O'Brien, Denis
O'Brien, George
O'Brien, Henry
O'Brien, James
O'Brien, Kenneth
O'Brien, Maurice
O'Brien, Patrick
O'Brien, Reginald
O'Brien, William
O'Connell, John
O'Connor, Bernard
O'Connor, Charles
O'Connor, John
O'Connor, Kevin
O'Connor, Michael
O'Connor, William
O'Donoghue, Edward
Oeillet, Edward
Oeillet, Frederick
Oeillet, Joseph
O'Grady, Charles
O'Hanlon, Edward
O'Hanlon, George
O'Keefe, Harold
Ollay, Albert
Onfroy, Felix
O'Reilly, William
O'Sullivan, James
O'Sullivan, John
O'Sullivan, Patrick
Ozouf, Cyril
Ozouf, Nelson
Palmer, Charles
Palmer, Edwin
Palmer, Frederick
Parkman, Raymond
Parouty, George
Parouty, René
Parsons, Charles
Pascoe, Raymond
Paul, Albert
Paul, Edward
Pay, Alfred
Payn, Reuben
Payne, Ernest
Payne, George
Pennec, Alfred
Pennec, Francis
Penny, Bertie
Perrodore, Jean
Perry, William Henry
Petra, Claude
Petra, Francis
Pettequin, Sidney Charles
Pettiquin, George
Philippe, Denis
Philippe, Marcel
Philippe, Peter
Pichon, Victor
Pinwell, George
Pinwell, Harold
Piquet, Stephen
Pognavant, Jean
Poidevin, Augustine
Poidevin, Ted
Poisson, Fred
Poling, Charles
Poling, David
Poling, Frederick
Poling, Thomas
Poole, Thomas
Porrell, Arthur
Potigny, Raymond
Pouilleul, John
Power, Arthur
Power, Edward
Power, Ernest
Power, Reginald
Price, Francis
Price, Malcolm
Prigent, Jean
Prior, Cyril
Prior, Lawrence
Prior, Patrick
Prior, William
Prior, William Edward
Purvis, Thomas
Quarry, Gerald Nolais
Quémard, Francis
Quenault, Francis
Quérée, Charles
Querée, Maurice
Quinn, Thomas
Quinn, William
Quinquenel, Emile
Quinquenel, Jean
Quinquenel, Louis
Rabet, Frank
Rabet, Raymond Charles
Rafey, Thomas
Rafferty, Henry
Rault, Denis Charles
Rault, Eugene
Rault, John Laurent
Rault, Leon
Rault, Louis Emile
Rault, Peter Marie
Ravens, Peter
Rayson, Henry
Rebindaine, Leslie Ray
Rebindaine, Peter Francis
Reed, William
Reid, William
Renault, Jean
Rendle, William
Renouf, Charles
Renouf, Douglas
Renouf, Francis
Renouf, John
Renouf, Leslie
Renouf, Sidney
Reynolds, Berty
Reynolds, Francis
Reynolds, John
Reynolds, Joseph
Reynolds, Laurence
Reynolds, Stanley
Reynolds, William
Richard, Eugene
Richmond, Edmund
Riddle, Joseph
Riou, Henri
Robert, Frederic
Roberts, Allan
Roberts, Francis Peirson
Roberts, Herbert
Roberts, Kenneth Charles
Robin, Aimable
Robin, Pierre
Roche, Bernard
Roche, Eric
Roche, Henry
Roche, James
Roche, John
Roche, Michael
Rodda, Denzil
Rogers, George
Rogers, William
Rolland, Francis
Romeril, Edward
Romeril, Joseph
Ropard, Joseph
Rosenthal, Raymond
Rossi, Lucien
Rossi, Marcel
Routier, François
Routier, John
Rowscliffe, Walter
Roze, Albert
Ruaux, William
Rubens, Edouard
Ruelland, Francis
Ruelland, Henri
Ruff, William
Rumfitt, H
Rumfitt, William
Rumsey, Archibald
Rumsey, James
Russell, William Robert
Ryan, Charles
Ryan, Daniel
Ryan, Edward
Ryan, James
Ryan, John
Ryan, Joseph
Ryan, Martin
Ryan, Matthew
Ryan, Michael
Ryan, Patrick
Ryan, Thomas
Ryan, William
Salsac, Ernest
Samuels, Charles
Sandman, Frank
Sangan, Stanley
Saunders, Claud
Saunders, Ernest
Saunders, Leonard
Schneider, Adam
Schneider, John
Schneider, Mo
Scoones, George
Scoones, James
Scoones, John
Shallow, Clarence
Shallow, John
Shallow, Percy
Shallow, William
Shepherd, Edward
Sheppick, William
Sherott, Frank
Shorell, Archibald
Shorell, Reuben
Shorrell, Archibald
Shorrell, Reuben
Shorrell, William
Showell, Archibald
Showell, William
Simmons, Cyril
Simmons, Ronald
Simmons, Walter
Simmons, William
Siouville, Dudley
Skinner, Jack
Slater, John
Slater, Robert
Small, William
Smith, Bernard
Smith, Bertram
Smith, Charles
Smith, Clifford
Smith, Clifton
Smith, Douglas Lynne
Smith, Edward
Smith, Ernest
Smith, Francis
Smith, Frank
Smith, George
Smith, Harold
Smith, James
Smith, John
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Lawrence
Smith, Maurice
Smith, Percy
Smith, Ralph
Smith, Terence Walsh
Smith, Walter
Smith, William
Smyth, Frederick
Smyth, Stephen
Sonnen, Edward
Sonnen, John
Sonnen, Martin
Sonnen, William
Spate, Harold
Spencer, Cecil
Spraggo, Henry
Spriggs, Frederick
St George, Arthur
Stanley, Stanislaus
Staunton, Joseph
Stead, John Joseph
Steer, George
Stènou, Albert Louis
Stenou, Francis
Stevens, Albert
Stevens, Leonard
Stevens, Raymond Owen
Stone, Fred
Stone, Herbert
Stone, William
Stratford, Alfred
Stratford, Samuel
Stuart, Terence
Studley, Walter
Sullivan, Jeremiah
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, William
Sullivan, William John
Sumner, Charles
Sumner, Richard
Sumner, Wilfred
Surman, Charles James
Sweeney, Albert
Sweeney, Denis
Sweeney, Edward
Sweeney, Frank
Sweeney, John
Sweeney, Joseph
Sweeney, William
Symonds, Daniel
Symonds, Edward
Symonds, Reginald
Symonds, William
Symons, Percy
Symons, William
Taffatz, Jacques
Tanguy, Louis Charles
Tardivel, Edward
Taylor, Graeme William
Taylor, Joseph
Taylor, Thomas
Thaureux, Francis
Thebault, Francis
Therin, Alfred
Therin, Percy
Thomas, Arsène Alfred
Thomas, Arthur
Thomas, Charles
Thomas, Charles Frederick
Thomas, Collins
Thomas, Ernest
Thomas, Fred
Thomas, Frederick
Thomas, Henry
Thomas, John
Thomas, Leon
Thomas, Sidney George
Thomas, Sydney
Thomas, Walter
Thomas, William
Thomas, William Edward
Thomas, Yves
Thorp, Arthur
Thorp, Joseph
Thorpy, Thomas
Thuillier, Arthur
Tierney, Frederick
Tierney, George Thomas
Tierney, James
Tierney, Joseph
Tierney, Richard
Tierney, Ronald
Tierney, Sidney
Tierney, Sydney
Tirel, Leslie
Toneri, Bernard
Toneri, Edgar
Toneri, Eric
Toneri, Leo
Toneri, Leonard
Toqué, Louis
Touzel, Charles Kingsley
Traisnel, Robert Edmund
Trèhiou, Charles
Tréhiou, Edward Charles
Tréhiou, Eugène
Tréhiou, George
Troy, Bernard
Troy, Edward
Troy, Francis
Troy, George
Troy, John
Troy, Maurice
Troy, Patrick
Troy, Richard
Troy, Robert
Troy, William
Truscott, James
Tudic, Marcel
Udall, Harry
Uhlan, Thomas
Vail, James
Vail, John
Vail, Patrick
Varaillon, Charles
Varaillon, John Louis
Varaillon, Robert Adrian
Varley, David
Vasse, Ernest James
Vasse, Francis
Vasse, Joseph
Vaussey, Edward
Vautier, Reginald
Venner, Valentine
Véron, Léon
Veron, Maurice
Vezier, Robert
Vickers, Charles
Vickers, Harold
Vickers, Harry Charles
Vickers, Joseph
Viel, Arthur
Villars, Frank
Vitel, Bernard
Vitel, Ernest
Voisin, Alfred
Voisin, Clarence Stanley
Voisin, Eric
Voisin, Ronald
Volonté, Dominic
Wadmore, John
Wadmore, Joseph
Walker, Clifford
Walker, Edward
Walker, Edward Patrick
Walker, Percy
Walker, William
Wall, Irwin Joseph
Waller, Thomas
Walsen, George
Walsh, James
Walsh, Michael
Ward, Nicholas
Warren, Adolphus
Warren, Arthur
Warren, Cyril
Warren, Edwin
Warren, Ernest
Warren, Hugh
Warren, Julius
Watkins, Arthur
Watkins, William
Webb, George
Webb, Graham
Wellesley, David
Wellesley, Desmond
Wells, Leonard
Wells, Reuben
Welsh, Charles
Welsh, Denis
Welsh, Isaac
Welsh, Michael
Welsh, Thomas
Welsh, William
Whall, Nicholas
Wheadon, Leslie
Whelan, Cyril
Whelan, Edward
Whelan, John
Wherry, Joseph
Whitaker, Percy
White, Henry
White, Joseph
White, Patrick
White, Walter
White, William
Whiteman, George
Whiteman, William
Whitley, Henry
Wightman, John
Wilkinson, Eric
Wilkinson, Eric Thomas
Wilkinson, John
Williams, Basil
Williams, Kenneth
Williams, Ronald
Woods, Norman
Youinou, Marcel
Youinou, Peter Verdun
Youinou, Pierre
Young, Herbert
Keywords Schools | Education | admission registers | registers | students | pupils
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File


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