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Admission Register for St Mark's School [after 1883 just girls listed] Includes: name, address, date of birth, name of last school, date of admission. This register has been indexed by the name of the pupil. Please consult PDF for entries.

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Reference D/J/31/B1/2
Date 2 May 1881 - 26 April 1892
Names St Mark's School
Ahier, Alice
Ahier, Emma
Ahier, Florence
Ahier, Fred
Ahier, Louisa
Ahier, Selina
Albert, Lancelot
Alexander, Ella
Allen, Eleanor
Allen, Margaret
Allisette, Elizabeth
Allisette, Sarah
Amy, Bertha
Amy, Irene
Amy, Louisa
Amy, Mabel
Amy, May
Amy, Psyche V
Amy, Selina
Andou, Rose
Angell, Annie
Angell, Grace
Angell, Louisa
Arnold, Gertie
Arnold, Lily
Arnold, Ruby
Arrowsmith, Francis
Arrowsmith, Georgina
Arthur, Annie
Arthur, Ellen
Arthur, Mabel
Arthur, Walter
Ashelford, Hilda
Ashley, Lily
Asplet, Arica J
Aubert, Charles
Aubert, Elizabeth
Aubin, Emma
Aubin, Selina
Averty, Alice
Averty, Florence
Averty, Ida
Averty, Leah
Averty, Mabel
Baldwin, Gertrude
Baltus, Mabel
Baltus, Maria
Baltus, Priscilla
Banks, Alice
Barnes, Annie
Barnes, Edith
Barnes, Florence
Barnett, May Ethel
Barratt, Mabel
Barratt, Rosina
Barrot, Susan
Barter, Elizabeth
Barwick, Nellie
Bass, Charlotte
Bates, Mary A
Baudains, Florence
Beaugard, Ruby
Beaugie, Florence
Beck, Bertha
Beer, Lillian
Bellingham, Edith
Bellingham, Gertrude
Bellingham, Marie
Bellingham, Rosa
Benest, Alice
Benest, Annie
Benest, Annie A
Benest, Clementina
Benest, Emily
Benest, Fred W
Benest, Reginald
Benet, Elizabeth
Bernard, Leah
Bertram, Eva
Bethell, Lela
Bewey, Alice
Bewhay, Alice
Billot, Jane
Billot, Lillian
Bisson, Elizabeth
Bisson, Ellen
Bisson, William
Bizley, Ella
Blackman, Ethel Amy
Blampied, Julia
Blampied, Louisa
Blanchard, Louisa
Bliault, Ellen
Boddie, Emma
Bolton, Lilian M
Bond, Edith
Bond, Edith Elsie
Bond, Florence
Bower, Clara
Bradford, Alfred
Bradford, Desirée
Bradshaw, Mabel
Brasford, Mabel
Brasford, Rosa
Britton, Jane
Brown, Emily
Brown, Louisa A
Buesnel, Eva
Burch, Nettie
Burridge, George
Burton, Jane
Cabot, Florence Jane
Cabot, Lillian
Cabot, Mabel
Cameron, Margaret
Can, Geraldine
Canivet, Mabel F
Caplin, Emily
Carter, Jessie
Carter, May
Carver, Florence
Cash, Gertrude L
Cauley, Florence
Cauvin, Louisa
Cave, Kathleen
Cavey, Elsie
Cavey, Jessie
Chainon, Marie
Chevalier, Ada J
Chevalier, Alice
Chevalier, Mabel
Ching, Esther
Ching, Lucy Emma
Churchill, Caroline
Clark, Eliza
Clark, Florence
Clark, George
Clark, Lily
Clark, Walter H
Clark, Walter
Cleal, Augusta
Cleal, Talitha
Clegg, Henrietta
Collings, Edith
Collings, Elizabeth
Collings, Laura
Coney, Ellen
Coney, Mary
Connell, Fanny
Coombs, Beatrice
Cory, Florence Louisa
Couppey, Violet E
Courcoux, Florence
Coutanche, Louisa
Coutanche, Louisa F
Cowdery, Mary
Cox, Alice
Cox, Alice M
Cox, Mabel B
Crees, Elsie
Crees, Laura
Cristin, Ada
Cronch, Ada
Cronch, Louisa
Cummings, Ada
Cummings, Lena
Curry, René
Curwoods, Emily
Cutland, Robert W
Dacam, Elsie
Dancaster, Lily
Daniel, Ada
Daniel, Florence M
Daniels, Ada N
Daniels, Florence
Dauvin, Melvina
Davey, Annie
Davey, Ellen M
Davey, Emily
Davey, Florence
Davey, Pauline
Davies, Alice
Davies, Gertrude
Davis, Emma
Davis, Jane
Davison, Percy
Davoine, Mary J
Davoine, Walter
Davy, Ernest
Day Luce, Beatrice
Day, Louisa A
Day, Sophia
de Gruchy, Ada
de Gruchy, Alice
de Gruchy, Annie R
De Gruchy, Delicia
de Gruchy, Edward
De Gruchy, Eliza
de Gruchy, Eliza J
de Gruchy, Eva
de Gruchy, Louisa
de la Camp, Harry
de la Haye, Elizabeth
de la Haye, Rose
de La Lande, Clara
de la Lande, Clara A
de la Lande, Sarah J
de la Perelle, Edith
de La Perelle, Eva
de Ste Croix, Alice
de Ste Croix, Daisy
de Ste Croix, Mabel
de Ste Croix, Reginald
de Ste Croix, William
Dee, Edith
Dee, Mabel A
Deslandes, Elsie
Deslandes, Maude
Deslandes, Maude
Dibden, Maude
Dimond, Annie
Dimond, Bessie
Dimond, Jessie E
Dobin, Annie
Dobin, Charles
Dobin, Maud
Dodge, Annie
Dodge, Elizabeth A
Donoghoue, Edith
Donovan, Alice
Donovan, Annie
Donovan, Florence
Doras, Amy
Doras, Lucy
Dorey, Elsie
Dorey, Selina
d'Orleans, Amelia
Douglas, Elizabeth
Dowden, Louisa
Down, Elsie
Down, Ethel
Down, Mary
Down, Mary
Downs, Mary
Drew, M J
Driver, Julia
Druce, Clara
Druce, Eliza
du Feu, John
du Feu, Lucy
du Val, Clara
du Val, Mary
du Veulle, Annie
Dumosch, Henrietta
Dunford, Amelia
Dustin, Mabel
Eager, Lillian
Eager, Maud
Eager, Maude
Eager, Phyllis
Eastley, Ada
Eastley, Edith
Eastley, Emily
Eastley, Louisa
Egland, Augusta
Elcock, Lilian
Elcock, Mary
Elkins, Edith E
Elkins, Mary A E
Ellett, Anna
Ellett, Selina
Elliott, Bertha
Elliott, Nellie
Ellis, Elizabeth
Ellis, Susan
Erbe, Marie
Esnouf, Florence
Eve, Gertrude
Falle, Alice
Falle, Annie S
Falle, Edith
Fernands, Amelié
Ferrant, Rebecca
Fielder, Mabel
Folley, Jane
Fontaine, Ethel
Ford, Charlotte
Ford, Florence
Ford, Lily
Forward, Alice
Fower, Lily
Fowler, Ada
Fowler, Grace
Fowler, Kate
Fox, Edith
Fox, Gertrude E
Fredericks, George
Fry, Florence
Fudge, Louisa
Furzard, Beatrice
Furzard, Jane
Furzard, Lily
Furzard, Mary
Fuszard, Lilian
Gale, Amelia
Gale, Beatrice
Gale, Henry
Gallichan, Alice
Gallichan, Alice E
Gallichan, Annie
Gallichan, Grace
Gallichan, Henry
Gallichan, Laura
Gallie, Ada H
Gallie, Alice F
Gallie, Hilda
Gallie, Mary J
Gardner, Gertrude
Gargearlain, Louisa
Garland, Emily
Garland, Frank
Garland, May
Gaudin, Clara
Gaudin, Dora
Gaudin, Edith
Gaudin, Elsie
Gaudin, Eva
Gaudin, Florence
Gaudin, Jane
Gaudin, Lilian
Gaudin, Lily
Gaudin, Mabel
Gaudin, Texina
Gaudion, Gertrude
Gavey, Walter
Gear, Katie
Gee, Louisa J
Gellie, Dora
Gellie, Ellen
Gilbert, Dora
Gilberthorpe, Pauline
Giles, Adele
Gillam, Henrietta
Godfray, Harriet
Godrick, Ellen
Godrick, Florence
Goldsmith, Maud
Gosling, Alfred
Gosling, David
Gosling, Ethel M
Goufini, Louisa
Gould, Violette
Grandin, Delphine
Grandin, Edith
Gray, Ethel
Green, Charles
Green, Louisa
Green, Maria E
Gregory, Ada
Griffin, Annie
Groizard, Alice
Grout, Mabel
Guest, Annie
Guest, Catherine
Guest, Emma
Guest, Ruth
Guilliard, Peter
Guiton, Annie E
Guiton, Lilian
Gulliford, May
Guppy, Edith
Guppy, Florence M
Guppy, Henry J
Guppy, Herbert J
Guy, Elsie L
Hacking, Charles
Hacking, Edith
Hacking, Florence
Hacking, Henrietta
Hall, Isabella
Hallett, John
Hallett, Sophronia
Halliwell, Susan
Hamayon, Rose
Hambly, William Charles
Hamon, Annie
Hamon, Elsie
Hamon, Florence
Hamon, Helena
Hamon, Lily
Hamon, Susan
Harben, Adelaide
Harben, Alice A
Harben, Florence
Harben, Mary S
Harben, Matilda
Harding, Beatrice
Harding, Emily
Harding, Lavinia
Harding, Lillian
Harding, Rose
Harper, Ada
Harper, Maria
Harrison, Annie
Haskings, Archie
Hassall, Florence
Hawkins, Florence
Hennessy, Eliza
Higgins, Lilian
Higham, Louisa
Hill, Jessie
Hine, Adelina
Hine, Ellen
Hine, Mabel
Hitchen, Lilian
Hitchen, Percy
Hoare, Frank
Hobson, Daisy G
Hoffmenn, Elvina
Hoffmenn, Francis
Holland, Edna
Holland, Ethel
Hopkins, Annie
Horman, Alice
Horman, Annie
Horman, Charles F
Horman, Elvina
Horman, Florence
Horman, Harriet
Horman, Jessie
Horman, Lydia
Hosbourne, John
Hosbourne, Samuel
Hoskings, Kate M
Hoskings, Priscilla
Hotton, Elizabeth C
Houlbeck, Augusta
Huelin, Emily
Hunt, Adolphus
Hunt, Jane
Hurley, Alice
Husband, Blanche
Jaffray, Esther
James, Susan
Jasper, Florence Maude
Jean, Louisa
Jeane, Emma R
Jefferies, Louisa
Jeffries, Louisa
Jeffries, Miriam
Jesty, Nellie W
Jesty, Rhoda W
Johnson, Ada
Johnson, Beatrice
Johnson, Edwin
Johnson, Jane
Johnson, Kate
Johnson, Willie
Johnston, Beatrice
Johnston, Louisa
Jolin, Lydia
Jones, Ada
Jones, Amelia
Jones, Henry
Jones, Herbert
Jordan, Mabel
Jourdain, Bertha
Jourdan, Bertha
Jourdan, Mabel
Jourdan, Maude
Journeaux, Lydia
Juliff, Daisy
Keagan, Selina
Kenchington, Emily
Kenchington, Mary
Kendall, Lily
Kingsley, Minnie
Kirkby, Fanny
Knight, Henrietta
La Sauce, Lillian J
Lakeman, Henry
Lambert, Philip
L'Amy, Amelia
Langeard, Ada
Langeard, Florence
Langford, Blanche
Langford, Isabella
Langford, Lydia
Langlois, Ethel M
Langlois, Florence Catherine
Larbalestier, Louisa
Laurens, Clara
Laurens, Lilian
Laurens, Mabel
Laventure, Joseph
Le Bourg, Charlotte
Le Boutillier, Alice
Le Breton, Edith
Le Breton, Florence E
Le Breton, Georgina
Le Breton, Lilian
Le Caudey, Clara
Le Clercq, Elsie
Le Clercq, Marie
Le Clercq, Maud
Le Clercq, Maude
Le Cocq, Alice
Le Cocq, Ellen
Le Cocq, Frank
Le Cocq, Fred
Le Cocq, Kate Elizabeth
Le Cocq, Lil
Le Cocq, Lilian Rose
Le Cocq, Thomas
Le Cornu, Mabel
Le Cornu, Mary
Le Cornu, Susan
Le Cras, Catherine
Le Cras, Florence L
Le Duc, Alice
Le Feuvre, Ada
Le Feuvre, Emily M
Le Feuvre, George
Le Feuvre, Hilda S
Le Feuvre, Marina
Le Feuvre, Maud
Le Geyt, Mary
Le Gros, Matilda
Le Heron, Blanche
Le Maistre, Eva
Le Maitre, Elizabeth
Le Maitre, Florence
Le Marchand, Ada
Le Marchand, Annie
Le Marinel, Harriet
Le Marinel, Sarah
Le Marquand, Amelia
Le Marquand, Maude A
Le Masurier, Ada J
Le Masurier, Lizzie
Le Masurier, Susan
Le Masurier, Winter
Le Moine, Augustine
Le Mottee, Matilda
Le Poidevin, Clarice
Le Poidevin, Hilda
Le Poidevin, Irene
Le Prevo, Laura
Le Quesne, Agnes
Le Quesne, Elizabeth
Le Quesne, Florence
Le Quesne, Lydia
Le Quesne, Priscilla
Le Riche, Annie
Le Rosignol, Isabella
Le Rougetel, Emily
Le Roux, John
Le Sauteur, Kate
Le Sauvage, Lilles
Le Scelleur, Ethel
Le Seelleur, Alice L
Le Seelleur, Annie
Le Seelleur, Hilda
Le Selleur, Emily
Le Sueur, Ada
Le Sueur, Lavina
Le Sueur, William
Le Vesque, Martha
Ledo, Margaret
Legg, Alice
Legg, Annie
Legg, Elizabeth
Legg, Elizabeth J
Lelluan, Adelaide
Lempriere, Ada
Lempriere, Emily
Lempriere, Joseph
Lempriere, Laura
Lemprière, Maude
Lesbirel, Lily A
Lewis, Annie
Lewis, Lilian
Lewis, Louisa
Lewis, Rose
Lidstone, Kate
Lidstone, Margaret
Lidstone, William
Lihou, Edith
Lock, Ethel
Lock, Florence R
Lock, Harold
Lock, Louisa
Lowden, Gertrude
Lowe, Amelia
Lucas, Alice
Luce, Ada
Luce, Florence Alice
Luce, Mabel
Luckarift, Emily
Lyne, Margaret
MacFarling, Irene
Macklin, Mabel
Maçon, Eliza A
Macready, Edith
Macready, Jessie
Magrage, Sarah
Maguire, Annette
Maguire, Emily
Maguire, Gertrude
Mahy, Mabel
Maine, Louisa H
Male, Laura
Male, Maria
Mallet, Alice
Mallet, Alice M
Mallet, Lily
Malorey, Clara
Marett, Daisy
Margry, Lily
Marie, Daisy
Marquand, Helena
Martyn, Ethel
Masters, Emily
Mathews, Ethel
Mathews, Mabel A
Matson, Alvina
Matson, Annie
Matts, Florence
Mauger, Ethel M A
Mauger, Georgina
Mauger, Herbert
Mauger, Reginald
Mauger, Winifred
Maugrage, Sarah
McCrum, Henrietta M
McFadyen, Annie
McFadyen, Mary
McFadyen, Maud
McFadyen, Walter G
McFadyen, William Henry
McFarlane, Emma
McFarlane, Gertrude
McFarlane, Mabel
McFarline, Mabel
McFarling, Alice
McKee, Fred
McKee, Henry Charles
McLellan, Agnes
Mead, Agnes
Medder, Hannah
Melville, Marie
Melville, William L
Meopham, Henry Charles
Meopham, Jane L
Meopham, Selina M
Messervey, Elvina
Messervy, Daisy
Messervy, Elvina
Messervy, Maude
Mills, Nellie
Mitchelmore, Eliza
Mitchelmore, Eliza M
Moon, Mary E
Mooney, Rebecca
Mourant, Edith
Mourant, Jane
Mourant, Jane R
Murphy, Mary J
Murray, Florence
Mutford, Thomas
Mutton, Louisa
Nain, Nellie
Neal, Bessie
Needham, Alicia
Needham, Isaac W
Neil, Alfred F
Neil, Bessie
Neil, Eleanor
Neil, Henry
Newman, Elsie
Newman, Lucy
Newman, Mary
Nicholas, Alice
Nicholas, Edith
Nicholas, Fanny
Nicolle, Annie
Nicolle, Edith
Nicolle, Elizabeth Florence
Nicolle, Florence
Nixon, Bertha M
Noel, Ada
Noel, Claudia
Noel, Louisa
Norrie, John
Norris, Nellie
O'Flaherty, Mary
Oldrave, Carrie
Oldrave, Wil
Osborne, Lydia
Pallot, Beatrice
Pallot, Clara
Pallot, Jane
Pallot, Louisa
Pastil, Albert
Payn, Alice
Payn, Mary
Pellant, Florence E
Perchard, Annie
Perchard, Mary J
Perham, Alice
Perkins, Emily
Perris, Louisa
Perry, Ada
Perry, Edward Henry
Petit, Alice
Pezet, Florence
Phillips, Edith
Picot, Frances
Picot, Matilda
Pimlott, Marie
Pinlott, Marie
Pinwill, Louisa
Pitman, Fanny
Pitman, Mary
Playle, Clara
Plint, Margery
Plymen, Hilda
Plymen, Lily F
Podger, Albert
Poingdestre, Florence G
Poingdestre, Frances
Poingdestre, Lilian
Poingdestre, Mabel
Pollen, Florence
Pooley, Fanny
Prevelle, Anne E
Pugsley, Ethel
Pugsley, Marguerite
Pullen, Gertrude
Pullen, Helen
Pullen, Kate
Pullen, Letitia
Quenault, Marian
Quesnel, Effie
Quree, Alice
Raynel, Louisa
Refault, Emily
Renouf, Ada
Renouf, Emily
Renouf, Georgina
Renouf, Mabel
Ribis, Florence Alice
Richardson, Mabel
Richmond, Gertrude
Rigby, Lily
Rive, Amelia J
Rive, Ellen E
Rive, Ethel
Robinson, Georgina
Robrough, Emma
Rogers, Annie
Rogers, Lizzie
Romeril, Georgina
Rose, Fred
Rowcliffe, Lena
Rowcliffe, Louisa
Ruff, Elizabeth
Ryan, Amy
Ryan, Willie
Salway, Ada
Salway, Sarah
Sangan, Desiré
Scoones, Ruby E
Scott, Jessie
Seabrook, Amy
Seabrook, Edith
Seabrook, Lucy
Searle, Isabella
Sebire, Ellen
Sebire, Mabel
Selby, Alice
Shambrook, Ada
Shambrook, Effie
Shambrook, Hilda
Shand, Pigeon
Simpson, Lydia
Sinel, Flo
Single, Eva
Single, Mabel
Siouville, Alice
Siouville, Lizzie
Siouville, Mary A
Sleep, Alice L
Smith, Ada Louisa
Smith, Annie
Smith, Arthur
Smith, Constance
Smith, Edith M
Smith, Elsie
Smith, Lily
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary A
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Violette
Snook, Alice
Snook, John
Spencer, Grace
Springer, Hannah
Squibb, Ethel
Squibb, Maud
Stansbury, Alice
Stansbury, Eliza
Statt, Ada
Statt, Elizabeth
Statt, Hilda
Statt, Hilda L M
Statt, Matilda
Statt, William
Steel, Eva
Stephens, Eva
Stephens, Harriet
Stephens, Lily
Stephens, Louise
Stephens, Maude
Stephens, William James
Stevens, Bessie
Stokes, Maude L
Stone, Anna
Stone, Ethel
Strickland, Maude
Strickland, Maude M
Sullivan, Annie
Sullivan, Mabel
Sullivan, Magdaline
Syburn, Ada
Syvret, Ada H
Tackaburry, Amy
Tapley, Susan
Tarr, Susan
Tarrante, Caroline
Taylor, Ethel
Taylor, Florence S J
Thomas, Florence
Thomas, Bertha
Thomas, Mahala
Thomas, Maud
Thorn, Robert S
Thorne, Emma
Throssell, Emily
Tibbles, Lily
Tibbles, William Henry
Tiltman, Daisy
Touzel, Charles
Touzel, Elizabeth A
Touzel, Isabella
Tregeagle, Alice
Tregeagle, Mary
Tregeagle, Minnie
Treherne, Edith
Trigell, Emily
True, Clara
True, Louisa
Tucker, Alice
Tucker, Edith
Tucker, Hilda
Tucker, Lillian
Turner, John R
Turpin, Florence
Turpin, Ruby
Underhill, Emma
Underhill, Henry
Underhill, Hilda
Valpy, Helene
Varcoe, Amelia
Vardon, Ida
Varin, Adelaide
Varlett, Wherry
Vautier, Ada
Vautier, Delicia
Vautier, Florence
Vautier, Matilda
Vegeais, Angèle
Vegeais, Berthe
Venement, Elizabeth A
Venner, Elsie
Vibert, Ida
Viel, Florence
Viel, Julia
Villard, Adeline
Voisin, Amelia
Voisin, Thomas
Waddell, Ann
Waddell, Daisy
Wadley, Ida
Wadsworth, Ada
Wadsworth, Emma
Wadsworth, Emma A
Wadsworth, Ethel
Wadsworth, Lilian
Walker, Edith
Wallace, Charlotte
Wallbridge, Alice
Wallbridge, Elizabeth
Wallbridge, Sarah
Walters, Emma
Warr, Florence
Warren, Emily
Watts, Charles Alfred
Watts, Eva
Watts, Florence
Watts, Matilda
Watts, Maude
Waugh, Evelyn
Webber, Hilda
White, Annie
White, Edith
White, Henrietta
White, Jane
White, Vida
Wilkins, Jessie
Woodcock, Bessie
Woods, Alice
Woods, Carrie
Woods, Florence
Woods, Maude
Woodsford, Florence
Wurzenraine, Bertha L
Yates, Lil Constance
Keywords Schools | Education | registers | admission registers
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File


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