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St Mark's Girls School Log Book. From 1919 this school amalgamated with Brighton Road and became Brighton Road Girls School. This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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Reference D/J/N3/13
Date 1901 - 1954
Names St Mark's National School
Byron Road
St Mark's Road
Bishop, Miss
Boqueho, Miss
Bowers, Elsie Stanley
Brookes, Kathleen
Millest, Daisy
Bowles, Miss
Le Rossignol, Adèle
Gruchy, Miss
Machon, Miss
Mauger, Miss
Perchard, Miss
Leach, A C, Reverend
Brock, C, Reverend
Davis, Florence
Ashwell, A H, Reverend
Darling, Miss
Balleine, F W
Dolbel, Grace
de la Haye, Rose
Leslie, Miss
Wadsworth, Emma
Robin, Philip
Ouless, Centenier
Luce, Edouard, Reverend
Burrows, Mr
Otway, Lady
Pipon, Miss
Shaw, Mrs
Benest, Cecilia
Driscoll, Maud
Luce, Alice
Morris, Ethel
Abbot, E
Hamon, Elsie
Le Fleming, Hugh, Reverend
Saterford, Jeanie Elsie
Dolbel, Florence Grace
Pellow, E R
Darling, Kate
Leslie, Edith
Bowles, Alice Spencer
Gill, Mr
Stenlake, Amy
Le Fleming, Miss
Milner, A B
Luce, Alice
Dorey, Alice
Compton, V
Green, R
Romeril, L
Strudwick, B
Pellow, Eliza R
Hamon, E
Coutanche, Olivia
Le Sueur, Mr
Dean of Jersey
Archard, T
McCabe, Miss
Brock, H W
Danby, J W
Burrows, E
Griffin, Mrs
Le Reverend, Hilda
Le Masurier, Mr
Davis, Irene
Geary, Edith
Hancock, Bernard, Reverend
Bush, S
Le Sueur, Edith
de la Mare, Edith
Dingle, Florence
Nerac, Florence
Youlton, Hilda
Le Mesurier, Alfred
Montgomery, Colonel
Morris, Ethel
Chappuis, Dr
Harrison, Mr
Bush, Mr
Williams, R, Reverend
Le Feuvre, E
Pirouet, Tressie
Turner, Ethel
Rault, Florence
de Quetteville, Miss
Otway, Mrs
Dolbel, G
Jeune, Amy
Kemish, Rita
Powney, Christine
Jeane, Amy
Little, Louisa
Le Grand, Eva
Richards, Athalie
Pinel, Amy
Webber, Daisy
Wilkins, Mabel
Vatcher, Colonel
Milner, A B, Reverend
Fox, Gladys
Cudlipp, Elsie
Le Blanc, Miss
Le Masurier, W
Boone, Mr
Le Blancq, Louisa
Bartlett, Nellie
Legge, L
Pinel, A
Coutanche, B
Harvey, G
Gray, Evan
Stephens, D
Eve, V
Rickard, I
Le Cocq, A
Machon, E
Holmes, Evelyn
Harrison, H E B
Jarrett, Esther
Baton, A
Harvey, G
White, E
Godeaux, L
Stokes, A
Montgomery, A
Le Quesne, Alice
Le Gros, L
Le Breton, M
Richardson, B
Beamish, Reverend
Le Cocq, Annette
Pagett, Joseph, Reverend
Le Boutillier, Adèle
Tarbat, J E, Reverend
Le Breton, Estelle
Goubert, Violet
Little, Louise Mary
Turner, Eva
Eve, Violet
Priestly, Colonel
Le Masurier, A, Reverend
Balleine, T W
Le Breton, Muriel
Wright, Mrs
Bird, Christine
Clement, Miss
Wright, M A C
Dobson, Edith
Moor, Edward, Reverend
Germaine, T G
Pipson, Miss
Drury Shaw, Mrs
Pearse, Maud
Cummings, Dorothy
Benest, Florence
Thorne, Ruby
Hambly, Alice
Dobson, Edith
Page, A E
Tringham, H F
Boone, C
Neville, Alice
Foote, Mavis
Lozuet, Lydia
Fuszard, Irene
Jordan, Winifred
Hoar, Laurie
Hambly, Jessie
Jarrett, Winifred
Hooper, Mrs
Clement, Miss
Jeune, Gladys
Balleine, T E
Mauger, Miss
Le Roux, Miss
Vernon, Sir William Henry Venables, Bailiff of Jersey
Payn, Jurat
Balleine, F E
Le Gresley, Miss
Cory, J
Drury Shaw, Miss
Hambly, Maggie
Boulvard, Florence
Bliault, Alice
Walker, Mr
Mace, J H B, Reverend
Jeune, Phyllis
Hamon, Gladys
Plymen, Miss
Aubert, Marion
Le Brun, Blanche Clara
Bishop, Muriel
Longstaff, Miss
Wilson, Lady
Boulanger, Miss
Jeune, Dorothy
Edwards, Dr
Noel, Christine
Hamon, Madeline
Spittal, J R, Reverend
Walsh, Mysie
Dennis, Deaconess
Le Lauchon, Miss
Ahier, Miss
Hacquoil, Miss
Bienvenu, Mrs
Aumont, Miss
Renouf, Bertha
Sinel, Mr
Noel, Doris Alice
Neel, Miss
Kilgour, Mrs
du Pré, Miss
Chirrell, A H
Perchard, Vera
George V, King of Great Britain and Ireland, 1910-1936
Mary, Queen, Consort of George V
Mary, Princess Royal and Countess of Harewood, 1897 - 1965
Machon, Agnes
Le Feuvre, Ellen
Richard, Celestine
Perchard, Phyllis
Fielding, Gladys
Noel, Doris
Collins, Marjorie
Heard, Arthur
Hopkins, Lucy
du Feu, Lilian
Stephens, Jessie
Le Brocq, E, Dr
Calder, Phoebe
Gruchy, Gladys
Brookes, Kathleen Ruth
Millest, Daisy Louise Gray
Barrett, Mavis
Hamon, Phyllis
Keywood, Iris
Le Blond, Rose
Le Marquand, Jurat
Macintosh, Mr
Fitzgerald, Christine Mary
Collins, Marjorie Alicia
Kelling, P W
Dart, C T
Froom, Winifred
Le Lievre, Phyllis
Ahier, Mabel
Boquého, Rose
Bishop, Lilian
Bowles, Miss
Walsh, Miss
Touzel, Dorothy
Ereaut, Herbert F
Cabot, J P
Collins, Marjorie
Acourt, Ethel
Whitaker, Doris
Simpson, Miss
Bowers, Miss
Arthur, Enid
Blacklin, Cecile
Wynn-Williams, Mr
Le Feuvre, R
Hepburn, Joyce
Woodsford, Beryl
Young, Winifred
Le Rossignol, Adèle
Luce, Marguerite
Durell, Joyce
Le Maistre, Violet
Pike, Violet
Hows, Violet
Young, Miss
Marie, Madeline
Thompson, Mr
Vardon, Pearl
Duffett, Dorothy
Stuber, Mona
Allen, Gladys
Murdoch, Miss
Duke of Kent
Princess Marina of Greece
Price, Mr
Dart, Claude T
Prince of Wales
Duke of Gloucester
Scott, Lady Alice
Oslear, Claire
Lempriere, Marjorie
Quenault, Edith
Richard, Miss
George VI, King of Great Britain and Ireland, 1936-1952
Bacon, Pamela
Parmée, Mr
Gruchy, Miss
Vautier, Elsie
Hasler, Mrs
Davey, Ethel
Darling, Lorna
Lawford, Monica
Mourant, Lesley
Murdoch, Margarita
Bartlett, Peggy
Gallichan, Verena
Touzel, Dorothy
Marett, Joyce
Davy, Miss
Melldrum, Mrs
Gallichan, Miss
Lozuet, Miss
Battam, Mrs
Luce, Mrs
Arthur, Kay Evelyn
Manley, Major
Blampied, Dr
Ingram, Elsie
Le Marinel, Mr
Blochlinger, Miss
Harrop, Una
Elizabeth, Queen, Consort of George VI
Le Clercq, Florence
Le Cornu, Ivy
Leadbetter, Mr
Dupre, Edna
Gruchy, Gladys
Durand, Mary
Anthony, Miss
Le Chasseur, Miss
Morrison, Mr
Barnes, Mrs
Walker, Elizabeth
Meldrum, Mrs
de Louche, I
Dorey, Jeanne
Grasett, Sir Edward, General, Lieutenant Governor
Gordon, Mary
Le Marquand, Miss
Laurens, Mrs
Morley, Mr
Griffiths, Mr
Le Feuvre, R
Andrews, Teresa
Hibbs, Joy
Montgomery, Field Marshal
Touzel, Miss
Daly, Miss
Robinson, Muriel
Knowles, Miss
Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, 1952-
Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, consort of Queen Elizabeth II
Le Cornu, Miss
Walker, Miss
Collas, Jurat
Hodgetts, Olive
Harper, Mr
Duchess of Kent
Andrews, Teresa
Keith, Jean
Thompson, Miss
Daly, Mrs
Le Cornu, Miss
Coad, Mrs
Wright, Mrs
Smart, Joan
Pirouet, S E
Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, consort of Queen Elizabeth II
Young, Winifred
Belson, Joyce
Smart, Miss
Ozouf, Olga
Darling, Dr
Le Masurier, E S, née Bowers
Cairns, Audrey
Carré, Dr
Lewis, Mrs
Foster, Miss
Butler, R
Lobb, John
Le Chasseur, Miss
Still, Mrs
Dickmont, Caroline
Robert, Doris
Comber, L C
du Feu, E
Le Quesne, J
Amy, C
Roberts, Miss
McLead, Marti
Blackburn, Mrs
Le Feuvre, R
Bonn, Mrs
Inglis, Mrs
O'Neill, Jill
Griffin, Cardinal
Edwards, Mr
Avrill, Miss
Hettich, Miss
Cabot, Irene
Nicholson, Lady
Le Feuvre, Ellen
Gruchy, G
Yelland, Miss
A'Court, E G
Morel, Susannah
Le Quesne, J P
Brighton Road Girls School
Keywords Education | Schools | log books
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File


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